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« Perry Mason The Case of the Stuttering Bishop (TV-PG) A man claiming to be a bishop arranges a reunion between a once orphaned woman and her wealthy father, but shortly after the meeting, her father is murdered.
The Twilight Zone The Howling Man (TV-PG) A weary traveler in Europe stumbles upon a monastery where a group of monks reluctantly take him in, and he finds a despondent prisoner within their building.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Manacled (TV-PG) A detective transporting a criminal by train is persuaded to let the convict go in exchange for a big amount of money, but then he changes his mind.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Bottle of Wine (TV-PG) An angry judge attempts to prove that his wife's secret boyfriend is an absolute idiot, but his crazy scheme turns into a complete disaster.
Mannix A Step in Time (TV-PG) When jogging on the beach, Mannix notices that a woman is being dragged inside a house; he has the neighbors call the cops to investigate.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Lost Last Act (TV-PG) An elusive last chapter in a murdered playwright's script is crucial in solving a murder case and clearing an accused actor of charges.
The Twilight Zone The Eye of the Beholder (TV-PG) After experimental procedures in which doctors try to make a young woman look more like the rest of society, she anxiously waits for bandages to be removed.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Malice Domestic (TV-PG) After a visit to the doctor, a man finds traces of arsenic in his body and suspects his wife, who then dies after drinking a cup of poisoned coffee.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Number Twenty-Two (TV-PG) A crazy criminal who robs a candy store is very surprised by all the media attention he is getting, until he realizes the gravity of his crime.
Mannix Wine from These Grapes (TV-PG) Mannix returns to his hometown in Californias Central Valley to help an Armenian attorney in defending a farm worker who had been accused of murder.
Battlestar Galactica Greetings from Earth, Part 1 (TV-PG) A primitive ship is intercepted in space, and it's passengers have ties to earth.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker Firefall (TV-PG) Kolchak investigates the mysterious deaths of victims who have spontaneously combusted in their sleep and enlists the aid of a gypsy to find a vengeful ghost.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Monster from Outer Space (TV-G) The Seaview retrieves an unmanned space probe that has been contaminated with an extraterrestrial life form which takes control of the crew.
The Twilight Zone The Thirty-Fathom Grave (TV-PG) The crew aboard a United States Naval vessel discovers a sunken submarine, and they begin hearing a mysterious tapping noise coming from inside of it.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The End of Indian Summer (TV-PG) An insurance detective investigating a woman suspected of killing her husbands for money meets up with a man investigating the woman's new fiance.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents One for the Road (TV-PG) A woman tries to murder her husband's secret mistress by putting poison in her bowl of sugar but later asks her, out of desperation, to save his life.
The Fugitive Crack in a Crystal Ball (TV-PG) Fake psychic and his girlfriend lure the fugitive to a designated area after spotting him at a gas station and going on TV claiming they know his whereabouts.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Bedeviled Doctor (TV-PG) Stolen confidential tapes of conversations between a psychiatrist and his patients are being used as leverage in an extortion ploy.
The Twilight Zone Nick of Time (TV-PG) Young newlyweds stop in a diner where a mysterious penny fortune-telling machine at their table seems to have all the correct answers to their questions.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Cream of the Jest (TV-PG) An unemployed actor in need of money blackmails a theater producer to get a part in his play, but he has to audition for an important backer.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents I Killed the Count, Part I (TV-PG) When an important count is discovered brutally murdered, a detective from Scotland Yard takes on the investigation and goes on a search for the killer.
Mannix Woman in the Shadows (TV-PG) Joe Mannix meets a woman who believes somebody is out to kill her and is because she possesses a valuable manuscript that her father gave her.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Howling Dog (TV-PG) A mental institute escapee is having trouble pleading her innocence against overwhelming evidence, but a strange howling dog may hold the key to her freedom.
The Twilight Zone The Lateness of the Hour (TV-PG) A young woman is frustrated with the robot staff in her family's manor and insists that her father dismantle them so that their family can live a normal life.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents I Killed the Count, Part II (TV-PG) A police detective from Scotland Yard is shocked when numerous murder suspects in an intense investigation freely admit to the brutal crime.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents I Killed the Count, Part III (TV-PG) When a detective from Scotland Yard believes he has finally solved a difficult murder investigation, a loop hole in the law keeps him from making an arrest.
Mannix Days Beyond Recall (TV-PG) A woman hires Mannix to help her locate her brother, who has been missing and his history of alcoholism could be connected to his disappearance.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Calender Girl (TV-PG) A swimsuit model becomes the main emphasis of a case because she was last seen with an accused murderer at the time of his car accident.
The Twilight Zone The Trouble with Templeton (TV-PG) An aging theatre actor is unhappy with his career and his young wife, and he finds himself longing for a time in his past when he was married to his first wife.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents One More Mile to Go (TV-PG) A man accidentally murders his wife and attempts to destroy the evidence by dumping the body at a lake, but a helpful policeman hinders the plan.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Vicious Circle (TV-PG) A vicious hitman is forced to choose between his childhood sweetheart and obeying his angry boss when he is ordered to murder his girlfriend.
Mannix Run Till Dark (TV-PG) A group of young boys hire Mannix to look for their missing baseball coach, who disappeared shortly before a very important baseball game.
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« Perry Mason The Case of the Petulant Partner (TV-PG) A business partnership is ruined when one of the men marry a much younger woman whom the other believes is a gold digger; suddenly Perry is after her murderer.
The Twilight Zone A Most Unusual Camera (TV-PG) After a couple robs an antique store, they hide out in a hotel room and discover that a camera they stole has the ability to produce photos of future events.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Three Dreams of Mr. Findlater (TV-PG) A married man starts having strange dreams about a beautiful woman who wants to help him murder his wife, so he begins to take her advice seriously.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Night the World Ended (TV-PG) A reporter working for a newspaper decides to play a prank on a gullible man by giving him a paper with an article about the end of the world.
Mannix The Glass Trap (TV-PG) Mannix and Peggy go to a night club with the plans to listen to a young guitarist, but Mannix recognizes him as a criminal fugitive, facing charges in New York.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Dangerous Dowager (TV-PG) A crooked gambler threatens to bring a scandal upon a wealthy widow and her family legacy when her children become involved in his line of work.
The Twilight Zone The Night of the Meek (TV-PG) A department store Santa gets drunk and wishes he had Christmas gifts for the needy children, but his spirits are lifted when he finds a bag full of toys.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Festive Season (TV-PG) A family lawyer bent on reconciliation shockingly discovers that a man and his sister are still squabbling and plotting each other's murder.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Santa Claus and the Tenth Avenue Kid (TV-PG) A criminal just released from prison gets a job as a department store Santa and decides to rob the place with help from a potential delinquent.
Mannix A Choice of Evils (TV-PG) Mannix is shocked to discover that his secretary Peggy has been kidnapped by a of crime boss who wants Mannix to uncover a police informant.
Battlestar Galactica Greetings from Earth, Part 2 After following a sleeper ship to its programmed destination, Apollo and Starbuck find a farming world filled with new threats.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker The Devil's Platform (TV-PG) Kolchak discovers that a campaigning senator has made a deal with the devil, in order to dispatch his opponents by turning himself into a demonic canine.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Terror on Dinosaur Island (TV-G) A crash landing on an uncharted island finds Nelson and Sharkey in a prehistoric nightmare populated by dinosaurs and struggling to survive until rescued.
The Twilight Zone Valley of the Shadow (TV-PG) A reporter stops for gas in a small town and discovers that the residents possess strange and wonderful technology which allows them to do remarkable things.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Hands of Mr. Otterhole (TV-PG) When a dangerous criminal begins brutally murdering innocent people in the London fog, a news reporter attempts to unveil the secret killer.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents A Man Greatly Beloved (TV-PG) When a well-respected former judge suddenly passes away, his neighbors and community are shocked to discover that he was really a dangerous criminal.
The Fugitive Trial by Fire (TV-PG) A witness comes forward claiming to have seen a one-armed man fleeing the Kimble home, but Gerard discredits the testimony with a disturbing revelation.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Deadly Toy (TV-PG) Perry closely monitors a 5 year-old child as he believes he is a suspect in the murder of his father, due to a deceptive "toy" gun and a potential motive.
The Twilight Zone Dust (TV-PG) After selling rope for a remorseful prisoner's execution, an unscrupulous peddler taunts him and sells a bag of phony magic dust to the condemned man's father.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Martha Mason, Movie Star (TV-PG) A woman who believes she looks like a famous movie star attempts to live a life of wealth and fame, but her husband's behavior causes problems.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The West Warlock Time Capsule (TV-PG) A taxidermist is hired to stuff a town's animal mascot, and a strange visit from his brother prompts him to find another use for a time capsule.
Mannix A Button for General D. (TV-PG) Mannix is called to a scene where one of his old friends has killed one man and is holding a woman hostage; as the man is killed, Mannix hears his final words.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Spanish Cross (TV-PG) A young man on probation is trying to turn his life around, but suddenly he is accused of stealing a priceless Spanish cross and murdering the owner.
The Twilight Zone Back There (TV-PG) After a friendly card game, a man heads home and finds himself suddenly transported to a significant day in history, the day of Abraham Lincoln's assassination.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Father and Son (TV-PG) An ungrateful young man decides to turn in an innocent man who his father previously protected to the police in order to receive a money reward.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Indestructable Mr. Weems (TV-PG) Several businessmen open up a new cemetery, and after receiving absolutely no customers, they devise a plan to pay a man to buy the first plot.
Mannix The Man Outside (TV-PG) Mannix is visited by his former commanding officer in Korea, who is now the vice-president of a electronics store; he tells Mannix he is being blackmailed.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Dubious Bridegroom (TV-PG) A polygamous husband has one of his wives subsequently murdered and Perry must figure out why the other wife is after her husband's secretary.
The Twilight Zone The Whole Truth (TV-PG) An unscrupulous car dealer buys an antique automobile from an elderly customer, but something about the car compels him to only be able to tell the truth.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents A Little Sleep (TV-PG) To get away from her boyfriend, a young woman makes a special trip to her uncle's cabin where she is put in a difficult dilemma involving two brothers.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Dangerous People (TV-PG) Two men waiting at a train station become scared of one another after hearing about a lunatic who escaped from a local asylum and is in disguise.
Mannix Murder Times Three (TV-PG) Mannix investigates a case in a rural small town, when he is attacked by two bikers and is nearly killed; he concludes they were trying to scare him off.
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