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« Perry Mason The Case of the Illicit Illusion (TV-PG) After odd events take place in a lady's life, she worries about her mental stability, and Perry Mason makes a stunning discovery regarding her situation.
The Twilight Zone A Thing About Machines (TV-PG) After taking out much of his stress and aggression on the mechanical things in his life, a man thinks that the machines in his home are conspiring against him.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Shopping for Death (TV-PG) Two retired salesmen develop a theory proposing that most murders take place in extremely hot temperatures, so they decide to test their idea.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Derelicts (TV-PG) A man struggling to pay his bills because of his wife's excessive spending habits decides to murder an old creditor whom he owes a large IOU.
Mannix Portrait in Blues (TV-PG) After a musician is nearly electrocuted while performing in an act, Joe Mannix to look into the matter, thinking somebody tried to kill him; the woman who hire
Battlestar Galactica Murder on the Rising Star (TV-PG) All eyes turn to Starbuck when his rival in a popular sporting event is found murdered, with all evidence pointing towards Starbuck.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker The Ripper (TV-PG) Kolchak believes that a serial killer stalking women in Chicago is the same Jack the Ripper who terrified London over a century earlier.
Lost in Space Return from Outer Space (TV-G) Using an alien transporter, Will sends himself back to Earth but isn't believed when he tells everyone what has happened to his family.
« Wait for Your Laugh (TV-G, NR)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents And So Died Riabouchinska (TV-PG) A ventriloquist's dummy is the key witness after a murder is discovered near a theater where they perform, and her revelations lead to the confession of a past.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Safe Conduct (TV-PG) A reporter gets into an involved crime scheme while returning from the West where was given special permission to interview a powerful dictator.
The Fugitive Dark Corner (TV-PG) Kimble finds refuge as a farmhand at a rural farmhouse owned by a sculptress and her family, but her sociopathic tendencies lead to murderous obsession.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Antic Angel (TV-PG) When a man sees his wife again after years of thinking she was dead, he turns to alcohol to cope, but after she is found murdered, he is accused of the crime.
The Twilight Zone The Howling Man (TV-PG) A weary traveler in Europe stumbles upon a monastery where a group of monks reluctantly take him in, and he finds a despondent prisoner within their building.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Place of Shadows (TV-PG) An infuriated man travels to a remote monastery where he pretends to be a close friend of a young patient staying there for medical purposes.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Perfect Murder (TV-PG) After being present at the reading of their uncle's will, two brothers devise a violent scheme that will allow them to receive their inheritance sooner.
Mannix Game Plan (TV-PG) Mannix is hired by an old friend to come to Albuquerque when he faces a problem with his daughter; he finds himself in an investigation of his own.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Careless Kidnapper (TV-PG) A plot to fake a kidnapping leads to a gruesome murder because of the captor's ransom letter being taken by another party seeking their own ends.
The Twilight Zone The Eye of the Beholder (TV-PG) After experimental procedures in which doctors try to make a young woman look more like the rest of society, she anxiously waits for bandages to be removed.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents There was an Old Woman (TV-PG) A young man and his wife develop a scheme to rob an eccentric elderly woman because they believe she has a large amount of money hidden in her home.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Whodunit? (TV-PG) After an interesting conversation with an angel in heaven, a former mystery author who was brutally murdered is given permission to return to earth.
Mannix A Fine Day for Dying (TV-PG) The daughter of an old friend of Mannix wakes up after being in a coma for almost a year following a hit-and-run accident; her life is immediately threatened.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Drifting Dropout (TV-PG) A junkyard owner gives a friend's nephew a job, but when they do not get along, the owner is found murdered, which leads to 20-year-old illegal secret.
The Twilight Zone Nick of Time (TV-PG) Young newlyweds stop in a diner where a mysterious penny fortune-telling machine at their table seems to have all the correct answers to their questions.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Help Wanted (TV-PG) In desperate need of money to treat his wife's horrible illness, a distressed man accepts a strange job offer from a mysterious businessman.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Portrait of Jocelyn (TV-PG) Four years after his wife's mysterious disappearance and on the anniversary of his current marriage, a man comes across a recent painting of his late wife.
Mannix Walk on the Blind Side (TV-PG) Mannix' secretary Peggy is held captive by a group of syndicate thugs, thinking that she is a police informer; Mannix makes it his mission to find her.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Tandem Target (TV-PG) A man is reluctant to give his daughter her inheritance due to his dislike for her boyfriend, but when an attempt to kill him fails, a second attempt is made.
The Twilight Zone The Lateness of the Hour (TV-PG) A young woman is frustrated with the robot staff in her family's manor and insists that her father dismantle them so that their family can live a normal life.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby (TV-PG) An antique dealer in tremendous debt to his associates murders his wife because she will not let him use her insurance policy to pay off his liabilities.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Never Again (TV-PG) A woman addicted to alcohol is asked by her boyfriend to attend an important cocktail party where she ends up getting drunk and leaving with a different man.
Mannix The Green Men (TV-PG) Mannix is on the trail of a missing counterfeiter who is also being pursued by federal agents and criminals; both are also looking for the money plates.
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« Perry Mason The Case of the Ugly Duckling (TV-PG) A deceased father's will requests his daughter marry before taking his company, and when the self-conscious girl finds love, she learns a disheartening secret.
The Twilight Zone The Trouble with Templeton (TV-PG) An aging theatre actor is unhappy with his career and his young wife, and he finds himself longing for a time in his past when he was married to his first wife.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Gentleman from America (TV-PG) An American is dared by two Englishmen to stay a night in a haunted mansion where a woman was supposedly murdered, but the experience changes his life forever.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Babysitter (TV-PG) A babysitter suspected of murdering a woman tells her friend of her infatuation with the woman's husband, who later threatens to kill the girl.
Mannix Death Has No Face (TV-PG) Mannix receives suspicious phone calls where the caller threatens his life, which he dismisses as an occupational hazard until he is viciously attacked.
Battlestar Galactica Greetings from Earth, Part 1 (TV-PG) A primitive ship is intercepted in space, and it's passengers have ties to earth.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker The Zombie (TV-PG) A man murdered by gangsters is reanimated by his voodoo priestess mother in order to seek revenge on his killers.
Lost in Space The Keeper, Part 1 (TV-G) A zoo keeper with the power to hypnotize animals and young humans into a trance-like state wants Penny and Will to add to his collection of animals.
The Twilight Zone The New Exhibit (TV-PG) When he learns that the wax museum where he works is closing, a man takes home five wax figures of infamous mass murderers and stores them in his basement.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Belfry (TV-PG) A man loves a woman so much that he kills the man she is engaged to, then hides in the bell tower of a school, only to be discovered when the bells are rung.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Hidden Thing (TV-PG) A man tries to remember the license plate of the car that killed his fiance, and a man claims he can help, though not everything is as it seems with him.
The Fugitive Escape Into Black (TV-PG) Closing in on the one-armed man, Kimble is rendered amnesiac after a diner explosion; Gerard receives an anonymous tip on the fugitive's whereabouts.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Missing Button (TV-PG) While a man attempt to gain custody of his child by criticizing his estranged wife's parenting skills, her boyfriend is found murdered, and he is charged.
The Twilight Zone A Most Unusual Camera (TV-PG) After a couple robs an antique store, they hide out in a hotel room and discover that a camera they stole has the ability to produce photos of future events.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Legacy (TV-PG) A prince known for being a playboy arrives at the same hotel as a married but neglected woman, who he seems to love, but a dead body complicates things.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Mink (TV-PG) A woman purchases a fur coat that she later finds out was stolen, though the person she bought it from denies any knowledge of the coat, only to be arrested.
Mannix A Small Favor for an Old Friend (TV-PG) Mannix returns to Los Angeles after a three-week fishing trip and finds out that an old friend of his from the Korean War had been killed in a plane crash.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Paper Bullets (TV-PG) Despite being in families with opposing political views, a couple tries to maintain their love affair, which leads to one of them being murdered.
The Twilight Zone Dust (TV-PG) After selling rope for a remorseful prisoner's execution, an unscrupulous peddler taunts him and sells a bag of phony magic dust to the condemned man's father.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Decoy (TV-PG) A man madly in love with a married singer is accused of killing her husband after he is knocked unconscious and wakes up with a gun in his hand.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Creeper (TV-PG) A woman calls a locksmith to change her door locks after a series of attacks in her New York neighborhood, only to discover the startling truth.
Mannix Enter Tami Okada (TV-PG) Mannix meets a Japanese detective who is searching for a courier for the Japanese government, who had been kidnapped upon his arrival in California.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Scandalous Sculptor (TV-PG) Mona Harvey's husband, an eccentric sculptor named Hannibal, is being blackmailed, so in order to get money, he decides to blackmail Mona's wealthy uncle.
The Twilight Zone Back There (TV-PG) After a friendly card game, a man heads home and finds himself suddenly transported to a significant day in history, the day of Abraham Lincoln's assassination.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Momentum (TV-PG) After being continually nagged by his wife, a man confronts his boss about his cut in pay, and he takes extreme measures to get the money he is owed.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Wet Saturday (TV-PG) When his daughter brutally kills her schoolmaster, a well-respected man devises an iniquitous scheme to frame his vulnerable companion for the murder.
Mannix Picture of a Shadow (TV-PG) Mannix becomes fixated on a woman in a photograph, who had just been murdered, and he vows to find her killer and bring the killer to justice.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Sleepy Slayer (TV-PG) After years of taking advantage of her uncle's generosity, a woman steals from him for her boyfriend, but after threats to sue, the uncle is found murdered.
The Twilight Zone The Whole Truth (TV-PG) An unscrupulous car dealer buys an antique automobile from an elderly customer, but something about the car compels him to only be able to tell the truth.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Fog Closing In (TV-PG) A woman is afraid to be left alone in the house while her husband is out of town on a business trip, and she encounters an escaped mental patient.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents De Mortuis (TV-PG) A college professor finds out about his wife's promiscuous behavior, and when some friends stop by his house, it seems he has done something about it.
Mannix Desert Sun (TV-PG) Mannix goes to a small town in New Mexico, where there is racial tension, and attempts to prove that the death of a Native American person was not an accident.
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