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« Perry Mason The Case of the Dead Ringer (TV-PG) An impersonator causes problems for Perry Mason's case, and the civil suit turns into a criminal case due to one of the parties being murdered.
The Twilight Zone Uncle Simon (TV-PG) A young woman lives with and cares for her elderly uncle, a mean-spirited man who expresses no appreciation for her, until an accident befalls the old man.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Cure (TV-PG) An adventurer, accompanied by his servant and a middle-aged couple, travels to the Amazon looking for oil, but he finds his life being threatened.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Backward, Turn Backward (TV-PG) A sheriff investigates the murder of a man who was beaten with a wrench and suspects the killer to be a young man having an affair with the victim's daughter.
Mannix A Pittance of Faith (TV-PG) A woman is attacked in her apartment and thrown out her balcony to her death; the police conclude that it is a suicide thanks to a forged suicide note.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Misguided Model (TV-PG) A beautiful model is caught in a torrid love affair between two prize fighters, and when the men have a physical altercation, one of them winds up dead.
The Twilight Zone Probe 7, Over and Out (TV-PG) Two survivors of an interplanetary nuclear war, a man and a woman, fatefully meet each other on a distant planet where they will have to start their lives over.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Not the Running Type (TV-PG) An intelligent man steals a large amount of money from his workplace and quickly turns himself in to the police but without giving up the cash.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Day of the Bullet (TV-PG) Two young boys witness a horrendous murder, and while one of them is too scared to talk to the police, the other explains the whole situation.
Mannix Only Giants Can Play (TV-PG) A professional tennis player attempts to blackmail a candidate for governor and is later found dead in a remote area; his widow hires Mannix to investigate.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Positive Negative (TV-PG) As a man investigates a racketeering ring, the crime boss threatens to release scandalous photos of the man's wife, and later, one of them is found murdered.
The Twilight Zone The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms (TV-PG) As three National Guardsmen approach the site of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, they hear the sounds of Indian war cries and discover a mysterious canteen.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Hitch Hike (TV-PG) A man driving to San Francisco with his niece decides to pick up a hitchhiker but gets nervous when the young man admits to having been in reform school.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Across the Threshold (TV-PG) A bitter young man whose wealthy widowed mother attempts to control his every move devises a wicked plan to take advantage of her with help from his girlfriend.
Mannix Shadow of a Man (TV-PG) Mannix escapes being shot by a businessman who appears to be a solid citizen; the attacker claims he has been having flashbacks of the Korean War.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Crafty Kidnapper (TV-PG) After gossip columnist is found murdered, his assistant is charged, and the only one who can save him has his baby kidnapped to keep him from testifying.
The Twilight Zone Ninety Years Without Slumbering (TV-PG) An elderly man is convinced that the day his grandfather clock ceases to tick he will die, but his family thinks he is crazy and pressures him to get rid of it.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Craig's Will (TV-PG) A young man becomes extremely angry when his wealthy uncle dies and leaves millions of dollars to a pet dog, so he devises a plan to murder it.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Madame Mystery (TV-PG) When a popular actress shockingly drowns, an associate working for a movie production studio decides to use the accident to make money off her last film.
Mannix The Girl Who Came in with the Tide (TV-PG) When a womans body washes ashore, Mannix recognizes the woman as a former consort of a crooked attorney who once suspended Mannix' private detective license.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Final Fade-Out (TV-PG) When an actor is murdered, Perry Mason clears the name of the person charged with his murder, which leads to Perry Mason having to find the real killer.
The Twilight Zone Ring-A-Ding Girl (TV-PG) A movie star receives a mysterious ring that shows her images of her hometown where she feels she is needed, so she reschedules her plans and heads home.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Little Man Who Was There (TV-PG) Several miners hanging out at a bar are completely shocked when a little man arrives and challenges two strong men to an intense test of strength.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Mother, May I Go Out to Swim? (TV-PG) A spoiled young man takes a trip to Vermont where he falls in love with a beautiful young woman but fears his mother will not let him marry her.
Mannix Death in a Minor Key (TV-PG) When a womans new musician boyfriend recognizes a man in a jazz club, during one of his performances, he runs away, leaving the woman behind.
Battlestar Galactica The Long Patrol Starbuck is arrested when a bootlegger steals the new, super fast, unarmed Viper with a talking computer named CORA.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker The Trevi Collection (TV-PG) Carl seeks the aid of a coven of witches when a fashion designer uses supernatural powers to eliminate her rivals.
Lost in Space A Change of Space (TV-PG) Will becomes more intelligent after taking a test drive in an alien ship that can drive faster than the speed of light, but Dr. Smith returns much older.
The Twilight Zone Jess-Belle (TV-PG) When in danger of losing the man she loves to another local girl, a young woman seeks help from a witch who casts a spell to make him fall in love with her.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Cuckoo Clock (TV-PG) Despite there being a dangerous lunatic on the loose, a woman chooses to stay at her summer cottage all alone, and a strange woman shows up.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Forty Detectives Later (TV-PG) The 41st private detective hired by a strange man to track down the person who brutally murdered his wife manages to discover a justifiable suspect.
The Fugitive Corner of Hell (TV-PG) Kimble finds a family of moonshiners when on the run from Gerard who is later caught by the family and accused of harming one of their girls.
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« Perry Mason The Case of the Restless Redhead (TV-PG) A woman is chased by a hooded man on the side of a mountain, and is then accused of murder when she fires shots at the man's car in self defense.
The Twilight Zone You Drive (TV-PG) While distractedly driving in the rain, a man accidentally runs down a boy on a bicycle and then flees when he sees that there are no witnesses around.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Hero (TV-PG) While traveling on a cruise ship, a man runs into his former partner whom he once robbed and left for dead, so unable to handle the shame he jumps overboard.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Insomnia (TV-PG) A distressed man with a horrible case of insomnia decides to visit a psychologist who encourages him to settle an ongoing dispute with his brother.
Mannix End Game (TV-PG) Mannix gets a call from the police when his old friend from the Korean War is being held hostage inside of an abandoned building; shared history.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Sleepwalker's Niece (TV-PG) A sleepwalker is accused of committing murder in his sleep a year after his dangerous habit led his wife to divorce him.
The Twilight Zone The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross (TV-PG) When a young man is rejected by the woman he loves, he angrily punches a wall and goes to the hospital where he discovers he possesses a mysterious power.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents I Can Take Care of Myself (TV-PG) A piano player tries to break up a fight between a singer and gangster and ends up having his life threatened, but he believes he can take care of himself.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents One Grave Too Many (TV-PG) A young man sees a stranger suddenly fall dead on the street, and when he realizes the man has a wallet full of money, he takes it and runs.
Mannix All Around the Money Tree (TV-PG) An Englishman rents an office in the same complex as Mannix, who later locks a man in the closet; he realizes his office is being watched by other men.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Nervous Accomplice (TV-PG) A woman hires Perry to buy stock in her ex-husband's oil company in order to drive his new girlfriend away, but things get complicated when he turns up dead.
The Twilight Zone Black Leather Jackets (TV-PG) Three young men donning leather jackets and riding motorcycles move into a suburban neighborhood home, and one of them falls for the beautiful girl next door.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Party Line (TV-PG) A talkative woman who shares a telephone party line with two other women hears news that a man she once greatly wronged is coming back to town.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Cell 227 (TV-PG) A wrongfully accused convict on death row brutally murders a hated inmate on the day of his execution, only to discover a witness had cleared his name.
Mannix The Odds Against Donald Jordan (TV-PG) Mannix is hired by a compulsive gambler and gets differing stories three people close to him, the gamblers sister, wife and business partner.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Drowning Duck (TV-PG) A private investigator blackmails one of his clients to keep certain facts from surfacing in a significant case.
The Twilight Zone Night Call (TV-PG) An elderly woman suffers from worry and loneliness, but loneliness gives way to terror when she begins receiving mysterious phone calls late in the evenings.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Schwartz-Metterklume Method (TV-PG) A wealthy woman decides to hire a young governess, but the new employee continually fails to carry out her duties correctly and in a timely manner.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Letter of Credit (TV-PG) An author needing research for an upcoming book contacts a bank manager to receive information about a man who was convicted of stealing $200,000.
Mannix Last Rites for Miss Emma (TV-PG) Mannix is hired to locate a shipment to morphine that was stolen from a pharmaceutical firm; Peggy attempts to take action by role in solving the theft.
« Perry Mason The Case of the Sulky Girl (TV-PG) A gentleman is discovered murdered, after his niece faults him for being too restrictive as the holder of her father's trust fund.
The Twilight Zone From Agnes - With Love (TV-PG) A man is put in charge of operating his company's mainframe computer, but when he begins asking it for romantic advice, it seems to want him to fail at love.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Escape to Sonoita (TV-PG) Two goodhearted tanker truck drivers traveling through the Arizona dessert see an automobile accident on the side of the ride and stop to help.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Hooked (TV-PG) A man takes his wife on a fishing trip at a camp where he falls in love with a beautiful young woman, so he devises a plan to murder his wife.
Mannix The Solid Gold Web (TV-PG) The daughter of a newspaper tycoon, and Mannix' ex-girlfriend, asks Mannix for help when she believes she killed a street criminal.
Battlestar Galactica The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part 1 Commander Adama becomes aware of Baltar's attempts to lure the Battlestar Galactica into the range of a gigantic pulsar cannon on a bleak planet.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker Chopper (TV-PG) Kolchak seeks a connection between the decaptiated victims and the headless motorcyclist who is dispatching them with supernatural strength.
Lost in Space Follow the Leader (TV-G) John becomes possessed by an alien spirit that forces his family to travel to the alien's home world even though it may mean sacrificing Will.
The Twilight Zone Printer's Devil (TV-PG) A publisher considers closing the doors to his newspaper business due to financial troubles until a mysterious man suddenly offers to pay off his debts.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat A woman receives an expensive mink coat from her secret lover, but not wanting her husband to know where it came from, she devises a plan to pawn it off.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Doubtful Doctor (TV-PG) A distressed man gets in a quarrel with his wife and wishes that he was single again only to be magically transported back to his bachelor years.
The Fugitive Moon Child (TV-PG) A kind woman lets Kimble stay in her basement while he hides out from the angry townspeople who believe he's the serial killer murdering the women in town.
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