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Death Valley Days Death Valley Scotty (TV-PG) The true story of Walter Scott, a man who became a Western legend and who was at the center of a mystery that baffled the nation for decades, is told.
Death Valley Days The Saint's Portrait (TV-PG) A member of a Native American tribe steals a venerated portrait from neighboring braves.
Death Valley Days Eleven Thousand Miners Can't Be Wrong (TV-PG) A politician tries to make Columbia the capital city of California.
Death Valley Days Black Bart (TV-PG) A teacher stages a holdup as a practical joke, but when the holdup is shockingly successful, he decides to make a career out of it.
Laramie The Turn of the Wheel (TV-PG) A man returns to Laramie after five years in prison, and he tries to reopen a casino, with a girl Slim once loved entering the venture with him.
Death Valley Days The Light on the Mountain (TV-PG) Two men try to overthrow the corrupt judicial system in Virginia City, Nev.
Death Valley Days Sequoia (TV-PG) As a Cherokee named Sequoia attempts to painstakingly develop a written alphabet for his people, he becomes the object of ridicule.
Death Valley Days Death and Taxes (TV-PG) A deputy goes through some strange experiences while collecting taxes.
Death Valley Days Million Dollar Wedding (TV-PG) As part of a cruel joke, two prospectors offer their friend some shares in their mine if he'll marry a homely woman named Aggie Filene.
Laramie Trial by Fire (TV-PG) A forest fire breaks out around the town of Laramie, and Jess attempts to help the owner of a neighboring ranch as his property goes up in flames.
Along the Great Divide (TV-PG, NR, **+) A strong-willed United States marshal battles the rugged frontier in search of an elusive fugitive who has been wrongly accused of murder.
Shoot Out at Medicine Bend (TV-PG, NR, **) A cavalry troop is massacred by Sioux Indians because they were sold faulty ammunition and were unable to defend themselves against the enemy.
« Drum Beat (TV-PG, NR, **+) The government dispatches a veteran fighter to America's West Coast to deal with the tribe of Modocs that are causing trouble in that region.
Westward the Women (TV-PG, NR, ***) A tough and macho trail guide is hired to take a large group of mail order brides across the plains to California where they can find husbands.
Death Valley Days The Seventh Day (TV-PG) Wagon train members object to their leader's desire to observe the Sabbath.
Death Valley Days The Crystal Gazer (TV-PG) When she sees her fortune in a crystal ball, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter heads into the West to retrieve her riches.
Death Valley Days The Mormon's Grindstone (TV-PG) When a group of miners suspect an assayer of cheating them, they become hostile.
Death Valley Days Valencia Cake (TV-PG) A Spanish family claims ownership over piece of land, but they're unable to find their deed.
Laramie The Sometime Gambler (TV-PG) A gambler and ex-convict, with a poor reputation around Laramie, is approached by his old outlaw gang and is asked to help in a payroll robbery.
Death Valley Days California's First Ice Man (TV-PG) A Bostonian encounters a business enemy from back home, and the two quickly resume their rivalry by selling a precious commodity to the community.
Death Valley Days The Hangman Waits (TV-PG) A respectable, but aging lawyer and a young associate who's defending a man accused of murder get into a conflict.
Death Valley Days A Killing in Diamonds (TV-PG) Two prospectors claim to have found an incredible diamond mine that they must unfortunately sell.
Death Valley Days Miracle of the Sea Gulls (TV-PG) A counterfeiter trying to escape from the law joins a wagon train of Mormons who are heading to Salt Lake City.
Laramie Edge of Evil (TV-PG) Jess visits Stede Rhodes and his wife, and they come across a loose pack mule; they find it is carrying sacks of gold, which causes Stede to turn on Jess.
Death Valley Days The Man Who'd Bet on Anything (TV-PG) A man who would bet on anything makes a bet that Carson City, Nev., will one day become the state capital.
Death Valley Days The Hoodoo Mine (TV-PG) When a prospector's partner double-crosses him and leaves him in the desert to die, a Native American girl saves him from certain death.
Death Valley Days Gold Is Where You Find it (TV-PG) A detective disguises himself as a Mexican in order to clear himself of a crime.
Death Valley Days Mr. Bigfoot (TV-PG) An archeologist helps show a man, who has been teased and overlooked because of his height, that bravery comes in a variety of different sizes.
Laramie Gun Duel (TV-PG) Jess fills in for a friend and has the friends son act as his assistant but the nephew is not good at his job; Jess finds two men attacking a woman.
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Death Valley Days The Sinbuster (TV-PG) A preacher arrives in Mojave, meeting resistance from the townspeople, but must fight for the soul of the one convert in town, who has been accused of murder.
Death Valley Days The Longest Beard in the World (TV-PG) A lawyer with a 4-foot beard is urged to run for Congress, using his whiskers as a campaign tool, but his fiancé wants him to shave it off.
Death Valley Days Pay Dirt (TV-PG) A greenhorn from Boston, new in town, is swindled out of his money by a pair of local conmen, leaving him to try and recoup his losses.
Death Valley Days Faro Bill's Layout (TV-PG) A woman dislikes the attention that a drunken man is lavishing upon her, but she gets even more displeased when a man named Faro Bill kills him.
Laramie Vengeance (TV-PG) A man is suspected of robbery and murder and is on a run from the posse; Slim breaks his collar bone and Jess encounters the runaway.
Death Valley Days The Rose of Rhyolite (TV-PG) A dancehall queen makes it difficult for a railroad to run efficiently.
Death Valley Days The Last Letter (TV-PG) Competitors threaten to end a man's successful mail enterprise.
Death Valley Days Loggerheads (TV-PG) A bashful logrolling champion shuns the advances of a lovely lady.
Death Valley Days Year of Destiny (TV-PG) The colorful residents of the West inspire an author's next story.
Laramie The Betrayers (TV-PG) Jess encounters a case of mistaken identity and is betrayed by an old friend in the town of Ironwood, where he traveled to deliver some horses.
Vengeance Valley (TV-PG, NR, **) The bitter son of a ranch owner fathers an illegitimate child and tries to discredit his foster brother by naming him as the child's parent.
Gunfight at Comanche Creek (TV-PG, NR, *+) A detective goes undercover to join a violent gang of outlaws and bandits in order to bring them to justice, but the task proves extremely difficult.
« Ride, Vaquero! (TV-PG, NR, **) A Mexican bandit and his gunslinging, adopted brother have a violent disagreement over the sacking of a Texas border town populated by homesteaders.
The Charge at Feather River (TV-PG, NR, **) Without regard for his own safety, a courageous frontiersman embarks on a daring rescue mission in an attempt to locate two women missing in Indian territory.
Death Valley Days The Hidden Treasure of Cucamonga (TV-PG) A man entrusts his money to a friend for safekeeping, but when his friend dies soon afterward, the money is suddenly nowhere to be found.
Death Valley Days The Washington Elm (TV-PG) A Boston native, who is fond of Washington state, plans to take a sample of an historic tree back east, but the idea does not go over well with his girl.
Death Valley Days California's Paul Revere (TV-PG) A man must make a perilous ride to Monterey for reinforcements when his garrison in Los Angeles is threatened by the Mexican army.
Death Valley Days The Rosebush of Tombstone (TV-PG) A courageous woman decides to reform the town of Tombstone, Ariz.
Laramie Broken Honor (TV-PG) The stage gets robbed, prompting Jess to pursue the thieves, who have hidden the strong box on the Hallorans property; a decision to keep the money.
Death Valley Days Lady Engineer (TV-PG) A woman becomes the center of a quarrel between two miners, one of whom is in love with her, and the other of whom wants her father's property.
Death Valley Days Train of Events (TV-PG) An outlaw and her gang are determined to rob a train bound for Montana.
Death Valley Days The Man Who Was Never Licked (TV-PG) Caught up in the gold frenzy, a man travels to California in 1853 to seek his fortune.
Death Valley Days Arsenic Springs (TV-PG) A bank teller who has been accused of embezzlement insists that he's innocent, but only two people believe that he's telling the truth.
Laramie Trapped (TV-PG) Slim finds a severely injured young woman, and finds out that two men have kidnapped her, when they are caught by her rancher father and his hired hands.
Death Valley Days Fifteen Paces to Fame (TV-PG) In 1864, writer Mark Twain, then-known as a reporter for the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise, feuds with a rival newspaperman named Ganse Taylor.
Death Valley Days California's First Schoolmarm (TV-PG) The first schoolmarm in California has her class constantly interrupted by a bear.
Death Valley Days Fifty Years a Mystery (TV-PG) Some time after a man has a dream about a holdup, the dream comes true with him as the suspect.
Death Valley Days The Calico Dog (TV-PG) A woman becomes jealous of her fiancé's dog.
Laramie General Delivery (TV-PG) A hired gun accepts his assignments through General Delivery mail and comes to Laramie to perform another job; his target is at the Sherman Ranch.
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