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« The Naked Spur (TV-PG, NR, ***) Howard Kemp heads towards the Rockies from Abilene, Kan., as he pursues the trail of a wanted murderer named Ben Vandergroat and the $5,000 reward.
Ride, Vaquero! (TV-PG, NR, **) A Mexican bandit and his gunslinging, adopted brother have a violent disagreement over the sacking of a Texas border town populated by homesteaders.
Laramie Dragon at the Door (TV-PG) Slim and Jess rescue a troupe of Japanese entertainers as they were heading east when their wagon breaks down near the Sherman Ranch.
Laramie Ladies Day (TV-PG) Slim and Jess are in need of a housekeeper to help corral the energetic Mike Williams so he can continue to live on the ranch permanently.
High Noon (TV-PG, NR, ***+) On the day of his wedding and retirement, the sheriff of a small Western town finds himself facing off alone against a vengeful outlaw.
Laramie The Jailbreakers (TV-PG) Gil Martin has returned to Cheyenne after getting out of prison and plans to see his girlfriend; the Marshal is suspicious of the ex-convict and warns him.
Laramie Siege at Jubilee (TV-PG) Daisy takes Jess to the dentist in Cheyenne and ends up deputized to escort a prisoner back to Laramie; the man was arrested for robbing a bank.
The Train Robbers (TV-14, PG, **+) A widow hires a gunman to ride into Mexico with her to recover gold stolen by her husband and hidden that she claims she wants to return to its rightful owners.
Laramie The Lawless Seven (TV-PG) Jess' temper gets him in trouble when he is framed for the murder of a rancher who broke a contract to sell horses to the Sherman Ranch.
Laramie The Perfect Gift (TV-PG) The Cady brothers vow to have their revenge against the woman who was acquitted of murdering their brother, and the Sherman Ranch is caught in the middle.
White Feather (TV-PG, NR, **) A real-estate surveyor becomes smitten with the Cheyenne chief's daughter, almost starting a war in the midst of peace negotiations.
Laramie The Killer Legend (TV-PG) Jess Harper is the acting deputy while Mort is in Denver; he catches an ex-convict searching files in the sheriffs office; the ex-cons wife comes to Laramie.
Laramie The Runt (TV-PG) A trio of murderous outlaws are on the run and hide out in Laramie, which causes trouble for their step-brother and his wife; they are held hostage.
The Man from Snowy River (TV-G, PG, ***) A young man who grew up on a farm in the mountains of Australia is forced to leave his beloved land to earn money after the death of his father.
Laramie A Grave for Cully Brown (TV-PG) Jess Harper is returning to Laramie after a cattle sale, but stops to help a man caught up in a gun with a gang of bounty hunters; identity is stolen.
Laramie The Confederate Express (TV-PG) A man comes to Laramie while on the run from a posse, with a silver tongue and a bag full of explosives, which he plans to use to win back his family.
Cole Younger, Gunfighter (TV-PG, NR, **) In a small Texan town a group of unhappy activist decide to burn down the figure of Governor E. J. Davis in effigy and toss a stick of dynamite at police H.Q.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Why in the World (HD, TV-G) Jack Hanna provides the answers to some of nature's mysteries, such as why Gorillas spend a large amount of time in trees and why male lions have manes.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Paws & Claws (HD, TV-G) A look is taken at animals' feet, which includes sharp ostrich claws, soulful elephant soles and heavy-duty camel hooves.
Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin Tokyo: Fan-Tastic Fun (HD, TV-G) In Tokyo, Jeff and his family stop by a popular fish market and make sushi hand rolls; Jeff and his family visit the ice caves of Mount Fuji.
Sea Rescue Cold, But Not Alone (HD, TV-G) A manatee is stuck in the cold waters of the St. John's River in Jacksonville, Florida; rescue teams help a beached sea lion in San Diego.
Sea Rescue Here, There, and Everywhere (HD, TV-G) A record-breaking number of ill sea lion pups start washing up on the California coast, and rescue teams rush to save all of them before it's too late.
Rock the Park Carlsbad Caverns National Park (HD, TV-G) Colton and Jack begin exploring the depths of the underground Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico; the pair learns about the famous Big Room.
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« Westward the Women (TV-PG, NR, ***) A tough and macho trail guide is hired to take a large group of mail order brides across the plains to California where they can find husbands.
McLintock! (TV-PG, NR, ***) The estranged wife of a hard-drinking cattle baron returns home seeking a divorce, but a visit from the couple's daughter complicates matters.
Laramie Shadows in the Dust (TV-PG) Slim is appointed special detective by the Cattlemans Association to investigate a series of cattle thefts in the area, with his own ranch being a victim.
Laramie The Dynamiters (TV-PG) The Bank of Laramie is shipping a large sum of money to Denver for redeposit and Jess rides shotgun on the stage transporting the money; the money is stolen.
Santa Fe Trail (TV-PG, NR, **) In the days before the American Civil War, a cavalry officer named J.E.B Stuart is charged with bringing in famed abolitionist John Brown.
Laramie The Long Road Back (TV-PG) Slim has to young man back to Laramie after he was found using money that must have been obtained during a stage robbery and murder.
Laramie The Sometime Gambler (TV-PG) A gambler and ex-convict, with a poor reputation around Laramie, is approached by his old outlaw gang and is asked to help in a payroll robbery.
San Antonio (TV-PG, NR, **) When a reformed cowboy is run off his land by cattle rustlers, his life is put in danger when he realizes that he and the thief are in love with the same woman.
Laramie Among the Missing (TV-PG) A group of bank robbers just left Laramie, leaving a young man seriously wounded; Jess' only clues are a name and where one man bought a horse.
Laramie Beyond Justice (TV-PG) Slim and Mort have to guard a prisoner when their lives are complicated by the mans partners who want him dead; a beautiful woman wants to set him free.
Dodge City (TV-PG, NR, ***) In 1866, a cattle man becomes Dodge City's new sheriff and sets out to rid the frontier town of its growing criminal element, led by a notorious outlaw.
Laramie Shadow of the Past (TV-PG) Jess acts as a substitute deputy sheriff in Laramie and makes a surprising discovery about somebody from his past, who needs Jess' help.
Laramie War Hero (TV-PG) When a General visits the town of Laramie, somebody sends a clear message that they do not support his plans to run for president; Jess foils an assassin.
Two Flags West (NR, **+) Confederate prisoners fight with the Union in New Mexico against Indian attacks at the end of the Civil War as a Union commander falls for a prisoner's sister.
Laramie The Wedding Party (TV-PG) A jealous gang leader is determined to stop his ex-wife from getting remarried, despite the fact that the wedding is set to take place at her fathers ranch.
Laramie Vengeance (TV-PG) A man is suspected of robbery and murder and is on a run from the posse; Slim breaks his collar bone and Jess encounters the runaway.
Waco (TV-PG)
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Mountain High (HD, TV-G) Animal expert Jack Hanna discusses six different creatures that live in high places, including African chimpanzees, Guanacos from Patagonia and Alaskan bears.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Wild in White (HD, TV-G) Host Jack Hanna shares interesting animals that are white including arctic wolves, beluga whales, polar bears, white zebras and an albino alligator.
Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin Reykjavik: Land of Fire and Ice (HD, TV-G) In Reykjavik, Iceland, Jeff sets out to the top of an active volcano and joins locals to rescue puffins and return them back into the wild.
Sea Rescue Unlikeliest Rescues (HD, TV-G) The Rescue Team scrambles to save two pilot whales who are stuck next to the Kennedy Space Center; a triangular mat comes in handy when rescuing a dolphin.
Sea Rescue Shell Shocked (HD, TV-G) Endangered sea turtles become stranded on the shores of Cape Cod, Mass. after spending too much time in water that is much too cold for them.
Rock the Park Deschutes National Park (HD, TV-G) Jack and Colton travel to Oregon to aid in conservation efforts to help an endangered species; the pair mountain bike to the bottom of a volcano.
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