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The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Too Perfect Crime (TV-PG) A man is assumed to have died from natural causes until Doc Goodfellow discovers a puncture wound on the man's neck where an air bubble was injected.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Johnny Ringo's Girl (TV-PG) Johnny Ringo wants to leave the Clanton gang when he falls in love with Mary Turner, but Old Man Clanton isn't going to let him go so easily.
Laramie The Runaway (TV-PG) A teenage boy gets mixed up with two saddle tramps; with no money and nothing to do, the trio decide to rustle some cattle at the Sherman ranch.
Laramie Justice in a Hurry (TV-PG) A man has been murdered and all the witnesses are saying the killer is the man with whom he had a long-running feud; he has an alibi.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Billy Buckett, Incorporated Old Billy Bucket arrives in Tombstone suffering from a gunshot that has creased his head and claims that he has been robbed of $50,000 he made from prospecting.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Horse Thief (TV-PG) After Wyatt jails the McLowery brothers for mail robbery, he is angry to discover Sheriff Behan has released the brothers because they work for Old Man Clanton.
Laramie The Turn of the Wheel (TV-PG) A man returns to Laramie after five years in prison, and he tries to reopen a casino, with a girl Slim once loved entering the venture with him.
Laramie The Replacement (TV-PG) A man arrives to Laramie with his daughter in hopes to become the new deputy sheriff, but his arrival brings back bitter feelings for Jess.
« Column South (TV-PG, NR, **+) Jed Sayre is a lieutenant in the United States Calvary and the commander of New Mexico's Fort Union, but he is ordered to turn over the command of the post.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Man's Best Friend (HD, TV-G) The host presents an all-canine countdown; working dogs on patrol looking for lost hikers and saving rhinos; a look at a population of wild African dogs.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Hit the Road, Jack (HD, TV-G) Jack sets out on epic road trips to search for amazing animal adventures, which includes elephant seals with their own freeway exit.
Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin Venice: Artful Adventure (HD, TV-G) In Venice, Italy, Jeff sculpts Venetian glass with a true virtuoso and stops by the famous Rialto Market to find regional delicacies for the ideal Italian meal.
Sea Rescue Untying the Knot (HD, TV-G) A rescue team tries to free a humpback whale tangled in fishing gear; animal rescuers attempt to liberate a dolphin stuck in some fishing gear.
« The Searchers (TV-PG, NR, ***+) After fighting in the Civil War, a loner spends years searching for the tribe of Comanche Indians that murdered his family and kidnapped his niece.
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (TV-PG, NR, ***+) An aging United States Calvary Captain attempts to thwart a looming Arapaho attack by riding into the tribe's camp to smoke a peace pipe with the chief.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Loyalty (TV-PG) Doc Holliday has a run of good luck at the poker and wins money and stock in a mine and railroad, but when he buys a hotel, robber go after his remaining money.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Johnny Behan Falls In Love (TV-PG) When Sheriff Behan falls for a traveling actress and reveals secret details about the Clanton's operation to her, the Clanton's come looking for her.
Laramie The Sometime Gambler (TV-PG) A gambler and ex-convict, with a poor reputation around Laramie, is approached by his old outlaw gang and is asked to help in a payroll robbery.
Laramie Time of the Traitor (TV-PG) A doctor saves a young mans life after a wagon accident, which sets off a chain of events that pits Slim, Daisy and Mike against an angry and vengeful father.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Apache Gold (TV-PG) Old Man Clanton wants a rumored stash of gold and is selling whiskey to the Apaches for information, but things backfire and Phil Clanton is captured.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Good Mule and the Bad Mule (TV-PG) After a young boy lies about Shotgun's mule kicking him, the Ten Percent Gang uses the Nugget to tarnish Wyatt's reputation and push for Roscoe's destruction.
Laramie Edge of Evil (TV-PG) Jess visits Stede Rhodes and his wife, and they come across a loose pack mule; they find it is carrying sacks of gold, which causes Stede to turn on Jess.
Laramie Double Eagles (TV-PG) A notorious outlaw and his gang are being chased by a posse, and he is faced with the decision to leave behind some of the gold eagle coins to tempt lawmen.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Convict's Revenge (TV-PG) A man is released from prison is ready to lead a crime free life, but his girlfriend's brother plans to settle a gambling debt by stealing the mining payroll.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Until Proven Guilty (TV-PG) After being taxed by Sheriff Behan on money they made illegally, angry Johnny Ringo and Curly Bull Brocius enlist Doc Holliday's help to set up Behan.
Laramie The Sunday Shoot (TV-PG) Shooters from all around come to Laramie for the annual Sunday Shoot, in which shooters compete for a $1000 prize; a boy from the mountain comes to town.
Laramie The Road to Helena (TV-PG) Slim is in Cody where he meets a bar maid and her father, who ask Slim for him in guiding them to Helene, Montana; the father wants to return money he stole.
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The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Law Must Be Fair (TV-PG) When Tom McLowery and his wife move into Tombstone despite Frank McLowery's protests, they are put in charge of Old Man Clanton's OK Corral.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp A Papa for Butch and Ginger (TV-PG) After Shotgun Gibbs runs off a man that was harassing a young widow, her two children take a liking to Shotgun and want him to be their new father.
Laramie Badge of Glory (TV-PG) A former bounty hunter turned his life around and becomes a preacher, but is asked by a dying outlaw friend to cash his body in for a reward to build a church.
Laramie Lost Allegiance (TV-PG) While out looking for rustlers in a dust storm, Jess is injured by a falling tree and finds himself face-to-face with one of the very people he was looking for.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Wyatt's Brothers Join Up (TV-PG) After Old Man Clanton's death, Doc Holliday comes up with a plan that involves Wyatt Earp's brothers to kidnap Sheriff Behan and cause a rift in the gang.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Just Before the Battle (TV-PG) The Clanton Gang has become a real thorn in Wyatt Earp's side, so he decides to try an turn the factions of the gang against each other.
Laramie The Dispossessed (TV-PG) Slim and Jess are on the way to a neighboring ranch when they run into a group of ranchers that had been attacked by Comancheros; ranchers seek revenge.
Laramie No Place to Run (TV-PG) A former safecracker has an encounter with an outlaw who is trying to convince the safecracker to return to his illegal former profession.
Laramie The Stranger (TV-PG) Slim and Jess have been losing their cattle to a mysterious man who compensates them by leaving a piece of gold behind with every transaction.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Gear Heads (HD, TV-G) The host presents a countdown of six species of animals that wear armor or weapons on their heads.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Great Gorilla Countdown (HD, TV-G) In Africa, American zookeeper Jack Hanna visits a veterinary clinic, explores a gorilla island and meets wild gorillas in the Impenetrable Forest.
Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin Sitka: Island of Adventure (HD, TV-G) In Sitka, Alaska, Jeff explores forested islands and comes across wild brown bears and fresh blueberries; Jeff sets out to sea and catches a coho salmon.
Sea Rescue Georgia On My Mind (HD, TV-G) Matt Gutman profiles a baby manatee who was liberated from a creek, and after years of special care, the manatee has grown to be a mother and grandmother.
Five Card Stud (TV-PG, PG, *+) Cowboys lynch a traveling gambler who was caught cheating; later a new preacher comes to town, and the players who were in the game start dying one by one.
The Fastest Gun Alive from Red Rock Canyon State Park - Highway 14, Cantil, C (TV-PG, NR, ***) A retired gunman assumes a false identity but after he hears that someone shot down "the fastest gun alive," his pride is stung and he reveals his secret.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp Becomes a Marshal (TV-PG) Wyatt Earp is very resistant about becoming a lawman until he meets the sheriff of Ellsworth, Kan., who was murdered in cold blood.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Mr. Earp Meets a Lady (TV-PG) Wyatt Earp jails Ben Thompson after discovering he murdered the sheriff and hopes that his mentally unstable brother Bill with attempt a jail break.
Laramie Cemetery Road (TV-PG) Slim Sherman finds himself in the middle of a dispute with a surly man while rushing Jonesy into town to see a doctor; gun pulled on unarmed man.
Laramie Glory Road (TV-PG) A traveling preacher lady loses her piano player on the way to Laramie; a down-and-out drifter needs to find a way to get to Laramie to find his friend.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp Comes to Wichita (TV-PG) Wyatt Earp leaves Ellsworth and becomes the new marshal of Wichita, where his first challenge is to deal with a group of local vigilantes.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Man Who Lied (TV-PG) A gunman who is down on his luck and broke decides to accept an appealing offer that promise to rejuvenate his wallet, but it also pins him against Wyatt Earp.
Laramie Fugitive Road (TV-PG) An Army Private appears at the Sherman Ranch Relay Station, hungry and looking for help from his brother-in-law, as he has deserted the Army..
Laramie The Lonesome Gun (TV-PG) When a man attempts to intervene in a killing, with disastrous results, a man on the runs desire to exact his revenge turns to another man.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp John Wesley Hardin (TV-PG) A notorious gunslinger, who goes by the name John Wesley Hardin, comes to town looking for Wyatt Earp in order to settle some business.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Bank Robbers (TV-PG) A wounded bank robber named Clem Parker and his girlfriend Bonnie Dawnson determine that they don't want to join Tarp Anders' gang of thieves.
Laramie The Legend of Lily (TV-PG) An aging but still beautiful woman is on a tour of the west, with Laramie as her next stop; she is broke and one step ahead of the creditors pursuing her.
Laramie The General Must Die (TV-PG) An old Army buddy of Slims shows up unexpectedly to the Sherman Ranch and Relay Station supposedly to visit Slim; they get drunk and think about the past.
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