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Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) A woman claims she was injured after trying to get some kids out of harm's way; a man claims his friend owes for damages to his car.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) A woman claims a former lover owes for tickets and repairs; friends turn to enemies after a fight over the costs of a music festival.
A Different World Original Teacher (TV-PG) Dwayne becomes a mentor to teenagers at a juvenile hall, but fights ensue as his two assignees turn out to be members of rival gangs.
A Different World Occupational Hazards (TV-PG) Whitley purchases a $700 suit for a job interview, doesn't get the job and stains the suit before she can return it, all while Dwayne is out of town.
Half & Half The Big Typecast Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee ends up doing things she'd never imagine she'd do when she decides to go on a date with a real tough guy; Big Dee Dee must care for the baby herself.
Half & Half The Big Labor of Love Episode (TV-14) Big Dee Dee's plans to undergo a well-orchestrated C-section surgery takes an unexpected turn when she goes into labor three week earlier than expected.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) A woman claims she is owed for a ruined wedding cake; a woman claims her ex-boyfriend owes for car repairs.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) A woman claims she is owed a refund after the car she buys breaks down; co-workers fight over a dog deal that went sour.
A Different World White Christmas (TV-PG) Freddie's mother visits and stirs old feelings; Ron sees Freddie kissing Shazza; Whitley takes a job at a pancake house to earn money for Dwayne's present.
A Different World To Whit, with Love (TV-PG) Whitley takes a job as a substitute teacher and is challenged by a class full of unruly students, but she turns it back around on them by challenging them.
Half & Half The Big Good Help Is Hard to Fire Episode (TV-14) After becoming the vice president at Delicious Records, Mona faces a hard task when she is asked to fire Adam; Big Dee Dee and Dee Dee swoon over the new nanny.
Half & Half The Big Practice What You Preach Episode (TV-14) Mona and Dee Dee compete for the right to be their brother's godmother, and they grow competitive as they buy presents for him and try to impress him.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) A couple is faced with late rent and a trashed house; a love affair ends with ladies arguing over the phone bill.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) Brothers fight over the costs of a family vacation; a stop at a 7-Eleven becomes pricier after a car wreck.
A Different World Happy Birthday to Moi (TV-PG) Dwayne decides to play a joke on Whitley after he finds out she is secretly helping plan her own surprise birthday party; Charmaine and Terrell have issues.
A Different World Mind Your Own Business (TV-PG) Ron and Mr. Gaines purchase a club together, but opening night is looking like a disaster after the band backs out until Mr. Gaines' nieces save the night.
Half & Half The Big Employee Benefits Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee decides to dress provocatively for an interview at a law firm to curry her potential new boss' favor; Kai takes a romantic interest in Spencer.
Half & Half The Big Fetish What You Started Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee gives an ex-boyfriend with a foot fetish a second chance, but he quickly relapses; a musician's attraction to Phyllis may help Spencer keep his job.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) A driver is sued for damages and injuries after speeding through a school parking lot; neighbors fight over costs associated with a dog attack.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) A homeowner claims they are owed for a botched home makeover; a man claims a drunken patron owes for medical bills.
A Different World When One Door Closes..., Part 1 (TV-PG) Dwayne invents a video game to help children with grammar and pitches the idea to Kinishewa, who in turn offers him a job in Tokyo.
A Different World When One Door Closes..., Part 2 (TV-PG) Dwayne and Whitley are thrown a going-away party at the Pit before they fly to Tokyo; Marion and Adele are upset that the couple will be moving.
Half & Half The Big Mother of a Mother's Day Rides Again Episode (TV-14) When Mona learns that Dee Dee is planning to buy a gift for Phyllis for Mother's Day, she tries to find a one for Big Dee Dee, leading to a competition.
Half & Half The Big Rules of Engagement Episode (TV-14) Nick tells Mona that his parents are visiting and he wants her to meet them, but she becomes nervous since she never met any of her boyfriends' mom and dad.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) Woman wants deposit and rent back after landlord enters unannounced; co-workers argue over damages from accident on the way to pay the power bill.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) Chipped teeth from a face plant into a car causes cousins to go to court; man refuses to pay for his portion of a family cruise.
A Different World Lean on Me (TV-PG) Dwayne's disappointment at not getting a job is compounded when he receives the news from an old friend who may be seeking revenge.
A Different World Dancing Machines (TV-PG) Ron hosts a dance competition at his club to help Freddie raise money for Amnesty International, but tries to harbor most of the profits.
Half & Half The Big My Lover, My Brother Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee helps Mona get over her recent break-up, but she accidentally sends her into Spencer's arms; Phyllis introduces her new boyfriend to the family.
Half & Half The Big My Little Pony Episode (TV-14) Mona returns from vacation and learns that Dee Dee owns a horse, so she buys one herself, but it doesn't go as planned; Kai behaves coldly towards Spencer.
All In with Laila Ali iKasi (HD, TV-G) Social innovator Vincent Manzini showcases local musical and business talent in South Africa with the use of his community-based project, the iKasi Experience.
All In with Laila Ali Cold Rush (HD, TV-G) Host Laila Ali shares a look at a three-day freeskiing event held in Colorado; fixie bike riders prove they are the best; freestyle skier Simon Dumont's trick.
Jewels of the Natural World An Elephant Never Forgets (TV-G) The largest land animal is forced out of its homeland, but with no room to roam and poachers hunting for their tusks, the African elephant tries to survive.
Animal Tails Horse Tails (TV-G) Comic Mark Curry presents various showcases of animal-related segments, ranging from tips from wildlife experts to performances of people and their pets.
Living Single Another Saturday Night (TV-PG) Kyle is thrilled at the opportunity to be an escort for a princess that is doing business with his company but realizes her security cramps his style with her.
Living Single Who's Scooping Who? (TV-PG) Khadijah is in a competition with a reporter from a competing magazine to get the best scoop on a breaking story of a promoter fixing boxing matches.
Vacation Creation with Tommy Davidson and Andrea Feczko Mediterranean Surprise (HD, TV-G) Following a critical health scare and many months of rehabilitation, a family is gifted with a trip to three Mediterranean islands.
Everyday Health Follow-Up: Life Rolls On, Super-Sized Meal, and A Race to the Finish (TV-PG) Ethan and Jenna revisit some friends from past episodes including surfer Aaron, Katie of Katie's Krops, and world champion athlete for Dare 2 Tri, Aaron.
In the Cut Looking Sharp (Repeat, TV-PG) A barbershop owner tries to keep his business afloat while battling with his ex-wife's barber shop and bonding with an adult son who just walked into his life.
Family Time Let Cheatin' Dogs Lie (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Tony and Lisa are shocked to discover that Devin has a new girlfriend, but the family is even more surprised to learn that Tony has history with her mother.
Houseguest (TV-PG, PG, **+) A dreamer who owes money to the mob for a failed business venture tries to hide by posing as the childhood friend of a straight-laced suburbanite.
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Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) Judge Joe Brown uses his years of experience and creative methods in interpreting the law to preside over a non-traditional, no-nonsense courtroom.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) A woman is suing her ex for knocking over and shattering her 42" television; a budding entrepreneur sues the owner of a faulty vending machine.
A Different World Cabin in the Sky (TV-PG) Whitley and Dwayne rent a cabin for the weekend but need another couple to help foot the bill, however, the only couple willing to go is the Gaines.
A Different World Homie, Don't Ya Know Me? (TV-PG) Lena gets a visit from her friends from Baltimore but her ex-boyfriend, Piccolo, tags along and causes trouble trying to get Lena back.
Half & Half The Big Birth-Date Episode (TV-14) Mona and Dee Dee celebrate their birthdays by finding a date for each other; Big Dee Dee agrees to give her a portrait of the two of them with Mona and her mom.
Half & Half The Big Advice to Put It on Ice Episode (TV-14) Mona tries to sign a coveted singer, who's a single mother, by pretending to be a single parent herself; Mona and Spencer try to figure out their friendship.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) Woman wants ex-boyfriend's half of the rent, but he was kicked out; woman wants to be paid after a runaway truck crashes into her house.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) Judge Joe Brown uses his years of experience and creative methods in interpreting the law to preside over a non-traditional, no-nonsense courtroom.
A Different World Great X-pectations (TV-PG) The students of Hillman are assigned a written dialogue by Dean Davenport about what might have been said between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.
A Different World College Kid (TV-PG) Lena and the gang discover their landlord is a former major league baseball star and convince him to go back to college and earn his degree.
Half & Half The Big One Wedding and a Funeral Episode (TV-14) Mona and Dee Dee attend Neil's wedding and talk to the bride, but their conversation causes her to cancel the ceremony; Spencer tries to retrieve a $100 tip.
Half & Half The Big Don't Leave Me This Way Episode (TV-14) Mona prepares for a major presentation, but the long hours at her job affect her time with family and friends; Adam decides to behave like a heterosexual man.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) Man is charged $3007 in rent and damage for helping sister-in-law and husband; wedding photographer is accused of missing most of the reception.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) A godfather defaults on car payments for his goddaughter; a collector is suing a seller for selling him an allegedly autographed Mohammed Ali boxing glove.
A Different World A Rock, a River, a Lena (TV-PG) Actress Lena Horne appears at Hillman to dedicate a scholarship and ends up meeting her old friend Mr. Gaines; Kim takes Lena out for Southern fare.
A Different World Reconcilable Differences (TV-PG) Denise Huxtable moves into Gilbert Hall at Hillman College and has issues with her roommate, Jaleesa, due to her sordid past; Denise tries to avoid Dwayne.
Half & Half The Big Not So Loyal Family Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee becomes furious when she learns that Mona has befriended her law-school rival; Spencer struggles to reject a persistent talent-search applicant.
Half & Half The Big My Life and Kids Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee dates a noted author, but she reconsiders their relationship when she learns he has children; Phyllis has an argument with Ray and moves-in with Mona.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) Man hoping for a lifestyle upgrade has to spend his money to get his new man out of jail; woman in jail goes to a bail bondsman for help but gets cleared.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) A car owner is looking to get compensated for incomplete car repair services and a stolen MP3 player; a plaintiff goes out on a limb for a friend's daughter.
A Different World Porky De Bergerac (TV-PG) Jaleesa addresses the dormitory litter problem by making the offenders wear a pig nose, and of course, Denise is the first offender.
A Different World Those Who Can't... Tutor (TV-PG) Dwayne tutors Denise in calculus late into the night and falls asleep at the all-female dormitory, and he tries to leave the locked building.
Half & Half The Big Parent Trap Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee finds the courage to introduce her new boyfriend to Big Dee Dee and Charles.
Half & Half The Big Thanks for Nothing Episode (TV-14) Spencer invites his mother for Thanksgiving dinner, but she learns of Ray and Phyllis' romance; Mona is upset over her dad's lack of involvement in her life.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) Woman and former tenants argue over drugs, dog waste and damages; woman is stuck with cell phone bills of an ex long after their romance was over.
Judge Joe Brown (HD, TV-PG) Two women argue over missing things, damage, and a kick-out without notice; bounced checks and a ride on the hood of a car is how a woman was repaid.
A Different World War of the Words (TV-PG) Maggie receives some surprising news when her boyfriend shows up at her school and she gets flustered while competing in a debate with Whitley.
A Different World Sometimes You Get the Bear, Sometimes the Bear Gets You (TV-PG) Denise's grandfather comes to visit her at school and they end up taking part in a traditional prank of stealing the rival school's mascot's head.
Half & Half The Big Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls Episode (TV-14) Kali gives a chance to Spencer's friend, a successful singer known for partying; Big Dee returns to the stage after helping Adam for an acting showcase.
Half & Half The Big Home Is Where the Car Is Episode (TV-14) Mona fears that her new boyfriend is too good to be true, so she tries to look for his flaws and learns that he lives out of his car; Dee Dee puts on a show.
All In with Laila Ali Pole To Pole (HD, TV-G) Laila shares the story of ultra marathon runner Pat Farmer that set out on a treacherous route from the North and South Poles; an Olympic skier Lindsay Vonn.
All In with Laila Ali Ghost Jumper (HD, TV-G) Laila tells the story of a fearless base jumper named Cedric Dumon who explored the jungle of Chacapoyas in Peru to perform a thrilling jump from a waterfall.
Jewels of the Natural World Hippo Power (TV-G) Cameras follow mother hippos in Africa as they risk everything to keep their newly born calves away from predators, both in and out of the water.
Animal Tails Sheltered Tails (TV-G) Comic Mark Curry presents various showcases of animal-related segments, ranging from tips from wildlife experts to performances of people and their pets.
One on One When Flex Got Breanna (TV-PG) A Baltimore sportscaster must adjust his freewheeling bachelor lifestyle when his teenage daughter Breanna moves in.
National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon I (TV-14, PG-13, **+) Two partnered police officers set out to discover a missing microfilm that reveals the secrets behind a recipe for delectable cocaine cookies.
Vacation Creation with Tommy Davidson and Andrea Feczko To Russia with Love (HD, TV-G) Tommy and Andrea assist a woman with taking her mother and grandmother back to their hometown of St. Petersburg, Russia, where they visit a pastry shop.
Everyday Health Best of Everyday Health (TV-PG) Season one highlights; Ethan and Jenna revisit many of the inspirational young people they met along the way; Ethan reveals his own journey back to health.
In the Cut The Ring Bearer (Repeat, TV-PG) A barbershop owner tries to keep his business afloat while battling with his ex-wife's barber shop and bonding with an adult son who just walked into his life.
Family Time Halloween Time (HD, Repeat, TV-14) After a couple gets lucky with a lottery scratch-off, they suddenly find themselves wife launched into middle-class society.
Living Single Living Single ... With Children (TV-PG) Regine runs herself ragged taking care of her boyfriend's young daughter while he is out of town; Kyle becomes a Big Brother to a boy.
Living Single Just Friends? (TV-PG) An old friend comes to visit Khadijah and they spend the night together; Overton helps Synclaire study for her upcoming accounting exam.
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