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The Big Valley Joshua Watson (TV-PG) A once friendly annual rodeo between the Barkley and Morton ranches quickly becomes unpleasant when the contestants get very competitive.
Gunsmoke Apprentice Doc (TV-PG) Doc agrees to take a would-be bank robber as an apprentice after the young man decides to pursue medicine instead of a life of crime.
Bonanza All Ye His Saints (TV-G) A boy is impressed with the notion that only God can save his father when he is critically injured and believes he's found him in fugitive mountaineer Tom Cain.
The Big Valley The Secret (TV-PG) A wealthy rancher and his long time family friend set out to ruin the Barkleys because of his strong hatred of Jarrod, particularly out of his suspicion.
Gunsmoke Nina's Revenge (TV-PG) Hoping to blackmail his father-in-law with the threat of a scandal, a farm owner bribes a temporary worker to claim that his wife has been cheating on him.
Bonanza A Dublin Lad (TV-G) Joe is the only holdout on a jury determining the guilt of Terence O'Toole, and the other jurors' firm belief in a guilty verdict prompts Joe to investigate.
The Big Valley The Twenty Five Graves of Midas (TV-PG) Heath and Nick take separate journeys to the Dutton Mining Company to inspect a mine that collapsed, but when Nick shows up Heath is gone and people are angry.
Gunsmoke Marry Me (TV-PG) When the eldest of two brothers needs to find a wife to marry, so the family goes about kidnapping Miss Kitty in order to make her his reluctant bride.
Bonanza To Kill a Buffalo (TV-PG) Hoss finds an Indian boy, injured and left to die by his tribe and as usual Hoss takes the stray home to nurse him back to health, though he hates whites.
The Big Valley Lightfoot (TV-PG) Modoc Indian Tom Lightfoot doesn't get the deserved respect from everyone after returning from Harvard and soon shows bitter hostility to the Barkley family.
Gunsmoke A Man a Day (TV-PG) Outlaws realize Matt is the biggest obstacle between them and their planned crime spree, so they threaten to kill a man every day until Matt leaves town.
Bonanza Destiny's Child (TV-PG) Ben befriends a childlike strongman, who has killer rages when confused, and his friend Jesse, but when Jesse is killed there is trouble with slow-witted Sonny.
The Brady Bunch Love and the Older Man (TV-PG) Marcia is attracted to her new dentist, but when the doctor asks Marcia to babysit for him, she misunderstands and thinks she is being asked for a date.
The Brady Bunch Law and Disorder (TV-PG) Bobby gets picked for the position of safety monitor at his school, a position he didn't want, and he is disappointed with the decision.
The Brady Bunch Greg Gets Grounded (TV-PG) Greg gets in trouble when Mike and Carol learn that Greg was in a near car accident when he was paying more attention to an album cover than the road.
The Brady Bunch Amateur Nite (TV-PG) The kids put together a musical act to perform on a TV amateur contest to win some money to buy a gift for their parents wedding anniversary.
Gilligan's Island Goodbye Island (TV-G) After the castaways learn of an impending high tide, the professor tries to make nails while Gilligan hopes tree sap will hold the S.S. Minnow together.
Gilligan's Island The Big Gold Strike (TV-G) Mr. Howell uncovers a cache of buried riches just as Ginger and Mary Ann find a discarded life raft, but everyone except Gilligan is consumed with the treasure.
The Big Valley Alias Nellie Handley (TV-PG) Victoria poses as a thief in order to infiltrate the womens prison and investigate their conditions, but she finds it in worse conditions than expected.
Gunsmoke The Do-Badder (TV-PG) After a man makes it his personal mission to reform the citizens of Dodge City, the residents become sick and tired of their new, more honest lifestyles.
Bonanza Ride the Wind, Part 1 (TV-PG) A friend of Ben's becomes a business partner when Ben invests in his Pony Express venture, but Joe becomes a rider risking his life passing through Indian land.
The Big Valley Royal Road (TV-PG) A Punjabi prince from India makes an appearance in Stockton and Laura Haydon becomes completely infatuated with him unbeknownst to her that he is a con artist.
Gunsmoke Lacey (TV-PG) After a young woman kills her father so that she can marry her beau, she learns that her beloved is dating someone else and decides to get revenge against him.
Bonanza Ride the Wind, Part 2 (TV-PG) Ben's friend Charles Ludlow is killed delivering his peace treaty to Chief Winnemucca and his son takes to drink, so his media-hungry assistant takes over.
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The Big Valley A Passage of Saints (TV-PG) A family of stern Mormons lease the Barkley farm after they are banished from their home in Utah once polygamy is made illegal at their home.
Gunsmoke Cody's Code (TV-PG) A worker from the Long Branch saloon runs into trouble with his romantic life when a newly arrived stagecoach passenger tries to woo his fiancée.
Bonanza Peace Officer (TV-G) With the sheriff away and his deputy dead, the town hires a legendary lawman to keep peace, but he is more interested in his own ruthless justice than the law.
The Big Valley The Battle of Mineral Springs (TV-PG) Jarrod and Victoria head to Stockton but stop in a town that asks unusual prices for food, lodging and services, and they find out how the townspeople live.
Gunsmoke Old Dan (TV-PG) After stumbling across a drunken man on the side of the road, Doc tries to help the drunkard overcome his alcoholism and find a respectable job with decent pay.
Bonanza The Code (TV-PG) Joe is challenged to a duel by gunslinger Dan Taggert and soon bets are being placed on the outcome, though Ben and Hoss do their best to dissuade Taggert.
The Big Valley The Other Face of Justice (TV-PG) Nick and Heath pursue a gang of murderous raiders who are wanted for stealing horses in the valley and enlist the help of an ex-sheriff of Stockdon.
Gunsmoke Catawomper (TV-PG) Matt reluctantly becomes involved in a lover's quarrel when a young woman decides to try attracting other eligible bachelors besides her erstwhile suitor.
Bonanza Three Brides for Hoss (TV-PG) A clever widower in need of a wife and mother for his daughter sends off numerous applications for mail-order brides, but signs Hoss Cartwright's name.
The Big Valley Town of No Exit (TV-PG) Heath stops in a dying desert town where he finds himself being hosted by a group of mentally unstable people who play deadly games with their guests.
Gunsmoke Half Straight (TV-PG) Shortly after a gunman is hired to kill Matt, the hit man promises a young woman that he will no longer kill, so he recruits another gunman to finish the job.
Bonanza The Emperor Norton (TV-PG) A visitor to the Ponderosa makes crazy claims that he is Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, leaving Ben to prove the eccentric's sanity.
The Brady Bunch Bobby's Hero (TV-PG) Mike and Carol are called in to the principals office when he is concerned that Bobby is idolizing Jesse James, the killer; Mike tries to fix it.
The Brady Bunch The Subject Was Noses (TV-PG) Marcia agrees to go on a date but she forgot that was also supposed to go on another date on the very same night; Marcia gets hit in the face with a football.
The Brady Bunch How to Succeed in Business (TV-PG) Peter gets a job working at the bike shop but he gets so obsessed with doing a thorough job that the customers get impatient due to slow service.
The Brady Bunch The Great Earring Caper (TV-PG) Peter gets a new detective kit, which comes in handy when Cindy takes and then loses an antique pair of earrings that Marcia was borrowing from her mother.
Gilligan's Island X Marks the Spot (TV-G) The castaways fear that they will be targeted by missile testing that has been sanctioned by the U.S. Army, who unknowingly assumed the island is unpopulated.
Gilligan's Island Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy (TV-G) Gilligan befriends a young stranger who leads the castaways to a helium supply that serves as the inspiration for their latest plot to escape the island.
The Big Valley Danger Road (TV-PG) Victoria plans to deliver a wagonload of medicine to the Indian reservation and is joined by an Englishman who is tricked into delivering whisky.
Gunsmoke He Learned About Women (TV-PG) A man manages to escape from the outlaws who have captured him, but his angered captors chase after him in order to make sure he ends up dead.
Bonanza Her Brother's Keeper (TV-PG) A woman Ben continues to grow fonder of has a crippled brother who selfishly uses his disability to manipulate people, especially his sister.
The Big Valley Flight from San Miguel (TV-PG) Heath risks his life to help rescue a former girlfriend's husband from Mexico before he is captured and executed by the Federales.
Gunsmoke The Gallows (TV-PG) After Matt's life is saved by an accused murderer, Matt brings his rescuer to town to stand trial for his crimes, but he begins to question his decision.
Bonanza The Trouble with Jamie (TV-PG) The behavior of a cousin's arrogant young son appalls Ben, but an attempt to straighten him out reveals the boy is jealous of his father's soon-to-be bride.
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