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The Big Valley Miranda (TV-PG) A man is on the run as he tries to escape a dangerous revolution in his native Mexico, and when he runs into the Barkley family, they offer to protect him.
Gunsmoke My Father's Guitar (TV-PG) After a wandering musician kills a local farmer for abusing his guitar, two traveling troublemakers arrive in Dodge and end up being accused of the murder.
Bonanza The Hidden Enemy (TV-G) When Henry Johnson dies during a routine surgical procedure, Dr. Will Agar, the new physician in town, comes under scrutiny, exposing a dependency on morphine.
The Big Valley Shadow of a Giant (TV-PG) After the Stryder Gang is rounded up and thrown in the jail, they hatch a plan and manage to escape from confinement, so Heath and Nick try to help catch them.
Gunsmoke Wishbone (TV-PG) After a driver and guard are murder during a stagecoach robbery, Matt leaves Dodge in order to track the murderers and bring them to justice.
Bonanza The Sound of Sadness (TV-G) A widower meets opposition over his adoption of two brothers to prevent their separation when a childless couple wants one, but not the mute younger sibling.
The Brady Bunch Sergeant Emma (TV-PG) Alice takes a week-long vacation and arranges for her cousin to take over her position while she is gone, and she was once an Army woman.
The Brady Bunch Cindy Brady, Lady (TV-PG) Cindy is tired of being treated like a child and wants to act older than she is; Bobby fakes a secret admirer note for her, and Mike wants to expose the truth.
The Brady Bunch My Fair Opponent (TV-PG) Marcia decides to give her shy, "Plain Jane" classmate a makeover, as she is a candidate to become the hostess of the upcoming Banquet Night.
The Brady Bunch The Fender Benders (TV-PG) When Carol gets into a minor car accident in a parking lot, the Bradys are forced to go to small claims court after the other driver says that he is hurt.
Gilligan's Island Seer, Gilligan (TV-G) Gilligan unwittingly ingests seeds that leave him with telepathic capabilities, but he creates disharmony among the bunch by revealing too much information.
Gilligan's Island Love Me, Love My Skipper (TV-G) Skipper believes the Howells intentionally excluded him from their upcoming party, which leads the other castaways to support him by boycotting the gathering.
The Big Valley Fall of a Hero (TV-PG) Heath is charged with murder but can't recall if he did it or not and although Jarod is defending him he would rather know the truth.
Gunsmoke Sanctuary (TV-PG) After the leader of an outlaw gang is wounded during a robbery attempt, Matt and his posse split up and leave town in order to track the scattered bandits.
Bonanza The Bucket Dog (TV-G) Jamie's new dog April, a runt, must face an arduous, three-hour field trial that she must survive to prove her mettle and save her from being destroyed.
The Big Valley The Emperor of Rice (TV-PG) Walter Masters wants to acquire Victoria's rice so he can be the main supplier, but she refuses to sell it to him and so he kidnaps her.
Gunsmoke Honor Before Justice (TV-PG) When a Native American man is scheduled to be hanged for stealing horses, his daughter pleads with Thad to prove her father's innocence.
Bonanza First Love (TV-G) Jamie's sympathy for the abused wife of the hard-nosed new schoolmaster soon leads to a crush and the disapproval of her insanely jealous husband.
The Big Valley Rimfire (TV-PG) Jarrod goes to Rimfire to work on the merging of silver mines but the land between them is occupied by homeless Chinese people and they refuse to leave.
Gunsmoke The Brothers (TV-PG) After Matt is only able to capture one member of a gang of bank robbers, the remaining outlaws try to force Matt into releasing their imprisoned cohort.
Bonanza The Witness (TV-G) Candy is mistakenly arrested for a robbery and murder and his only hope is a witness who is busy dodging the law for her own reasons, but Griff is on her trail.
The Big Valley Bounty on a Barkley (TV-PG) Nick tries to win the affections of a newcomer not knowing that she is married to a bounty hunter, and she doesn't want to tell him.
Gunsmoke Which Doctor (TV-PG) Doc and Festus are captured by buffalo hunters, who are so impressed by Doc's medical skills that they decide to force him to marry their leader's daughter.
Bonanza The Marriage of Theodora Duffy (TV-G) Government agent, Theodora Duffy, comes to Virginia City to investigate a crime involving war criminals and feels she'll be less conspicuous as a married woman.
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The Big Valley The Devil's Masquerade (TV-PG) Jim North orders a mail-order-bride from the East, and when she arrives, Heath gets a bad feeling that something is terribly wrong with her.
Gunsmoke Harvest (TV-PG) After a family of Scottish immigrants stakes a claim in Dodge, a disgruntled farmer claims the land they've claimed is actually his.
Bonanza The Hunter (TV-G) Corporal Bill Tanner waylays Joe and stealing his wagon and supplies, sends him into the wilderness where the psychotic madman plans to stalk and kill him.
The Big Valley Run of the Savage (TV-PG) Danny is a 14-year-old boy who is rejected by his parents and Nick feels the need to help him out emotionally whether he wants it or not.
Gunsmoke By Line (TV-PG) When an entrepreneur moves to Dodge City to start a muckraking newspaper, he immediately causes trouble by printing unflattering stories about the locals.
Bonanza Thornton's Account (TV-PG) A stranger named Thornton is the only man willing to risk the ire of a devious rancher when Joe stumbles into a range war looking for help for an injured Ben.
The Brady Bunch Hawaii Bound (TV-PG) Mike is to check on the construction of a building that his construction firm has been building in Hawaii, so he decides to take the whole family along.
The Brady Bunch Pass the Tabu (TV-PG) Greg competes in a surfing competition, but he wears Bobbys taboo idol and wipes out; they learn of an ancient superstition surrounding the idol.
The Brady Bunch The Tiki Caves (TV-PG) The boys are trapped in the caves at a burial ground and are taken hostage by an archaeologist, until they tell him where they found the Tiki idol.
The Brady Bunch Today I Am a Freshman (TV-PG) At the start of another year of school, Marcia is worried about being a freshman and pretends to be sick in order to get out of going to school.
Gilligan's Island Ship Ahoax (TV-G) Hostility erupts when the castaways grow tired of living so close together, prompting the Professor to diagnose everyone with a case of "island madness."
Gilligan's Island Feed the Kitty (TV-G) The Skipper gains an unlikely companion in a caged lion after he bravely takes on the task of removing a nagging thorn from the beast's paw.
The Big Valley The Challenge (TV-PG) Victoria gets caught up in dirty politics when she and her long time friend are set up in a compromising photograph by a political rival.
Gunsmoke Treasure of John Walking Fox (TV-PG) When troublemaking cowboys see a Comanche fur trader with rare coins in his possession, they suspect that he might have stumbled upon a legendary treasure.
Bonanza Lothario Larkin (TV-PG) When ladies' man, Lothario Larkin arrives in Virginia City, Sheriff Coffee wastes no time in running the smooth-talker out of town before trouble begins to brew
The Big Valley In Silent Battle (TV-PG) The Barkley brothers have a suspicion that something is wrong with a former war hero, and disapprove of Audra's infatuation with him.
Gunsmoke My Father, My Son (TV-PG) A famous gunfighter travels to Dodge after killing a young challenger in a gunfight, and he causes trouble when several opponents try to take his life.
Bonanza The Debt (TV-PG) Wiley and Annie Kane, take jobs at the Ponderosa, working off a debt they feel their family owes to Ben Cartwright after their outlaw father stole from him.
The Big Valley They Called Her Delilah (TV-PG) A former Confederate spy is charged with murder and seeks legal counsel from Jarrod, who must put aside their previous relationship and focus on defending her.
Gunsmoke Parson Comes to Town (TV-PG) After murdering a preacher in cold blood, an outlaw dons his victim's clothes and continues his journey to Dodge, where he want's to witness someone's death.
Bonanza The Dilemma (TV-G) Ben is the acting judge when a parolee comes in, confesses to having robbed the Virginia City bank and offers to tell where the money is if he can go free.
The Big Valley Presumed Dead (TV-PG) Victoria is in an accident that causes her to lose her memory and a lonely rancher takes advantage of the situation by telling her that she is his wife
Gunsmoke Prime of Life (TV-PG) After a man sees another man lavishing attention on his wife, tragedy results when he gets into a heated confrontation with the philanderer in question.
Bonanza The Brass Box (TV-G) José Ortega, considered a windbag for bragging about his ancestry, possesses a Spanish land grant pre-dating other claims, including Ben's to the Ponderosa.
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