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The Big Valley Earthquake! (TV-PG) An earthquake collapses the floor of a mission church, trapping Victoria in the cellar with a pregnant Native American woman and an ex-employee of the Barkleys.
Gunsmoke Chester's Indian (TV-PG) Cheyenne warrior manages to make his way onto a local farm after escaping imprisonment, and a young farm girl agrees to help him hide from his pursuers.
Bonanza Horse of a Different Hue (TV-PG) Ben arranges a championship horse race to please his friend Colonel Fairchild and his daughter Patty Lou not knowing the outcome is fixed to pay off a creditor.
The Brady Bunch Mail Order Hero (TV-PG) Bobby lies to his friends by saying he personally knows Joe Nameth; when asked for proof, Cindy writes a bogus letter telling him that Bobby is sick.
The Brady Bunch Snow White and the Seven Bradys (TV-PG) The Brady family wants to raise money for a retirement present for a teacher, so they decide to put on a stage production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
The Brady Bunch Never Too Young (TV-PG) Bobby comes to the defense of a girl in his class and she thanks him with a kiss, which has quite the impact on him; the family prepares for a party.
The Brady Bunch Peter and the Wolf (TV-PG) Greg gets a date with a girl, but first he has to find a date for the girls visiting cousin; he gets Peter to pretend to be older and act as the date.
Gilligan's Island A Nose by Any Other Name (TV-G) Gilligan's confidence drops drastically after he falls from a tree and sustains a face-altering injury that makes him believe the castaways are avoiding him.
Gilligan's Island Gilligan's Mother-in-Law (TV-G) Gilligan is forced to become engaged to a native girl with dominant parents, but he must pass a test administered by her father before they are married.
The Big Valley The Murdered Party (TV-PG) When a man from a reviled family is accused of murdering a respected member of the community, Jarrod agrees to defend him, even though Heath is a witness.
Gunsmoke The Prisoner (TV-PG) After Matt pursues and captures an Army deserter, the prisoner adamantly claims that he wasn't responsible for one of the murders he's been accused of.
Bonanza The Pursued, Part 1 (TV-G) A horse-buying trip to a Mormon friend's ranch turns into a lesson in tolerance as Ben explains polygamy to his sons, but the town boss covets one of the wives.
The Big Valley The Way to Kill a Killer (TV-PG) An old friend of the family stops by the ranch on his way to sell a herd, but when the cattle begin dying of a contagious infection, he will not separate them.
Gunsmoke The Boys (TV-PG) After robbing a stagecoach, killing innocent bystanders and wreaking other havoc, three crooked brothers try to pin their misdeeds on Native American raids.
Bonanza The Pursued, Part 2 (TV-G) A self-righteous religious leader and the town boss, who covets one of a Mormon's two wives, incite the townsfolk to persecute them by burning their ranch.
The Big Valley Night of the Wolf (TV-PG) When Nick is bitten by a wolf and believes he will die, he decides to leave town without telling his family in order to spare them the pain of seeing him die.
Gunsmoke The Search (TV-PG) Despite having earned Matt Dillon's respect, a young man is forced to flee into the wilderness after he finds himself suspected of being a horse thief.
Bonanza To Bloom for Thee (TV-G) When he meets Carol Attley, Hoss falls in love with the beautiful newcomer and they become engaged, but fear of her past being revealed drives her to dump him.
The Big Valley The Guilt of Matt Bentell (TV-PG) Heath lashes out at the Barkleys' new timber camp foreman when he recognizes him as the cruel warden of a prison camp where he was held captive during the war.
Gunsmoke Call Me Dodie (TV-PG) After fleeing the abusive couple who oversee her orphanage, a 17-year-old orphan girl ends up getting a job a Miss Kitty's establishment.
Bonanza Ballad of the Ponderosa (TV-G) The singing son of a man who was executed in Virginia City 15 years earlier returns to bring down Ben Cartwright, the man whose testimony convicted his father.
The Big Valley The Brawlers (TV-PG) The Barkleys discover that a community of Irish immigrants has settled on their property, claiming that they purchased the land legally in San Francisco.
Gunsmoke Quint Asper Comes Home (TV-PG) After two white men murder his white father, a vengeful young man and his Comanche mother return to her people to start new lives.
Bonanza The Bridegroom (TV-G) Joe notices a rancher's daughter is not as plain as her father suggests when trying to marry her off and she would make a perfect wife for his shy friend Jared.
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The Big Valley The Invaders (TV-PG) While counting cattle on the range, Heath is injured by a gang of rawhiders who take him back to the ranch in hopes of receiving a ransom for finding him.
Gunsmoke Root Down (TV-PG) A young woman hopes to force Chester into marrying her by telling her father a false story about how she spent the night with Chester.
Bonanza Tommy (TV-G) Allie grew up at the Ponderosa and returns for protection from her outlaw husband who is willing to use force to get her back, but not their deaf-mute son.
The Brady Bunch Getting Greg's Goat (TV-PG) Greg is tasked with housing the goat who happens to be his rival schools mascot after he and his teammates steal it as retaliation for the other schools prank.
The Brady Bunch Marcia Gets Creamed (TV-PG) Marcia gets a new job working at the ice cream parlor after school, which leaves her with very little time to spend with her boyfriend, who sees another girl.
The Brady Bunch My Brother's Keeper (TV-PG) Bobby prevents Peter from getting hurt by pushing him out of the way of a falling ladder, so Peter offers to be his slave to return the favor.
The Brady Bunch Quarterback Sneak (TV-PG) Marcia gets involved with the quarterback for the Fairview team, and Greg is certain that his only motive to dating her is that so he can get the playbook.
Gilligan's Island Nyet Nyet - Not Yet (TV-G) Two Russian space explorers crash land on the island, but their offer to rescue the castaways comes at a high price: imprisonment.
Gilligan's Island Hi-Fi Gilligan (TV-G) An accidental hit from the Skipper causes Gilligan's loosened tooth filling to begin receiving radio waves which comes in handy when a storm nears the island.
The Big Valley By Fires Unseen (TV-PG) After being in San Francisco for only a few days, Nick returns to Stockton with a beautiful fiancé, but she seems less than pleased with life on the ranch.
Gunsmoke Jenny (TV-PG) After Matt arrests a bank robber for killing a man, the conniving criminal orders his girlfriend help him escape by getting close to Matt.
Bonanza Ponderosa Explosion (TV-G) Would-be entrepreneurs, Hoss and Joe, hope to make it big with rabbit-fur business, but find the Ponderosa overrun when they are too soft-hearted to skin them.
The Big Valley A Time to Kill (TV-PG) An old friend of Jarrod's from law school comes to Stockton and seems to have struck it rich, but he learns that his buddy is suspected of counterfeiting.
Gunsmoke Collie's Free (TV-PG) After spending eight years in prison for shooting a cattle rancher and stealing his cattle, an ex-convict has trouble adjusting to his new life of freedom.
Bonanza Justice (TV-G) A bungling, unwanted suitor accidentally strangles Joe's intended, making an enemy of Joe who desperately wants revenge, an act Ben hopes to prevent.
The Big Valley Teacher of Outlaws (TV-PG) When the leader of a gang of outlaws orders his men to kidnap a teacher so that he can learn to read and write, they mistakenly abduct Victoria instead.
Gunsmoke The Ditch (TV-PG) A young rancher plans to divert water away from the local homesteaders, but several of them vow that they won't allow her to succeed without a fight.
Bonanza A Bride for Buford (TV-G) A miner is cajoled into believing that a scheming saloon girl cares for him; Hoss knows better and plans to circumvent tragedy by exposing the gold digger.
The Big Valley Under a Dark Star (TV-PG) A man is pardoned after spending years in prison for a crime he did not commit, and as the attorney who put him away, Jarrod feels guilty and wants to help him.
Gunsmoke The Trappers (TV-PG) A frightened trapper leaves his partner behind to die in the wild after they're ambushed, which leaves him as the sole possessor of a lucrative stash of furs.
Bonanza A Woman in the House (TV-G) Ben steps in when an old family friend comes to live on the Ponderosa with her good-for-nothing husband, throwing the drunken, abusive lout off the property.
The Big Valley Barbary Red (TV-PG) When Nick celebrates his birthday at a waterfront saloon, he is suddenly shanghaied for sea duty, and Jarrod teams up with Eugene and Heath to investigate.
Gunsmoke Phoebe Strunk (TV-PG) After a girl's parents are robbed and murdered by a mother and her four violent sons, they decide to make the girl part of their family at all costs.
Bonanza Joe Cartwright, Detective (TV-PG) After reading a Sherlock Holmes novel, Joe attempts to prevent a robbery, but Ben and Sheriff Coffee are caught in the tangle he inadvertently creates.
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