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The Big Valley Heritage (TV-PG) While investigating a violent incident at one of the Barkley mines, Heath learns that the miners harbor animosity toward the Barkleys for breaking promises.
Gunsmoke The Kite (TV-G) After a little girl witnesses the murder of her mother, the killer wants to eliminate her before she can tell everyone that he's responsible for the murder.
Bonanza Long Way to Ogden (TV-G) Ben stakes his financial empire and ranch on a clever scheme to beat meat packer Emit Whitney, when he buys all the railroad cattle cars to control the market.
The Brady Bunch Going, Going...Steady (TV-PG) Marcia starts going out with her first steady boyfriend, an insect collector, and the two start to talk about a future together, while Mike drops subtle hints.
The Brady Bunch The Not-So-Ugly Duckling (TV-PG) Jan starts to feel insecure when a boy she had been studying with is instantly attracted to Marcia; Jan makes up an imaginary boyfriend.
The Brady Bunch Alice's September Song (TV-PG) Alice reunites with an old flame of hers, who wants to pick up where they left off, but he then presents Alice with an investment proposal.
The Brady Bunch Peter and the Wolf (TV-PG) Greg gets a date with a girl, but first he has to find a date for the girls visiting cousin; he gets Peter to pretend to be older and act as the date.
Gilligan's Island The Matchmaker (TV-G) Mrs. Howell attempts to spark a romance between Gilligan and Mary Ann, but her plan backfires and ultimately causes a rift between her and Mr. Howell.
Gilligan's Island Lovey's Secret Admirer (TV-G) Mrs. Howell begins receiving several romantic letters from an anonymous suitor, and a determined Mr. Howell sets out to reveal his competitor's identity.
The Big Valley Winner Lose All (TV-PG) Heath falls in love with the beautiful daughter of a Spanish nobleman who is involved in a land dispute with the Barkleys, and he disapproves of Heath.
Gunsmoke Comanches Is Soft (TV-G) A crafty saloon girl in Wichita convinces an inebriated Quint and Festus to escort her to Dodge City so she can find work at Kitty's place.
Bonanza Return Engagement (TV-G) The lovely Lotta Crabtree returns to Virginia City after 11 years, but when her leading man is killed during a performance, Hoss is suddenly the prime suspect.
The Big Valley My Son, My Son (TV-PG) A childhood friend of Audra's returns to Stockton after a long absence and rekindles a friendship with her, but Heath gets into a confrontation with the teen.
Gunsmoke Father's Love (TV-G) After a former saloon girl falls in love and marries, she learns that her new husband's uncle is the man who had harassed her at her old job at the saloon.
Bonanza The Gold Mine (TV-G) After years of abuse from his father and now from the outlaws using him as slave labor on his own claim, a young Mexican boy hides a rich vein he finds.
The Big Valley Earthquake! (TV-PG) An earthquake collapses the floor of a mission church, trapping Victoria in the cellar with a pregnant Native American woman and an ex-employee of the Barkleys.
Gunsmoke Now That April's Here (TV-G) After Festus' girlfriend sees two traders disposing of their boss's body, they try to dispose of her next in order to eliminate any witnesses to their crime.
Bonanza Decision at Los Robles (TV-G) In Los Robles, Mexico Ben is wounded by domineering town boss, John Walker, killing him in self-defense and becoming a target for the man's vengeful son.
The Big Valley The Murdered Party (TV-PG) When a man from a reviled family is accused of murdering a respected member of the community, Jarrod agrees to defend him, even though Heath is a witness.
Gunsmoke Caleb (TV-G) A mild-mannered farmer travels to Dodge to find some excitement after he becomes tired of being chained to his uninteresting job and unstable marriage.
Bonanza Caution: Easter Bunny Crossing (TV-G) Decked out as the Easter Rabbit due to a persuasive woman at the orphanage, with only eggs for ammo, Hoss happens on Brooklyn bad guys out to rob Wells Fargo.
The Big Valley The Way to Kill a Killer (TV-PG) An old friend of the family stops by the ranch on his way to sell a herd, but when the cattle begin dying of a contagious infection, he will not separate them.
Gunsmoke Owney Tupper Had a Daughter (TV-G) A widower tries to earn money to fix up his home and reclaim his beloved daughter after he loses custody of her because a judge deemed his home unfit.
Bonanza The Horse Traders (TV-G) Virgil Potts and his outlaw buddies open a livery stable when the Calhouns insist they get honest jobs, just as Hoss and Joe arrive in town with horses to sell.
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The Big Valley Night of the Wolf (TV-PG) When Nick is bitten by a wolf and believes he will die, he decides to leave town without telling his family in order to spare them the pain of seeing him die.
Gunsmoke Bently (TV-G) Chester investigates a murder after the man who was acquitted of the killing dies, but the murder victim's friend doesn't want the investigation to continue.
Bonanza What Are Pardners For? (TV-G) Easterners Luke and Calvin, whose fantasies are full of outlaw exploits thanks to dime novels, bust Hoss out of jail when he is arrested for their crime.
The Brady Bunch The Possible Dream (TV-PG) Marcia is upset with Cindy, who accidentally gives Marcias diary away to a book collection, thus shattering Marcias sense of security.
The Brady Bunch To Move or Not to Move (TV-PG) The Bradys start to receive constant complaints about the size of their house, so Mike and Carol decide to put their home up for sale.
The Brady Bunch The Grass Is Always Greener (TV-PG) Mike and Carol help their kids, with the boys learning how to play baseball and Marcia learning how to cook, but the parents decide to switch roles.
The Brady Bunch Lost Locket, Found Locket (TV-PG) Jan gets a locket from a secret admirer and the rest of the family is trying to figure out who anonymously sent the gift to her, but Jan loses it.
Gilligan's Island Waiting for Watubi (TV-G) The ever-superstitious Skipper is convinced the island has been cursed when he discovers a statue of a Tiki deity shortly before a minor earthquake strikes.
Gilligan's Island Angel on the Island (TV-G) The castaways produce their theatrical version of "Cleopatra" to appease a depressed Ginger, regretful that she missed the opportunity to perform on Broadway.
The Big Valley The Guilt of Matt Bentell (TV-PG) Heath lashes out at the Barkleys' new timber camp foreman when he recognizes him as the cruel warden of a prison camp where he was held captive during the war.
Gunsmoke Kitty Cornered (TV-G) After Kitty refuses a businesswoman's request to buy the Long Branch, the entrepreneur decides to open up a new saloon as direct competition against Kitty.
Bonanza A Matter of Circumstance (TV-G) A severe thunderstorm spooks the horses, trampling Joe and breaking his left arm and leg, a nasty situation worsened because he's alone with possible gangrene.
The Big Valley The Brawlers (TV-PG) The Barkleys discover that a community of Irish immigrants has settled on their property, claiming that they purchased the land legally in San Francisco.
Gunsmoke The Promoter (TV-G) When a farmer becomes tired of his livelihood, he leaves his wife behind and goes to seek a more interesting profession in Dodge City.
Bonanza The Night Virginia City Died (TV-G) With Virginia City being destroyed by flame, the town is desperate to find the arsonist, but none suspect the pretty newcomer of being a disturbed firebug.
The Big Valley The Invaders (TV-PG) While counting cattle on the range, Heath is injured by a gang of rawhiders who take him back to the ranch in hopes of receiving a ransom for finding him.
Gunsmoke Trip West (TV-G) After a swindling medicine peddler diagnoses a banker with a terminal illness, the banker decides to quit his boring job and woo one of Kitty's saloon girls.
Bonanza A Matter of Faith (TV-G) With a drought crippling the territory, desperate farmers and ranchers enlist the aid of a 13-year-old rainmaker, but things turn ugly and Ben steps in.
The Big Valley By Fires Unseen (TV-G) After being in San Francisco for only a few days, Nick returns to Stockton with a beautiful fiancé, but she seems less than pleased with life on the ranch.
Gunsmoke Scot Free (TV-G) When a woman comes to town looking for her missing husband, Matt uncovers a series of clues that may be connected to the discovery of an unidentified body.
Bonanza The Weary Willies (TV-G) Ben and Joe discover a group of nomadic Civil War veterans camping on the Ponderosa and lend their support to the bunch in spite of the town's objections.
The Big Valley A Time to Kill (TV-PG) An old friend of Jarrod's from law school comes to Stockton and seems to have struck it rich, but he learns that his buddy is suspected of counterfeiting.
Gunsmoke The Warden (TV-G) After a Native American woman escapes from the warden who purchased her, the bitter warden vows that he will make the woman his, no matter the cost.
Bonanza The Wagon (TV-G) An ambitious sheriff substitutes an injured Hoss when a murder suspect escapes a prison wagon, but a fellow captive helps him get away and survive the desert.
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