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The Rockford Files Coulter City Wildcat (TV-PG) Jim Rockford will join his beloved father on a trip to Coulter City, intending to find out the truth about an oil investment scheme.
Gunsmoke Wagon Girls (TV-PG) While hunting two rowdy thieves, Matt runs across a wagon train filled with women and agrees to escort the travelers to a nearby army fort.
Bonanza The Trouble with Jamie (TV-PG) The behavior of a cousin's arrogant young son appalls Ben, but an attempt to straighten him out reveals the boy is jealous of his father's soon-to-be bride.
The Rockford Files So Help Me God (TV-PG) A grand jury believes that Rockford is withholding testimony about the kidnapping of a labor union boss, resulting in jail time for the detective.
Gunsmoke The Dealer (TV-PG) After a young bachelor tries to woo an attractive young woman, he is forced to kill her father in self-defense during a heated gambling argument.
Bonanza Shining in Spain (TV-PG) Young and trusting Wendy Dant arrives in town to meet the wealthy father she hasn't seen for years and idolizes, but the Cartwrights notice something is amiss.
The Rockford Files Rattlers' Class of '63 (TV-PG) Angel launches a scheme to take money from a garbage empire, but when the plan goes awry, he and Rockford are implicated in a murder.
Gunsmoke P.S. Murray Christmas (TV-G) After a handyman rescues seven orphans from their overbearing caretaker, the residents of Dodge City band together to give the children their first Christmas.
Bonanza Gabrielle (TV-G) Hoss and Little Joe come across an accident scene, discovering that only a young blind girl has survived and her only relative is a bitter old hermit.
The Big Valley Judgement in Heaven (TV-PG) Jarrod has one of his clients, the girlfriend of a violent outlaw, released from jail so that he can bring her home to celebrate Christmas with the Barkleys.
Gunsmoke The Summons (TV-PG) An outlaw is furious to learn he won't be able to claim a bounty for killing his partner in crime, so he aims to get revenge on Matt by luring him to his doom.
Bonanza The Genius (TV-PG) Brilliant poet but chronic alcoholic, Will Smith is befriended by Hoss who tries to change his bad habits, discovering Will isn't a homeless wanderer.
The Brady Bunch The Voice of Christmas (TV-PG) Everyone is a little gloomy when Carol loses her voice and may not be able to sing at the Christmas services; Alice and the kids hide Christmas gifts.
The Brady Bunch Ghost Town USA (TV-PG) The Bradys and Alice go on a road trip together to the Grand Canyon with a stop at a ghost town that turns out to be a detour; they meet a deranged prospector.
The Brady Bunch Grand Canyon or Bust (TV-PG) Still jailed by a deranged prospector in a ghost town, the family must come up with a way to escape and continue in their trek to the Grand Canyon.
The Brady Bunch The Brady Braves (TV-PG) Mike Brady meets a young Native-Americans grandfather, who is very traditional and is discouraging of the young mans career aspirations.
Gilligan's Island Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up (TV-G) Mr. Howell discovers his identity has been stolen after he hears a radio report saying that he has been rescued and has gone on a shopping extravaganza.
Gilligan's Island Allergy Time (TV-G) The Skipper constantly sneezes and itches whenever he is near Gilligan, but the elixir administered by the Professor does little to relieve his symptoms.
The Rockford Files Return to the Thirty-Eighth Parallel (TV-PG) Rockford reunites with a friend from the Army who persuades him to take a case involving a missing person and a valuable piece of art.
Gunsmoke The Dreamers (TV-G) After coming into some new-found wealth, an unkempt miner tries to impress and woo Miss Kitty by opening a business that competes against her.
Bonanza The Unwritten Commandment (TV-G) Andy Walker, a young man with a gift for singing wants a musical career more than anything but his domineering father Willard thinks singing is a waste of time.
The Rockford Files Piece Work (TV-PG) Jim Rockford will uncover a plan involving illegal weapons sales while investigating a health club accident for an insurance company.
Gunsmoke Cale (TV-G) After a young rider stops to spend the night at a seemingly vacant farm, his sleep is interrupted by a thief who is trying to steal the farm's horses.
Bonanza Big Shadow on the Land (TV-G) Immigrant Italian winemakers camp on Ponderosa land intending to regrow their vineyard and start again, and a displeased Ben tries to get them to leave.
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The Rockford Files The Trouble with Warren (TV-PG) When Rockford's attorney has him investigate the murder of her cousin's boss to clear his name in the case, Rockford uncovers a series of other crimes.
Gunsmoke Chester's Indian (TV-G) Cheyenne warrior manages to make his way onto a local farm after escaping imprisonment, and a young farm girl agrees to help him hide from his pursuers.
Bonanza The Fighters (TV-G) A mediocre boxer's career is ended in a challenge bout with Hoss prompting him to vow to never fight professionally again, but Joe is excited to show his skill.
The Rockford Files There's One in Every Port (TV-PG) When father-daughter con artists steal $200,000 at a private poker party, including Rockford's money, he plans his own con to retrieve the money.
Gunsmoke The Prisoner (TV-G) After Matt pursues and captures an Army deserter, the prisoner adamantly claims that he wasn't responsible for one of the murders he's been accused of.
Bonanza Home from the Sea (TV-G) A man claiming to be a shipmate of the sea-faring Adam arrives at the Ponderosa to meet his friend's family, but is actually scheming to rob the Cartwrights.
The Rockford Files Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, But Waterbury Will Bury You (TV-PG) Jim Rockford will have to search for a mysterious woman who is responsible for the destruction of three private detective agencies.
Gunsmoke The Boys (TV-G) After robbing a stagecoach, killing innocent bystanders and wreaking other havoc, three crooked brothers try to pin their misdeeds on Native American raids.
Bonanza The Last Mission (TV-G) Asked to assist an old friend, Colonel Jarrell, with a mission to secure lasting peace with the Paiute Indians, Ben of course agrees, but he and Hoss are duped.
The Big Valley Hunter's Moon (TV-PG) A jealous rancher is convinced that his wife is having an affair and arrests Nick and two other men visiting the country as a result and are set to hang.
Gunsmoke The Search (TV-G) Despite having earned Matt Dillon's respect, a young man is forced to flee into the wilderness after he finds himself suspected of being a horse thief.
Bonanza A Dollar's Worth of Trouble (TV-G) Remembering the words of a gypsy, Hoss becomes unnerved as one by one events mirror her predictions; the final and most frightening one could portend death.
The Brady Bunch Tell It Like It Is (TV-PG) Mike finds Carol writing something but she is not comfortable telling her husband what she is working on, but he eventually finds out that she is writing.
The Brady Bunch The Wheeler-Dealer (TV-PG) Greg finally gets his drivers license and looks for his first set of wheels, but his friend sets him up with a beat-up buggy that seems to be beyond repair.
The Brady Bunch My Sister Benedict Arnold (TV-PG) Greg learns he is being replaced on the basketball team with the guy that Marcia happens to be dating and she refuses to break up with him.
The Brady Bunch The Personality Kid (TV-PG) Peter comes home early from a party, feeling rejected as only one person spoke to him that night, who told him that he was boring and lacked personality.
Gilligan's Island Mr. and Mrs. ??? (TV-G) The Howells discover their marriage ceremony was performed by a scam artist posing as a minister, thus deeming their marriage null and void.
Gilligan's Island Meet the Meteor (TV-G) The Professor believes a space rock that landed on the island is radioactive and has his suspicions confirmed when each of the castaways begins to age rapidly.
The Rockford Files The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers, Part 1 (TV-PG) When Rockford's father sees his friend placed in a senior citizen medical facility against his will, he asks Rockford to search for possible mistreatment.
Gunsmoke Call Me Dodie (TV-PG) After fleeing the abusive couple who oversee her orphanage, a 17-year-old orphan girl ends up getting a job a Miss Kitty's establishment.
Bonanza Something Hurt, Something Wild (TV-PG) The unstable daughter of the Cartwrights' friend and neighbor, Jed Ferguson hysterically accuses Joe of assaulting her, sparking a feud between the families.
The Rockford Files The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers, Part 2 (TV-PG) When Rockford tries saving his dad's friend, who is at a senior citizen medical facility against his will, Rockford finds the elderly man has disappeared.
Gunsmoke Quint Asper Comes Home (TV-PG) After two white men murder his white father, a vengeful young man and his Comanche mother return to her people to start new lives.
Bonanza Horse of a Different Hue (TV-PG) Ben arranges a championship horse race to please his friend Colonel Fairchild and his daughter Patty Lou not knowing the outcome is fixed to pay off a creditor.
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