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The Big Valley The Velvet Trap (TV-PG) A seemingly frightened young woman asks Nick for help as she flees from her former outlaw boyfriend, but there may be more to the story than she is telling.
Gunsmoke The Brothers (TV-PG) After Matt is only able to capture one member of a gang of bank robbers, the remaining outlaws try to force Matt into releasing their imprisoned cohort.
Bonanza The Newcomers (TV-G) Hoss falls in love with the terminally ill sister of a man he was sent to escort off the Ponderosa to prevent him using his invasive hydraulic mining methods.
The Brady Bunch Tell It Like It Is (TV-PG) Mike finds Carol writing something but she is not comfortable telling her husband what she is working on, but he eventually finds out that she is writing.
The Brady Bunch Ghost Town USA (TV-PG) The Bradys and Alice go on a road trip together to the Grand Canyon with a stop at a ghost town that turns out to be a detour; they meet a deranged prospector.
The Brady Bunch Grand Canyon or Bust (TV-PG) Still jailed by a deranged prospector in a ghost town, the family must come up with a way to escape and continue in their trek to the Grand Canyon.
The Brady Bunch The Brady Braves (TV-PG) Mike Brady meets a young Native-Americans grandfather, who is very traditional and is discouraging of the young mans career aspirations.
Mister Ed Ed's Christmas Story (TV-G) During Christmastime, Wilbur decides that he wants to be a little more careful with his money this year when it comes to buying Christmas presents.
Touched by an Angel It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (TV-G) Recalling her encounter with Mark Twain, Monica tries to comfort a developmentally disabled boy who feels responsible when his brother disappears in a blizzard.
The Big Valley The Man from Nowhere (TV-PG) While far from home, Jarrod has an accident which leaves him suffering from amnesia, and he meets an attractive young woman being forced from her land.
Gunsmoke Which Doctor (TV-PG) Doc and Festus are captured by buffalo hunters, who are so impressed by Doc's medical skills that they decide to force him to marry their leader's daughter.
Bonanza The Paiute War (TV-G) Adam is captured and held hostage by the Pauite Indians, when they are falsely accused of bloody raids after an unscrupulous trader kidnaps Bannock women.
The Big Valley The Great Safe Robbery (TV-PG) Audra and Victoria are taken hostage at the train station when two bumbling thieves arrive to steal a safe, but a series of mishaps frustrates the criminals.
Gunsmoke Harvest (TV-PG) After a family of Scottish immigrants stakes a claim in Dodge, a disgruntled farmer claims the land they've claimed is actually his.
Bonanza Enter Mark Twain (TV-G) Samuel Clemens visits Virginia City, and writes an editorial about a crooked politician trying to steal the Ponderosa in an unscrupulous land grab.
The Big Valley The Iron Box (TV-PG) Heath and Nick are unjustly accused of a crime they did not commit and subjected to harsh working conditions by a corrupt sheriff while awaiting trial.
Gunsmoke By Line (TV-PG) When an entrepreneur moves to Dodge City to start a muckraking newspaper, he immediately causes trouble by printing unflattering stories about the locals.
Bonanza The Julia Bulette Story (TV-G) Ben is worried about Little Joe's relationship with a much older woman who owns and runs a saloon, but an epidemic shows him her true worth as a person.
The Big Valley Last Stage to Salt Flats (TV-PG) While traveling far from home, Heath, Victoria and Jarrod find themselves stranded in the middle of the desert with the blazing heat and no access to water.
Gunsmoke Treasure of John Walking Fox (TV-PG) When troublemaking cowboys see a Comanche fur trader with rare coins in his possession, they suspect that he might have stumbled upon a legendary treasure.
Bonanza The Saga of Annie O'Toole (TV-G) Ben presides over miner's court when there is some confusion about a woman's claim to her dead beau's mine, with Adam and Hoss helping her case.
The Big Valley A Day of Terror (TV-PG) When Victoria and Audra arrive at church to teach Sunday school, they are suddenly taken hostage by an outlaw and her three sons who are seeking medical care.
Gunsmoke My Father, My Son (TV-PG) A famous gunfighter travels to Dodge after killing a young challenger in a gunfight, and he causes trouble when several opponents try to take his life.
Bonanza The Philip Diedesheimer Story (TV-G) Adam and Phillip Diedeshiemer work to prevent mine cave-ins and create the square set system, amid protests from other mine owners who are doubtful.
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The Big Valley Hide the Children (TV-PG) Nick agrees to escort a gypsy woman to her wedding, but he encounters bigotry and intolerance when he finds himself beginning to fall for the young woman.
Gunsmoke Parson Comes to Town (TV-PG) After murdering a preacher in cold blood, an outlaw dons his victim's clothes and continues his journey to Dodge, where he want's to witness someone's death.
Bonanza Mr. Henry Comstock (TV-G) Cartwrights relate tale of Henry Comstock's claim to ownership in a major gold strike; Little Joe is in for trouble when he courts Chief Winnemuca's daughter.
The Brady Bunch The Private Ear (TV-PG) Marcia is upset with Jan after she tells somebody a secret Marcia trusted her with, and Greg is upset with Marcia, while Bobby is angry with Cindy.
The Brady Bunch Her Sister's Shadow (TV-PG) Jan gets tired of being compared to her older sister and decides to enter a school-sponsored patriotic essay contest and be able to create her own identity.
The Brady Bunch Click (TV-PG) Greg makes it onto the football team but he is afraid to tell Carol, because she objects to the game because it is too violent, and doesn't want him to play.
The Brady Bunch Getting Davy Jones (TV-PG) Marcia brags to her friends that she can arrange for singer Davy Jones to perform at the schools upcoming school dance, and she tries to get him.
Petticoat Junction Cannonball Christmas (TV-G) As the town prepares to celebrate the Christmas season with their traditional caroling at the Hooterville Cannonball, Homer Bedloe plans to stop it.
The Brady Bunch The Voice of Christmas (TV-PG) Everyone is a little gloomy when Carol loses her voice and may not be able to sing at the Christmas services; Alice and the kids hide Christmas gifts.
The Big Valley Day of the Comet (TV-PG) Audra begins falling for a charming traveler who recites poetry and saves her from serious injury, but he is being pursued by a group of vengeful ex-soldiers.
Gunsmoke Prime of Life (TV-PG) After a man sees another man lavishing attention on his wife, tragedy results when he gets into a heated confrontation with the philanderer in question.
Bonanza The Magnificent Adah (TV-G) When Ben's friend, a famous actress, visits the boys try to convince their father that she is wrong for him, even fighting her abusive ex-husband for him.
The Big Valley Wagonland of Dreams (TV-PG) The Barkley brothers inadvertently become targets of a greedy stationmaster when they get involved with a farmer who refuses to pay exorbitant railway rates.
Gunsmoke Perce (TV-PG) A former criminal shows up in Dodge, where he works to turn his life around, but after falling in love with a wild saloon girl, he returns to his old ways.
Bonanza The Truckee Strip (TV-G) The Cartwrights feud with their neighbors heats up when Little Joe wants to marry their beautiful daughter and her father's foreman fans the flames.
The Big Valley Image of Yesterday (TV-PG) An ex-boyfriend of Victoria's unexpectedly shows up in Stockton and visits her, but she soon discovers that he is not the man she remembered him to be.
Gunsmoke Old Yellow Boots (TV-PG) A murderous thief tries to convince a woman to marry him so he can get rich by selling off her ranch, but Matt tries to prevent the marriage from happening.
Bonanza The Hanging Posse (TV-G) Adam and Joe join a posse to help a friend catch his wife's killer, but learn that the posse has deadly intentions and find themselves in a dangerous position.
The Big Valley Boy Into Man (TV-PG) When a woman leaves her teenage son to take care of his younger siblings, the Barkley family tries to help care for the kids while tracking down their mother.
Gunsmoke Miss Kitty (TV-PG) After Kitty becomes the caretaker of boy under mysterious circumstances, she refuses to tell Matt exactly who the boy is or why she is taking care of him.
Bonanza Vendetta (TV-G) The town drunk and a doctor are the only reinforcements when a wounded Ben and Hoss are left on their own to deal with an outlaw gang.
The Big Valley Down Shadow Street (TV-PG) When Victoria witnesses a murder committed by her god-son, the corrupt judge has her secretly confined to a sanitarium in order to prevent her from testifying.
Gunsmoke Harper's Blood (TV-PG) A widowed father tries to raise his sons to be good men, but the two boys encounter trouble that could lead to murder after a local rancher wrongs both of them.
Bonanza The Sisters (TV-G) Adam begins a relationship with a notorious woman and dismisses his father's concerns, but becomes a suspect when she is killed.
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