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The Big Valley A Flock of Trouble (TV-PG) Nick accepts sheep as a payment for a debt and he finds himself being harassed for choosing to keep them around.
Gunsmoke Pa Hack's Brood (TV-PG) Hoping to improve his financial fortunes, a shiftless alcoholic schemes to have his young daughter marry the son of a wealthy rancher.
Bonanza The Big Jackpot (TV-G) Heir to an unexpected fortune, Candy quits the ranch as he's always dreamed and takes a position as an executive with a seemingly lucrative land promoter.
The Big Valley The Time After Midnight (TV-PG) Jarrod must overcome a recent accident that has left him blind to help prosecute a local land baron that has been intimidating landowners into selling.
Gunsmoke The Glory and the Mud (TV-PG) After Matt refuses to teach a cowboy how to be a sheriff's deputy, the cowboy plans to boost his quick-draw reputation by challenging a retired gunman.
Bonanza The Lady and the Mark (TV-G) Hiding out at the Ponderosa to dodge those out to relieve him of his new-found riches, prospector Chris Keller is finally lured out of hiding by Charity McGill.
The Brady Bunch The Impractical Joker (TV-PG) Jan does a series of practical jokes on her family, much to their dismay, especially as one of her pranks goes too far when she lets Gregs pet mouse loose.
The Brady Bunch Where There's Smoke (TV-PG) Greg gets caught with a pack of cigarettes in his school jacket, nobody believe him when he says they're not his and he's carrying them for a friend.
The Brady Bunch Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up (TV-PG) Jan's friend accidentally sends a party invitation to Marcia which causes Jan to get fed up with being middle child and she arrives at party sporting a wig.
The Brady Bunch The Drummer Boy (TV-PG) Peter, Jan and Cindy are accepted into their schools glee club, but Bobby is depressed that he wasn't picked for the club himself and his parents encourage him.
Gilligan's Island St. Gilligan and the Dragon (TV-G) The female castaways stage a strike and move to the opposite end of the island after the men break their promise of constructing separate living quarters.
Gilligan's Island Big Man on Little Stick (TV-G) The castaways believe they've found a rescuer in a surfer who washed ashore after riding a tsunami wave from Hawaii, but a crush may keep him on the island.
The Big Valley Night in a Small Town (TV-PG) Heath and Victoria take a break from traveling and family to help a saloon girl who has been accused of troublemaking and having a hand in a man's death.
Gunsmoke Dry Well (TV-PG) A woman begins to cheat on her husband with several men in town, and her lovers become embroiled in violent struggle after he husband becomes suspicious.
Bonanza Is There Any Man Here? (TV-G) Ben is shocked when a friend's daughter arrives after leaving her intended at the altar, and proclaims her love for him, though he refuses to marry her.
The Big Valley Ladykiller (TV-PG) Weary from the road, Nick stops at an inn owned and operated by a devious family intent on robbing and killing any unlucky travelers who stopped there.
Gunsmoke Prairie Wolfer (TV-PG) Trouble ensues after two prairie wolfers steal money from a tough storekeeper and then have the harebrained idea to try and give the money back.
Bonanza The Law and Billy Burgess (TV-G) A free school for Ponderosa employees and tenant farmers has opened, but the murder of the schoolmaster brings a confession from a troubled teenage boy.
The Big Valley Guilty (TV-PG) While awaiting trial, a client of Jarrod's escapes only to take over the schoolhouse and hold all inside hostage, including substitute teacher Audra.
Gunsmoke Friend (TV-PG) After Matt receives a letter telling him that one of his friends has recently died, he travels to the neighboring town to determine the cause of death.
Bonanza Long Way to Ogden (TV-G) Ben stakes his financial empire and ranch on a clever scheme to beat meat packer Emit Whitney, when he buys all the railroad cattle cars to control the market.
The Big Valley The Disappearance (TV-PG) During a layover in a strange town Audra disappears, leaving Victoria to summon all her strength, cunning, and ingenuity to find her before it is too late.
Gunsmoke Once a Haggen (TV-PG) After Festus' friend is blamed for the murder of the gambler who had beaten them in a card game, Festus tries to convince everyone that his friend was with him.
Bonanza Return Engagement (TV-G) The lovely Lotta Crabtree returns to Virginia City after 11 years, but when her leading man is killed during a performance, Hoss is suddenly the prime suspect.
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The Big Valley A Noose is Waiting (TV-PG) A disturbed doctor arrives in town looking for his next victims and thinking he has found the perfect candidates in Victoria and Audra.
Gunsmoke No Hands (TV-PG) Doc must treat with a serious injury while also dealing with a demanding and ruthless family that believes they aren't receiving proper medical care.
Bonanza The Gold Mine (TV-G) After years of abuse from his father and now from the outlaws using him as slave labor on his own claim, a young Mexican boy hides a rich vein he finds.
The Big Valley Four Days to Furnace Hill (TV-PG) Victoria's life is in danger after she is taken by prison guards on their way back to prison to replace the female prisoner they killed.
Gunsmoke May Blossom (TV-PG) When Festus' female cousin visits, everyone, including Festus, is stunned to learn that she plans on marrying him in order to fulfill the wish of her father.
Bonanza Decision at Los Robles (TV-G) In Los Robles, Mexico Ben is wounded by domineering town boss, John Walker, killing him in self-defense and becoming a target for the man's vengeful son.
The Brady Bunch Double Parked (TV-PG) The Bradys finds out that their favorite neighborhood park has been condemned so that a new courthouse can be built over it; Mike is involved.
The Brady Bunch Alice's September Song (TV-PG) Alice reunites with an old flame of hers, who wants to pick up where they left off, but he then presents Alice with an investment proposal.
The Brady Bunch Tell It Like It Is (TV-PG) Mike finds Carol writing something but she is not comfortable telling her husband what she is working on, but he eventually finds out that she is writing.
The Brady Bunch The Wheeler-Dealer (TV-PG) Greg finally gets his drivers license and he buys his first set of wheels, a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible, but the car turns out to be a lemon.
Gilligan's Island Three to get Ready (TV-G) The Skipper believes that a stone Gilligan unearthed has magical capabilities that will grant three wishes if they are requested before the sun sets.
Gilligan's Island Forget Me Not (TV-G) The Skipper hits his head and develops a case of amnesia that mentally transports him back to World War II and causes him to view the castaways as the enemy.
The Big Valley Night of the Executioner (TV-PG) A congressman is murdered, which sparks a conspiracy within the town, with Heath being at the center of it all as he was in town at the time.
Gunsmoke The Bassops (TV-PG) After Matt and his prisoner are both knocked unconscious, a family must decide which of the two travelers is a marshal and which is a criminal.
Bonanza Caution: Easter Bunny Crossing (TV-G) Decked out as the Easter Rabbit due to a persuasive woman at the orphanage, with only eggs for ammo, Hoss happens on Brooklyn bad guys out to rob Wells Fargo.
The Big Valley Journey Into Violence (TV-PG) Heath is kidnapped by a sect after he is accused of murdering one of their own, and they act as their own judge and jury, giving him an unfair trial.
Gunsmoke The Kite (TV-PG) After a little girl witnesses the murder of her mother, the killer wants to eliminate her before she can tell everyone that he's responsible for the murder.
Bonanza The Horse Traders (TV-G) Virgil Potts and his outlaw buddies open a livery stable when the Calhouns insist they get honest jobs, just as Hoss and Joe arrive in town with horses to sell.
The Big Valley The Buffalo Man (TV-PG) During the harvesting season, ranchers get some labor from convicts and are supervised by their sadistic guard, who pays extra attention to an ex-slave.
Gunsmoke Comanches Is Soft (TV-PG) A crafty saloon girl in Wichita convinces an inebriated Quint and Festus to escort her to Dodge City so she can find work at Kitty's place.
Bonanza What Are Pardners For? (TV-G) Easterners Luke and Calvin, whose fantasies are full of outlaw exploits thanks to dime novels, bust Hoss out of jail when he is arrested for their crime.
The Big Valley The Good Thieves (TV-PG) A pair of thieves kill two men in Stockton and seriously wound Jarrod, but are later tracked down by Nick and Heath to a distant town.
Gunsmoke Father's Love (TV-PG) After a former saloon girl falls in love and marries, she learns that her new husband's uncle is the man who had harassed her at her old job at the saloon.
Bonanza A Matter of Circumstance (TV-G) A severe thunderstorm spooks the horses, trampling Joe and breaking his left arm and leg, a nasty situation worsened because he's alone with possible gangrene.
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