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The Big Valley The Man from Nowhere (TV-PG) While far from home, Jarrod has an accident which leaves him suffering from amnesia, and he meets an attractive young woman being forced from her land.
Gunsmoke Two of a Kind (TV-PG) When neighbors feud over the affections of a girl, a greedy businessman tries to fuel their quarrel in order to get his hands on the salt mine on their land.
Bonanza A Severe Case of Matrimony (TV-G) A gypsy girl intent on a singing career lies to the Cartwrights to gain their sympathy in hopes of getting one of them to marry her and support her ambition.
The Big Valley The Great Safe Robbery (TV-PG) Audra and Victoria are taken hostage at the train station when two bumbling thieves arrive to steal a safe, but a series of mishaps frustrates the criminals.
Gunsmoke I Call Him Wonder (TV-PG) A frontiersman runs across an abandoned Arapaho boy and decides to take care of him, but the two travelers face discrimination from townspeople.
Bonanza Stage Door Johnnies (TV-G) A sexy new singer at the Silver Dollar Saloon, Mademoiselle Denise, has the men from the Ponderosa in competition for her favors, but things go terribly wrong.
The Brady Bunch The Hair-Brained Scheme (TV-PG) Bobby starts selling hair tonic door-to-door to earn money and Greg decides to buy a bottle for him right before his graduation from school.
The Brady Bunch The Honeymoon (TV-PG) Two widows with their own kids wed amid the chaos of a blended family as the boys' dog, Tiger chases the girls' cat throughout the wedding party.
The Brady Bunch Dear Libby (TV-PG) The kids get worried that their parents are not happy together when Marcia finds a letter in an advice column in the newspaper, and that they may be to blame.
The Brady Bunch Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy (TV-PG) Cindy is cast in the school play as the fairy princess and she is especially excited that her mom and her new dad will be able to see her on stage.
Gilligan's Island And Then There Were None (TV-G) The castaways begin to mysteriously vanish, leaving a confused Gilligan alone to speculate that he may have suddenly developed an evil split personality.
Gilligan's Island All About Eva (TV-G) The castaways host a plain-faced female visitor and take to giving her a beauty makeover that results in her having an extreme resemblance to Ginger.
The Big Valley The Iron Box (TV-PG) Heath and Nick are unjustly accused of a crime they did not commit and subjected to harsh working conditions by a corrupt sheriff while awaiting trial.
Gunsmoke With a Smile (TV-PG) A ranch owner's spoiled son gets into a violent argument with another man over the affections of a young woman, who isn't interested in his advances.
Bonanza Different Pines, Same Wind (TV-G) Carrie Pickett, an old cynic, is threatened with eviction from her "piney woods" by an evil lumber tycoon, because her husband never filed a legal claim.
The Big Valley Last Stage to Salt Flats (TV-PG) While traveling far from home, Heath, Victoria and Jarrod find themselves stranded in the middle of the desert with the blazing heat and no access to water.
Gunsmoke The Far Places (TV-PG) The son of a rancher is already at odds with his mother about the girl he wants to marry, but situation worsens after he learns his mother plans to sell the ran
Bonanza Child (TV-G) The unwitting purchase of a stolen horse causes Hoss' arrest for the murder and robbery of a town's richest man and greedy townsfolk are after the stolen cash.
The Big Valley A Day of Terror (TV-PG) When Victoria and Audra arrive at church to teach Sunday school, they are suddenly taken hostage by an outlaw and her three sons who are seeking medical care.
Gunsmoke Panacea Sykes (TV-PG) When Kitty receives a visit from the woman who took care of her as a child, expensive jewelry and other items suddenly begin to go missing.
Bonanza The Real People of Muddy Creek (TV-G) When Muddy Creek's sheriff is murdered, Luke Harper is arrested, but his gang has folks so fearful they desert the town, leaving the Cartwrights to guard him.
The Big Valley Hide the Children (TV-PG) Nick agrees to escort a gypsy woman to her wedding, but he encounters bigotry and intolerance when he finds himself beginning to fall for the young woman.
Gunsmoke Tell Chester (TV-PG) After becoming smitten with a new woman, Chester learns that she is more interested in marrying another man, but her love interest is trying to hide a secret.
Bonanza The Passing of a King (TV-G) When wealthy rancher, Claude Roman, becomes ill his power-hungry son, Jeremy, tries to have his father declared incompetent to gain control of the ranch.
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The Big Valley Day of the Comet (TV-PG) Audra begins falling for a charming traveler who recites poetry and saves her from serious injury, but he is being pursued by a group of vengeful ex-soldiers.
Gunsmoke Quint-Cident (TV-PG) Quint tries to help a woman put her life back together after the death of her family, but she is more interested in trying to start a relationship with Quint.
Bonanza Little Girl Lost (TV-G) Tomboy Samantha Dorcas is sent to distant relatives, the Cartwrights, on the Ponderosa ranch by her mom who hopes Ben can help tame the young woman.
The Big Valley Wagonland of Dreams (TV-PG) The Barkley brothers inadvertently become targets of a greedy stationmaster when they get involved with a farmer who refuses to pay exorbitant railway rates.
Gunsmoke Old York (TV-PG) Seventeen years after Matt's life is saved by a bank robber, that same criminal and his new partner rob Dodge City's bank and escape.
Bonanza The Survivors (TV-G) Bigotry raises its ugly head in Virginia City when Wayne Purcell's wife, Alicia, returns after being held captive by Paiutes where she was forced to bear a son.
The Brady Bunch Sorry, Right Number (TV-PG) Mike gets frustrated that he can't get time on the phone for himself with nine people in the house, so he starts a second phone line, which makes matters worse.
The Brady Bunch Every Boy Does It Once (TV-PG) The family watches "Cinderella" on television and Bobby starts to be afraid of stepmothers, especially after Carol asks him to sweep out the fireplace.
The Brady Bunch Vote for Brady (TV-PG) Both Greg and Marcia announce that they are running for student body president, and their siblings take sides as the kids prepare for their campaign.
The Brady Bunch Is There a Doctor in the House (TV-PG) All six of the kids contract a case of the Measles at the same time, which causes problems when Carol calls in the girls' pediatrician while Mike calls his.
Gilligan's Island Splashdown (TV-G) The castaways find an empty space capsule and plan on using it to fly home and make contact with astronauts, but it only allows room for two passengers.
Gilligan's Island High Man on the Totem Pole (TV-G) The castaways are held captive by a hoard of savage, headhunting invaders who mistake Gilligan for their highest deity, the Great God Mashuka.
The Big Valley Image of Yesterday (TV-PG) An ex-boyfriend of Victoria's unexpectedly shows up in Stockton and visits her, but she soon discovers that he is not the man she remembered him to be.
Gunsmoke Daddy Went Away (TV-PG) As Chester helps a widow and her daughter find a new home and fix it up, he gradually gets closer to the family and considers settling down with them.
Bonanza Queen High (TV-G) Joe and Candy forge a partnership with Kate Kelly to run an ore-stamping mill, their winnings in a poker game, but run into trouble with a rival mine owner.
The Big Valley Boy Into Man (TV-PG) When a woman leaves her teenage son to take care of his younger siblings, the Barkley family tries to help care for the kids while tracking down their mother.
Gunsmoke The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner (TV-PG) After a woman's fiancé is murdered by the violent buffalo hunter who was bothering her, she tries to track down the killer before he can do more harm.
Bonanza Yonder Man (TV-G) Beaudry, an old army buddy of Ben's and misfit stirs up trouble for everyone in the name of fun, but the worst threat is his plan to settle in Virginia City.
The Big Valley Down Shadow Street (TV-PG) When Victoria witnesses a murder committed by her god-son, the corrupt judge has her secretly confined to a sanitarium in order to prevent her from testifying.
Gunsmoke Jeb (TV-PG) A naïve young traveler runs into trouble after he finds a horse on the prairie and sells the animal without realizing that its owner has recently been killed.
Bonanza Mark of Guilt (TV-G) Town bully, Emo Younger, cuts off Hop Sing's pigtail, prompting an infuriated Joe Cartwright to swear he'll avenge the insult, but Younger is soon found dead.
The Big Valley The Stallion (TV-PG) After an old ranch-hand makes a mistake that nearly costs Nick his life, he decides to prove his usefulness by trying to singlehandedly capture a wild stallion.
Gunsmoke The Quest for Asa Janin (TV-PG) Believing that a convicted murderer is actually innocent, Matt rushes to track down any clues that may lead him to the real killer before the execution.
Bonanza Mrs. Wharton and the Lesser Breeds (TV-G) A class-conscious English snob is robbed in a stagecoach holdup and must rely on Candy, who she considers uncouth, to recover her valuables.
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