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The Big Valley Palms of Glory (TV-PG) While farmers and ranchers are embroiled in a battle to keep their land, a young man suddenly shows up and claims to be the son of the late Tom Barkley.
Gunsmoke Breckinridge (TV-PG) After a young, upstart attorney interferes with Matt's efforts to throw a troublemaker out of town, that troublemaker ends up robbing the Long Branch Saloon.
Bonanza Blind Hunch (TV-G) Will Hewitt comes home from the Civil War with a mission, solve the mystery of his brother's murder and find the killer, but his blindness is a handicap.
The Big Valley Forty Rifles (TV-PG) Heath prepares for a major cattle drive but has a difficult time gaining acceptance from the Barkley ranch hands until Nick gets injured, leaving him in charge.
Gunsmoke Bank Baby (TV-PG) An outlaw flees with a kidnapped baby after botching a bank robbery attempt, prompting Matt to chase him in a desperate attempt to recover the helpless infant.
Bonanza The Iron Butterfly (TV-G) Hoss endangers the Ponderosa when he confesses to killing a senator's son, taking the blame for the abusive man's girlfriend, Lola, an actress on tour.
The Brady Bunch Two Petes in a Pod (TV-PG) Peter meets a new transfer student who looks very similar to him except the new student wears glasses, so they decide to play a gag on his family.
The Brady Bunch Top Secret (TV-PG) An FBI agent visits the household to speak with Mike but Bobby and Oliver are convinced that he is there confirm Mikes clearance to work on a secret project.
The Brady Bunch The Snooper Star (TV-PG) Marcia catches Cindy reading her diary and is furious, so for revenge she decides to write some fake entries to trick Cindy into thinking she could be a star.
The Brady Bunch The Hustler (TV-PG) The president of Mikes architectural firm gives Mike a pool table as a gift to thank him for doing a good job, and there is a mixed reaction to the gift.
Gilligan's Island Take a Dare (TV-G) A survival game show takes place on the island where the winning contestant stands to collect $10,000 for living alone on a deserted island for an entire week.
Gilligan's Island Court Martial (TV-G) The Skipper hears over the radio that he is being blamed for the S.S. Minnow and its passengers becoming lost, prompting a trial hearing by the castaways.
The Big Valley Boots with My Father's Name (TV-PG) Overcome with memories about Tom and questions about his past, Victoria travels to Heath's birthplace in order to find out more about the affair with Leah.
Gunsmoke The Lady (TV-PG) A woman decides to travel to San Francisco with her niece after losing her fortune, but she is forced to stay in Dodge after losing her travel funds.
Bonanza The Rattlesnake Brigade (TV-G) Prison wagon escapees, the Doyle gang, abduct Jamie and three of his friends after church to use as hostages with safe passage to Mexico as the ransom price.
The Big Valley Young Marauders (TV-PG) Audra is saved from a horse stampede by a handsome stranger and finds herself becoming smitten with the young man, but her brothers are suspicious of him.
Gunsmoke Dry Road to Nowhere (TV-PG) When a new preacher promotes the idea of temperance in Dodge, Kitty fears that her business will be threatened if her customers begin to follow his teachings.
Bonanza Easy Come, Easy Go (TV-G) Ben is busy trying to complete the purchase of an important right-of-way, but the deal is jeopardized by Luke Calhoun who has turned the ranch into a casino.
The Big Valley The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner (TV-PG) An old friend returns to claim land that was promised to him by Tom Barkley 30 years ago, but the Barkley boys have plans to use the land for building a dam.
Gunsmoke Twenty Miles from Dodge (TV-PG) After Kitty and her fellow stagecoach passengers are kidnapped, their unsympathetic captors demand an exorbitant ransom for their release.
Bonanza A Home for Jamie (TV-G) Paris Callahan arrives from Boston with plans to retrieve his daughter's son, Jamie, who has been taken in by Ben and is about to legally become a Cartwright.
The Big Valley Heritage (TV-PG) While investigating a violent incident at one of the Barkley mines, Heath learns that the miners harbor animosity toward the Barkleys for breaking promises.
Gunsmoke The Pariah (TV-PG) After an immigrant kills a wanted outlaw in self-defense, he gains fame and respect from the residents of Dodge, who consider him a hero.
Bonanza Warbonnet (TV-G) Joe hopes to repay Red Cloud, who saved his life, by retrieving the dying chief's warbonnet from Frank Ryan, a friend who has it displayed on his saloon wall.
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The Big Valley Winner Lose All (TV-PG) Heath falls in love with the beautiful daughter of a Spanish nobleman who is involved in a land dispute with the Barkleys, and he disapproves of Heath.
Gunsmoke Gilt Guilt (TV-PG) Doc races against time in a fight to save the lives of a mother and her son, who are both in a life-and-death struggle after being stricken with scurvy.
Bonanza A Lonely Man (TV-G) When Hop Sing heads to an old mine, camping out while panning for gold, his solitary vacation retreat attracts a shy young, country woman and they fall in love.
The Big Valley My Son, My Son (TV-PG) A childhood friend of Audra's returns to Stockton after a long absence and rekindles a friendship with her, but Heath gets into a confrontation with the teen.
Gunsmoke Bad Lady from Brookline (TV-PG) A woman tries to start a new life with her young son after learning her husband has been killed in a gunfight, for which she blames Matt.
Bonanza Second Sight (TV-G) Jamie has become lost in the high country and a worried Hoss finally turns to clairvoyant, Judith Coleman, but her minister fiancé disapproves of second sight.
The Brady Bunch Katchoo (TV-PG) Jan falls ill because of a mysterious allergy and Carol and Alice are trying to figure out what is causing the trouble; they suspect it could be the dog.
The Brady Bunch A Clubhouse Is Not a Home (TV-PG) When the boys don't want to share their clubhouse with their sisters, the girls decide to build a clubhouse of their own, starting a battle of the genders.
The Brady Bunch Kitty Karry-All Is Missing (TV-G) Cindys beloved doll, Kitty Karry-All, turns up missing and she accuses Bobby of taking it, so Alice acts as the judge to determine who took it in a mock trial.
The Brady Bunch A Camping We Will Go (TV-PG) The boys are not happy that their annual camping trip with their father will undergo a major change by including Carol and the girls in their trip.
Gilligan's Island High Man on the Totem Pole (TV-G) The castaways are held captive by a hoard of savage, headhunting invaders who mistake Gilligan for their highest deity, the Great God Mashuka.
Gilligan's Island The Second Ginger Grant (TV-G) An accidental hit on the head causes Mary Ann to believe she is actually Ginger, and the Professor only causes more confusion with his failed antidote.
The Big Valley Earthquake! (TV-PG) An earthquake collapses the floor of a mission church, trapping Victoria in the cellar with a pregnant Native American woman and an ex-employee of the Barkleys.
Gunsmoke Two Tall Men (TV-PG) When the townspeople want to lynch two men accused of beating Doc, Festus must fight to maintain control of the situation while Matt is away on business.
Bonanza The Saddle Stiff (TV-G) An old ranch hand, fired for incompetence, is highly offended and challenges Ben to spend a week in his shoes and see just how well he handles the workload.
The Big Valley The Murdered Party (TV-PG) When a man from a reviled family is accused of murdering a respected member of the community, Jarrod agrees to defend him, even though Heath is a witness.
Gunsmoke Honey Pot (TV-PG) After Matt's friend arrives in Dodge and tries to woo a saloon girl, his actions cause a tense situation with the woman's aggressive boyfriend.
Bonanza Frenzy (TV-G) Nick Kosovo, head of a young immigrant family, barricades them in their home in a deranged fit, terrifying his wife and son, whose only hope for rescue is Ben.
The Big Valley The Way to Kill a Killer (TV-PG) An old friend of the family stops by the ranch on his way to sell a herd, but when the cattle begin dying of a contagious infection, he will not separate them.
Gunsmoke The New Society (TV-PG) When the Army hires Matt to investigate the killing an Army paymaster, the local townspeople are extremely uncooperative with his search for new evidence.
Bonanza Customs of the Country (TV-G) A delivery run to Agua Santos, Mexico takes an unusual turn when Joe and Hoss are arrested for silly reasons, and Hoss worries something is not quite right.
The Big Valley Night of the Wolf (TV-PG) When Nick is bitten by a wolf and believes he will die, he decides to leave town without telling his family in order to spare them the pain of seeing him die.
Gunsmoke He Who Steals (TV-PG) After a man kills a ranch hand while stealing a calf, he continues to cause trouble in town by getting into an altercation with a supposed horse thief.
Bonanza Shanklin (TV-G) Die-hard veterans looking for funds to finance a "Second Confederacy" seriously wound Hoss, then demand $25,000 before their surgeon/leader will save his life.
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