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The Big Valley The Profit and the Lost (TV-PG) Heath risks his life to save the life of a notorious gunman when ironically the killer has been paid to find Heath and kill him, hired by a local rancher.
Gunsmoke Help Me Kitty (TV-PG) Kitty agrees to help an unmarried, pregnant woman travel to her home, but they run into trouble when their stagecoach is attacked.
Bonanza The Desperado (TV-G) Fear of being hung without a trial because they're black sends a couple on the run and the desperate pair take Hoss hostage as insurance they won't be lynched.
The Big Valley A Stranger Everywhere (TV-PG) A shy dressmaker catches the attention of the local lawmen as well as the outlaws when a journalist suspects that she may be an infamous bandit.
Gunsmoke Hung High (TV-PG) When Matt is framed for the murder of the prisoner he was escorting, the cavalry officer in charge has a grudge against him and refuses to believe his claims.
Bonanza The Reluctant American (TV-G) A young British couple is sent to take over a ranch that can't seem to turn a profit, losing cattle regularly and mistake the Ponderosa for their property.
The Brady Bunch Law and Disorder (TV-PG) Bobby gets picked for the position of safety monitor at his school, a position he didn't want, and he is disappointed with the decision.
The Brady Bunch Greg Gets Grounded (TV-PG) Greg gets in trouble when Mike and Carol learn that Greg was in a near car accident when he was paying more attention to an album cover than the road.
The Brady Bunch Amateur Nite (TV-PG) The kids put together a musical act to perform on a TV amateur contest to win some money to buy a gift for their parents wedding anniversary.
The Brady Bunch Bobby's Hero (TV-PG) Mike and Carol are called in to the principals office when he is concerned that Bobby is idolizing Jesse James, the killer; Mike tries to fix it.
Gilligan's Island Ghost a Go-Go (TV-G) Gilligan is convinced that the island is being haunted by a meddlesome ghost and joins the rest of the castaways in an attempt to scare off the entity.
Gilligan's Island Allergy Time (TV-G) The Skipper constantly sneezes and itches whenever he is near Gilligan, but the elixir administered by the Professor does little to relieve his symptoms.
The Big Valley The Prize (TV-PG) Heath returns to the ranch after purchasing a horse and ends up being sidetracked and finding a baby left alone as its mother had died.
Gunsmoke Jonah Hutchinson (TV-PG) After being imprisoned for 30 years because of his involvement in a range war, a rancher tries to manipulate his grandsons into inciting a new range war.
Bonanza Shadow of a Hero (TV-G) A legendary Indian fighter pins his hopes of winning the governorship on his friendship with Ben Cartwright, but soon comes under investigation for genocide.
The Big Valley Hunter's Moon (TV-PG) A jealous rancher is convinced that his wife is having an affair and arrests Nick and two other men visiting the country as a result and are set to hang.
Gunsmoke Big Man, Big Target (TV-PG) When a wanted man falls in love with a rancher's wife, he devises a devious scheme to frame the rancher for the theft of his neighbor's horses.
Bonanza The Silent Killers (TV-G) A deadly flu outbreak forces a showdown between Doc Martin's traditional treatment and the new methods touted by a young doctor Martin claims is a fraud.
The Big Valley Top of the Stairs (TV-PG) Victoria and Audra passes through the town of Abbotsville on their way to a wedding so they may visit Victorias brother in law, but they can't see him.
Gunsmoke Chicken (TV-PG) A by-stander recieves unwanted attention after he is credited for having killed four bandits, who were already dead when he arrived at a way station.
Bonanza Terror at 2:00 (TV-G) A madman, who killed his own son for marrying a Paiute girl, plots a Gatling gun massacre at a treaty-signing ceremony, hoping to ignite an Indian war.
The Big Valley Joshua Watson (TV-PG) A once friendly annual rodeo between the Barkley and Morton ranches quickly becomes unpleasant when the contestants get very competitive.
Gunsmoke Innocence (TV-PG) When an attractive young woman arrives in Dodge to meet her fiancé, two rival troublemakers compete against each other to take her away from her betrothed.
Bonanza The Stillness Within (TV-G) An explosion leaves Joe blind, whether permanently is unclear, so Ben hires a teacher from San Francisco to teach him skills to help cope, but he rejects help.
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The Big Valley The Secret (TV-PG) A wealthy rancher and his long time family friend set out to ruin the Barkleys because of his strong hatred of Jarrod, particularly out of his suspicion.
Gunsmoke Aunt Thede (TV-PG) Festus' aunt comes to Dodge for a man to marry her, while a young woman struggles to convince her overbearing father to let her do the same.
Bonanza A Time to Die (TV-G) A rabid wolf bites April Christopher, Ben's friend visiting the Ponderosa with her child and with no treatment available, Ben and April face a grim reality.
The Big Valley The Twenty Five Graves of Midas (TV-PG) Heath and Nick take separate journeys to the Dutton Mining Company to inspect a mine that collapsed, but when Nick shows up Heath is gone and people are angry.
Gunsmoke Hammerhead (TV-PG) When a wealthy man wants to buy some horses, two rival horse traders decide to race their finest steeds in order to prove the superiority of their stock.
Bonanza Winter Kill (TV-G) Ben tries an experiment with a cow of a hardier type from Montana that seems to survive the cold much better than the stock they are currently breeding.
The Brady Bunch A Room at the Top (TV-PG) The family cleans out the attic and both Greg and Marcia see it as potential new bedroom; the children fight over who gets it as a room.
The Brady Bunch Adios, Johnny Bravo (TV-PG) After auditioning for a TV show the Brady kids are excited when a talent agent approaches them but she only wants Greg as a solo star.
The Brady Bunch Mail Order Hero (TV-PG) Bobby lies to his friends by saying he personally knows Joe Nameth; when asked for proof, Cindy writes a bogus letter telling him that Bobby is sick.
The Brady Bunch Snow White and the Seven Bradys (TV-PG) The Brady family wants to raise money for a retirement present for a teacher, so they decide to put on a stage production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
Gilligan's Island Gilligan vs. Gilligan (TV-G) A spy who's undergone surgery to resemble Gilligan, lands on the island and stirs up trouble and the castaways have no choice but to believe that he's Gilligan.
Gilligan's Island Pass the Vegetables Please (TV-G) The Professor races to create an antidote for his fellow castaways after they unknowingly ingest radioactive food that leaves them with superhuman capabilities.
The Big Valley Lightfoot (TV-PG) Modoc Indian Tom Lightfoot doesn't get the deserved respect from everyone after returning from Harvard and soon shows bitter hostility to the Barkley family.
Gunsmoke Double Entry (TV-PG) Matt agrees to help an old friend purchase a reputable business in Dodge City, but his friend is more interested in stealing a pile of gold from the local mine.
Bonanza Kingdom of Fear (TV-G) The Cartwrights and Candy are held captive in a brutal prison camp where none escape and they work as slave labor in a gold mine for a despot called The Judge.
The Big Valley Alias Nellie Handley (TV-PG) Victoria poses as a thief in order to infiltrate the womens prison and investigate their conditions, but she finds it in worse conditions than expected.
Gunsmoke Run, Sheep, Run (TV-PG) A young couple want to move to California after the sale of their ranch, but the charlatan who bought the place doesn't plan on paying until a year has passed.
Bonanza An Earthquake Called Callahan (TV-G) A bad-tempered wrestler and his surprisingly wiry girlfriend offer resistance when Joe tries to drag them back to Virginia City to testify on Dusty's behalf.
The Big Valley Royal Road (TV-PG) A Punjabi prince from India makes an appearance in Stockton and Laura Haydon becomes completely infatuated with him unbeknownst to her that he is a con artist.
Gunsmoke Deputy Festus (TV-PG) Matt has to leave town temporarily after throwing three raucous trappers into jail, and he decides to give Festus the responsibility of looking after things.
Bonanza The Grand Swing (TV-G) A disobedient Jamie causes the loss of a valuable horse and Ben sends him on a trek over the Ponderosa to teach him about the consequences of his actions.
The Big Valley A Passage of Saints (TV-PG) A family of stern Mormons lease the Barkley farm after they are banished from their home in Utah once polygamy is made illegal at their home.
Gunsmoke One Killer on Ice (TV-PG) Matt investigates the suspicious death of a bounty hunter, whose body was discovered along with the body of the fugitive that he has recently captured.
Bonanza Fallen Woman (TV-G) Hoss finds himself with a small boy on his hands when his testimony sends the kid's father to jail and his mother, an alcoholic saloon-girl, dumps him on Hoss.
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