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Will & Grace Von Trapped (HD, TV-14) Excited about the musical she has tickets to with Will, Grace's night is ruined when she is stuck babysitting; Karen and Jack cause a lock-down at the theater.
Will & Grace Bathroom Humor (HD, TV-14) Will, Grace and Jack manage to embarrass themselves and humiliate Karen when they get stuck in the bathroom during her high-society birthday party.
Will & Grace Forbidden Fruit (HD, TV-14) When Grace takes the job from Will's former boss after he insists she turn it down, she learns some surprising news that Will has been hiding.
Will & Grace Cop To It (HD, TV-14) Grace is saddened when she learns her and Will's married friends are now separated; Jack decides to spice up his talk show by helping a fan.
The Nanny Here Comes the Brood (TV-PG) C.C. attempts to prove that she is as fun and nurturing as Fran by taking the children out for a day of fun, but the experience results in Grace running away.
The Nanny The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother (TV-PG) When one of Fran's wealthy relatives comes for a visit, Fran pretends that she owns the Sheffield's home and convinces Niles to pose as her husband.
Will & Grace I Love L. Gay (HD, TV-14) When the gang travels to Los Angeles to support Jack as he receives an award, Will runs into James who is in jeopardy of being deported back to Canada.
Will & Grace The Definition of Marriage (HD, TV-14) Karen gets carried away with wedding plans, including a performance by Hall and Oates, when Grace agrees to marry James to keep him from being deported.
Will & Grace Grace Expectations (HD, TV-14) Grace decides it is time to inform Leo of her pregnancy, but she receives some unexpected news from her ex; Karen sulks over the good fortune of her friends.
Will & Grace Cowboys and Iranians (HD, TV-14) When Will goes to a gay cowboy bar to meet Jack's new boyfriend, Travis, he ends up starting a bar fight when he steps up to defend Jack's honor.
The Nanny Imaginary Friend (TV-PG) Grace becomes traumatized over the loss of her imaginary friend after Fran accidentally eats her; Maggie learns to play the piano.
The Nanny Christmas Episode (TV-PG) Maxwell must miss Christmas with his family; Fran buys the children expensive gifts only to learn that her Christmas bonus is not what she had imagined.
Will & Grace Buy, Buy Baby (HD, TV-14) Jack's talk show is revamped by the new conservative owners; Karen offers a woman money to carry a baby for her after seeing Grace so excited about motherhood.
Will & Grace Buy, Buy Baby (HD, TV-14) Jack's talk show is revamped by the new conservative owners; Karen offers a woman money to carry a baby for her after seeing Grace so excited about motherhood.
Will & Grace The Mourning Son (HD, TV-14) As friends and family attend the funeral of Will's father, Will tries to come to terms with his last memory of his dad; Grace doubts her mothering skills.
Will & Grace Partners 'N' Crime (HD, TV-14) Will begins attending childbirth classes with Grace, but Grace begins to wonder if Will is up to raising the child with her; Karen turns to Jack for support.
The Nanny Personal Business (TV-PG) Maxwell wants a popular soap-opera star to take the lead role in his play, but the actor will only agree if Maxwell sets him up on a date with Fran.
The Nanny The Nanny-in-Law (TV-PG) Maxwell's former nanny arrives for a visit and makes changes to the children's behavior, forcing them to all dress alike and putting them on strict schedules.
Will & Grace What Ever Happened to Baby Gin? (HD, TV-14) Will is forced to choose between a commitment to Grace to raise the baby together and his relationship with Vince; Karen announces that she has a sister.
Will & Grace The Finale (HD, TV-14) As Will decides whether or not to stay with Grace and help raise her child, Karen seeks happiness in the wake of Stan's departure.
Will & Grace Pilot (HD, TV-14) Will's not supportive of the marriage proposal Grace received; Grace's assistant Karen and Will's friend Jack complicate things further.
Will & Grace A New Lease on Life (HD, TV-PG) Will wants Grace to move in with him, but his current roommates, Jack and his parrot, are ruining his chances; Jack and Karen meet for the first time.
The Nanny A Plot for Nanny (TV-PG) Fran becomes shocked when she discovers that the mortuary manager she has begun seeing has decided to enroll in a school for clowns.
The Nanny The Show Must Go On (TV-PG) Fran becomes the director for Grace's school play, but Maxwell soon determines that he would be a better fit for the job and decides to take the reins.
Will & Grace Head Case (HD, TV-PG) When Grace invades Will's space by moving in with him, he's forced to confront his issues with change; Jack and Karen deal with Will and Grace's anger.
Will & Grace Between a Rock and Harlin's Place (HD, TV-PG) Will is embarrassed by the cowboy theme Grace uses when designing his boss' apartment; Jack embarks on a new career path as a singer.
Will & Grace Boo! Humbug (HD, TV-PG) After planning on a quiet Halloween at home, Will and Grace are stuck watching Harlin's hyperactive kids when he has to go out of town.
Will & Grace William, Tell (HD, TV-14) Grace learns that Will had an affair with a client and wonders what other secrets he's keeping; a secret meeting with Karen feeds her paranoia.
The Nanny Maggie the Model (TV-PG) A world-renowned former supermodel arrives at the Sheffield home and begins to convince Maggie that she would be an ideal fashion model.
The Nanny The Family Plumbing (TV-PG) When the Sheffield house begins to experience plumbing problems, Fran is able to convince Maxwell to hire her uncle; Brighton falls for a girl.
The Bionic Woman The Deadly Missiles (TV-PG) Jaime investigates the unauthorized launch of a missile from a ranch estate while the Missile Defense system was jammed; she investigates the suspect.
Hart to Hart Death in the Slow Lane (TV-PG) Jonathan spends a large amount of money on a beautiful antique car for Jennifer's birthday, but a British criminal and his crazy wife devise a plan to steal it.
Hart to Hart You Made Me Kill You (TV-PG) A deranged woman working for Hart Industries becomes overly obsessed with Jonathan, and she begins to see Jennifer as a threat to her crazy love.
The Nanny Deep Throat (TV-PG) While examining Grace for the flu, a doctor looks at Fran's throat and orders her to have her tonsils out; Maxwell stresses after Fran says that she loves him.
The Nanny Schlepped Away (TV-PG) The Sheffield clan gets snowed in at Fran's parents' house; Fran finds a love note written to her mother and suspects that she is cheating.
The Nanny Stop the Wedding, I Want to Get Off (TV-PG) Maxwell's sister arrives at the Sheffield home for a visit and decides to use the occasion to organize a wedding with her fiancé, a wealthy English duke.
The Nanny Sunday in the Park with Fran (TV-PG) C.C. attempts to ensure a positive review for Maxwell's new play by having Fran chaperone a play-date between Grace and the son of a prominent film critic.
Here's Lucy Lucy Fights the System (TV-G) A middle-aged waitress is fired from her job solely because of her age, which enrages Lucy and Kim; the mother-daughter duo want to prove age is valuable.
Here's Lucy Mod, Mod Lucy (TV-G) Lucy must step-in and perform at an upper-class birthday bash for Kim when she comes down with a bad case of laryngitis.
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Will & Grace Where There's a Will There's No Way (HD, TV-14) Grace is having an immense deal of trouble finding a date, and she blames her friendship with Will; Jack has been found by the IRS and he needs Will's help.
Will & Grace The Buying Game (HD, TV-14) Grace turns to Will for advice on buying the studio that serves as her office, but regrets the decision when Will thinks she is incompetent of closing the deal.
Will & Grace The Truth About Will and Dogs (HD, TV-PG) A new puppy joins Will and Grace's household and they treat it like a baby; a worried Jack and Karen babysit so that Will and Grace can have time away.
Will & Grace The Big Vent (HD, TV-14) Will and Grace's new heating vent becomes a portal into their neighbors' lives; while the drama unfolds through the vent, Jack and Karen feel neglected.
The Nanny The Gym Teacher (TV-PG) Fran is at a loss when she discovers that Maggie has the same gym teacher that she had when she was in school; Maxwell must deal with an unruly actor.
The Nanny Ode to Barbra Joan (TV-PG) When C.C.'s father invites Fran to attend a Barbra Streisand concert, Fran realizes that C.C. is jealous and wonders whether she should pass on going.
Will & Grace Will on Ice (HD, TV-14) Jack and Grace bond over their mutual interest in figure skating just in time to ruin Will's birthday, by dragging him to a figure skating event.
Will & Grace My Fair Maidy (HD, TV-14) Will hires a cleaning lady for Grace to save her from her own chaos, but Grace becomes dependent on her and loses creativity without her.
Will & Grace The Unsinkable Mommy Adler (HD, TV-14) Grace's showtune-singing mother Bobbi visits, delighting everyone but Grace; Bobbi suggests that Will and Grace get married.
Will & Grace Big Brother Is Coming, Part 1 (HD, TV-14) Grace baffles Will by inviting his estranged brother to Jack's birthday party, and Karen teaches Jack how not to shop on a budget, using her platinum card.
The Nanny Frannie's Choice (TV-PG) Fran's ex-fiancé proposes to her, forcing her to make a decision between marrying her sweetheart and staying with the Sheffields as a nanny.
The Nanny I Don't Remember Mama (TV-PG) Maxwell attempts to keep his children's minds off of his deceased wife as Mother's Day approaches; Grace and Fran enter a mother-daughter beauty pageant.
Will & Grace Big Brother is Coming, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Grace informs Will of her romantic endeavor with another Truman, his brother, Sam, and Karen hires Jack to work as her personal assistant.
Will & Grace Yours, Mine or Ours (HD, TV-14) Will and Grace have a date with the same man, and even Jack's "gaydar" cannot tell his preference; Karen enlists Grace in role play.
Will & Grace Secrets and Lays (HD, TV-14) To boost Will's spirits over his break-up, the gang heads to a cabin in Vermont; while there, Grace reunites with an old flame and tries hiding it from Will.
Will & Grace Grace, Replaced (HD, TV-14) While Grace is busy with work overload, Will finds her replacement in Val, a new neighbor who's always free to hang out; Jack is ordered to pick up trash.
The Nanny Fran Lite (TV-PG) Maxwell begins dating a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Fran; Brighton has a difficult time at school because he is smaller than everyone else.
The Nanny The Playwright (TV-PG) Fran attempts to convince Brighton to take his science partner to the school dance; a playwright threatens to jump out a window unless Maxwell reads his play.
Will & Grace Will Works Out (HD, TV-14) Jack's over-the-top behavior creates problems while attending the gym with Will; Grace shares a rare evening of girl talk with Karen.
Will & Grace Saving Grace (HD, TV-14) Nathan hires Grace to decorate his office on the condition that Will must date him; Will prepares by using Karen to teach him to kiss someone undesirable.
Will & Grace Alley Cats (HD, TV-14) Grace tries to change her competitive nature after friends say they won't play games with her and Will anymore, and Karen learns CPR.
Will & Grace Object of My Rejection (HD, TV-14) To keep Karen's maid, Rosario, from being deported, Jack agrees to act out the role of his life, a straight husband; Grace dates her ex-fiancé.
The Nanny Everybody Needs a Bubby Sometimes (TV-PG) Fran's grandmother is invited to stay at the Sheffield's house while her retirement home is being fumigated, but Maxwell worries about the woman's bad advice.
The Nanny Material Fran (TV-PG) A friend sets Fran up with a wealthy older man who enjoys spending his money on her; Maxwell and Fran chaperone Maggie at a concert.
Will & Grace Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner (HD, TV-14) Grace affirms her independence from Will by having a dinner party at her new apartment across the hall without him; Jack moves in with Rosario for INS reasons.
Will & Grace Election (HD, TV-14) Feeling that Will is abusing his power as president of the tenants' association, Grace decides to run against him in the next election.
Will & Grace Das Boob (HD, TV-14) After a newspaper photo makes Grace look more endowed than she really is, her old high-school crush, who never thought much of her, comes back into her life.
Will & Grace Whose Mom Is It Anyway? (HD, TV-14) Grace gets jealous when her mother sets her sights on Will's love life; Jack must prove to an INS agent that he and Rosario are in wedded bliss.
The Nanny Curse of the Grandmas (TV-PG) Grace begins to think that she is very bad luck when every elderly person that she volunteers to spend time with suddenly dies on her.
The Nanny The Nanny Napper (TV-PG) Fran accidentally brings another woman's baby home, prompting the police to arrest her for kidnapping; Niles pays a call girl to pretend to be C.C.'s friend.
The Bionic Woman Jaime's Mother (TV-PG) Believing her parent's graves have been vandalized, Jaime is later contacted by a mysterious woman who claims to in fact be her mother.
Hart to Hart A New Kind of High (TV-PG) When a chemist working from Hart Industries is murdered, the Harts think the killer is a scientist who recently discovered how to create a new hallucinogen.
Hart to Hart With This Gun, I Thee Wed (TV-PG) The Harts are invited to the wedding of Jonathan's former girl, but after arriving they discover she is being forced to marry a ruthless criminal.
The Nanny A Star Is Unborn (TV-PG) An amateur director hires Fran to play the lead role in his Broadway play, but Maxwell learns that the director actually wants the production to fail.
The Nanny Pinske Business (TV-PG) Maxwell asks Fran to pretend to be C.C. in order to receive funding from an investor that C.C. assaulted in order to get a taxi cab.
The Nanny Stock Tip (TV-PG) Fran begins dating a man who tells her he works on Wall Street and convinces Maxwell to put a considerable amount of money into the stock market.
The Nanny The Whine Cellar (TV-PG) Fran throws a surprise birthday party for her mother at the Sheffield house; C.C. and Fran accidentally lock themselves in the wine cellar.
Here's Lucy Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.50? (TV-G) A prank in which a Van Johnson look-alike is given money to "fix his car" by Lucy causes confusion when she runs into the real Van Johnson at the bank.
Here's Lucy Lucy Sells Craig to Wayne Newton (TV-G) After Kim and Craig borrow Wayne Newton's musical equipment during a break, Wayne believes the two have enough talent to perform with him live the next night.
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