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Murder She Solved On the Trail of a Hitman Female criminal investigators are profiled as they reveal their path to solving homicide cases and capturing some of the world's most notorious murderers.
Killer Kids Stand Out and It Runs in the Family (HD, TV-14) On Christmas Night, a business owner is discovered dead in rural Bigfork, Montana but investigators are shocked to find the true mastermind is a hometown hero.
Dog the Bounty Hunter No Piece of Cake (HD, TV-PG) A fugitive who missed his court date, quit his job and vacated his home now finds himself running from the law on his birthday.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Prayers And Mace (HD, TV-PG) Dog tracks down a dangerous fugitive with an extensive criminal history, and then searches for a woman who favors drugs over her maternal responsibilities.
The Last 24 Collateral Damage (HD) Determined detectives attempt to find those who are responsible for murder by reconstructing the tragic final 24 hours in the victim's life.
Killer Kids Knight in Shining Armor and Are You Trying to Seduce Me? (HD, TV-14) When the body of a father is found in a pool of blood on Halloween morning, investigators must piece together clues and question the man's daughter.
Dog the Bounty Hunter New Dog in Town (HD, TV-PG) Dog gives Beth a new puppy for her birthday, and after falling in love with his gift, she wants it to accompany them as they begin to work on their next case.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Trick or Treat (HD, TV-PG) The team searches for Krystal, a tattoo artist with a history of missing court dates who has jumped bail and left town with a friend.
Secrets of the Morgue (HD, TV-14) High-profile murder cases are explored as skilled medical examiners work alongside homicide detectives to bring justice to murder victims and their families.
Killer Kids Crazy Love and Double Vision (HD, TV-14) A teen couple's infidelity leads to deadly results; the mother of twin daughters is discovered brutally murdered in her Georgia home.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Seeing the Light (HD, TV-PG) Dog and Leland stock up on supplies, and then they join the team in a hunt for an irritable fugitive who was charged with making terrorist-related threats.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Let it Snow (HD, TV-PG) As the team search for an aggressive 21-year-old, an unexpected blizzard, uncooperative informants and a cold trail may keep them from finding their fugitive.
Bizarre Murders Sausage Fest (New)
Bizarre Murders Raining Mannequins (New)
Main Street Mysteries Murder in the Dorms (HD, TV-PG) When a 21-year-old student is found murdered on an Oregon college campus, DNA samples match a former student who has conveniently disappeared.
Main Street Mysteries Before Another Girl Dies (HD, TV-PG) Portland investigators intervene when three sex workers are found murdered within weeks of one another in the same area.
Dog the Bounty Hunter When a Stranger Calls (HD, TV-PG) When a habitual offender purposefully misses his day in court, Dog asks his wife to use her feminine charms to help set a trap to capture the fugitive.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Tricks of the Trade (HD, TV-PG) Dog hunts a woman wanted for domestic abuse, and while putting a new spin on an old trick, he finds she has strained relationships at work and home.
Masterminds Foul Ball (TV-14) Fans, retailers and collectors around the world were cheated out of millions of dollars in the biggest counterfeit sports merchandise scam in American history.
Masterminds Money Maker (TV-14) Wesley Weber ran the most successful Canadian counterfeiting operation ever, producing over $20 million in fakes using his home computer.
Crime Town USA The Key to a Killing (Repeat, TV-14)
Crime Town USA Nine Lives (Repeat, TV-14)
Dog the Bounty Hunter Save the Dogs (HD, TV-PG) Dog and the rest of the team relentlessly pursue a young fugitive with a drug habit who is charged with cruelty toward animals.
Dog the Bounty Hunter No Fly Zone (HD, TV-PG) Dog and his team hunt for a felon who was bonded for over $140,000, and they head to the airport when the fugitive makes plans to flee to Florida.
Fred Dinenage Murder Casebook The A6 Murderer
Call 911 Wisconsin Standoff, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) Law enforcement is called to the scene when a crazed man guns down his neighbor, barricades himself in his house and only speaks to police during commercials.
Call 911 Matters of Life and Death (HD, TV-PG) A wife is coached through performing CPR on her husband by emergency personnel; a swimmer is mauled by a shark; a man assists his wife as she gives birth.
Dead Again Behind Closed Doors (HD, TV-14) Investigators Michele Wood, Joe Schillaci and Kevin Gannon reopen a controversial murder case where a young mother was killed while her children were sleeping.
Murder She Solved A Race Against Time (TV-14) Homicide detective Molly Daul investigates a cold case involving a popular teenager who was found murdered at an elementary school.
Real Interrogations Deadly Betrayal (TV-14) When a man is implicated in his ex-wife's murder, his family provides the authorities with the advantage by refusing to help him cover up his misdeeds.
Real Interrogations No Reason to Die (TV-14) A construction site conceals the abandoned corpse of an 18-year-old woman that is discovered by a worker and later suspected to be the result of domestic abuse.
Real Interrogations Deadly Deal (TV-14) When a veteran is fatally beaten inside his home, investigators peruse the crime scene and discover that the victim may have been killed by a drug customer.
Real Interrogations String of Lies (TV-14) Detectives hope that a 68-year-old woman's estranged husband will cooperate as they investigate the woman's mysterious disappearance.
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Murder She Solved Poisoned Heart Female criminal investigators are profiled as they reveal their path to solving homicide cases and capturing some of the world's most notorious murderers.
Killer Kids Assassin and The Matrix Kid (HD, TV-14) A teenage boy becomes obsessed with a violent movie character and falls into a state of mental perplexity causing him to merge fantasy and reality.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Island Hopper (HD, TV-PG) The team helps a bondsman from Washington State track down a fugitive from the mainland, but a lack of leads makes finding their man difficult.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Nice Guys Finish Last (HD, TV-PG) Dog and his team help a bondsman friend track down a client who jumped bail, and Dog discovers that their prey is planning to move out of his apartment.
The Last 24 Mayhem on his Mind (HD, TV-14) Determined detectives attempt to find those who are responsible for murder by reconstructing the tragic final 24 hours in the victim's life.
Killer Kids Southern Belle from Hell and My Best Friend's Girl (HD, TV-14) The brutally murdered body of a female college student is discovered on the University of Tennessee campus prompting police to investigate the gruesome murder.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Teaching Moment (HD, TV-PG) When Dog's son-in-law signs off on a questionable bond and the accused turns fugitive, Dog gives him some help and brings him on his first bounty.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Mission of Mercy (HD, TV-PG) When a fellow bondsman, whose wife recently passed away, requests Dog's help, the team gears up and offers their services to the bondsman.
Secrets of the Morgue Lady in the Lagoon (HD, TV-14) When the mutilated body of a transgender woman is found in a pond outside Cleveland, the medical examiner has to find a link between the victim and her killer.
Killer Kids Pop and Circumstance and Shell Shocked (HD, TV-14) Firemen are called to put the fire out in a burning abandoned building, only to discover the incinerated corpse of a 9-year-old girl inside.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Practice Makes Perfect (HD, TV-PG) When a felon goes missing after Duane Lee grants him extra time to check-in, Dog and his team are called in to hunt down the runaway criminal.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Back Behind Bars (HD, TV-PG) Dog and his team of professionals attempt to track down a potentially dangerous ex-convict that is facing a five year prison sentence.
Bizarre Murders Answered Prayers (New)
Bizarre Murders Gas Lighter (New)
Main Street Mysteries Where There's Smoke (HD, TV-PG) When a college campus fire in Maryland kills a 21-year-old student, police conclude the incident wasn't accidental and begin the search for an arsonist.
Main Street Mysteries In the Line of Duty (HD, TV-PG) Police in South Carolina responding to a report of gun fire arrive on the scene only to discover that a fellow officer has mysteriously gone missing.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Family Man (HD, TV-PG) Dog attempts to keep his perfect score of birthday captures intact when he goes on the hunt with the team for a felon who skipped out on his sentencing.
Dog the Bounty Hunter All in the Family (HD, TV-PG) Dog and his team must put aside their sense of family honor when they help Leland hunt down a mother and daughter who are in trouble with the law.
Masterminds Off the Rack (TV-14) In the clothing wholesaler's double life, Peter Cassese stole his merchandise from high-end fashion designers but did so in such a way that no one noticed.
Masterminds The Copycat Millions (TV-14) Recalling the case of Ely Sakhal, an art dealer who produced and sold forgeries of famous painters works to wealthy collectors before getting caught.
Crime Town USA Deadly Drive (Repeat, TV-14)
Crime Town USA Vanished (Repeat, TV-14)
Dog the Bounty Hunter Secret Places (HD, TV-PG) Dog and the team fly to the Big Island where they must visit a junk-filled building in order to track down a fugitive who they believe may be on the run.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Meet the Chapmans (HD, TV-PG) Bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman and his team chase after a heavily tattooed offender, and later, Dog shares a little bit of his own criminal past.
Fred Dinenage Murder Casebook Armin Meiwes
Call 911 Heroes of All Kinds (HD, TV-PG) A woman tries to resuscitate her kitten with CPR; a crazed man vandalizes several cars until police put an end to his destructive streak by shooting him.
Call 911 The Power of a Single Call (HD, TV-PG) A fight between a couple escalates to violence; a young boy's quick decision to phone for emergency help saves his mother's life.
Dead Again Innocence Lost (HD, TV-14) Expert investigators reopen a controversial murder case where two young boys were stabbed to death in their home in an upscale suburb of Dallas.
Murder She Solved Cabbie Killer (TV-14) The discovery of a fingerprint reopens a cold case, where a man was accused of being the psychotic perpetrator of a string of murders involving taxi drivers.
Real Interrogations Too Young to Die (TV-14) High school student Cassie Jo Stoddart has been stabbed to death as police begin to suspect that one of the last people to see her could be the killer.
Real Interrogations One Killer Too Many (TV-14) Teenager Katie Hamlin was found killed and burned along the side of a road, so the police focus on the suspects' body language and words to create a case.
Real Interrogations The Devil's Lair (TV-14) The body of a 45-year-old woman is discovered in the trunk of a burning car in a New Mexico desert town, as police obtain details with their interrogation.
Real Interrogations Dead Man's Riddle (TV-14) Police find a man stabbed to death and quickly track down the victim's girlfriend in hopes of discovering what she really knows about her boyfriend's murder.
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