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Secrets of the Morgue A Modern Mummy (HD, TV-14) When mummified remains are discovered in an abandoned garage in Nebraska, the police begin an investigation that leads to a nationwide manhunt for the killer.
Killer Kids Knight in Shining Armor and Are You Trying to Seduce Me? (HD, TV-14) When the body of a father is found in a pool of blood on Halloween morning, investigators must piece together clues and question the man's daughter.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Bosco the Clown (HD, TV-PG) When the crew tracks down a fugitive they believe to be an addict, they are faced with a shocking surprise that changes their opinions of him.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Brother's Keeper (HD, TV-PG) The family helps Leland hunt down multiple fugitives; Dog tries to explain to a fugitive that he can't make his wife love him by hitting her.
Bizarre Murders Raining Mannequins (Repeat)
Bizarre Murders Its a Lying Shame (Repeat)
Main Street Mysteries Where There's Smoke (HD, TV-PG) When a college campus fire in Maryland kills a 21-year-old student, police conclude the incident wasn't accidental and begin the search for an arsonist.
Main Street Mysteries In the Line of Duty (HD, TV-PG) Police in South Carolina responding to a report of gun fire arrive on the scene only to discover that a fellow officer has mysteriously gone missing.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Mama's Boys (HD, TV-PG) Dog visits his mom's grave seeking guidance before looking for a fugitive, and his request for help seems to be answered when an unexpected ally comes forward.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Lost in Paradise (HD, TV-PG) After spending some time explaining the dangers of drugs to high school students, Dog and the team hunt down a fugitive that is not easily captured.
World's Most Evil Killers Mark Bridger (TV-14)
Crime Town USA Deadly Drive (Repeat, TV-14)
Crime Town USA Vanished (Repeat, TV-14)
Dog the Bounty Hunter Coaching Day (HD, TV-PG) Dog takes the day off and allows Tim and Leland to track down a fugitive, and the boys are excited to prove they can handle a hard assignment on their own.
Dog the Bounty Hunter The Women of Waikiki (HD, TV-PG) When the boys head out to Waikiki to search for a fugitive, they find themselves distracted by all the women, Beth must force them to get back to business.
Murder She Solved Face of Justice (TV-14) Female criminal investigators are profiled as they reveal their path to solving homicide cases and capturing some of the world's most notorious murderers.
Hollywood & Crime Hollywood & Crime
Panic 9-1-1 I Don't Want to Shoot a Gun (HD, TV-14) A young girl hides in the closet with her mother's gun as an intruder roams the house; woman escapes ex-boyfriend's grasp to run to a nearby house.
Murder She Solved A Killer Family (TV-14) When an elderly man is beaten to death in his home, the police begin to suspect the man's many ex-wives, but a detective uncovers an unusual conspiracy.
Real Interrogations Dead Man's Riddle (TV-14) Police find a man stabbed to death and quickly track down the victim's girlfriend in hopes of discovering what she really knows about her boyfriend's murder.
Real Interrogations 30 Pieces of Silver (TV-14) A rich businessman is killed in his own home, and police can find no sign of burglary; investigators begin to suspect the man's 17 year old son.
Real Interrogations No Way Out (TV-14) Orlando police subject a convicted criminal to intense questioning surrounding a rash of recent sexual assaults they strongly believe are associated with him.
Real Interrogations Vanished in the Night (TV-14) The authorities have few clues in their search for a reliable worker and father who mysteriously disappears without notice--until they uncover his secret life.
Fatal Encounters Deadly Deeds (HD, TV-14) Presented is an in-depth look at a murder case in which an unsuspecting woman is killed by her poverty-stricken neighbors after offering them financial support.
Killer Kids Crazy Love and Double Vision (HD, TV-14) A teen couple's infidelity leads to deadly results; the mother of twin daughters is discovered brutally murdered in her Georgia home.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Cats & Dogs (HD, TV-PG) Dog must use a nonviolent method to capture a pregnant fugitive, but when he tries to get her to surrender, he discovers it is more difficult than he thought.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Destiny Love (HD, TV-PG) An emotional conversation with a fugitive makes Dog realize that he knew the man's father before he was killed in a shoot-out with the police.
The Last 24 Mayhem on his Mind (HD, TV-14) After 16-year-old high school student Theresa Burns is violently murdered in Mishawaka, Ind., in 1988, it takes 25 years before an arrest is made.
Killer Kids Assassin and The Matrix Kid (HD, TV-14) A teenage boy becomes obsessed with a violent movie character and falls into a state of mental perplexity causing him to merge fantasy and reality.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Big Island, Small Town (HD, TV-PG) Dog goes to a small town on the Big Island to hunt his fugitive but runs into problems with the locals which makes it impossible to hunt in secret.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Jonah is Missing (HD, TV-PG) The team hunts down a violent criminal who is facing a 20-year sentence, but their search is complicated by evasive family members and an angry girlfriend.
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Secrets of the Morgue Lady in the Lagoon (HD, TV-14) When the mutilated body of a transgender woman is found in a pond outside Cleveland, the medical examiner has to find a link between the victim and her killer.
Killer Kids Southern Belle from Hell and My Best Friend's Girl (HD, TV-14) The brutally murdered body of a female college student is discovered on the University of Tennessee campus prompting police to investigate the gruesome murder.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Dog is Smokin' (HD, TV-PG) While trying to cut down on his smoking, Dog goes after a female ice addict, and a delusional man who believes he can communicate with his old van.
Dog the Bounty Hunter You Snooze, You Lose (HD, TV-PG) Dog finds out that bank robber Federico has missed court dates and is sleeping in his car, and when they break out the handcuffs he starts to get unsettled.
FBI: Criminal Pursuit The Black Widow (HD, TV-14) It looks like a gangland hit when a man is found shot to death, but as investigators delve into the case, they discover it was rooted in betrayal.
FBI: Criminal Pursuit Bound for Murder (HD, TV-14) Two girls disappear, alerting local police and the FBI to the presence of a serial predator, but it will take a hero to stop the killer from striking again.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Moms & Dads (HD, TV-PG) The team hunts for a mother whose family opening expresses their love and concern for her; Dog makes a tough decision concerning a man's freedom.
Dog the Bounty Hunter A Helping Hand (HD, TV-PG) Dog helps Leland protect a woman against her husband who is threatening violence, and then her visits a dying woman who wants to see him as a final wish.
World's Most Evil Killers Ng & Lake (TV-14)
Crime Town USA Bitter Betrayal (Repeat, TV-14)
Crime Town USA Over the Edge (Repeat, TV-14)
Dog the Bounty Hunter If the Shirt Fits ... (HD, TV-PG) The team feels compassion for a female fugitive when her young daughter sees her mother arrested; Dog refuses to wear a shirt Beth brings him.
Dog the Bounty Hunter The Thief Who Stole Christmas (HD, TV-PG) Dog and the team go after an ice addict on Christmas day, but when a bad tip leads them to the wrong man, they wait until the next day to catch their fugitive.
Murder She Solved On the Trail of a Hitman Female criminal investigators are profiled as they reveal their path to solving homicide cases and capturing some of the world's most notorious murderers.
Hollywood & Crime A Script to Kill For
Panic 9-1-1 I Need You to Put the Gun Down (HD, TV-14) Mom must choose how to face her attacker; during a shooting, the caller is caught between fight and flight; a grandma may use deadly force to protect herself.
Murder She Solved A Race Against Time (TV-14) Homicide detective Molly Daul investigates a cold case involving a popular teenager who was found murdered at an elementary school.
Real Interrogations Unlocked Secrets (TV-14) When a young woman is reported missing after spending time in a local bar, police discover she was last seen conversing with two male patrons.
Real Interrogations No Reason to Die (TV-14) A construction site conceals the abandoned corpse of an 18-year-old woman that is discovered by a worker and later suspected to be the result of domestic abuse.
Real Interrogations Deadly Deal (TV-14) When a veteran is fatally beaten inside his home, investigators peruse the crime scene and discover that the victim may have been killed by a drug customer.
Real Interrogations Death in the Family (TV-14) Police believe an 87-year-old man was murdered by one of his relatives and proceed to question that particular member of the family in regards to the incident.
Fatal Encounters Wicked (HD, TV-14) A devout 52-year-old Christian begins a friendship with a 30-year-old practicing Wiccan, and a week later one of them is found stabbed to death.
Killer Kids Pop and Circumstance and Shell Shocked (HD, TV-14) Firemen are called to put the fire out in a burning abandoned building, only to discover the incinerated corpse of a 9-year-old girl inside.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Cops and Criminals (HD, TV-PG) Dog makes a speech at an elementary school before heading out to find a female fugitive who is also wanted by the FBI, and he requests the help of a friend.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Out of Sight (HD, TV-PG) Dog has little information in his search for a man charged with sexual assault, and the hunt gets complicated when the fugitive is about to get on a plane.
The Last 24 Blood Money (HD) When a woman is murdered in her home, investigators receive a lead that points to a high-profile suspect, but it will take a decade before it goes to trial.
Killer Kids Good vs. Evil & The Good Son (HD, TV-14) A teenage boy goes missing and the disturbing truth is revealed; a couple adopts two babies, but one begins to exhibit disturbing behaviors.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Run Fugitive, Run (HD, TV-PG) While the team hunts for an abusive fugitive, Beth prepares to run a 5K race for charity, but no one thinks she can actually accomplish her goal.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Vegas or Bust (HD, TV-PG) Before Dog can speak at a convention, he has to hunt a woman with a history of check forgery and a woman known for stealing cars and abusing drugs.
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