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Bizarre Murders Psychic Sleuth (Repeat) Details are shared about how a murderer confessed to killing his aunt because he became paranoid that a psychic's visions would reveal his crime.
Bizarre Murders Sweet Transvestite (Repeat) A close look is taken at a murder case involving a husband who killed his wife after the woman attempted to blackmail her husband.
Killer Kids Out of Control (HD, TV-14) Three teens hatch a sketchy plan to rip off an auto parts store in Pensacola, but these juvenile delinquents get more than they bargained for.
I Survived ... Verna, Theo, Debra (HD, TV-14) A single mother is assaulted after rebuffing her former classmate's advances; an individual mining for gold becomes stranded in the Australian Outback.
Bizarre Murders Gifting Grannies (Repeat) Details are shared about two women in their 70s who killed a homeless man as part of a plot to cash in on a life insurance policy.
Bizarre Murders Truth Hurts (Repeat) Details are shared about a case that caught the media's attention, and emphasis is placed on how the victim died after making an admission on a game show.
Killer Kids Mommie Dearest & Forbidden Love (HD, TV-14) When an Indiana man is found shot to death, police suspect his daughter and ex-wife; two Goth teens act upon their criminal inclinations.
I Survived ... Rudrani, Tracey, Teresa (HD, TV-14) A woman becomes trapped in a hotel when a group of terrorists overtake the establishment; a teen's brave act during a house fire saves the life of her brother.
Bizarre Murders Snake Charmer (Repeat) A close look is taken at a murder case to detail how a man arranged for a rattlesnake to bite his wife so that she would die from the fatal bite.
Bizarre Murders Oh Deer (Repeat) A woman blames her husband's death on an unfortunate hunting accident to avoid being named a suspect in the man's untimely murder.
Killer Kids Simon Says & For No Good Reason (HD, TV-14) After joining a military-style cult of misfit teenagers, an outcast kid is soon brainwashed and transformed into a ruthless killing machine.
I Survived ... Christine, Mike, Chris (HD, TV-14) A disgruntled former patient traces a doctor's assistant to her home and attacks her; hornets swarm a man on the roof of his home, causing him to fall 100 feet.
Bizarre Murders All Brawn No Brains (Repeat) A murder is investigated after a group ruins several kidnapping and murder attempts on an initial target before then accidentally killing their second target.
Bizarre Murders Bludgeons and Dragons (Repeat) Theft becomes the motive for a murder after two brothers kill their friend so that they can take his Magic: The Gathering cards for themselves.
Killer Kids Allentown Massacre & The Copycat (HD, TV-14) The close-knit community of Allentown, Pa., is struck by tragedy when two brothers set out on a killing spree in the name of neo-Nazism.
I Survived ... Franklin, Jeff and Frank, Connie (HD, TV-14) A couple lives through a plane crash as 125 passengers and crew members perish; firefighters encounter danger during a daring rescue attempt on the ice.
Bizarre Murders Raining Mannequins (Repeat) Bloody mannequins unsettle the residents of a small town who are already on high alert due to a string of unsolved murders in the region.
Bizarre Murders Its a Lying Shame (Repeat) A son kills his father with a crossbow to ensure that his father will not be able to tell his fiancée the truth about his financial situation.
Killer Kids Like Father, Like Son & Back for Seconds (HD, TV-14) A child finds himself in the bad graces of the judicial system; investigators are shocked after discovering a killer's true identity.
I Survived ... Jessyca, Derek, La Toya (HD, TV-PG) An expectant mother is brutally assaulted by her neighbor; a girl lives through abuse at the hands of a family friend; an injured hiker descends a mountain.
World's Most Evil Killers Yorkshire Ripper: Peter Sutcliffe (TV-14) Close details are shared about Peter Sutcliffe, a serial killer who murdered 13 women while attempting to murder seven other victims.
World's Most Evil Killers The Soham Murders: Ian Huntley (TV-14) The gruesome murders perpetrated by convicted killer Ian Huntley are showcased, including an examination of Huntley's attacks on two 10-year-old schoolgirls.
Trace of Evil Executions in Paradise (Repeat) A young couple is killed inside their own home, so police officers investigate the murders and discover a piece of critical evidence.
Bizarre Murders Thrill Spree (Repeat) Details are shared about how a couple killed another couple while on a beach vacation, and a close look is taken at how the murderers kept a scrapbook.
Bizarre Murders Namaslay (Repeat) A close look is taken at a murder case that involved two co-workers, and emphasis is placed on how the murderer was portrayed as a brave survivor.
Bizarre Murders Iron Murphy (Repeat) A detailed look is taken at a Chicago man during the Depression era who survived several murder attempts organized by his friends.
Bizarre Murders Dark Horse (Repeat) Information is shared about a lawyer who unknowingly married to a fugitive to detail how the wife conspired with a female lover to kill her husband.
Nurses Who Kill Niels H (Repeat) Details are shared about a nurse who orchestrated a way to demonstrate his resuscitation skills by purposefully giving his patients an overdose of drugs.
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Bizarre Murders Gas Lighter (Repeat) A woman intentionally causes her husband to be paranoid as part of a ploy to make her claims of self-defense seem more plausible to the police.
Bizarre Murders Outta Sight (Repeat) Details are shared about an obsessed artist who was motivated to commit a murder in the hope that he could then refocus on his art.
Killer Kids The Million Dollar Plan & Rattlesnake Romeo (HD, TV-14) A mother coerces her teenage child to take part in a dangerous criminal plan; three teenagers are forced to run from the police after committing petty theft.
I Survived ... Glen; Barbara (HD, TV-14) A California man held hostage fakes his death in order to escape the grips of his captors in Columbia; two teen girls are kidnapped, attacked and left to die.
Bizarre Murders Hemlock Killer (Repeat) Details are shared about a man with a genius-level IQ who attempted to commit the perfect murder without getting caught by the police.
Bizarre Murders Mistaken Identity (Repeat) Specific details are shared about a man who hired a hitman to kill his wife and who inadvertently caused a different woman to die.
Killer Kids Frenemies & The Reject (HD, TV-14) A young woman's life is changed forever after she receives a makeover from two girls at school; a brilliant young man is forced to face his demons.
I Survived ... Sharon;Al & Linda;Misty (HD, TV-14) A murderer attacks a woman; a father falls through the surface of an iced-over lake during a snowmobile excursion with his family.
Bizarre Murders Skeleton In the Closet (Repeat) A man whose wife has been cheating on him dies at the hands of his wife's lover, who has been secretly residing in the couple's closet.
Bizarre Murders Who Done It (Repeat) After a dead body is discovered near a church, law enforcement authorities open a new murder investigation to find the guilty culprit.
Killer Kids For Sandy & Poison Pal (HD, TV-14) Kept from one another by their families, two girls in love take drastic measure to be together; two young men go to extreme lengths to win a girl's heart.
I Survived ... Albert; Matt; Kristie (HD, TV-14) A soldier endures an attempt on his life at the hands of a fellow soldier; an injured hunter is stranded in the mountains for 11 days.
Bizarre Murders Dying for Love (Repeat) A husband poisons his wife, who is a nonsmoker, with a lethal dose of nicotine so that he can obtain the money from his wife's insurance policy.
Bizarre Murders Maneater (Repeat) Specific details are shared about a murder case that involved a cannibal who searched for his next willing victim on the internet.
Killer Kids Peeping Theodore & The Six (HD, TV-14) While searching for a missing girl, the case goes cold until the secret to what really happened to her comes in a strange confession from death row.
I Survived ... Lori and Pat;David;Kevin (HD, TV-14) A robbery occurs on a beach in Mexico; a pastor is attacked by a knife-wielding home invader; a runner must take cover from a tornado.
Bizarre Murders Bad Fortune (Repeat) A woman violently kills her fortune-teller after receiving an incorrect fortune, and the woman covers the victim's body in white paint.
Bizarre Murders Stranger than Fiction (Repeat) Details are shared about how a filmmaker's obsession with the TV show "Dexter" led to a brutal murder being committed in real life.
Killer Kids I'm So Lonesome I Could Kill & The Bicycle Thief (HD, TV-14) When a boy is abandoned by his parents, his life becomes a wasteland of loneliness as he transforms into an individual motivated by horrific violence.
I Survived ... Danielle;Deborah;Gordy & Betty (HD, TV-14) A teen's throat is slashed by her mother's boyfriend; a sailor escapes from a sinking boat; an escaped prisoner holds an elderly couple hostage.
World's Most Evil Killers Levi Bellfield Keshet (TV-14) The heinous crimes perpetrated by convicted murderer Levi Bellfield are chronicled, including a look at Bellfield's killing of two women and a schoolgirl.
World's Most Evil Killers The Crossbow Cannibal: Stephen Griffiths (TV-14) A woman shares specific details about her ex-boyfriend, who killed three women after dreaming about murder, to reveal the murderer's secret life.
Trace of Evil The Bus Stop Rapist (Repeat) Law enforcement authorities worry that a brutal rape case will never be solved, so they rely on the new advances in DNA profiling to search for the criminal.
Bizarre Murders Body Double (Repeat) Details are shared about a man who faked his own death and assumed another identity to collect his own life insurance and to fix his money problems.
Bizarre Murders Vampire Diaries (Repeat) A close look is taken at a gruesome murder case to reveal how a teenager interested in the occult murdered an elderly neighbor to become a vampire.
Bizarre Murders Sex, Lies and Smoothies (Repeat) A wealthy woman engaged in an affair worries that her husband will divorce her, so she poisons her husband's smoothie and hides his body in a rug.
Bizarre Murders Anything for Love (Repeat) After a woman murders her husband, the woman and her lover organize a plan in which the lover attempts to successfully assume the victim's identity.
Nurses Who Kill Colin Norris (Repeat) A nurse is accused of administering unnecessary insulin injections to a series of elderly patients, which caused their untimely deaths.
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