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Dog the Bounty Hunter Take Your Daughter to Work Day (HD, TV-PG) Dog's daughter wants to become a bondsman, so she rides along with the team while they hunt down a man who has skipped out on his bond for an assault charge.
Dog the Bounty Hunter The Thief Who Stole Christmas (HD, TV-PG) Dog and the team go after an ice addict on Christmas day, but when a bad tip leads them to the wrong man, they wait until the next day to catch their fugitive.
The Investigators Headcases (TV-14) Frank Bender finds he can look at human remains and create busts that are realistic enough to be recognized by people who knew the subjects.
Intervention Kelly F. and Mark (HD, TV-14) An intervention is crucial for Kelly who's homeless with an IQ of 160 and Mark who is addicted to painkillers and has a morphine pump surgically implanted.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Rock-a-Bye Bounty (HD, TV-PG) Dog and Beth must get creative when chasing their former housekeeper who is on the run; Tim is anticipating the birth of his second child.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Out of Sight (HD, TV-PG) Dog has little information in his search for a man charged with sexual assault, and the hunt gets complicated when the fugitive is about to get on a plane.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Cupid in Cuffs (HD, TV-PG) Dog hoes to lure a fugitive out by offering her a Valentines' Day gift, but soon discovers capturing her won't be that easy; Dog buys a gift for Beth.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Vegas or Bust (HD, TV-PG) Before Dog can speak at a convention, he has to hunt a woman with a history of check forgery and a woman known for stealing cars and abusing drugs.
Intervention Tommy and Rachel (HD) First-person accounts explore the lives of those who have been consumed by their addictions to the point where their caring families are forced to step in.
World's Most Evil Killers Dennis Nilsen (TV-14) The heinous crimes perpetrated by serial killer Dennis Nilsen are chronicled, including an in-depth look at Nilsen's murder spree of 15 men and his capture.
World's Most Evil Killers Stuart Hazell (TV-14) The heinous crime perpetrated by murderer Stuart Hazell is showcased, including an in-depth look at the details of the killing of a 12-year-old schoolgirl.
Trace of Evil The Serial Killer of Baton Rouge (Repeat)
Bizarre Murders Oh Deer (Repeat)
Bizarre Murders Foul Plie (Repeat)
Bizarre Murders Stripped For Cash (Repeat)
Bizarre Murders Dark Horse (Repeat)
Nurses Who Kill Roger Dean (Repeat)
Dog the Bounty Hunter Playing Possum (HD, TV-PG) Dog and Tim hunt down a man who has failed to show up in court, but when their leads fail, the guys ask the fugitive's father for help.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Mother Knows Best (HD, TV-PG) Dog and Beth take part in a Chinese New Year's Day parade before hunting a teen girl who is dealing drugs; mom wants to stop son's ice habit.
The Investigators A Daughter's Love (TV-14) A look at the case of a fourteen-year-old prison inmate who confessed to committing first degree murder, when she killed her stepmother in 1985.
Intervention Michael and Brooks (HD, TV-14) A former high-school athlete gets hooked on pills and beer after not playing in a big game; a former wrestling star turns to drugs after an accident.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Irons in the Fire (HD, TV-PG) Dog outfits the group with new pepper spray guns and they all head to Denver to hunt a fugitive reportedly hiding in the local woods.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Baby Lyssa Steps Up (HD, TV-PG) Dog takes the crew horseback riding; Lyssa takes charge when Dog helps a childhood friend, who is also a bail bondsman, search for a customer.
The Investigators Obsession (TV-14) A detailed look at the 1997 murder of Florida mother Sheila Bellush recalls how her 13-year-old daughter found her dead on the laundry room floor.
Intervention Corrine (HD, TV-14) A former honor roll student, athlete and musician, Corrine, who is a diabetic, is now addicted to a dangerous mixture of heroin and crystal meth.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Running on Empty (HD, TV-PG) Dog tracks a bail jumper with an assault charge through Colorado Springs and sets a trap; Leland and Duane stay behind to take care of family business.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Surprise Ending (HD, TV-PG) The team tracks a fugitive who failed to appear in court, and the chase takes a surprising turn when they find his apartment was previously raided by police.
The Investigators L.A. Vice (TV-14) In the Los Angeles Police Department's Vice Squad, a veteran officer carefully prepares two rookies for an assignment requiring them to pose as prostitutes.
Intervention Howard and Audrey (HD) First-person accounts explore the lives of those who have been consumed by their addictions to the point where their caring families are forced to step in.
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Dog the Bounty Hunter The Big Wipe-Out (HD, TV-PG) Dog and his team conduct a search for a well-known Hawaiian surfer who is currently contending with an addiction to drugs and homelessness.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Guns & Ice (HD, TV-PG) Dog hunts down a repeat offender whose family wants her back in jail before tracking a fugitive with a hunch he hopes will lead to a capture.
The Investigators The Wrong Man? A Mother's Cry (TV-14) After a divorced mother reports that her 6-year-old daughter vanished while she was in a grocery store, the child's body is found near a roadway an hour later.
Intervention Adam & Michael (HD, TV-14) Adam began using heroin after his girlfriend broke up with him; Michael is a violent son who holds his family hostage with his rage.
Dog the Bounty Hunter The Good Fight (HD, TV-PG) Award night at the state capitol inspires Dog and his team to begin searching for an alleged ice addict and identity thief with the help of informants.
Dog the Bounty Hunter A Friend in Need (HD, TV-PG) Dog and his team charm a close-knit town in order to bring in their guy, a man with 27 prior arrests who just missed his last court date.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Crime Don't Pay (HD, TV-PG) Dog and the team realize they're in trouble when one of Tim's bonds decides to make a run for it, and with only a photograph to track her, it is difficult.
Dog the Bounty Hunter No Luv Still (HD, TV-PG) Dog and his team search for a potentially dangerous fugitive wanted kidnapping charges; the Chapmans have a confrontation with the suspect's family.
Intervention Heidi & Michelle (HD, TV-14) Heidi leads a busy social life and takes great pride in maintaining her health and personal appearance. Unfortunately, she is addicted to compulsive shopping.
World's Most Evil Killers Peter Tobin (TV-14) The gruesome murders perpetrated by convicted killer Peter Tobin are showcased, including intimate details of Tobin's rape and killing of Angelika Kluk.
World's Most Evil Killers Michael Ryan (TV-14)
Trace of Evil The Butcher of Louisiana (Repeat)
Bizarre Murders Counterpunch (Repeat)
Bizarre Murders Bad Fortune (Repeat)
Bizarre Murders Its a Lying Shame (Repeat)
Bizarre Murders Anything for Love (Repeat)
Nurses Who Kill Donald Harvey (Repeat)
Dog the Bounty Hunter Teaching Moment (HD, TV-PG) When Dog's son-in-law signs off on a questionable bond and the accused turns fugitive, Dog gives him some help and brings him on his first bounty.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Back Behind Bars (HD, TV-PG) Dog and his team of professionals attempt to track down a potentially dangerous ex-convict that is facing a five year prison sentence.
The Investigators Overboard (TV-14) An Ohio farm wife vacations in Orlando with her two teenage daughters, and she naively accepts a stranger's invitation to sightsee in his boat.
Intervention Follow-Up Special (Season One) (HD, TV-14) First-person accounts explore the lives of those who have been consumed by their addictions to the point where their caring families are forced to step in.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Family Man (HD, TV-PG) Dog attempts to keep his perfect score of birthday captures intact when he goes on the hunt with the team for a felon who skipped out on his sentencing.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Meet the Chapmans (HD, TV-PG) Bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman and his team chase after a heavily tattooed offender, and later, Dog shares a little bit of his own criminal past.
The Investigators Troubled Waters (TV-14) A look at the investigation of Thomas Carter Chapman III, who confessed to the murder of a woman found dead along the banks of a Pennsylvania creek in 1998.
Intervention Salina and Troy (HD, TV-14) A woman struggles with severe bulimia and the desire to self-mutilate; California man begins using methamphetamine more regularly and now lives on the street.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Father and Son (HD, TV-PG) Dog helps Leland track down a number of fugitives before sparring with him at the boxing gym he owns and taking a trip out to the beach.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Love's Labors Lost and Found (HD, TV-PG) Dog realizes he will need outside help to catch his elusive fugitive; Dog has trouble finding the right flowers for Beth for Mother's Day.
The Investigators Chasing The Cat (TV-14) An unassuming computer nerd with a teenage girlfriend turns out to be a daring cat-burglar with a knack for getting away just before the police arrive.
Intervention Kristine (HD, TV-14) A young woman continues with her addiction to alcohol despite having a severe blood clot in her brain that makes drinking extremely dangerous.
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