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Real Interrogations No Reason to Die (TV-14) A construction site conceals the abandoned corpse of an 18-year-old woman that is discovered by a worker and later suspected to be the result of domestic abuse.
Real Interrogations Deadly Deal (TV-14) When a veteran is fatally beaten inside his home, investigators peruse the crime scene and discover that the victim may have been killed by a drug customer.
Dead Again Death to the Doctor (HD, TV-14) Investigators Michele, Joe and Kevin reopen a murder case of a prominent doctor who was shot down in broad daylight in a parking lot in a suspected carjacking.
The Prosecutors: In Pursuit of Justice Release Me (TV-PG) A paroled convict murders again.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Hide and Seek, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) The team searches for a female bail-jumper who is embedded deep within Hawaii's seedy underworld, but they abandon their search to catch another fugitive.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Justin's Big Day (HD, TV-PG) 21-year-old Justin does tasks the other members don't want to do, but after expressing his desire to be a full-fledge hunter, Dog lets him take the lead.
Cold Case Files Manhunt (HD, TV-14) A serial rapist is wanted by authorities for sexually assaulting 11 women in five states across the southwestern region of the United States.
Cold Case Files The Family; The Clue that Stuck (HD, TV-14) A beauty school student with ties to the Mexican mafia goes missing but police have no leads until they finally find a body; a mother is murdered at home.
Dog the Bounty Hunter It's Good to be Home (HD, TV-PG) While visiting his home town of Denver, Colorado, Dog gets a tip from a radio call-in show which leads him to a fugitive at a local Taco Bell.
Dog the Bounty Hunter You Can't Go Home Again (HD, TV-PG) While in Denver, Dog and Beth find that recapturing the past can be more difficult than tracking down fugitives as they visit places they once called home.
Cold Case Files Man in the Shadows; The Hitchhiker (HD, TV-14) A man repeatedly rapes women but never gets caught as the woman were unable to identify him, until years later when he's finally put back in jail for good.
Cold Case Files A Confession for Carmen; The Girls (HD, TV-14) After twenty years and forty-eight murders, the Green River Killer is caught by Sheriff Dave Reichert who had been chasing him since the first body was found.
Dog the Bounty Hunter A Family Feud (HD, TV-PG) The team looks for an elusive fugitive with drug charges to help a fellow bondswoman, and she later rescinds the bonds on the same man's mother and stepfather.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Sons and Daughters (HD, TV-PG) Dog and his team pursue a highly elusive lawbreaker, and they must employ their own secretive techniques to capture their fugitive.
Cold Case Files A Sister Lost; Rumors of Murder (HD, TV-14) With only circumstantial evidence cops drop a case involving a janitor and a girl; after watching the show, a woman asks cops to reopen her cousin's case.
Cold Case Files Rear Window; The Peeper (HD, TV-14) DNA evidence is recovered from spit on the pavement, allowing detectives to solve a brutal stabbing; a murder case is solved through matching footprints.
Dog the Bounty Hunter The Sweep (HD, TV-PG) Dog and the team try to rid the island of as many fugitives as they can in two days, including a man wanted on drug charges and a man wanted for solicitation.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Stress Management (HD, TV-PG) Dog and Beth try to relax after a stressful day spent hunting two fugitives, beginning with a homeless woman and ending with violent take down.
Cold Case Files The Closers; Caught by an Eyelash (HD, TV-14) A bloody dagger and a phone tap help detectives solve a 20-year-old murder case; DNA evidence taken from an eyelash brings a killer to justice.
Cold Case Files Kidnapped (TV-14) The parents of an 8-year-old boy who was kidnapped from their Texas home receive a chilling package in the mail containing a letter and a skull.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Where There's Smoke ... (HD, TV-PG) While taking care of a personal issue, Dog looks for a drug dealer who sells marijuana that is actually hedge clippings and crack that is really Macadamia nuts.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Second Chances (HD, TV-PG) Upset because one of his puppies may die, Dog offers a drug-addicted fugitive a second chance at life by delivering him to a rehab clinic instead of jail.
Cold Case Files A Fingerprint and a Prayer and the Bob Crane Murder (TV-14) Detectives reopen unsolved homicide cases, examine forensic evidence and check every possible lead to prevent killers from escaping justice.
Cold Case Files Finding BTK (HD, TV-14) The BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) serial killer had vanished for over 25 years before sending clues on floppy disk to the media, a disk that was traced back to him.
Panic 9-1-1 I'm in the Back of a Truck (HD, TV-14) A 50-year-old man calls the police after two masked men break into his house; a female college student is kidnapped and locked in the bed of a stolen truck.
Drugs Inc. Pill Nation (HD, TV-14) Opiate pain pills are found throughout society in all parts of the U.S., and they claim more addicts than cocaine, heroin and crystal meth combined.
Drugs Inc. Designer Drugs (HD, TV-14) New chemical compounds with nicknames such as 'Bath Salts' and 'Spice' promise cocaine and marijuana-like experiences without being any safer.
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Real Interrogations One Killer Too Many (TV-14) Teenager Katie Hamlin was found killed and burned along the side of a road, so the police focus on the suspects' body language and words to create a case.
Real Interrogations The Devil's Lair (TV-14) The body of a 45-year-old woman is discovered in the trunk of a burning car in a New Mexico desert town, as police obtain details with their interrogation.
Dead Again Millionaire Murder (HD, TV-14) Investigators Michele, Joe and Kevin reopen a 15-year-old murder case of a millionaire businessman who was shot to death in his beachfront California home.
The Prosecutors: In Pursuit of Justice Pride and Joy (TV-PG) A prosecutor and his mom, who is a police department employee, coordinate the investigation of serial killings that led to two successful murder convictions.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Baby's Back in Town (HD, TV-PG) Dog tries to nab a bounty by setting up a vacuum cleaner as a false prize, but when the operation goes into effect, the fugitive is nowhere to be found.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Surprise! Surprise! (HD, TV-PG) Dog and the crew hunt down a heroin addict, and when they find him in a filthy apartment, Beth tries to help him by telling him her addiction story.
Cold Case Files Evidence Kit (TV-14) Sheri Mecklenburg, a woman who works as a counsel for the Chicago Police Department, initiates a program that will test rape evidence kits.
Cold Case Files The Boy and the Monster; The Secret in the Cellar (TV-14) A 3-year-old boy provides police with the evidence to lock-up his father after the body of a teen girl, missing her hands, is discovered in the woods.
Dog the Bounty Hunter No Ice in Paradise (HD, TV-PG) Dog's team takes up the fight against crystal methamphetamine use by appearing in an anti-drug parade and then chasing down a convicted drug dealer.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Fathers in Law (HD, TV-PG) Dog searches for a fugitive who is raising objections against his wife-beating charges, and he gets help from an unexpected source, the man's father-in-law.
Cold Case Files The Texas Drifter; The Fingerprint File; A Rose Among Thorns (TV-14) Texas detectives use a DNA database to apprehend a suspected sexual stalker; a fingerprint on a beer bottle helps to close a nine-year-old murder case.
Cold Case Files Answer in the Box; Maternal Instinct (TV-14) A fake sports photographer lures an 11-year-old track star to her death; a mother is suspected of suffering from Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Bosco the Clown (HD, TV-PG) When the crew tracks down a fugitive they believe to be an addict, they are faced with a shocking surprise that changes their opinions of him.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Brother's Keeper (HD, TV-PG) The family helps Leland hunt down multiple fugitives; Dog tries to explain to a fugitive that he can't make his wife love him by hitting her.
Cold Case Files The Hunter Homicides; Skulls of Stanley Park (TV-14) The four-year search for two hunters' killer ends in tragedy; police link two skulls found in a park to a suspected sexual stalker.
Cold Case Files One Night on the Bayou; The Buckeye Misdemeanor (TV-14) Alligators help police solve a murder when they are found devouring human remains; authorities in Phoenix link a preacher to a 20-year-old murder.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Mama's Boys (HD, TV-PG) Dog visits his mom's grave seeking guidance before looking for a fugitive, and his request for help seems to be answered when an unexpected ally comes forward.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Lost in Paradise (HD, TV-PG) After spending some time explaining the dangers of drugs to high school students, Dog and the team hunt down a fugitive that is not easily captured.
Cold Case Files Mark of Cain; Death on the Freeway (TV-14) A missing Florida man's disappearance is attributed to his roommate; a police officer's death appears to be accidental, but bullets are found in his skull.
Cold Case Files Terror in Telluride and Signature of a Killer (TV-14) Detectives reopen unsolved homicide cases, examine forensic evidence and check every possible lead to prevent killers from escaping justice.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Coaching Day (HD, TV-PG) Dog takes the day off and allows Tim and Leland to track down a fugitive, and the boys are excited to prove they can handle a hard assignment on their own.
Dog the Bounty Hunter The Women of Waikiki (HD, TV-PG) When the boys head out to Waikiki to search for a fugitive, they find themselves distracted by all the women, Beth must force them to get back to business.
Cold Case Files Diary of a Serial Arsonist; The Lost Clue (TV-14) A respected arson investigator in California is linked to an outbreak of fires; a 68-year-woman's murder is blamed on her thieving neighbor.
Cold Case Files Killer on the Strip; The Doll Murder (TV-14) A police officer solves the 5-year-old murder of a Palm Beach prostitute; DNA samples help solve the 1989 rape and murder of a Colorado socialite.
Panic 9-1-1 I Don't Want to Shoot a Gun (HD, TV-14) A young girl hides in the closet with her mother's gun as an intruder roams the house; woman escapes ex-boyfriend's grasp to run to a nearby house.
Drugs Inc. Alaska Heroin Rush (HD, TV-14) Violent street gangs battle in their quest for a monopoly in selling crack, heroin and bootleg liquor in Anchorage, the state's largest city.
Drugs Inc. Hawaiian Ice (HD, TV-14) In Hawaii, a woman keeps on selling meth while her husband is in jail; a teen tells how his addiction drove him to steal; a new program helps users quit.
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