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Bizarre Murders Skeleton In the Closet (Repeat) A man whose wife has been cheating on him dies at the hands of his wife's lover, who has been secretly residing in the couple's closet.
Bizarre Murders Who Done It (Repeat) After a dead body is discovered near a church, law enforcement authorities open a new murder investigation to find the guilty culprit.
Killer Kids Full Metal Jacket & Mommy Issues (HD, TV-14) Police investigate a car accident in Jupiter, Florida and discover a perverse tale of teenage love and abuse that culminates in murder.
I Survived ... Tanya, Andy and Denise (HD, TV-14) A teenage girl is seduced by an older man and gets brainwashed into becoming his personal slave for ten years of her life; a hiker encounters a mountain lion.
Bizarre Murders Dying for Love (Repeat) A husband poisons his wife, who is a nonsmoker, with a lethal dose of nicotine so that he can obtain the money from his wife's insurance policy.
Bizarre Murders Maneater (Repeat) Specific details are shared about a murder case that involved a cannibal who searched for his next willing victim on the internet.
Killer Kids Ready, Set, Action & What Happens in Vegas... (HD, TV-14) A Las Vegas teen who wants to better himself attempts to break away from a group of wannabe mobsters, but instead becomes their first victim.
I Survived ... Paul; Tressel; Melissa (HD, TV-14) After a home invasion, a man finds himself fighting for his life inside a burning house; a capsized boat turns an overnight trip into an eight-day nightmare.
Bizarre Murders Bad Fortune (Repeat) A woman violently kills her fortune-teller after receiving an incorrect fortune, and the woman covers the victim's body in white paint.
Bizarre Murders Stranger than Fiction (Repeat) Details are shared about how a filmmaker's obsession with the TV show "Dexter" led to a brutal murder being committed in real life.
Killer Kids The One Percent & Why Not? (HD, TV-14) When 17-year-old Steven is arrested for murdering a young girl, his family posts his bail, not foreseeing that he will snap again with his own siblings.
I Survived ... Angela; Pat; Tricia (HD, TV-14) A young woman is abducted and sexually assaulted by a man armed with a knife; a farmer is forced to rip his own hand off to escape from a combine harvester.
Bizarre Murders Sister Act (Repeat) A murder case is closely examined to reveal how a woman retaliated against her older sister, assumed the victim's identity, and enjoyed a level of publicity.
Bizarre Murders Thrill Spree (Repeat) Details are shared about how a couple killed another couple while on a beach vacation, and a close look is taken at how the murderers kept a scrapbook.
Killer Kids Rumors & The To-Do List (HD, TV-14) A teenager experiencing the early symptoms of schizophrenia decides to murder everyone in the world, beginning with his best friend.
I Survived ... Jenn; Neil & Blake; Tiffany (HD, TV-14) A psychotic man wielding a meat cleaver attacks his girlfriend; a man and his elderly father find themselves stranded in the Alaskan wilderness.
Bizarre Murders Dark Horse (Repeat) Information is shared about a lawyer who unknowingly married to a fugitive to detail how the wife conspired with a female lover to kill her husband.
Bizarre Murders Body Double (Repeat) Details are shared about a man who faked his own death and assumed another identity to collect his own life insurance and to fix his money problems.
Killer Kids Tattle Tale Terror & Army Brat (HD, TV-14) When disapproving parents are faced with the irresistible force of teenage love, the outcome is deadly and leaves their family torn apart.
I Survived ... Donna; Michael; Sheila (HD, TV-14) A plane crash leaves a man stranded in a large lake 17 miles from shore; a woman plays dead after her husband stabs her and wraps her body in sheets.
World's Most Evil Killers Beverly Allit (TV-14) A woman who murdered four kids and tried to kill nine more while working as a nurse is spotlighted, which includes an interview with Detective Stuart Clifton.
World's Most Evil Killers John Wayne Gacy (TV-14) A profile is given on serial killer and rapist John Wayne Gacy, who murdered at least 33 boys and young men during a six-year period in the 1970s.
Trace of Evil The Murder of David Jackson (Repeat) Details are shared about a 24-year-old man who disappeared in Florida and was never seen again to reveal how investigators finally solved the case.
Bizarre Murders Truth Hurts (Repeat) Details are shared about a case that caught the media's attention, and emphasis is placed on how the victim died after making an admission on a game show.
Bizarre Murders Dumb Luck (Repeat) Authorities investigate the murder of a man who won millions of dollars in the lottery, and details are shared about how his friend helped to solve the crime.
Bizarre Murders Dischord (Repeat) Details are shared about a murder investigation involving a man who murdered a cellist after the woman turned down his romantic proposition.
Bizarre Murders Snake Charmer (Repeat) A close look is taken at a murder case to detail how a man arranged for a rattlesnake to bite his wife so that she would die from the fatal bite.
Nurses Who Kill Malcom Webster (Repeat) A close look is taken at a string of murders involving a man who relied on his nursing skills to sedate and then kill his female victims.
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FBI: Criminal Pursuit Stolen Innocence (HD, TV-14) An eight-year-old girl suddenly vanishes from outside her mobile home in a California trailer park in which an abundance of sex offenders live.
Killer Kids Redemption; Salt in the Wounds (HD, TV-14) When an adopted child embarks upon a murderous spree, his parents end up in the crosshairs; a pair of teenagers unleash horror in a Nevada trailer park.
Bizarre Murders Vampire Diaries (Repeat) A close look is taken at a gruesome murder case to reveal how a teenager interested in the occult murdered an elderly neighbor to become a vampire.
Bizarre Murders Sex, Lies and Smoothies (Repeat) A wealthy woman engaged in an affair worries that her husband will divorce her, so she poisons her husband's smoothie and hides his body in a rug.
FBI: Criminal Pursuit Cold Streets (HD, TV-14) A missing nurse practitioner's car is found in an airport parking lot and her debit card is used for withdrawals at several local banks.
Killer Kids Spoiled Rotten & Bad Dream (HD, TV-14) When an entire family is brutally murdered while asleep, investigators discover shocking evidence about the real motive; a teen murders their friend.
Bizarre Murders Anything for Love (Repeat) After a woman murders her husband, the woman and her lover organize a plan in which the lover attempts to successfully assume the victim's identity.
Bizarre Murders American Booty (Repeat) A husband strangles his wife so that he can continue to have multiple lovers, but his creative plan to create a strong alibi is foiled due to several items.
FBI: Criminal Pursuit Flesh & Blood (HD, TV-14) A man escapes from prison twice and fatally injures a police officer while on the hunt for his ex-wife, whom he blames for being locked up initially.
Killer Kids Foul Ball & Framed (HD, TV-14) An 8-year-old girl disappears suddenly without a trace and an entire community gathers together to search for her, but her dead body reveals the shocking truth.
Bizarre Murders Emoji Overkill (Repeat) A close look is taken at a murder case involving a daughter who plotted with her boyfriend to kill her father while on a vacation.
Bizarre Murders Ice Queen (Repeat) A murder case is examined to reveal how a murderer stored the bodies of her ex-husband and her lover in a freezer after they refused to let her have a baby.
FBI: Criminal Pursuit Unbreakable (HD, TV-14) A man sexually abuses a young girl and leaves her for dead, but she survives the encounter and works with the FBI in order to bring her assailant to justice.
Killer Kids Thrill Kill & Poisoned (HD, TV-14) The investigation into a Missouri girl's disappearance takes a shocking turn; a girl's motive is questioned after she poisons her own grandmother.
Bizarre Murders Psychic Sleuth (Repeat) Details are shared about how a murderer confessed to killing his aunt because he became paranoid that a psychic's visions would reveal his crime.
Bizarre Murders Sweet Transvestite (Repeat) A close look is taken at a murder case involving a husband who killed his wife after the woman attempted to blackmail her husband.
FBI: Criminal Pursuit Predator (HD, TV-14) Police officials are stumped by a case concerning a college student who was abducted in broad daylight until a crime committed months later brings new hope.
Killer Kids Sibling Rivalry & The Warwick Slasher (HD, TV-14) Sibling rivalry ruins a young man's journey and leads to a deadly outcome; police investigating a series of murders are shocked to learn the killer's identity.
Bizarre Murders Murder Most Foul (Repeat) Details are shared about a pet parrot that helped to convict its owner's killer after it collected DNA evidence during the crime by attacking the murderer.
Bizarre Murders The Liars and the Lustful (Repeat) Details are shared about a murder case to reveal how an actor in a soap opera killed his co-star after discovering that an upcoming script featured a break-up.
World's Most Evil Killers Jeffrey Dahmer (TV-14) A look is taken at Jeffery Dahmer, who raped, murdered and ate a total of 17 young males, which led him to be sentenced to 957 years in prison.
World's Most Evil Killers Ed Gein (TV-14) A look is taken at American murderer Ed Gein, who killed two women in the 1950s and used bones and skin from corpses to fashion items.
Trace of Evil The Cardiff Slasher (Repeat) A close look is taken at the murder case of Lynette White to reveal how this crime sparked the longest murder trial in British history.
Bizarre Murders Oh Deer (Repeat) A woman blames her husband's death on an unfortunate hunting accident to avoid being named a suspect in the man's untimely murder.
Bizarre Murders Foul Plie (Repeat) Details are shared about a girl who murdered her neighbor, who was a ballet dancer, and then buried the murder victim in a pet cemetery.
Bizarre Murders Stripped For Cash (Repeat) A drug dealer and a stripper organize a scheme to keep money flowing into their hands, but problems arise when a key part of their plan falls asleep early.
Bizarre Murders All Brawn No Brains (Repeat) A murder is investigated after a group ruins several kidnapping and murder attempts on an initial target before then accidentally killing their second target.
Nurses Who Kill Vickie Dawn Jackson (Repeat) Details are shared about a Texas nurse who killed 10 people who were all connected in some way to the people she grew up with in her small hometown.
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