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The Nanny Material Fran (TV-PG) A friend sets Fran up with a wealthy older man who enjoys spending his money on her; Maxwell and Fran chaperone Maggie at a concert.
The Nanny Curse of the Grandmas (TV-PG) Grace begins to think that she is very bad luck when every elderly person that she volunteers to spend time with suddenly dies on her.
Will & Grace What Ever Happened to Baby Gin? (HD, TV-14) Will is forced to choose between a commitment to Grace to raise the baby together and his relationship with Vince; Karen announces that she has a sister.
Will & Grace The Finale (HD, TV-14) As Will decides whether or not to stay with Grace and help raise her child, Karen seeks happiness in the wake of Stan's departure.
Will & Grace Pilot (HD, TV-14) Will's not supportive of the marriage proposal Grace received; Grace's assistant Karen and Will's friend Jack complicate things further.
Will & Grace A New Lease on Life (HD, TV-PG) Will wants Grace to move in with him, but his current roommates, Jack and his parrot, are ruining his chances; Jack and Karen meet for the first time.
The Nanny Pinske Business (TV-PG) Maxwell asks Fran to pretend to be C.C. in order to receive funding from an investor that C.C. assaulted in order to get a taxi cab.
The Nanny Stock Tip (TV-PG) Fran begins dating a man who tells her he works on Wall Street and convinces Maxwell to put a considerable amount of money into the stock market.
Will & Grace Head Case (HD, TV-PG) When Grace invades Will's space by moving in with him, he's forced to confront his issues with change; Jack and Karen deal with Will and Grace's anger.
Will & Grace Between a Rock and Harlin's Place (HD, TV-PG) Will is embarrassed by the cowboy theme Grace uses when designing his boss' apartment; Jack embarks on a new career path as a singer.
Will & Grace Boo! Humbug (HD, TV-PG) After planning on a quiet Halloween at home, Will and Grace are stuck watching Harlin's hyperactive kids when he has to go out of town.
Will & Grace William, Tell (HD, TV-14) Grace learns that Will had an affair with a client and wonders what other secrets he's keeping; a secret meeting with Karen feeds her paranoia.
The Bionic Woman Claws (TV-PG) While Jaime is left in charge of a wild animal ranch, she tries to save the life of a pet lion that is being stalked by ranchers.
The Bionic Woman The Deadly Missiles (TV-PG) Jaime investigates the unauthorized launch of a missile from a ranch estate while the Missile Defense system was jammed; she investigates the suspect.
Hart to Hart Death in the Slow Lane (TV-PG) Jonathan spends a large amount of money on a beautiful antique car for Jennifer's birthday, but a British criminal and his crazy wife devise a plan to steal it.
The Office Lotto (HD, TV-14) The warehouse guys win the lotto and quit; Andy and Darryl search for new warehouse employees while Jim, Erin, Dwight and Kevin get a taste of warehouse life.
The Office Garden Party (HD, TV-14) Andy throws a garden party to impress Robert California, which Dwight thinks he's made a classy event, but Andy's family attends and makes him feel self-doubt.
The Nanny Deep Throat (TV-PG) While examining Grace for the flu, a doctor looks at Fran's throat and orders her to have her tonsils out; Maxwell stresses after Fran says that she loves him.
The Nanny Schlepped Away (TV-PG) The Sheffield clan gets snowed in at Fran's parents' house; Fran finds a love note written to her mother and suspects that she is cheating.
The Nanny Stop the Wedding, I Want to Get Off (TV-PG) Maxwell's sister arrives at the Sheffield home for a visit and decides to use the occasion to organize a wedding with her fiancé, a wealthy English duke.
The Nanny Sunday in the Park with Fran (TV-PG) C.C. attempts to ensure a positive review for Maxwell's new play by having Fran chaperone a play-date between Grace and the son of a prominent film critic.
The Nanny Take Back Your Mink (TV-PG) Fran inherits a mink coat from her great-aunt, but she faces a dilemma when Maggie becomes upset due to her stance against using animal products.
The Nanny The Strike (TV-PG) Maxwell gets bad publicity when the media captures him forcefully making Fran cross a picket line, so they try to settle the issue by appearing on a talk show.
Will & Grace Where There's a Will There's No Way (HD, TV-14) Grace is having an immense deal of trouble finding a date, and she blames her friendship with Will; Jack has been found by the IRS and he needs Will's help.
Will & Grace The Buying Game (HD, TV-14) Grace turns to Will for advice on buying the studio that serves as her office, but regrets the decision when Will thinks she is incompetent of closing the deal.
Will & Grace The Truth About Will and Dogs (HD, TV-PG) A new puppy joins Will and Grace's household and they treat it like a baby; a worried Jack and Karen babysit so that Will and Grace can have time away.
Will & Grace The Big Vent (HD, TV-14) Will and Grace's new heating vent becomes a portal into their neighbors' lives; while the drama unfolds through the vent, Jack and Karen feel neglected.
The Nanny Canasta Masta (TV-PG) Sylvia and Yetta recruit Brighton to their canasta team after they realize that the young man has a natural ability for it, which leaves Fran feeling left out.
The Nanny The Will (TV-PG) Fran begins to believe that Maxwell is close to death after she discovers that she has been added to his will; one of Grace's friends has a crush on Brighton.
Will & Grace Will on Ice (HD, TV-14) Jack and Grace bond over their mutual interest in figure skating just in time to ruin Will's birthday, by dragging him to a figure skating event.
Will & Grace My Fair Maidy (HD, TV-14) Will hires a cleaning lady for Grace to save her from her own chaos, but Grace becomes dependent on her and loses creativity without her.
Will & Grace The Unsinkable Mommy Adler (HD, TV-14) Grace's showtune-singing mother Bobbi visits, delighting everyone but Grace; Bobbi suggests that Will and Grace get married.
Will & Grace Big Brother Is Coming, Part 1 (HD, TV-14) Grace baffles Will by inviting his estranged brother to Jack's birthday party, and Karen teaches Jack how not to shop on a budget, using her platinum card.
The Nanny Lamb Chop's on the Menu (TV-PG) C.C. attempts to venture into feature films by securing the rights to make a film about puppeteer Shari Lewis and her puppet Lamb Chop.
The Nanny Close Shave (TV-PG) Fran agrees to cover for Maggie as a candy striper at the hospital, but she is mistaken for a nurse and is ordered to shave Maxwell before his appendectomy.
Will & Grace Big Brother is Coming, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Grace informs Will of her romantic endeavor with another Truman, his brother, Sam, and Karen hires Jack to work as her personal assistant.
Will & Grace Yours, Mine or Ours (HD, TV-14) Will and Grace have a date with the same man, and even Jack's "gaydar" cannot tell his preference; Karen enlists Grace in role play.
Will & Grace Secrets and Lays (HD, TV-14) To boost Will's spirits over his break-up, the gang heads to a cabin in Vermont; while there, Grace reunites with an old flame and tries hiding it from Will.
Will & Grace Grace, Replaced (HD, TV-14) While Grace is busy with work overload, Will finds her replacement in Val, a new neighbor who's always free to hang out; Jack is ordered to pick up trash.
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The Nanny Strange Bedfellows (TV-PG) After a conversation with a fellow nanny who is retiring and has few prospects, Fran begins to worry about her future; Niles gives C.C. a birthday gift.
The Nanny The Chatterbox (TV-PG) Fran helps Maggie prepare for a friend's elegant birthday party by taking her to a beauty salon; Fran gets a young actress a job at the beauty salon.
Will & Grace Will Works Out (HD, TV-14) Jack's over-the-top behavior creates problems while attending the gym with Will; Grace shares a rare evening of girl talk with Karen.
Will & Grace Saving Grace (HD, TV-14) Nathan hires Grace to decorate his office on the condition that Will must date him; Will prepares by using Karen to teach him to kiss someone undesirable.
Will & Grace Alley Cats (HD, TV-14) Grace tries to change her competitive nature after friends say they won't play games with her and Will anymore, and Karen learns CPR.
Will & Grace Object of My Rejection (HD, TV-14) To keep Karen's maid, Rosario, from being deported, Jack agrees to act out the role of his life, a straight husband; Grace dates her ex-fiancé.
The Nanny Franny and the Professor (TV-PG) C.C. and her equally mean brother conspire to have fun at Fran's expense by having her compete against intellectuals on a popular game show.
The Nanny The Dope Diamond (TV-PG) Fran's boyfriend proposes to her after only two weeks of dating, which makes Maxwell suspicious of the individual; Fran and her mother attend a therapy session.
Will & Grace Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner (HD, TV-14) Grace affirms her independence from Will by having a dinner party at her new apartment across the hall without him; Jack moves in with Rosario for INS reasons.
Will & Grace Election (HD, TV-14) Feeling that Will is abusing his power as president of the tenants' association, Grace decides to run against him in the next election.
Will & Grace Das Boob (HD, TV-14) After a newspaper photo makes Grace look more endowed than she really is, her old high-school crush, who never thought much of her, comes back into her life.
Will & Grace Whose Mom Is It Anyway? (HD, TV-14) Grace gets jealous when her mother sets her sights on Will's love life; Jack must prove to an INS agent that he and Rosario are in wedded bliss.
The Bionic Woman Bionic Beauty (TV-PG) Jaime is tasked with going undercover as a beauty pageant contestant in order to track down a micro computer circuit that is about to be smuggled out.
The Bionic Woman Jaime's Mother (TV-PG) Believing her parent's graves have been vandalized, Jaime is later contacted by a mysterious woman who claims to in fact be her mother.
Hart to Hart A New Kind of High (TV-PG) When a chemist working from Hart Industries is murdered, the Harts think the killer is a scientist who recently discovered how to create a new hallucinogen.
The Office Turf War (HD, TV-14) Jim and Dwight decide to join forces to outsmart a salesman from Scranton's sister city after Robert shuts down a nearby branch in a drunken fit.
The Office Free Family Portrait Studio (HD, TV-14) A diaper is stolen, unfolding into a high-speed pursuit; Andy gets an ex-boss's help on a takeover plot; Robert gets a business opportunity.
The Nanny A Star Is Unborn (TV-PG) An amateur director hires Fran to play the lead role in his Broadway play, but Maxwell learns that the director actually wants the production to fail.
The Nanny Pinske Business (TV-PG) Maxwell asks Fran to pretend to be C.C. in order to receive funding from an investor that C.C. assaulted in order to get a taxi cab.
The Nanny Stock Tip (TV-PG) Fran begins dating a man who tells her he works on Wall Street and convinces Maxwell to put a considerable amount of money into the stock market.
The Nanny The Whine Cellar (TV-PG) Fran throws a surprise birthday party for her mother at the Sheffield house; C.C. and Fran accidentally lock themselves in the wine cellar.
The Nanny Shopaholic (TV-PG) Fran falls into a depression after learning that her former fiancé is now engaged to a new woman; Fran attends a support group for her uncontrollable shopping.
The Nanny Oy Vey, You're Gay (TV-PG) Maxwell decides to transform his image by hiring a publicist, who proceeds to give him a 'bad boy' makeover; Maxwell begins to fall for his publicist.
Will & Grace Polk Defeats Truman (HD, TV-PG) Will's ego causes him to put his grass-roots clients to the curb; Grace rises to the challenge of helping Karen stick to a budget.
Will & Grace To Serve and Disinfect (HD, TV-PG) Will, unemployed, joins Jack's wait staff until he finds out their next gig is for the American Bar Association; Karen's naughty secret is out.
Will & Grace Homo for the Holidays (HD, TV-PG) Hoping to change the situation, Will and Grace invite Jack's mother to Thanksgiving dinner after they learn that she has no idea her son is gay.
Will & Grace Terms of Employment (HD, TV-PG) Grace hires Will to represent her when a client reneges on a contract; Jack and Karen are hired to write and act out a sexual harrassment video.
The Nanny Having His Baby (TV-PG) Fran contemplates being artificially inseminated after learning that her ex-fiancé has fathered a child; Fran agrees to look after a movie star's child.
The Nanny The Unkindest Gift (TV-PG) Fran and the Sheffield's travel to Hollywood in order to appear on a television show that is featuring a humorous home video that Fran sent in.
Will & Grace I Never Promised You an Olive Garden (HD, TV-14) Will and Grace find a new couple to dine with after they tire of Rob and Ellen's cheap taste in eateries; Jack joins Karen at a PTA meeting.
Will & Grace Tea and a Total Lack of Sympathy (HD, TV-14) Grace and Jack appear on "Antiques on the Road" and Jack hits on the host; their friendship is tested when they learn their teapot is worth $30,000.
Will & Grace Seeds of Discontent (HD, TV-PG) Will's best friend from high school asks if she can be artificially inseminated with Will's sperm, and Grace is none too pleased with the request.
Will & Grace He's Come Undone (HD, TV-14) Will has strange dreams after becoming upset that Grace is dating his therapist; Jack confronts Karen about the way she treats Rosario.
The Nanny Fashion Show (TV-PG) Fran becomes featured negatively in a fashion magazine after Maxwell leaves the house in a rush and brings her a handbag that doesn't match her outfit.
The Nanny Where's Fran? (TV-PG) Fran decides to quit after Maxwell hurts her feelings and refuses to apologize, but Maxwell realizes he has made a mistake attempts to find her.
Will & Grace Oh Dad, Poor Dad, He's Kept Me in the Closet and I'm So Sad (HD, TV-14) Will's father is getting an award at his company's banquet, but he wants Will to skip the event because his co-workers think he's married to Grace, not gay.
Will & Grace Acting Out (HD, TV-PG) Will and Jack go on the "Today Show" to protest NBC for their censorship of gay material, and Grace confides in Karen about her boyfriend.
Will & Grace Advise and Resent (HD, TV-14) Will is set up on a blind date by his boss; Karen gives Grace some advice on how she can get her timid boyfriend to be more forthcoming.
Will & Grace Hey La, Hey La, My Ex-Boyfriend's Back (HD, TV-14) Will thinks he has another shot with his ex-boyfriend who is Grace's new client; Karen wants to take her career more seriously, asking Grace for help.
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