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The Nanny Maggie's Wedding (TV-PG) Maggie accepts her boyfriend's offer to get married and move to Japan, but Maxwell refuses to give her permission; Fran attempts to meet her idol.
The Nanny The Baby Shower (TV-PG) Fran and Niles follow Maxwell and C.C. on a business trip after a fortune-teller predicts that Maxwell will end up in bed with a blue-eyed blonde.
The Nanny The Finale, Part 1 (TV-PG) C.C. runs off after Niles proposes for a third time; Fran starts to go into labor while she and C.C. are stuck in an elevator together.
The Nanny The Finale, Part 2 (TV-PG) C.C. and Niles decide to get married in Fran's hospital room while she is giving birth; Fran gives birth to the twins and prepares to start her new life.
Will & Grace An Old-Fashioned Piano Party (HD, TV-14) Grace buys an expensive piano in hopes of cementing her relationship with Will; Jack has a new found talent for writing trashy novels, which pleases Karen.
Will & Grace The Young and the Tactless (HD, TV-14) Will and Jack are out on the town with tickets to an exclusive club when Karen dumps her oblivious mother-in-law on them, but they have the time of their lives.
The Nanny Pilot (TV-PG) After being dumped by her fiancé and subsequently fired from his bridal shop, a downtrodden woman becomes a nanny for a wealthy family.
The Nanny Smoke Gets in Your Lies (TV-PG) Fran and Val inadvertently convince Brighton that he can increase his popularity with his classmates by taking up the habit of smoking.
The Nanny My Fair Nanny (TV-PG) Fran grows excited about the prospect of hosting a tea party for Maggie and her friends, but Maxwell and C.C. worry about her lack of sophistication.
The Nanny The Nuchslep (TV-PG) Fran is ordered to accompany Maggie on her date and act as chaperone, but problems arise when the young man begins to show affection towards Fran.
Will & Grace Sons and Lovers, Part 1 (HD, TV-14) Grace grows exhausted mediating between Will and her slovenly boyfriend, Nathan; Jack grows uneasy anticipating meeting his father for the first time.
Will & Grace Sons and Lovers, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Grace continues to begrudgingly play peacemaker between Will and her unrestrained boyfriend, Nathan; Jack gets the surprise of his life.
Ironside No Motive for Murder (TV-PG) The son of one of Ironside's old friends call him concerned about his father's safety, so Ironside heads to Tokyo to find out who would hurt the old man.
Ironside But When She Was Bad (TV-PG) Ironside tries to prove that a recently released convict is guilty of murdering a police officer, so the man tries to escape by having Ironside killed.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Life Work of Juan Diaz (TV-PG) A woman takes her husband's mummified body from a graveyard worker and winds up using it to bring money into the household for her children.
Will & Grace Crouching Father, Hidden Husband (HD, TV-PG) Jack asks Grace to be Elliot's date at his junior high school dance, and Karen heedlessly summons Will, her new lawyer, for emergencies.
Will & Grace Prison Blues (HD, TV-14) After Stan is arrested for tax evasion, Grace moves in with Karen for moral support, but the high life rubs off on Grace and she becomes unbearable.
Will & Grace Loose Lips Sink Relationships (HD, TV-14) Sneaky Jack manipulates Will and his supervisor at Barney's in order to get a night off work; Grace commits a relationship no-no by comparing lovers.
Will & Grace The Rules of Engagement (HD, TV-14) Nathan falls short when he proposes to Grace during a very intimate time; Will embarks on a mission to teach Jack and Karen the rules of bar-tipping.
Make Room for Daddy Pupa from Italy (TV-G) Danny imports a girl from Italy to sing at the Copa Club, but soon discovers she has stopped performing pop music in favor of opera music.
Make Room for Daddy Pupa's Pooch (TV-G) Danny has to try and figure out how to rescue the Italian singer's dog, who has been quarantined on the journey to America.
The Nanny Here Comes the Brood (TV-PG) C.C. attempts to prove that she is as fun and nurturing as Fran by taking the children out for a day of fun, but the experience results in Grace running away.
The Nanny The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother (TV-PG) When one of Fran's wealthy relatives comes for a visit, Fran pretends that she owns the Sheffield's home and convinces Niles to pose as her husband.
The Nanny Imaginary Friend (TV-PG) Grace becomes traumatized over the loss of her imaginary friend after Fran accidentally eats her; Maggie learns to play the piano.
The Nanny Christmas Episode (TV-PG) Maxwell must miss Christmas with his family; Fran buys the children expensive gifts only to learn that her Christmas bonus is not what she had imagined.
Will & Grace Bed, Bath and Beyond (HD, TV-PG) Will, Jack and Karen each use their own antics to try to bring Grace out of her bed-ridden, grief-stricken state after breaking up with her boyfriend, Nathan.
Will & Grace Star-Spangled Banter (HD, TV-PG) On opposing sides during the New York City mayoral election, Grace sides with the Jewish candidate while Will is backing the gay nominee.
The Nanny Personal Business (TV-PG) Maxwell wants a popular soap-opera star to take the lead role in his play, but the actor will only agree if Maxwell sets him up on a date with Fran.
The Nanny The Nanny-in-Law (TV-PG) Maxwell's former nanny arrives for a visit and makes changes to the children's behavior, forcing them to all dress alike and putting them on strict schedules.
The Nanny A Plot for Nanny (TV-PG) Fran becomes shocked when she discovers that the mortuary manager she has begun seeing has decided to enroll in a school for clowns.
The Nanny The Show Must Go On (TV-PG) Fran becomes the director for Grace's school play, but Maxwell soon determines that he would be a better fit for the job and decides to take the reins.
Will & Grace Stakin' Care of Business (HD, TV-PG) Will sees a guy at the gym that he cannot place and it drives him to distraction; Grace stoops to a new low and asks Karen for a loan.
Will & Grace Jingle Balls (HD, TV-14) Grace is hired to decorate the front store window of Barney's; Will is embarrassed to introduce his friends to the ballet dancer he likes.
The Nanny Maggie the Model (TV-PG) A world-renowned former supermodel arrives at the Sheffield home and begins to convince Maggie that she would be an ideal fashion model.
The Nanny The Family Plumbing (TV-PG) When the Sheffield house begins to experience plumbing problems, Fran is able to convince Maxwell to hire her uncle; Brighton falls for a girl.
The Nanny Deep Throat (TV-PG) While examining Grace for the flu, a doctor looks at Fran's throat and orders her to have her tonsils out; Maxwell stresses after Fran says that she loves him.
The Nanny Schlepped Away (TV-PG) The Sheffield clan gets snowed in at Fran's parents' house; Fran finds a love note written to her mother and suspects that she is cheating.
Will & Grace Dyeing is Easy, Comedy is Hard (HD, TV-PG) Elliot's mother, Bonnie, gets irate when Jack lets him bleach his hair; Grace attends her ex-fiancé's wedding with Will, who poses as a tennis pro.
Will & Grace A Chorus Lie (HD, TV-14) Jack uses Grace as date-bait to prove that his rival for a spot in a gay chorus line that will tour Europe is, in fact, a heterosexual.
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The Nanny Stop the Wedding, I Want to Get Off (TV-PG) Maxwell's sister arrives at the Sheffield home for a visit and decides to use the occasion to organize a wedding with her fiancé, a wealthy English duke.
The Nanny Sunday in the Park with Fran (TV-PG) C.C. attempts to ensure a positive review for Maxwell's new play by having Fran chaperone a play-date between Grace and the son of a prominent film critic.
The Nanny The Gym Teacher (TV-PG) Fran is at a loss when she discovers that Maggie has the same gym teacher that she had when she was in school; Maxwell must deal with an unruly actor.
The Nanny Ode to Barbra Joan (TV-PG) When C.C.'s father invites Fran to attend a Barbra Streisand concert, Fran realizes that C.C. is jealous and wonders whether she should pass on going.
Will & Grace Cheatin' Trouble Blues (HD, TV-PG) Will is excited to present his reconciled parents with a cruise on their anniversary, but he soon finds out they each have a secret.
Will & Grace Went to a Garden Potty (HD, TV-PG) Will's parents divorce so he inherits a garden gnome, Squatsie, and plants the childhood relic in his apartment's community area, but its visit is short-lived.
The Nanny Frannie's Choice (TV-PG) Fran's ex-fiancé proposes to her, forcing her to make a decision between marrying her sweetheart and staying with the Sheffields as a nanny.
The Nanny I Don't Remember Mama (TV-PG) Maxwell attempts to keep his children's minds off of his deceased wife as Mother's Day approaches; Grace and Fran enter a mother-daughter beauty pageant.
The Nanny Fran Lite (TV-PG) Maxwell begins dating a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Fran; Brighton has a difficult time at school because he is smaller than everyone else.
The Nanny The Playwright (TV-PG) Fran attempts to convince Brighton to take his science partner to the school dance; a playwright threatens to jump out a window unless Maxwell reads his play.
Will & Grace Fagel Attraction (HD, TV-14) Will goes undercover with a police officer who takes special interest in the case of his stolen laptop; Grace's psycho neighbor, Val, steals her ideas.
Will & Grace Hocus Focus (HD, TV-14) Will takes Grace to an offbeat celebrity photographer after he wins a session at an auction; Jack uses Karen as his assistant in his new performance.
Ironside Unreasonable Facsimile (TV-PG) A series of bank robberies appear to be the work of a recently released ex-convict, but Ironside believes that the crimes may simply be copycats.
Ironside Find a Victim (TV-PG) Ironside works a case on a robber who is stealing from a criminal organization, and solving the case could also end up saving the man's life.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Lonely Place (TV-PG) A woman takes pity on a passing hobo, but his behavior becomes more and more threatening toward her, and her husband won't do anything about it.
Will & Grace Fagel Attraction (HD, TV-14) Will goes undercover with a police officer who takes special interest in the case of his stolen laptop; Grace's psycho neighbor, Val, steals her ideas.
Will & Grace Hocus Focus (HD, TV-14) Will takes Grace to an offbeat celebrity photographer after he wins a session at an auction; Jack uses Karen as his assistant in his new performance.
Will & Grace A Buncha of White Chicks Sittin' Around Talkin (HD, TV-PG) Grace is astounded when Will asks her to be the mother of his child; Karen and Jack are inspired by Will's "carpe diem" attitude.
Will & Grace A.I.: Artificial Insemination, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Obstacles arise after Will and Grace decide to have a baby together; Jack is fed up with his career, and he considers giving up show-business for good.
Make Room for Daddy Pupa Loves Rusty (TV-G) Rusty attempts to get to know Pupa by speaking to her Italian; what he does not realize is he has accidentally proposed to her, and she accepts.
Make Room for Daddy Beautiful Lady (TV-G) Danny reconnects with a tomboy girl named Moose that used to play on his baseball team from grammar school and finds himself attracted to her.
The Nanny Everybody Needs a Bubby Sometimes (TV-PG) Fran's grandmother is invited to stay at the Sheffield's house while her retirement home is being fumigated, but Maxwell worries about the woman's bad advice.
The Nanny Material Fran (TV-PG) A friend sets Fran up with a wealthy older man who enjoys spending his money on her; Maxwell and Fran chaperone Maggie at a concert.
The Nanny Curse of the Grandmas (TV-PG) Grace begins to think that she is very bad luck when every elderly person that she volunteers to spend time with suddenly dies on her.
The Nanny The Nanny Napper (TV-PG) Fran accidentally brings another woman's baby home, prompting the police to arrest her for kidnapping; Niles pays a call girl to pretend to be C.C.'s friend.
Will & Grace A.I.: Artificial Insemination, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Will and Grace wonder if they may have to resort to natural conception, and Jack calls on his greatest inspiration for career advice.
Will & Grace Bacon and Eggs (HD, TV-14) When Jack is hired as a personal assistant to Kevin Bacon after secretly stalking him, Kevin's first assignment is to find the identity of his stalker.
The Nanny A Star Is Unborn (TV-PG) An amateur director hires Fran to play the lead role in his Broadway play, but Maxwell learns that the director actually wants the production to fail.
The Nanny Pinske Business (TV-PG) Maxwell asks Fran to pretend to be C.C. in order to receive funding from an investor that C.C. assaulted in order to get a taxi cab.
The Nanny Stock Tip (TV-PG) Fran begins dating a man who tells her he works on Wall Street and convinces Maxwell to put a considerable amount of money into the stock market.
The Nanny The Whine Cellar (TV-PG) Fran throws a surprise birthday party for her mother at the Sheffield house; C.C. and Fran accidentally lock themselves in the wine cellar.
Will & Grace It's the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (HD, TV-PG) Grace tries to please Leo by participating in an arduous and scary bike ride in the Catskills, but soon must disclose she is not the outdoorsy type.
Will & Grace Boardroom and a Parked Place (HD, TV-PG) Will is recruited by a senior partner to do the man's dirty work; Grace and Jack discover that Karen is broke and living in her limo.
The Nanny When You Pish Upon a Star (TV-PG) Fran is tasked with looking after an obnoxious child star who has agreed to play the lead in Maxwell's newest Broadway production.
The Nanny Take Back Your Mink (TV-PG) Fran inherits a mink coat from her great-aunt, but she faces a dilemma when Maggie becomes upset due to her stance against using animal products.
The Nanny The Strike (TV-PG) Maxwell gets bad publicity when the media captures him forcefully making Fran cross a picket line, so they try to settle the issue by appearing on a talk show.
The Nanny I've Got a Secret (TV-PG) Maxwell invites a high-profile celebrity to recuperate at the Sheffield house following plastic surgery, and Fran attempts to discover who the mystery guest is.
Will & Grace Marry Me a Little, Marry Me a Little More, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) With Grace marrying Leo, Will is feeling left out and upset over losing his best friend and feels uneasy about the groom and his past.
Will & Grace The Honeymoon's Over (HD, TV-PG) The Palace Hotel kicks Karen out, so Will takes pity and lets her move in with him; Jack loses his style hiding out from the "Gay Mafia."
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