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Good Times Florida's Favorite Passenger, Part 1 (TV-PG) Florida suspects a student may have hearing issues, but she encounters resistance from the child's mother who takes exception to Florida's concern.
Good Times Florida's Favorite Passenger, Part 2 (TV-PG) After a near fatal accident, Larry's mother finally comes to terms with his hearing problem and allows Florida to take him to the doctor to be tested.
Married ... with Children Yard Sale (TV-14) Al throws a yard sale to get rid of junk after he discovers Peg's new purchases, but no one seems to be interested in the Bundy's junk.
Married ... with Children We'll Follow the Sun (TV-14) The Bundy family plans to go on a vacation during Labor Day weekend, but they spend the entire weekend trapped in traffic on a Chicago highway.
Married ... with Children Al ... with Kelly (TV-14) To avoid going with Peg and Bud to Wanker County, Al and Kelly pretend to be sick, but Kelly really becomes sick and Al must care for her all week.
Married ... with Children Sue Casa, His Casa (TV-14) Marcy is the witness when, after Al decides they don't need car insurance, Bud gets in a car accident and countersues the other driver.
Good Times Blood Will Tell (TV-PG) An ailing Sweet Daddy Williams dispatches his fear-inducing sidekicks to bring J.J. to the hospital in the hopes of having the eldest Evans son donate blood.
Good Times Where Have All the Doctors Gone? (TV-PG) Penny is left in Florida's care when Willona has to go out of town, but Penny comes down with a serious virus and must go to the doctor.
Married ... with Children Kelly Bounces Back (TV-14) Kelly is presented with the opportunity to participate in auditions for a position that involves being the spokesperson for the new Allante car.
Married ... with Children Married ... with Aliens (TV-14) After Al suffers from a bump on the head, he believes he sees a group of small green aliens enter his room to steal his socks for rocket fuel.
Married ... with Children Wabbit Season (TV-14) Al's long-time dream of having an outstanding and large vegetable garden is ruined by a rabbit's immediate interest in the fresh vegetables.
Married ... with Children Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (TV-14) After Al is seen moving a very heavy and very large couch by a group of neighborhood women, he becomes known as the resident stud.
Good Times J.J. and T.C. (TV-PG) Bookman's tomboyish helper wants nothing more than for J.J. to escort her to a dance, but he fails to recognize her well-disguised femininity.
Good Times The Art Contest (TV-PG) J.J. discovers he has made a colossal error in judgment by asking Bookman to transport his paintings to a panel of art competition judges.
Married ... with Children Married ... with Who (TV-14) When Marcy spends the weekend at a banking convention, she has one drink too many and wakes up the next morning to discover she has married a stranger.
Married ... with Children The Godfather (TV-14) When Kelly begins dating a 41-year-old gentleman with the right connections, Al suddenly becomes known as the neighborhood godfather.
Married ... with Children Look Who's Barking (TV-14) Buck brings a female dog into the Bundy's house, but he feels neglected when the family only cares about the new dog and ignores him.
Married ... with Children A Man's Castle (TV-14) Upon completing classes at a school for decorating, Peg makes Al's bathroom sanctuary her first project and proceeds to drench the entire room in pink paint.
The Unit The Broom Cupboard (HD, TV-PG) Jonas meets the son of an Asian king after being told to do so by the president but has to keep his meeting a secret from the others; surprise engagement party.
The Unit Sub Conscious (HD, TV-PG) A spy overhears Kim describing an unusual dream to the other wives, jeopardizing the Unit's mission in North Korea and putting Bob's career in jeopardy.
True Justice Urban Warfare (TV-14) The SIU's future faces uncertainty, and when a new lieutenant arrives, personalities clash as a serial rapist targets female leaders throughout the community.
Married ... with Children Al on the Rocks (TV-14) Peg kicks Bud and Kelly out of the house in order to prevent Steven from falling ill, and Al must work as a topless bartender to pay for Seven's doctor bills.
Married ... with Children What I Did for Love (TV-14) Peggy wishes Al would be more intimate with her when they're in bed and purchases a few sexy dresses in an attempt to get him interested in sex.
Married ... with Children Frat Chance (TV-14) Bud desperately wants to meet some gorgeous women, but a lack of success leads him to become the founder of an outlandish new fraternity.
Married ... with Children The Chicago Wine Party (TV-14) When the city threatens to impose a beer tax of two cents, the Bundys join forces with citizens who oppose the proposal and vote against it.
Married ... with Children Kelly Doesn't Live Here Anymore (TV-14) When Al demands that Kelly find a job and begin earning her money, she finds an opening at a restaurant for a waitress and she immediately applies.
Married ... with Children Rock of Ages (TV-14) Everyone in the Bundy family attempts to play the part of rock and roll stars in hopes of gaining admission to an exclusive new lounge club.
Good Times The Physical (TV-PG) Florida must take and pass a physical examination to keep her bus driving job, but worries that she will fail when Michael's arrest upsets her.
Good Times A Matter of Mothers (TV-PG) Willona's new beau doles out pricey gifts despite their relationship only being two months old, but she soon learns he isn't who he appears to be.
Married ... with Children Weenie Tot Lovers & Other Strangers (TV-14) Al has to choose whether to spend his money on Bud's visit to the White House or to pay for Kelly to enter a Miss Weenie Tot contest.
Married ... with Children Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do? (TV-14) Al and Peggy take over Marcy's house when they go to watch a movie there; Bud takes a girl to a concert; Kelly baby-sits horrible children.
Married ... with Children You Better Shop Around, Part 1 (TV-14) The Bundys are forced to move into a supermarket after Al's new air conditioner causes a massive blackout in the whole neighborhood.
Married ... with Children You Better Shop Around, Part 2 (TV-14) Both the Bundy family and the D'Arcys compete to see who can spend the $1,000 shopping spree first, while Kelly and Bud annoy the judge.
Good Times The Evans' Dilemma (TV-PG) Keith's search for a job results in bizarre behavior that everyone suspects is not just frustration from being out of work, but rather a bigger problem.
Good Times Cousin Raymond (TV-PG) Florida's cousin comes to town bearing expensive presents, but she disagrees with how he earns a living and refuses to accept his gift of a new apartment.
Married ... with Children Buck the Stud (TV-14) A strange man randomly approaches the Bundy family and offers to pay them $10,000 if they will allow Buck to breed with his own canine.
Married ... with Children She's Having My Baby, Part 1 (TV-14) Marcy and Peggy become excited when they discover they have both gotten pregnant, but while Jefferson seems excited, Al seems horrified.
Married ... with Children She's Having My Baby, Part 2 (TV-14) Al runs off to a bus station in order to escape from Peggy's constant demands, and Jefferson follows his lead by running away from Marcy.
Married ... with Children If Al Had a Hammer (TV-14) Al builds a private room for himself, using the Bundy hammer; Bud starts going by "Grandmaster B," but nobody can remember his nickname.
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Good Times The End of the Rainbow (TV-PG) The Evans family and Willona finally have good fortune bestowed upon each of them as J.J. receives a job offer and Keith reveals news about his football career.
Good Times Too Old Blues (TV-PG) James is rejected for a job because of his age but Florida and the kids get ahead of themselves and plan a big party to celebrate.
Married ... with Children Buck Has a Belly Ache (TV-14) Peggy is overcome with jealousy of Buck when the family gives him all the attention, causing her to flee home and go to Wanker County.
Married ... with Children If I Could See Me Now (TV-14) Bud and Kelly attempt to convince Al to visit the optometrist for a pair of glasses after causing numerous minor accidents around the house.
Married ... with Children God's Shoes (TV-14) After having an extremely inspirational vision of God, Al is overcome with the desire to begin constructing the perfect pair of shoes.
Married ... with Children Kelly Does Hollywood, Part 1 (TV-14) Kelly is presented with the opportunity to host her own talk show and the other television networks begin to express interest in it.
All in the Family All in the Family Retrospective, Part 3 (TV-PG) The creator of "All in the Family" presents clips featuring his choices for some of the most memorable, funny and controversial moments from the show.
All in the Family Archie's Brief Encounter, Part 1 (TV-PG) Archie feels neglected with Edith spending time working at the retirement home, so he seeks attention by agreeing to go on a date with an attractive waitress.
All in the Family Archie's Brief Encounter, Part 2 (TV-PG) Archie is completely devastated and forlorn after Edith leaves him because of his ill-considered indiscretions with a pretty, young waitress.
All in the Family Archie's Brief Encounter, Part 3 (TV-PG) Edith still doesn't want to hear anything from Archie, so Mike and Gloria try to intervene in the argument before it becomes too late.
All in the Family The Bunkers and Inflation (TV-PG) Edith and Archie both learn separately that Archie's union is going on strike, but they try to keep the news from each other so their anniversary isn't ruined.
All in the Family Archie Underfoot (TV-PG) With Archie's union striking, Edith struggles to manage the dwindling family income, while Archie is stuck at the house with nothing to do except annoy others.
Good Times Black Jesus (TV-PG) J.J.'s artistic rendition of Jesus becomes a good luck charm for the family, despite misgivings from Florida who becomes enraged when the painting is mounted.
Good Times Getting Up the Rent (TV-PG) When the Evans family faces eviction, James tries to hustle up the rent money; Florida is hospitalized in order to have her appendix removed.
Married ... with Children So This Is How Sinatra Felt (TV-14) Peggy becomes suspicious and begins to believe that Al is having an affair behind her back, so she sends Kelly and Bud to keep an eye on him.
Married ... with Children I Who Have Nothing (TV-14) Al discovers that he truly has no possessions of his own, and decides to get back one of the things that had meant a lot to him, his championship game ball.
Married ... with Children The Mystery of Skull Island (TV-14) Bud takes an extreme sports competitor out on a date while Marcy and Jefferson compete in a relationship board game with Peggy and Al.
Married ... with Children Just Shoe It (TV-14) Al's pleasant surprise over being picked to star in a coming shoe commercial leads to his getting kicked around by some famous athletes.
The Unit Johnny B. Good (HD, TV-PG) The Unit is assigned to plant "sniffers" to detect radiation in Iran, but when things go awry, Mack faces a difficult decision regarding their guide's fate.
The Unit The Water is Wide (HD, TV-PG) During a mission to protect a Middle Eastern dignitary at the UN, a bomb is found in the office of the Secretary General, calling for the team to diffuse it.
True Justice Payback (TV-14) As Kane and his team prepare to testify against Nicoli Putin in court for charges of murder, they are suddenly ambushed by elite Soviet veterans.
Married ... with Children Death of a Shoe Salesman (TV-14) Peggy comes to feel left out when Al reserves his grave site, which is located between the graves of a western movie star and a mule.
Married ... with Children Old College Try (TV-14) When Bud receives a large sum of money from a college grant, Al and Peggy selfishly waste the money on personal items and luxuries.
Married ... with Children Christmas (TV-14) Al is consumed by memories when he reminisces about the numerous different ways the Bundy family has celebrated Christmas over previous years.
Married ... with Children The Wedding Show (TV-14) Al's patience is tested when Peg cannot decide on attire for a wedding; Bud becomes acquainted with the bride while Kelly makes friends with the bridesmaids.
Married ... with Children It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This (TV-14) Peggy and Marcy get caught up in an argument while accompanying Al on his fishing trip; Jefferson blows Marcy's money with the kids.
Married ... with Children Heels on Wheels (TV-14) Al, Peggy and Bud all worry about Kelly's safety when they discover that she has turned to the wild side and purchased a motorcycle.
Good Times God's Business Is Good Business (TV-PG) An old friend of James, who is now a shady televangelist, visits the Evans apartment and offers James a job that would pay $100 a day.
Good Times Michael Gets Suspended (TV-PG) When Michael's controversial views on George Washington get him kicked out of school, James and Florida try to persuade him to apologize.
Married ... with Children My Dinner with Anthrax (TV-14) Bud wins a "Dinner with Anthrax" contest and sends Al and Peg away on a timeshare vacation to Florida while Anthrax visits the house.
Married ... with Children Psychic Avengers (TV-14) Jefferson lets Al in on the secret of his psychic phone scam, but the Bundy family soon takes over the growing business.
Married ... with Children High I.Q. (TV-14) Bud becomes suspicious when Kelly receives an invitation to a party for intelligent people; Al and Jefferson team up to repair an old workbench.
Married ... with Children Teacher Pets (TV-14) Bud juggles two women at once, one being his English teacher; the family ignores Peggy when she is sick; Al gets free pizza by attending children's parties.
Good Times Sex and the Evans Family (TV-PG) Florida finds what she believes to be a dirty story called, "Sexual Behavior in the Ghetto" and discovers that it belongs to Thelma's latest boyfriend.
Good Times Junior Gets a Patron (TV-PG) An affluent businessman offers to be a sponsor for J.J.'s blossoming art career, but James puts a stop to the plans when he discovers the man is his enemy.
Married ... with Children England Show I (TV-14) While on a vacation in England, the Bundy family learns that a small English village is under the impression the Bundy men caused a curse.
Married ... with Children England Show II: Wastin' the Company's Money (TV-14) The Bundy family enjoys their first day in England and then heads to the village that believes Bundy men are cursed, oblivious to the circulating myth.
Married ... with Children England Show III: We're Spending as Fast as We Can (TV-14) Al is forced to participate in a jousting tournament in the English village in order to protect his life, as well as the lives of his family members.
Married ... with Children Magnificent Seven (TV-14) Much to Al's surprise and dismay, he and Peggy are responsible for another child when Peggy's relatives leave their young son at the Bundy household.
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