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Hot in Cleveland LeBron is Le Gone (HD, TV-PG) Melanie dates a basketball coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers who is still sore over the loss of the team's star player; Victoria becomes a news anchor.
Hot in Cleveland Elka's Snowbird (HD, TV-PG) Elka tries to charm Max into spending the winter in Cleveland; Melanie and Joy wreak havoc when they agree to work together at a senior center.
Married ... with Children Build a Better Mousetrap (TV-14) Al goes on the hunt for a mouse that is loose in the house and it gives him the runaround, but he is determined to kill it, even if he has to destroy the house.
Married ... with Children Master the Possibilities (TV-14) The Bundy family receives a credit card in Buck's name and decides to use it as their own under the impression they won't have to pay for it.
Married ... with Children Peggy Loves Al, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (TV-14) On Valentine's Day, Kelly has several suitors; Steve is taking Marcy to Hawaii; Bud watches the mailbox for his valentine; Peg wants Al to say he loves her.
Married ... with Children The Great Escape (TV-14) While their home is being purged of termites the Bundy family has to sleep at the shoe store, which makes Kelly's plans for sneaking out more difficult.
Hot in Cleveland How I Met My Mother (HD, TV-PG) Joy receives a surprise visit from the son that she gave up for adoption when she was a teenager; Victoria's prison pen pal is way to pay her a visit.
Hot in Cleveland Unseparated at Birthdates (HD, TV-PG) The ladies fix each other up on blind dates, during which Elka hides her intellect in order to attract a man and Melanie must contend with an arrogant suitor.
Married ... with Children Father Lode (TV-14) When Al wins at the race track, he tries to keep it a secret from Peg, but she soon figures it out and begins taking money from his wallet.
Married ... with Children All in the Family (TV-14) When Peg's unsophisticated relatives stop in for a visit, her bickering uncles and singing aunts interrupt Al's plan to relax and enjoy a John Wayne movie.
Married ... with Children He Thought He Could (TV-14) Al returns to the old library he frequented as a child to return a book he has had since 1957 and encounters the same overweight librarian.
Married ... with Children I'm Going to Sweatland (TV-14) Peg thinks that she had an Elvis sighting at the mall and when Marcy takes notice of a sweat stain on Al's shirt in the shape of the King, fans come running.
Married ... with Children NO MA'AM (TV-14) After women take over his favorite topless bar and bowling alley, Al starts an organization dedicated to reclaiming them for the guys.
Married ... with Children Change for a Buck (TV-14) After hastily running away from the Bundy household, Buck finds himself being forced to take shelter behind bars at the local dog pound.
Married ... with Children A Little off the Top (TV-14) When a rookie surgeon misinterprets the doctor's instructions prior to a medical procedure, Al mistakenly receives a circumcision.
Married ... with Children The Worst Noel (TV-14) Kelly and Bud try to sneak a jukebox, their Christmas present for Al and Peggy, into the house on Christmas Eve while Al and Peggy argue over channel surfing.
Hot in Cleveland Bad George Clooney (HD, TV-PG) The ladies take their puppy, George Clooney, to a pet therapist; however, the therapist blames the girls for George's bad behavior and doles out assignments.
Hot in Cleveland Bucket: We're Going to New York (HD, TV-PG) Victoria has plans to come clean about something to her longtime friend, Maddie, but she gets cold feet; the ladies cross some things off their bucket lists.
Married ... with Children Sofa So Good (TV-14) When Kelly's boyfriend ruins Peggy's beloved couch while the parents are away at a reunion, Bud and Kelly rush to find a replacement.
Married ... with Children Honey, I Blew up Myself (TV-14) Al finds himself getting increasingly annoyed by a larger-than-life billboard bearing a picture of Peggy which has been placed by his shoestore in the mall.
Married ... with Children How Green Was My Apple (TV-14) Possession of an apple tree sparks a feud between the Bundys and the D'Arcys that escalates into all-out war after Peggy misses her beloved Oprah.
Married ... with Children Valentine's Day Massacre (TV-14) Bud searches for an old Valentine because he never received the letter she had once sent to him; Al goes shopping for Peggy on Valentine's Day.
Hot in Cleveland Undercover Lovers (HD, TV-PG) Joy and Bob decide to pose as a couple to go undercover, but lines become blurred; Elka learns that she has a new political rival.
Hot in Cleveland I Just Met the Man I'm Going to Marry (HD, TV-PG) The ladies go to watch Victoria announce the Oscar nominations; Elka gets campaign advice; Victoria fears the future; Joy meets the man she's going to marry.
Hot in Cleveland Dancing Queens (HD, TV-PG) The ladies search for non-threatening men to take them dancing in the Cleveland night scene; Elka has a violent confrontation with an old rival.
Hot in Cleveland The Emmy Show (HD, TV-PG) Victoria's daughter comes for a visit with the intention of publishing a tell-all book about her childhood, and Victoria tries to change the young woman's mind.
Married ... with Children A Dump of My Own (TV-14) Al decides to develop a new plan to construct his ultimate dream room, which is an executive type bathroom in the garage for his personal use.
Married ... with Children Her Cups Runneth Over (TV-14) Al and Steve have an extraordinary day planned as they head off to an expensive lingerie shop to buy Peg a new bra for her birthday.
Married ... with Children The Bald and the Beautiful (TV-14) Steve convinces Al that he is also losing his hair, but he is really just upset that he might be losing his own hair and wants to drag Al down with him.
Married ... with Children The Gypsy Cried (TV-14) Marcy becomes worried when a psychic tells her she is going to die after the psychic's predictions for Al, Peggy and Steve all actually happen.
Hot in Cleveland Indecent Proposals (HD, TV-PG) Melanie writes an inspiring magazine article; Elka receives a shocking proposal from an acquaintance while Victoria gives a former flame a heart attack.
Hot in Cleveland Bridezelka (HD, TV-PG) When the ladies convince Elka to have a lavish wedding ceremony, they are forced to do her bidding when she transforms into a high-maintenance bride-to-be.
Married ... with Children Eatin' Out (TV-14) Al forgets his wallet when he takes the family out for a nice dinner and asks Kelly and Bud to retrieve it, but they ditch their parents instead.
Married ... with Children My Mom, The Mom (TV-14) Peg attends career day for mothers at Kelly's school and ends up teaching everyone a lesson or two, while Bud learns to appreciate the value of money.
Married ... with Children Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me (TV-14) Kelly plays a practical joke on the school's dance club and is forced to either join them in a tap dancing performance or face being kicked out of school.
Married ... with Children A Three Job, No Income Family (TV-14) When Peg starts earning more money than Al by selling cosmetics, Al decides to get a second job so as not to be outdone by his wife.
Hot in Cleveland Beards (HD, TV-PG) The girls accompany Victoria on an A-list gay cruise, where Victoria and Joy have a difficult time maintaining their fake relationship.
Hot in Cleveland Funeral Crashers (HD, TV-PG) When Melanie's dress is lost by her dry cleaner, the ladies must crash a funeral in order to get it back; Elka is reunited with a man from her past.
Married ... with Children Married ... with Prom Queen (TV-14) At Al and Peggy's high school reunion, Peggy wants desperately to be the prom queen, but another woman seems to be gaining the majority of the votes.
Married ... with Children Married ... with Prom Queen: The Sequel (TV-14) Peggy tries hard to obtain more votes for prom queen, but most people are voting for Connie; Bud and Kelly dress up as hippies and visit the prom.
Married ... with Children The Dateless Amigo (TV-14) When both of his best friends acquire dates, Bud begins to desperately and frantically search for a girl who would be willing to go on a date with him.
Married ... with Children The Computer Show (TV-14) Steve and Marcy finally convince Peg to purchase a computer for her family, but there is one problem--no one finds the computer to be useful.
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Hot in Cleveland How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway? (HD, TV-PG) While waiting in a long line for the bathroom at a Cleveland sporting event, Melanie, Joy and Victoria pass the time by telling Elka the story of how they met.
Hot in Cleveland Two Girls and a Rhino (HD, TV-PG) Joy and Elka are shocked to learn that their combined scents work as an aphrodisiac for the nearly extinct Black Rhinos; Victoria dates a janitor.
Married ... with Children Hot off the Grill (TV-14) Al gets excited when he sees Peggy preparing for the yearly barbecue, but it turns out worse than he thought when Marcy's dead aunt makes an appearance.
Married ... with Children Dead Men Don't Do Aerobics (TV-14) Peggy ends up in a battle of the wills with a Chicago health guru after she wins a free week of training with him, but her way of living seems to win out.
Married ... with Children Buck Saves the Day (TV-14) Kelly and Bud scheme to go to a concert by swindling Peg's friends out of money in a poker match; Bud talks his dad into chaperoning an all-kids camping trip.
Married ... with Children Tooth or Consequences (TV-14) When Al agrees to go to Marcy's dentist, it becomes obviously apparent that the dentist is involved in a relationship with his assistant.
Hot in Cleveland Life with Lucci (HD, TV-PG) Victoria becomes suspicious when her arch nemesis Susan Lucci when she shows up seeking advice about dealing with being out of work.
Hot in Cleveland I'm with the Band (HD, TV-PG) When Johnny Revere records a benefit song in Cleveland, Victoria contemplates rekindling their romance; Joy decides that she wants to be a rock star.
Married ... with Children Desperately Seeking Miss October (TV-14) When a woman who has posed for a men's magazine enters the store, Al goes to check his Playboy collection for her issue only to find that Peg has sold them.
Married ... with Children 976-SHOE (TV-14) Al puts Steve in a bad position at work, jeopardizing Steve's career, when he takes out a $50,000 loan from the bank to start a shoe hotline.
Married ... with Children Oh, What a Feeling (TV-14) Al's hopes of driving around town in a shiny, new automobile are instantly dashed when he discovers his stash has been depleted by Peg's incessant spending.
Married ... with Children At the Zoo (TV-14) Marcy becomes very upset with Steve when she discovers he went to the zoo with the Bundy family instead of searching for a new job like he promised.
Married ... with Children Kelly Takes a Shot (TV-14) Kelly desires to get a much-needed acting gig in an upcoming commercial, but circumstances of the ad force her to learn how to handle a bow and arrow.
Married ... with Children 25 Years and What Do You Get? (TV-14) Buck manages to get a hold of Al's wedding anniversary present for Peggy and buries it in the backyard, which causes trouble for Al.
Married ... with Children Ship Happens, Part 1 (TV-14) Peggy enters a contest and wins a Caribbean cruise, so the D'Arcys make arrangements to accompany the Bundy family upon their maritime adventure.
Married ... with Children Ship Happens, Part 2 (TV-14) When the cruise ship, "The Sea Dodge," sinks, the Bundys and the D'Arcys tropical vacation to the Caribbean ends abruptly and unhappily.
Hot in Cleveland Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles (HD, TV-PG) The ladies travel to Los Angeles in order to meet Zed Simms, the creator of Victoria's new show, and Elka tries to convince Zed to move production to Cleveland.
Hot in Cleveland Bossy Cups (HD, TV-PG) Joy helps Victoria make lifestyle videos for her website; Melanie attempts to install shelving all by herself; Elka stirs up romance with Jim.
Married ... with Children Something Larry This Way Comes (TV-14) Kelly's acting teacher, Larry Storch, has plans to visit the Bundy house, but he gets knocked out by Gary and Al must help rescue Kelly.
Married ... with Children And Bingo Was Her Game-O (TV-14) Peg manages to win 10,000 dollars by playing in a local bingo tournament; Al and his fellow club members attempt to decide upon their official beer.
Married ... with Children User Friendly (TV-14) Bud participates in a virtual reality sex experiment with Amber; Al and his friends try to figure out what a light switch does that isn't connected to anything.
Married ... with Children Pump Fiction (TV-14) Kelly and Al produce a movie together about shoes for her acting class project and they receive a $10,000 grant to produce another one.
Hot in Cleveland Naked and Afraid (HD, TV-PG) Elka hosts a party to influence the vote of a political opponent; Melanie questions her cute neighbor, Jack, to see just how much of her he has really seen.
Hot in Cleveland Tazed and Confused (HD, TV-PG) Victoria goes on a ride-along with Joy and Bob to prepare for her detective role; at Stomi's, Elka and Melanie challenge Agnes and Mona to a game competition.
Hot in Cleveland Hot & Heavy (HD, TV-PG) In an effort to win a local award, Victoria goes to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting wearing a suit that makes her appear larger than she actually is.
Hot in Cleveland Rubber Ball (HD, TV-PG) The ladies want to join a prestigious Cleveland country club, but the club's president has a long, tumultuous history with Elka and is seeking revenge.
Married ... with Children Who'll Stop the Rain? (TV-14) Al aggravates his entire family when his foolish pride causes him to adopt a "do-it-yourself" attitude about repairing the leaky roof.
Married ... with Children A Taxing Problem (TV-14) Al must find a way to make money for an audit after Peg lies on the taxes, and when a couple offers to pay for Peg's hair, he must persuade her to sell it.
Married ... with Children Rock and Roll Girl (TV-14) Bud voluntarily enlists himself to be Kelly's agent when she decides she wants to pursue a career as a famous rock and roll singer.
Married ... with Children You Gotta Know When To Fold 'Em, Part 1 (TV-14) To help her recover from her recent and rough divorce with Steve, Peg offers to take Marcy on a spontaneous vacation to Las Vegas.
Hot in Cleveland Cruel Shoes (HD, TV-PG) Joy enters into a whirlwind romance with a man who is short on time but big on life; Victoria decides to start designing shoes for celebrities.
Hot in Cleveland Bye George, I Think He's Got It! (HD, TV-PG) Joy begins to have reservations after agreeing to marry her dying boyfriend; a billionaire comes to Melanie and Victoria for a makeover.
Married ... with Children Peggy Turns 300 (TV-14) Al takes Peg bowling on her birthday night, but only because he wants to beat his bowling rival's high score, which Peg ends up doing.
Married ... with Children Peggy Made a Little Lamb (TV-14) Peggy is unable to receive her high school diploma because she is missing a credit, so she must repeat and pass her home economics class.
Married ... with Children Rain Girl (TV-14) After desperately searching for a new job, Kelly gleefully accepts a position as the weather reporter at a local television station.
Married ... with Children The Agony of DeFeet (TV-14) When Al is the judge of a beauty contest at the shoe store, he begins having nightmares about feet; Kelly makes Bud and Marcy think they slept together.
Hot in Cleveland Storage Wars (HD, TV-PG) The ladies win a bid on an abandoned storage unit and discover an item of potentially historical significance within; Joy befriends a trucker over a CB radio.
Hot in Cleveland What's Behind the Door? (HD, TV-PG) Victoria decides to turn her cancelled soap opera into an app, and the show's cast reunites in order to film a new episode picking up where the finale left off.
Married ... with Children Al ... with Kelly (TV-14) To avoid going with Peg and Bud to Wanker County, Al and Kelly pretend to be sick, but Kelly really becomes sick and Al must care for her all week.
Married ... with Children Sue Casa, His Casa (TV-14) Marcy is the witness when, after Al decides they don't need car insurance, Bud gets in a car accident and countersues the other driver.
Married ... with Children The Unnatural (TV-14) A vote is taken to decide whether or not to bench Al before the big softball game, and Peggy and the kids are easily swayed to change their votes.
Married ... with Children The Dance Show (TV-14) Al learns that Peggy may be trying to steal someone else's husband during her nights of ballroom dancing at the dance hall with Marcy.
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