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Good Times Thelma's African Romance, Part 1 (TV-PG) After Thelma is suspended for participating in a protest against the conditions of the cafeteria food, she falls in love with a Nigerian exchange student.
Good Times Thelma's African Romance, Part 2 (TV-PG) Florida is outraged when Thelma announces plans to move in with her Nigerian boyfriend, but Thelma is soon faced with a harrowing decision.
Married ... with Children Something Larry This Way Comes (TV-14) Kelly's acting teacher, Larry Storch, has plans to visit the Bundy house, but he gets knocked out by Gary and Al must help rescue Kelly.
Married ... with Children And Bingo Was Her Game-O (TV-14) Peg manages to win 10,000 dollars by playing in a local bingo tournament; Al and his fellow club members attempt to decide upon their official beer.
Married ... with Children User Friendly (TV-14) Bud participates in a virtual reality sex experiment with Amber; Al and his friends try to figure out what a light switch does that isn't connected to anything.
Married ... with Children Pump Fiction (TV-14) Kelly and Al produce a movie together about shoes for her acting class project and they receive a $10,000 grant to produce another one.
Good Times A Friend in Need (TV-PG) When Florida goes out of town for the weekend, J.J., Thelma and Michael throw a wild party; a party guest overdoses on sleeping pills.
Good Times A Stormy Relationship (TV-PG) Florida becomes upset when Michael begins expressing atheistic views inspired by his boss at the hardware store, leading to a tense confrontation.
Married ... with Children Shoeless Al (TV-14) Al stops wearing shoes in order to win a fake lawsuit against the mall, but he can't bowl without shoes so he may lose the upcoming tournament.
Married ... with Children The Undergraduate (TV-14) Kelly is persuaded to attend a junior prom with a friendly twelve-year-old boy from the neighborhood who has a secret crush on her.
Married ... with Children Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner? (TV-14) To Al's chagrin, Bud's time living away from home is short-lived and the house becomes even more crowded when Peg's mom decides to move in.
Married ... with Children A Shoe Room with a View (TV-14) Al's workplace gets a new neighbor when an aerobics studio opens up, but he is less than pleased with the situation after trying to use peepholes.
The Unit Extreme Rendition (HD, TV-PG) During a complicated undercover mission to Bulgaria, a dangerous enemy aids the team by helping track down a target who has eluded them for years.
The Unit The Kill Zone (HD, TV-PG) Jonas and his team rescue two trapped soldiers in Paraguay, and a comrade's death prompts Kim to encourage Bob to sign a life insurance policy.
True Justice Deadly Crossing (TV-14) A team of undercover cops welcomes a new recruit as they investigate a double homicide, and fellow officers may be playing both sides of the law.
Married ... with Children Buck the Stud (TV-14) A strange man randomly approaches the Bundy family and offers to pay them $10,000 if they will allow Buck to breed with his own canine.
Married ... with Children She's Having My Baby, Part 1 (TV-14) Marcy and Peggy become excited when they discover they have both gotten pregnant, but while Jefferson seems excited, Al seems horrified.
Married ... with Children She's Having My Baby, Part 2 (TV-14) Al runs off to a bus station in order to escape from Peggy's constant demands, and Jefferson follows his lead by running away from Marcy.
Married ... with Children If Al Had a Hammer (TV-14) Al builds a private room for himself, using the Bundy hammer; Bud starts going by "Grandmaster B," but nobody can remember his nickname.
Married ... with Children Cheese, Cues and Blood (TV-14) In a very desperate attempt to earn money she needs for an upcoming competition, Kelly hustles men for money by playing pool against them.
Married ... with Children Lookin' for a Desk in All the Wrong Places (TV-14) Peggy and Marcy set out on a journey together in order to locate and buy back all of Marcy's childhood furniture, which Jefferson had sold.
The Unit Security (HD, TV-PG) The team is tasked with the seemingly impossible mission of bugging the Russian embassy while providing security for the U.S. ambassador in Israel.
The Unit Dedication (HD, TV-PG) While Jonas is faced with a difficult decision after Bravo team's helicopter goes down during a mission, Molly helps a retired unit member with his addiction.
The Unit SERE (HD, TV-14) The Unit enters a CIA program designed to simulate the POW experience thinking they will be guards, and instead are subjected to days and days of torture.
Good Times Florida and Carl (TV-PG) Florida's romantic dinner date with Michael's boss Carl results in disaster when the two experience an extreme personality clash that leaves Florida stewing.
Good Times My Son, the Father (TV-PG) When Michael asks Carl to escort him to a formal dinner for fathers and sons, J.J. becomes offended and accuses Michael of being unappreciative.
Married ... with Children How Bleen Was My Kelly (TV-14) Kelly discovers the new color "bleen" when she mixes together chemicals while researching a role as a scientist and Al discovers that the mixture grows hair.
Married ... with Children The Weaker Sex (TV-14) Al chastises Peg and Marcy for taking a self-defense class but then is labeled as weak by a news crew when Peg attacks a pickpocket trying to steal Al's wallet.
Married ... with Children Flight of the Bumblebee (TV-14) Bud must get the autograph of wrestling star King Kong Bundy in order to become a member of the group NO MA'AM, but he ends up having to face him in the ring.
Married ... with Children Blonde and Blonder (TV-14) At their high school class reunion, Kelly and her friend compete for a rich hunk who was once nerdy; a "guns for toys" drive is held at Marcy's bank.
Good Times Love Has a Spot on His Lung, Part 1 (TV-PG) After letting J.J., Michael and Thelma in on his plans to ask for Florida's hand in marriage, Carl mysteriously ends his relationship with Florida.
Good Times Love Has a Spot on His Lung, Part 2 (TV-PG) An angry J.J. demands an explanation as to why Carl dumped his mother only to hear a lie about an old war injury as they both stay out all night drinking.
Married ... with Children The Al Bundy's Sports Spectacular (TV-14) Roy Firestone hosts this special episode in which various clips of memorable sports moments from previous episodes are replayed.
Married ... with Children Bearly Men (TV-14) Al goes hunting with Peg's dad in an attempt to get her parents back together, but mayhem ensues when the bear they think is dead wakes up.
Married ... with Children Love Conquers Al (TV-14) Al and Peggy try to get her parents back together by taking them to marriage retreat and Kelly's crush agrees to date her only if Bud will entertain his sister.
Married ... with Children I Can't Believe It's Butter (TV-14) Al's friends get addicted to calling a woman named Butter at a 1-900 phone sex line, but Al finds out that the woman is Peg's mother.
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Good Times The Evans Get Involved, Part 1 (TV-PG) When J.J. becomes the object of affection for a young girl he met on the bus, Willona and Thelma make a shocking discovery about the girl's home life.
Good Times The Evans Get Involved, Part 2 (TV-PG) Willona and the Evans are convinced that Penny is being abused by her mother but the family doctor refuses to believe their claims.
Married ... with Children Calendar Girl (TV-14) Bud decides to make a "Women of Trumaine" calendar as a project for his business class and Al decides they should take the project national.
Married ... with Children The Agony and the Extra C (TV-14) Al lures Jefferson to a strip club on his and Marcy's anniversary and in a drunken stupor, Jefferson gets a tattoo for his wife, but it's misspelled.
Married ... with Children Spring Break, Part 1 (TV-14) Kelly and her friends scam Bud and his fraternity brothers out of their tickets to Ft. Lauderdale and Al and Jefferson decide to go as well.
Married ... with Children Spring Break, Part 2 (TV-14) Al gets Kelly to enter a bikini contest for the cash prize and becomes a judge so she is sure to win, but Marcy arrives in Florida and tries to expose his plan.
Good Times The Evans Get Involved, Part 3 (TV-PG) After Penny and her mother suddenly disappear, Penny slips away and makes her way back to the Evans apartment and Willona considers adopting the young girl.
Good Times The Evans Get Involved, Part 4 (TV-PG) Bookman tries to help with the adoption process by telling the social worker that he and Willona are married but things go badly when the truth comes out.
Married ... with Children Enemies (TV-14) A delivery man tries to make his girlfriend jealous by asking out Kelly and she does the same by asking out a millionaire, and they end up on a double date.
Married ... with Children Bud Hits the Books (TV-14) Bud must do well on his finals, but he can't think of anything but sex and when he goes to the library to study he gets caught "taking care of business."
Married ... with Children Kiss of the Coffee Woman (TV-14) Jefferson starts doing commercial work and he and Kelly end up doing a coffee commercial together in which they are supposed to kiss.
Married ... with Children Torch Song Duet (TV-14) Al helps Griff win a place in the Olympic torch relay, but Griff won't let Al run so he tackles Griff as he runs by, causing the Olympic flame to go out.
The Unit Manhunt (HD, TV-PG) The members of the Unit are ordered to track down a dangerous package, which they realize is a terrorist bent toward attacking the United States.
The Unit Force Majeure (HD, TV-PG) During a hurricane, the members of the Unit are called upon to rescue an African dictator from a hospital, but they find that 10 patients were left behind.
True Justice Black Magic (TV-14) When a serial killer targets dancers that look like Sarah, Kane sends Sarah and Juliet undercover to draw the murderer's attention, which may prove fatal.
Married ... with Children Buck Has a Belly Ache (TV-14) Peggy is overcome with jealousy of Buck when the family gives him all the attention, causing her to flee home and go to Wanker County.
Married ... with Children If I Could See Me Now (TV-14) Bud and Kelly attempt to convince Al to visit the optometrist for a pair of glasses after causing numerous minor accidents around the house.
Married ... with Children God's Shoes (TV-14) After having an extremely inspirational vision of God, Al is overcome with the desire to begin constructing the perfect pair of shoes.
Married ... with Children Kelly Does Hollywood, Part 1 (TV-14) Kelly is presented with the opportunity to host her own talk show and the other television networks begin to express interest in it.
Married ... with Children Kelly Does Hollywood, Part 2 (TV-14) Kelly travels to Hollywood in order to film her new talk show, but trouble ensues when the talk show gets slaughtered by the censors.
Married ... with Children Al Bundy, Shoe Dick (TV-14) Al stumbles upon the opportunity to begin a career as a private investigator, but while working on his first case, he is framed for murder.
Good Times J.J. in Business (TV-PG) J.J. goes into the greeting-card business, but encounters financial woes after his books are examined by an accountant just as he receives a large order.
Good Times Thelma Moves Out (TV-PG) Fed up by constant interruptions at home and a severe lack of privacy, Thelma decides to move into an apartment that is shared by three other roommates.
Married ... with Children Children of the Corns (TV-14) Al and Griff make plans to blackmail their boss for a raise when they find out she is using children in sweatshops to make shoes, and Peg gets a microwave.
Married ... with Children Kelly's Gotta Habit (TV-14) Kelly lands a commercial role as a nun and discovers she has to sign a morality clause, and Al rides along with Officer Dan and ends up on "Cops."
Married ... with Children Requiem for a Chevyweight, Part 1 (TV-14) When Al's Dodge starts to sputter, he reminisces over the good times he and his car have had while the family seeks a new fuel pump.
Married ... with Children Requiem for a Chevyweight, Part 2 (TV-14) After Al gives his Dodge a burial service and leases a new sports car, Peggy digs the Dodge up in order to sell the engine for some extra cash.
Good Times Willona, the Fuzz (TV-PG) Willona takes a new job in a store in order to finance Penny's ice skating lessons, but encounters problems when she discovers she must spy on customers.
Good Times Wheels (TV-PG) J.J. and his friends have continuous disputes over a car they purchased together, ranging from insurance payments to ongoing scheduling conflicts.
Married ... with Children God Help Ye Merry Bundymen (TV-14) During the holidays, Al and Griff are fired and must work at the mall; Kelly and Bud heist figurines from the D'Arcy's nativity scene.
Married ... with Children Crimes Against Obesity (TV-14) It's Al's birthday and he is put on trial by all of the overweight women he has insulted in the past, and Bud and Kelly tint the windows on the car.
Married ... with Children The Stepford Peg (TV-14) Al is able to turn Peg into the perfect wife when she gets amnesia, and he even gets to have a wrestling watching party, until Marcy discovers what he has done.
Married ... with Children Bud on the Side (TV-14) After Al has a serious father-son talk with Bud about his taste in women, which he seems to set a high standard for, Bud begins to date Al's boss.
Good Times Breaker, Breaker (TV-PG) Michael impersonates J.J. while communicating on a CB radio with a young woman who refers to herself "Fun Girl," but he discovers she hasn't been honest.
Good Times Bye, Bye, Bookman (TV-PG) Willona, Penny and the Evans family reach their breaking point with the miserable conditions in the building, prompting them to try and get Bookman fired.
Married ... with Children Breaking up Is Easy To Do, Part 1 (TV-14) Peg and Al see a marriage counselor but end up breaking up after their visit, and Kelly must learn how to box for a role in a movie.
Married ... with Children Breaking up Is Easy To Do, Part 2 (TV-14) After their break up, Al moves into a room by the airport and he learns Peggy has found a new man after spying on her at a singles bar.
Married ... with Children Breaking up Is Easy To Do, Part 3 (TV-14) Neither Bud nor Kelly can honestly approve when they learn that Peggy's boyfriend would force them to work if he and Peggy were to get married.
Married ... with Children Live Nude Peg (TV-14) A disguised Peggy begins performing at a local strip club, and Al falls in love with her character, not knowing that it is really Peggy.
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