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Good Times Florida's Homecoming, Part 3: The Wedding (TV-PG) J.J. borrows money from the neighborhood hustler in order to finance Thelma's wedding, which goes well until an accident at the end of the ceremony.
Good Times Florida's Homecoming, Part 4: United We Stand (TV-PG) Keith arrives home after being treated for a broken leg and immediately lashes out at J.J. who reluctantly anticipates the trouble that awaits him.
Married ... with Children The Weaker Sex (TV-14) Al chastises Peg and Marcy for taking a self-defense class but then is labeled as weak by a news crew when Peg attacks a pickpocket trying to steal Al's wallet.
Married ... with Children Blonde and Blonder (TV-14) At their high school class reunion, Kelly and her friend compete for a rich hunk who was once nerdy; a "guns for toys" drive is held at Marcy's bank.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Wolfman Jack, Paul Anka, and Neil Sedaka (TV-PG) Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka and Wolfman Jack appear.
Good Times Florida Gets a Job (TV-PG) Florida and J.J. are having no luck in the job market; Florida applies to be a bus driver but has to compete with Alderman Davis' relative.
Good Times Stomach Mumps (TV-PG) When Penny's 13-year-old friend becomes pregnant, Willona refuses to broach the topic of sex with her daughter on the grounds that she is too young to know.
Married ... with Children The Two That Got Away (TV-14) Al and Jefferson arrive at the fishing lodge to discover a famous actress has taken their place, and Bud and Kelly take Lucky to a dog food commercial audition.
Married ... with Children Dud Bowl II (TV-14) Marcy's bank plans to donate a scoreboard to Polk high in honor of Al, but Marcy's disdain for Al forces her to try and find any other former football star.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring The Jackson 5, Sally Struthers, and Tennessee Ernie Ford (TV-PG) Featuring Sally Struthers, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Jackson 5.
Good Times J.J. the Teacher (TV-PG) J.J. meets an art student whose critical father has other plans for him and refuses J.J.'s offer to teach his son for free as he sees no value in the field.
Good Times Michael's Decision (TV-PG) Michael is ready to move out, but he shocks everyone by deciding to move in with a white girl, whose parents are thrilled with the idea.
Married ... with Children The Al Bundy's Sports Spectacular (TV-14) Roy Firestone hosts this special episode in which various clips of memorable sports moments from previous episodes are replayed.
Married ... with Children Bearly Men (TV-14) Al goes hunting with Peg's dad in an attempt to get her parents back together, but mayhem ensues when the bear they think is dead wakes up.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Jim Nabors, Danny Thomas, and Larry Csonka (TV-PG) Guests Jim Nabors, Danny Thomas and Larry Csonka.
Good Times J.J. and the Plumber's Helper (TV-PG) A woman from J.J.'s past returns, but he hesitates to tell her he lost his job; Bookman's new assistant develops a crush on an oblivious J.J.
Good Times The Witness (TV-PG) J.J. is threatened after seeing a car accident involving a neighborhood hustler's girlfriend, prompting him to consider lying about the chain of events.
Married ... with Children Love Conquers Al (TV-14) Al and Peggy try to get her parents back together by taking them to marriage retreat and Kelly's crush agrees to date her only if Bud will entertain his sister.
Married ... with Children Calendar Girl (TV-14) Bud decides to make a "Women of Trumaine" calendar as a project for his business class and Al decides they should take the project national.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Ricardo Montalbán and Jeanette Nolan (TV-PG) Actor Ricardo Montalbán and actress Jeanette Nolan appear.
First Target
Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (TV-14, ***) While investigating a series of murder and rape cases with similar patterns, a Massachusetts veteran police chief is able to identify the killers.
Married ... with Children A Three Job, No Income Family (TV-14) When Peg starts earning more money than Al by selling cosmetics, Al decides to get a second job so as not to be outdone by his wife.
Married ... with Children The Harder They Fall (TV-14) As Steve brings Peg home from a trip to the video store, she provokes a driver by offering up a not-so-friendly hand signal that causes them to be followed.
Married ... with Children The House That Peg Lost (TV-14) While keeping watch over the Rhoades' home when they are out of town, Peggy accidentally allows it to be towed away by a moving company.
Married ... with Children Married ... with Prom Queen (TV-14) At Al and Peggy's high school reunion, Peggy wants desperately to be the prom queen, but another woman seems to be gaining the majority of the votes.
Married ... with Children Married ... with Prom Queen: The Sequel (TV-14) Peggy tries hard to obtain more votes for prom queen, but most people are voting for Connie; Bud and Kelly dress up as hippies and visit the prom.
Married ... with Children The Computer Show (TV-14) Steve and Marcy finally convince Peg to purchase a computer for her family, but there is one problem--no one finds the computer to be useful.
Married ... with Children The Dateless Amigo (TV-14) When both of his best friends acquire dates, Bud begins to desperately and frantically search for a girl who would be willing to go on a date with him.
Good Times The Snow Storm (TV-PG) When a vicious snow storm hits Chicago, Florida gets stuck in the middle of it on her school bus, forcing the students to take refuge in an abandoned building.
Good Times The Traveling Christmas (TV-PG) When Keith's unforgiving boss insists on making him work on Christmas, the Evans family moves the holiday celebration to his job at the taxi cab company.
Married ... with Children The Hood, The Bud and the Kelly, Part 1 (TV-14) Al and Jefferson attempt to install a satellite dish themselves, and in order to finance Kelly's exercise video Bud borrows money from the mob.
Married ... with Children The Hood, The Bud and the Kelly, Part 2 (TV-14) Al and Jefferson use the installation of a satellite dish as an excuse to avoid their wives on the roof, and the mob gives Bud a 5 p.m. deadline for the video.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Joe Namath (TV-PG) NFL football player Joe Namath appears.
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Good Times Florida's Favorite Passenger, Part 1 (TV-PG) Florida suspects a student may have hearing issues, but she encounters resistance from the child's mother who takes exception to Florida's concern.
Good Times Florida's Favorite Passenger, Part 2 (TV-PG) After a near fatal accident, Larry's mother finally comes to terms with his hearing problem and allows Florida to take him to the doctor to be tested.
Married ... with Children The Agony and the Extra C (TV-14) Al lures Jefferson to a strip club on his and Marcy's anniversary and in a drunken stupor, Jefferson gets a tattoo for his wife, but it's misspelled.
Married ... with Children Turning Japanese (TV-14) When the owner of Marcy's bank finds out Al has the Dodge that will complete his American car collection, Marcy will do anything to get the car from Al.
Cher Featuring Bette Midler, Elton John, and Flip Wilson (TV-PG) Bette Midler, Elton John and Flip Wilson appear.
Good Times House Hunting (TV-PG) When the Evans family finds the perfect home to move into, they make plans to take out a loan to pay for it but find it is easier said than done.
Good Times Blood Will Tell (TV-PG) An ailing Sweet Daddy Williams dispatches his fear-inducing sidekicks to bring J.J. to the hospital in the hopes of having the eldest Evans son donate blood.
Married ... with Children Spring Break, Part 1 (TV-14) Kelly and her friends scam Bud and his fraternity brothers out of their tickets to Ft. Lauderdale and Al and Jefferson decide to go as well.
Married ... with Children Spring Break, Part 2 (TV-14) Al gets Kelly to enter a bikini contest for the cash prize and becomes a judge so she is sure to win, but Marcy arrives in Florida and tries to expose his plan.
Cher Featuring The Jackson 5 and Lily Tomlin (TV-PG) Featuring Lily Tomlin and Jackson 5.
Good Times Where Have All the Doctors Gone? (TV-PG) Penny is left in Florida's care when Willona has to go out of town, but Penny comes down with a serious virus and must go to the doctor.
Good Times J.J. and T.C. (TV-PG) Bookman's tomboyish helper wants nothing more than for J.J. to escort her to a dance, but he fails to recognize her well-disguised femininity.
Married ... with Children Al Goes to the Dogs (TV-14) Al makes too much noise building a doghouse for Lucky, so Marcy hires a building inspector to force him to build it over and over again.
Married ... with Children Enemies (TV-14) A delivery man tries to make his girlfriend jealous by asking out Kelly and she does the same by asking out a millionaire, and they end up on a double date.
Cher Featuring Ted Knight, LaBelle, and Redd Foxx (TV-PG) Guests include Ted Knight, LaBelle and Redd Foxx.
Good Times The Art Contest (TV-PG) J.J. discovers he has made a colossal error in judgment by asking Bookman to transport his paintings to a panel of art competition judges.
Good Times The Physical (TV-PG) Florida must take and pass a physical examination to keep her bus driving job, but worries that she will fail when Michael's arrest upsets her.
Married ... with Children Bud Hits the Books (TV-14) Bud must do well on his finals, but he can't think of anything but sex and when he goes to the library to study he gets caught "taking care of business."
Married ... with Children Kiss of the Coffee Woman (TV-14) Jefferson starts doing commercial work and he and Kelly end up doing a coffee commercial together in which they are supposed to kiss.
Cher Featuring Carol Burnett, Gregg Allman, and Dennis Weaver (TV-PG) Guests include Carol Burnett, Gregg Allman and Dennis Weaver.
« Silverado (TV-14, PG-13, ***) Four very different gunslingers thrown together by fate travel to the western town of Silverado, where they encounter a corrupt sheriff.
Mercenary for Justice (TV-14, R, *+) A former professional soldier is forced to help an arms dealer break his son out of a prison in Eastern Europe, and he attempts to evade the far-reaching CIA.
Married ... with Children Life's a Beach (TV-14) Al is surprised when he runs into his old flame and Bud and Kelly search for love when the Bundy family takes a vacation to the beach.
Married ... with Children Here's Lookin' at You, Kid (TV-14) When a peeper in the neighborhood spies on every woman but Peg, she becomes jealous; Al convinces Bud to help Kelly with her school work.
Married ... with Children Hot off the Grill (TV-14) Al gets excited when he sees Peggy preparing for the yearly barbecue, but it turns out worse than he thought when Marcy's dead aunt makes an appearance.
Married ... with Children Dead Men Don't Do Aerobics (TV-14) Peggy ends up in a battle of the wills with a Chicago health guru after she wins a free week of training with him, but her way of living seems to win out.
Married ... with Children Buck Saves the Day (TV-14) Kelly and Bud scheme to go to a concert by swindling Peg's friends out of money in a poker match; Bud talks his dad into chaperoning an all-kids camping trip.
Married ... with Children Tooth or Consequences (TV-14) When Al agrees to go to Marcy's dentist, it becomes obviously apparent that the dentist is involved in a relationship with his assistant.
Good Times A Matter of Mothers (TV-PG) Willona's new beau doles out pricey gifts despite their relationship only being two months old, but she soon learns he isn't who he appears to be.
Good Times The Evans' Dilemma (TV-PG) Keith's search for a job results in bizarre behavior that everyone suspects is not just frustration from being out of work, but rather a bigger problem.
Married ... with Children Torch Song Duet (TV-14) Al helps Griff win a place in the Olympic torch relay, but Griff won't let Al run so he tackles Griff as he runs by, causing the Olympic flame to go out.
Married ... with Children The Joke's on Al (TV-14) A beautiful woman tries to seduce Al, but he thinks she is one of Jefferson's practical jokes when she is actually Peggy's old nemesis.
Married ... with Children Twisted (TV-14) A violent storm and tornado causes everyone to flee to Bud's basement bedroom, interrupting his date and forcing everyone to share close quarters.
Married ... with Children Children of the Corns (TV-14) Al and Griff make plans to blackmail their boss for a raise when they find out she is using children in sweatshops to make shoes, and Peg gets a microwave.
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