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Good Times Crosstown Buses Run All Day, Doodah, Doodah (TV-PG) Michael has the chance to go to a better school in a white neighborhood but he's determined to get out of attending and proves his disdain for being bused.
Good Times The Man I Most Admire (TV-PG) Michael must write an essay on the person whom he most admires and first picks Florida for her strength, even though she modestly claims it shouldn't be her.
Married ... with Children God's Shoes (TV-14) After having an extremely inspirational vision of God, Al is overcome with the desire to begin constructing the perfect pair of shoes.
Married ... with Children Kelly Does Hollywood, Part 1 (TV-14) Kelly is presented with the opportunity to host her own talk show and the other television networks begin to express interest in it.
Married ... with Children Kelly Does Hollywood, Part 2 (TV-14) Kelly travels to Hollywood in order to film her new talk show, but trouble ensues when the talk show gets slaughtered by the censors.
Married ... with Children Al Bundy, Shoe Dick (TV-14) Al stumbles upon the opportunity to begin a career as a private investigator, but while working on his first case, he is framed for murder.
Good Times Thelma's Young Man (TV-PG) Thelma arouses suspicion when her family realizes she has yet to introduce them to her boyfriend, but they are not at all impressed when they do.
Good Times The I.Q. Test (TV-PG) Michael, one of the smartest boys in his class, comes home with the news that he scored the lowest out of his whole class on an I.Q. test.
Married ... with Children The Mystery of Skull Island (TV-14) Bud takes an extreme sports competitor out on a date while Marcy and Jefferson compete in a relationship board game with Peggy and Al.
Married ... with Children Just Shoe It (TV-14) Al's pleasant surprise over being picked to star in a coming shoe commercial leads to his getting kicked around by some famous athletes.
Married ... with Children Rites of Passage (TV-14) Following the ancient Bundy family tradition of male bonding, Al takes Bud out to the strip bar on the night of his 18th birthday.
Married ... with Children The Egg and I (TV-14) Steve returns, but finds out that Marcy remarried; the Bundy family learns Steve is on the run from the police for stealing a rare egg from a national park.
True Justice All In (TV-14) After partnering with a vengeful Kane, the C.I.A. promises he is closer to finally finding The Ghost, but he must kill a notorious organ trafficker first.
True Justice Dirty Money (TV-14) When a known criminal associate from Kane's past enters town, his connection to The Ghost is discovered, and he may be there to protect a money launderer.
Blue Thunder Second Thunder (TV-PG) A veteran LAPD officer is assigned to the Blue Thunder Team who use technologically advanced methods to solve crimes and catch killers and thieves.
Married ... with Children High I.Q. (TV-14) Bud becomes suspicious when Kelly receives an invitation to a party for intelligent people; Al and Jefferson team up to repair an old workbench.
Married ... with Children Teacher Pets (TV-14) Bud juggles two women at once, one being his English teacher; the family ignores Peggy when she is sick; Al gets free pizza by attending children's parties.
Married ... with Children The Goodbye Girl (TV-14) Bud attempts to make Kelly's new job at the local amusement park a miserable experience for her; Al takes a vacation in the living room.
Married ... with Children The Gas Station Show (TV-14) When Peggy and the kids purchase too much junk food at a convenience store, Al is forced to accept a job there to work off their debt.
Married ... with Children Magnificent Seven (TV-14) Much to Al's surprise and dismay, he and Peggy are responsible for another child when Peggy's relatives leave their young son at the Bundy household.
Married ... with Children T-R-A-Something-Something Spells Tramp (TV-14) Kelly wanders the wilderness alone after dumping her boyfriend while they were out in the forest; Bud begins a relationship with a girl who has measles.
Good Times The Gang, Part 1 (TV-PG) J.J. is coerced into joining a gang when the unruly youths who refer to themselves as the Satan's Knights come by the Evans' apartment and threaten him.
Good Times The Gang, Part 2 (TV-PG) J.J. recovers from being shot during the turf war while James attends the shooter's court hearing in the hopes of receiving retribution for J.J.'s injury.
Married ... with Children Every Bundy Has a Birthday (TV-14) Peggy discovers that Steven cannot remember when his birthday is, prompting the Bundys to include him in Al's birthday celebration.
Married ... with Children Al on the Rocks (TV-14) Peg kicks Bud and Kelly out of the house in order to prevent Steven from falling ill, and Al must work as a topless bartender to pay for Seven's doctor bills.
Married ... with Children What I Did for Love (TV-14) Peggy wishes Al would be more intimate with her when they're in bed and purchases a few sexy dresses in an attempt to get him interested in sex.
Married ... with Children Frat Chance (TV-14) Bud desperately wants to meet some gorgeous women, but a lack of success leads him to become the founder of an outlandish new fraternity.
Good Times The Encyclopedia Hustle (TV-PG) The Evans family encounters a door-to-door salesman who claims he is blind and nearly purchases his product until a weary James arrives home from work.
Good Times The Matchmaker (TV-PG) Florida realizes that Willona is the only friend left that isn't married and gets the idea of setting her single friend up with an acquaintance of James.
Married ... with Children Rock of Ages (TV-14) Everyone in the Bundy family attempts to play the part of rock and roll stars in hopes of gaining admission to an exclusive new lounge club.
Married ... with Children Death of a Shoe Salesman (TV-14) Peggy comes to feel left out when Al reserves his grave site, which is located between the graves of a western movie star and a mule.
Married ... with Children Old College Try (TV-14) When Bud receives a large sum of money from a college grant, Al and Peggy selfishly waste the money on personal items and luxuries.
Married ... with Children The Wedding Show (TV-14) Al's patience is tested when Peg cannot decide on attire for a wedding; Bud becomes acquainted with the bride while Kelly makes friends with the bridesmaids.
Good Times The Windfall (TV-PG) James finds a bag of stolen money containing $27,000 and hesitates to return it, but receives backlash from the community after contacting the police.
Good Times Florida's Big Gig (TV-PG) James makes Florida go with him on an interview at a department store, but the manager hires Florida instead which shocks James.
Married ... with Children Mr. Empty Pants (TV-14) Peggy is overcome with the desire to create a cartoon character and she models her cartoon character after Al, naming it Mr. Empty Pants.
Married ... with Children You Can't Miss (TV-14) Bud becomes a game show contestant; Al and Peggy suffer from insomnia; Kelly becomes convinced she is the object of a conspiracy.
Married ... with Children Peggy and the Pirates (TV-14) In an attempt to make Seven fall asleep, Peggy tells him a fairy tale about pirates and princesses who live in a far-away land.
Married ... with Children Go for the Old (TV-14) Al competes against a large number of elderly citizens when he decides to take part in the local area's seniors' athletic championship.
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Good Times Florida Goes to School (TV-PG) Florida is going to night school to achieve a high school equivalency diploma, but this puts a strain on her relationship with James.
Good Times The Nude (TV-PG) J.J. agrees to paint a woman known as the "Wiggler" in the nude for her husband as his birthday present, but Florida disapproves.
Married ... with Children 'Til Death Do Us Part (TV-14) Al becomes more motivated than ever to get physically fit when his performance in the bedroom fails and the entire town seems to find out about it.
Married ... with Children Tis Time to Smell the Roses (TV-14) Al's plans to retire early are put on hold due to Peg's shopping addiction and spending habits, causing him to seek employment at Homeplate Athletic Shoes.
Married ... with Children Old Insurance Dodge (TV-14) When Al's beloved Dodge turns up stolen, he immediately attacks the insurance company and makes an attempt to scam them out of money.
Married ... with Children Wedding Repercussions (TV-14) Bud's cousin becomes overwhelmed with feelings of anger and jealousy after he discovers that his wife secretly slept with another man before they got married.
Good Times The Family Business (TV-PG) James' hopes of owning a repair shop are dashed when the bank declines the loan, so he secretly opens up shop in the apartment despite a snooping Bookman.
Good Times The Debutante Ball (TV-PG) J.J.'s infatuated with his new girlfriend and wants to take her to the debutante ball only to learn that her parents do not approve of him.
Married ... with Children Hood 'n the Boyz (TV-14) Al's old girlfriend from high school enlists his help in fighting off a troublesome young man and his fellow gang members who have been tormenting her.
Married ... with Children Proud To Be Your Bud? (TV-14) Bud is overhead talking to himself inside his room, leading Al, Peg and Kelly to the conclusion that he has become mentally unstable.
Married ... with Children Luck of the Bundys (TV-14) When the Bundy family seems to have an extended period of good luck, Al believes that he is going to become a victim of the Bundy Curse.
Married ... with Children Banking on Marcy (TV-14) Marcy attempts to overcome her fears of public speaking by imagining her bedroom fantasies, but her imagination gets carried away.
True Justice Violence of Action (TV-14) Kane attempts to determine what it is exactly that The Ghost is purchasing because he believes the answer will put him that much closer to catching him.
True Justice Toys in the Attic (TV-14) When Kane and his team discover two nuclear bombs have been smuggled into the country, they attempt to track them down thinking The Ghost is connected to them.
Blue Thunder Arms Race (TV-PG) A veteran LAPD officer is assigned to the Blue Thunder Team who use technologically advanced methods to solve crimes and catch killers and thieves.
Married ... with Children NO MA'AM (TV-14) After women take over his favorite topless bar and bowling alley, Al starts an organization dedicated to reclaiming them for the guys.
Married ... with Children Dances with Weezy (TV-14) Peggy and Marcy force both of their husbands to drop their plans to visit a new sports bar so they can go and see "The Jeffersons" live.
Married ... with Children Change for a Buck (TV-14) After hastily running away from the Bundy household, Buck finds himself being forced to take shelter behind bars at the local dog pound.
Married ... with Children A Little off the Top (TV-14) When a rookie surgeon misinterprets the doctor's instructions prior to a medical procedure, Al mistakenly receives a circumcision.
Married ... with Children Sofa So Good (TV-14) When Kelly's boyfriend ruins Peggy's beloved couch while the parents are away at a reunion, Bud and Kelly rush to find a replacement.
Married ... with Children Honey, I Blew up Myself (TV-14) Al finds himself getting increasingly annoyed by a larger-than-life billboard bearing a picture of Peggy which has been placed by his shoestore in the mall.
Good Times The Dinner Party (TV-PG) The Evans suspect that an elderly neighbor is living on dog food, and when they invite her to dinner, she brings a suspicious meatloaf.
Good Times The House Guest (TV-PG) When an old friend visits, James lets him stay as a guest until his gambling problem follows him, forcing Michael, James and J.J. to share the couch bed.
Married ... with Children How Green Was My Apple (TV-14) Possession of an apple tree sparks a feud between the Bundys and the D'Arcys that escalates into all-out war after Peggy misses her beloved Oprah.
Married ... with Children Valentine's Day Massacre (TV-14) Bud searches for an old Valentine because he never received the letter she had once sent to him; Al goes shopping for Peggy on Valentine's Day.
Married ... with Children Get Outta Dodge (TV-14) While Al lets a crew film his old Dodge crossing the one million mile mark in exchange for a new Viper, Kelly struggles to locate the ever-elusive Waldo.
Married ... with Children Field of Screams (TV-14) While Al protests the destruction of his high school football field, Kelly tests a new bug spray on Bud and Buck and gets some surprising results.
Good Times My Girl Henrietta (TV-PG) When J.J. starts looking for a job and talking about marriage, everything becomes clear to James and Florida when they learn that Henrietta is pregnant.
Good Times The Enlistment (TV-PG) After the theater J.J. works at closes down and James is placed on a temporary lay-off, the eldest Evans son tries to enlist himself in the Army.
Married ... with Children Ride Scare (TV-14) Al and the three beautiful models included in his carpool are asked to promote a Chicago clean up campaign to reduce the city's litter.
Married ... with Children The Legend of Ironhead Haynes (TV-14) Al manages to lose his precious parking spot after insulting an overweight woman, forcing him to seek out the legendary Ironhead Haynes for advice.
Married ... with Children Assault and Batteries (TV-14) While Al becomes preoccupied with the process of changing batteries, he gets locked inside a store; Bud and Kelly celebrate the dog's birthday.
Married ... with Children Al Goes Deep (TV-14) Al and Jefferson place bets on a football game before they are informed that the "star" of the football team has been dating Kelly.
Good Times Thelma's Scholarship (TV-PG) Thelma receives a visit from a sorority member asking her to join while she is awaiting word if she has won a scholarship to the private school.
Good Times The Lunch Money Ripoff (TV-PG) When a bully continues to steal lunch money from Michael, he devises a unique plan involving a weekend sleepover, inviting the bully to his own house.
Married ... with Children Driving Mr. Boondy (TV-14) Al's drivers license has almost reached its expiration date and he has to have it renewed, but Bud is his instructor; Kelly loses her job.
Married ... with Children Kelly Breaks Out (TV-14) Kelly breaks out with a pimple on her face, which makes her feel insecure and badly affects her performance in a beer commercial.
Married ... with Children Naughty but Niece (TV-14) Bud tries to spend his spare time studying for an upcoming examination, but he finds himself spending that time with Amber instead.
Married ... with Children Business Sucks (TV-14) Protests occur against Marcy and the company when Al bans a woman for nursing her baby; Peg's trip home is delayed by train accidents.
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