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Good Times My Girl Henrietta (TV-PG) When J.J. starts looking for a job and talking about marriage, everything becomes clear to James and Florida when they learn that Henrietta is pregnant.
Good Times The Enlistment (TV-PG) After the theater J.J. works at closes down and James is placed on a temporary lay-off, the eldest Evans son tries to enlist himself in the Army.
Married ... with Children Frat Chance (TV-14) Bud desperately wants to meet some gorgeous women, but a lack of success leads him to become the founder of an outlandish new fraternity.
Married ... with Children The Chicago Wine Party (TV-14) When the city threatens to impose a beer tax of two cents, the Bundys join forces with citizens who oppose the proposal and vote against it.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Jean Stapleton and Mike Connors (TV-PG) Guests Mike Connors and Jean Stapleton.
Good Times Thelma's Scholarship (TV-PG) Thelma receives a visit from a sorority member asking her to join while she is awaiting word if she has won a scholarship to the private school.
Good Times The Lunch Money Ripoff (TV-PG) When a bully continues to steal lunch money from Michael, he devises a unique plan involving a weekend sleepover, inviting the bully to his own house.
Married ... with Children Kelly Doesn't Live Here Anymore (TV-14) When Al demands that Kelly find a job and begin earning her money, she finds an opening at a restaurant for a waitress and she immediately applies.
Married ... with Children Rock of Ages (TV-14) Everyone in the Bundy family attempts to play the part of rock and roll stars in hopes of gaining admission to an exclusive new lounge club.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Merv Griffin (TV-PG)
Good Times A Real Cool Job (TV-PG) James finally receives a lucrative job offer after graduating from trade school, but faces a serious dilemma when he learns he will have to relocate.
Good Times The Family Gun (TV-PG) Florida and the rest of the family install extra locks in the apartment after a string of crimes, but James decides to buy a gun to protect his family.
Married ... with Children Death of a Shoe Salesman (TV-14) Peggy comes to feel left out when Al reserves his grave site, which is located between the graves of a western movie star and a mule.
Married ... with Children Old College Try (TV-14) When Bud receives a large sum of money from a college grant, Al and Peggy selfishly waste the money on personal items and luxuries.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Bobby Vinton and Jim Brown (TV-PG) Singer Bobby Vinton and pro football player Jim Brown appear.
Final Descent
The Hard Corps (TV-MA, R, **) A former boxing champion enters into a vendetta with a rap music producer and is forced to seek protection, so a war veteran volunteers to be his bodyguard.
Married ... with Children Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do? (TV-14) Al and Peggy take over Marcy's house when they go to watch a movie there; Bud takes a girl to a concert; Kelly baby-sits horrible children.
Married ... with Children You Better Shop Around, Part 1 (TV-14) The Bundys are forced to move into a supermarket after Al's new air conditioner causes a massive blackout in the whole neighborhood.
Married ... with Children You Better Shop Around, Part 2 (TV-14) Both the Bundy family and the D'Arcys compete to see who can spend the $1,000 shopping spree first, while Kelly and Bud annoy the judge.
Married ... with Children Route 666, Part 1 (TV-14) The Bundy's automobile unexpectedly breaks down while they are in New Mexico and they are forced to call Marcy and Jefferson for help.
Married ... with Children Route 666, Part 2 (TV-14) The Bundys and D'Arcys go head to head to see who can unearth the goods in a desert gold mine as each of them imagine how they will spend the riches.
Married ... with Children Buck the Stud (TV-14) A strange man randomly approaches the Bundy family and offers to pay them $10,000 if they will allow Buck to breed with his own canine.
Good Times Operation Florida (TV-PG) Florida won't go to the doctor when she has a pain in her side because of how much it will cost, but James assures her that he will pay whatever is necessary.
Good Times Love in the Ghetto (TV-PG) Thelma is anxious to tell her parents that she recently became engaged to her boyfriend but changes her mind about the engagement after seeing their reaction.
Married ... with Children The Wedding Show (TV-14) Al's patience is tested when Peg cannot decide on attire for a wedding; Bud becomes acquainted with the bride while Kelly makes friends with the bridesmaids.
Married ... with Children It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This (TV-14) Peggy and Marcy get caught up in an argument while accompanying Al on his fishing trip; Jefferson blows Marcy's money with the kids.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Andy Griffith (TV-PG) Actor Andy Griffith visits the show.
Good Times Florida's Rich Cousin (TV-PG) Florida has plans of borrowing money from her wealthy cousin in order to pay a few bills that came up unexpectedly, but James wants no part of it.
Good Times The Weekend (TV-PG) Florida and James celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in a friend's cabin, but James has problems trying to stop his wife from worrying about the kids.
Married ... with Children Heels on Wheels (TV-14) Al, Peggy and Bud all worry about Kelly's safety when they discover that she has turned to the wild side and purchased a motorcycle.
Married ... with Children Mr. Empty Pants (TV-14) Peggy is overcome with the desire to create a cartoon character and she models her cartoon character after Al, naming it Mr. Empty Pants.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Jean Stapleton and Lyle Waggoner (TV-PG) Jean Stapleton and Lyle Waggoner appear.
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Good Times The Baby (TV-PG) While James is away, Loretta is given a baby shower by Florida and the kids, but when Loretta tells everyone she's giving the baby up the mood changes.
Good Times Michael's Big Fall (TV-PG) With James out of town Florida must deal with Michael as he is cutting class, getting low grades and fighting at school, so she decides to talk to his teacher.
Married ... with Children You Can't Miss (TV-14) Bud becomes a game show contestant; Al and Peggy suffer from insomnia; Kelly becomes convinced she is the object of a conspiracy.
Married ... with Children Peggy and the Pirates (TV-14) In an attempt to make Seven fall asleep, Peggy tells him a fairy tale about pirates and princesses who live in a far-away land.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Mark Spitz and Jerry Lewis (TV-PG)
Good Times The Politicians (TV-PG) Conflict arises when the men side with a shifty alderman who is running for re-election, while the women support his younger opponent.
Good Times Willona's Dilemma (TV-PG) Willona shares a mutual attraction with J.J.'s hearing-impaired art school classmate, but she freezes up at the mention of marriage.
Married ... with Children Go for the Old (TV-14) Al competes against a large number of elderly citizens when he decides to take part in the local area's seniors' athletic championship.
Married ... with Children Un-Alful Entry (TV-14) An encounter with a would-be burglar lands Al in court to defend himself against charges of assaulting the intruder during his break-in.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Carol Burnett And Lyle Waggoner (TV-PG)
Good Times Florida's Protest (TV-PG) Florida organizes a boycott of the local grocery store after the kids get food poisoning from eating spoiled meat, but soon find herself facing repercussions.
Good Times The Mural (TV-PG) Thelma remains short on tuition after receiving a scholarship but J.J. agrees to give her the money he is supposed to earn for painting a mural inside a bank.
Married ... with Children Movie Show (TV-14) When the Bundys go to the movie theater to celebrate Kelly's birthday, they run into Kelly's boyfriend, who is at the theater with another woman.
Married ... with Children 'Til Death Do Us Part (TV-14) Al becomes more motivated than ever to get physically fit when his performance in the bedroom fails and the entire town seems to find out about it.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Danny Thomas and Telly Savalas (TV-PG) Guests include Danny Thomas and Telly Savalas.
True Justice The Conversation (TV-14) As time runs out, Kane struggles to find the suitcase of nuclear weapons, believing his CIA contact double-crossed him, so he turns to an old friend for help.
The Marksman (TV-14, R, *) A U.S. Special Forces operative sneaks into Russia, where he tries to cripple a nuclear power plant before terrorists can use the reactor as a bomb.
Married ... with Children Thinergy (TV-14) After reading the health book "Thinnergy," Peggy goes on a diet and tries to convince the rest of the family to join her in her quest for health.
Married ... with Children But I Didn't Shoot the Deputy (TV-14) When the Bundys and Rhoades hear about a crime in the neighborhood, Al buys a gun and the Rhoades buys a dog, and Al accidently shoots Rhoades Dog.
Married ... with Children Whose Room Is It Anyway? (TV-14) When Marcy and Steve decide to add another room to their house, Al wants them to add a pool room, but Peg and Marcy want an exercise room.
Married ... with Children Have You Driven a Ford Lately? (TV-14) Al and Steve's friendship blossoms when they work together to polish up a vintage Ford Mustang while their wives continue loathing them from the sidelines.
Married ... with Children Sixteen Years and What Do You Get? (TV-14) Al learns that his credit card is maxed out, leaving him unable to purchase a present for Peggy in honor of their 16th wedding anniversary.
Married ... with Children Married ... Without Children (TV-14) Peg and Al go to a hotel for the night while Marcy and Steve baby-sit Bud and Kelly, but the Rhoades' house suddenly turns into a massive party.
Good Times A Loss of Confidence (TV-PG) J.J. hits on a girl Thelma brought home for a tutoring session in French, but when she rejects him, he loses confidence in his abilities and becomes depressed.
Good Times Cleatus (TV-PG) Florida's nephew is a suspect in a bank robbery and has the FBI on his trail, and things get worse when he shows up with a suitcase full of money.
Married ... with Children Tis Time to Smell the Roses (TV-14) Al's plans to retire early are put on hold due to Peg's shopping addiction and spending habits, causing him to seek employment at Homeplate Athletic Shoes.
Married ... with Children Old Insurance Dodge (TV-14) When Al's beloved Dodge turns up stolen, he immediately attacks the insurance company and makes an attempt to scam them out of money.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Dick Clark, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry and Frankie Valli (TV-PG)
Good Times The Family Tree (TV-PG) Thelma researches her family tree for a school project and discovers James' father is very much alive and living in the Chicago area.
Good Times A Place to Die (TV-PG) A man decides to spend his last moments alive with the Evans family after befriending Michael, while they celebrate the New Year.
Married ... with Children Wedding Repercussions (TV-14) Bud's cousin becomes overwhelmed with feelings of anger and jealousy after he discovers that his wife secretly slept with another man before they got married.
Married ... with Children The Proposition (TV-14) One of Al's old girlfriends appears and offers to pay Peg $500,000 if Peg will allow her to have her former flame back in her arms once again.
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Featuring Wolfman Jack, Paul Anka, and Neil Sedaka (TV-PG) Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka and Wolfman Jack appear.
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