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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The Feudin' Pyles (TV-G) Gomer befriends a soldier from a neighboring hometown, but soon they discover that their relatives have been in a family feud for over a century.
WKRP in Cincinnati Three Days of the Condo (TV-PG) Venus advises Johnny about the investment opportunity of purchasing a condominium after he is awarded a handsome sum in a legal settlement.
Hogan's Heroes The Meister Spy (TV-G) Hogan and his men pose as German officers as they attempt to trick a German spy, who is also an American traitor; they attempt to get the spy to disclose info.
Hogan's Heroes That's No Lady, That's My Spy (TV-G) Newkirk goes undercover disguised as a German Generals wife so he may collect some penicillin to help the undergrounds ill leader.
Carol Burnett and Friends Mother of the Bride; Stradivarius; The Perfect Crime (TV-G) Carol offers marriage advice to her daughter Vicki; Harvey is desperate to find a repairman for his violin; Carol thinks her billionaire husband is boring.
Perry Mason The Case of the Melancholy Marksman (TV-PG) A man suspects his second wife murdered his first wife, but when he tries to get revenge, he discovers that someone else has already killed his second wife.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Love Letters to the Sarge (TV-G) Duke and Gomer create secret love letters to cheer up Carter, but the plan backfires when Carter and the troops wish to see the secret admirer in person.
WKRP in Cincinnati Jennifer and the Will (TV-PG) Jennifer finds herself faced with a stressful situation when her elderly gentleman friend dies unexpectedly and leaves her in charge of executing his will.
Hogan's Heroes To Russia Without Love (TV-G) Hogan wants somebody to convince Colonel Klink to volunteer for the Russian Front, so he asks a Russian agent to do that very thing.
Hogan's Heroes Klink for the Defense (TV-G) Colonel Klink is appointed defense council for a German officer when he is put on trial for treason for trying to sell secret plans intended for the allies.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Alan King (TV-G) Carol comes home from work just as Tim prepares to leave and the two must coordinate in their small apartment; Carol visits a preoccupied psychological analyst.
Perry Mason The Case of the Angry Astronaut (TV-PG) An astronaut is questioned in the murder of the man placed in charge of the astronaut program because of his history heated battles with the deceased general.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Sergeant Carter Gets a Dear John Letter (TV-G) Sergeant Carter's girlfriend arrives, but when she secretly falls for Gomer and suddenly dumps Carter, he tries to figure out which soldier is the culprit.
WKRP in Cincinnati The Consultant (TV-PG) When a professional radio consultant is hired to evaluate the performance of WKRP, Andy figures out that the consultant may have ulterior motives.
Hogan's Heroes The Kamikazes Are Coming (TV-G) The Heroes find a new rocket that had just landed outside Stalag 13, which they take in to examine; they try to figure out how to send it back to England.
Hogan's Heroes Kommandant Gertrude (TV-G) Hogan and his Heroes must try to smuggle an American general out of Stalag 13 just as General Burkhalters sister comes to the camp just as intended.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Betty White (TV-G) Mama decides to clean out the attic, which leads to Eunice finding out what happened to her childhood bunny; Carol tries to get rid of a fake $20 bill.
Perry Mason The Case of the Borrowed Baby (TV-PG) Perry and his team discover an abandoned baby at his office, but after they find information to lead them to the parents, more questions are raised.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Daughter of the Sarge (TV-G) Carter's adopted daughter arrives in America to announce her engagement to a marine, he thinks the groom-to-be is Gomer, and he tries to stop the marriage.
WKRP in Cincinnati Love, Exciting and New (TV-PG) Andy attempts to persuade Mama Carlson into paying for a brand new transmitter for the station by taking her out after work every day.
Hogan's Heroes Hogan's Double Life (TV-G) Hogan and his heroes try to find a way to discredit a German officer who had caught wise to Hogans operations in his camp and identifies Hogan as a saboteur.
Hogan's Heroes Look at the Pretty Snowflakes (TV-G) Hogan and his heroes come up with a plan to stall a Panzer division, and all it takes is a simple avalanche of snow.
Carol Burnett and Friends Mrs. Wiggins; Boy Meets Girl (TV-G) Carol Burnett plays a secretary who makes ordering lunch more complicated than it ought to be; Harvey attempts to court Carol.
Perry Mason The Case of the Counterfeit Crank (TV-PG) A wealthy gentleman seeks counsel from Perry Mason after being charged with his nephew's murder, because they believe his nephew's betrayal was his motive.
« Dr. Cyclops (TV-PG, NR, **) An arrogant mad scientist in South America feels his power is being threatened and decides to shrink his colleagues to the size of dolls to do his bidding.
Lost in Space The Mechanical Men (TV-PG) A band of tiny robots demands to have the Robot serve as their leader, but they discover he is too lenient and switch his personality with Dr. Smith's.
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century The Guardians (TV-PG) Hawk and Buck encounter a dying old man on a distant planet who entrusts Buck with a mysterious green box, insisting that he deliver it to the next guardian.
« Columbo: A Trace of Murder (TV-PG, NR, ***) Columbo has little evidence to go on when a millionaire is framed until he discovers the millionaire's wife was having an affair with a forensic scientist.
Touched by an Angel Buy Me a Rose (TV-G) An ambitious businessman needs a reminder about the importance of love when his wife threatens to leave him on their 20th wedding anniversary.
Night Gallery Cool Air (TV-PG) A young woman is in love with her father's colleague, who lives in a refrigerated apartment.
Night Gallery Camera Obscura (TV-PG) A heartless moneylender gets what he deserves with help from a client's strange device.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Officer Candidate Gomer Pyle (TV-G) Gomer learns that Carter is about to take the exam for the officer's training program, and he thinks that Carter would leave the platoon if he is successful.
WKRP in Cincinnati You Can't Go Out of Town Again (TV-PG) Mr. Carlson accompanies Carmen to a college reunion where he uncovers the truth about circumstances leading up to their introduction to each other.
Hogan's Heroes Rockets or Romance (TV-G) The underground team needs assistance in blowing up a heavily guarded missile battery, and their plan involves a lovely woman who is assigned as Hogans partner.
Hogan's Heroes The Informer (TV-G) After Hogan and his men are greeted by a new fellow prisoner in Camp 13, Hogan starts to believe there a German spy among he and his fellow prisoners.
Carol Burnett and Friends Mrs. Wiggins; The Fruitcake (TV-G) Mr. Tudball is kicked out of the house after playing poker; Carol is fighting off a nervous breakdown as a result of her husband's annoying behavior.
Perry Mason The Case of the Ancient Romeo (TV-PG) While Perry and Della visit the theater for a friend's performance in Romeo and Juliet, the lights turned off and on, and Romeo is found stabbed to death.
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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Old Man Carter (TV-G) The platoon celebrates Carter's birthday, but soon he learns that his troops are making fun of his age, so Gomer tries to show that Carter is still a young man.
WKRP in Cincinnati Pills (TV-PG) Herb decides to sell some ad spots to diet pill manufacturers before discovering that the product marketed by the company is basically legalized speed.
Hogan's Heroes Hold That Tiger (TV-G) Hogan and his men attempt to smuggle a new Tiger tank, manufactured by the German army, right into the camp after Colonel Klink boasted about having it.
Hogan's Heroes Kommandant of the Year (TV-G) Stalag 13 is named one of the best prison camps in all of Germany, which Klink and his men consider to be an honor; it's really just a distraction.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Glen Campbell (TV-G) Carol tries to find a cure for Swine Flu; Carol and the crew parody a classic film; Carol tries to distract her friend so she does not see her husband cheating.
Perry Mason The Case of the Promoter's Pillbox (TV-PG) When a producer steals a screenwriter's work as his own, he is murdered, and witnesses report seeing the screenwriter fleeing the scene of the crime.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer Makes the Honor Guard (TV-G) Three members of Carter's platoon are needed to form an honor guard for a reception, but Gomer is the only soldier who has money to buy a dress blues uniform.
WKRP in Cincinnati Changes (TV-PG) Venus prepares for an interview by a militant black magazine company by altering his wardrobe in order to increase his credibility with the black community.
Hogan's Heroes The Late Inspector General (TV-G) The camp gets a visit from Inspector General, and Hogans men try to prevent Colonel Klink from being transferred to the Russian Front.
Hogan's Heroes The Flight of the Valkyrie (TV-G) Colonel Klink thinks Hogan is not fit to act as officer of the P.O.Ws, and hires a much more tough replacement to look over the prisoners.
Carol Burnett and Friends Wrong Number; Saturday Night; The Recital; Vacuum Salesman (TV-G) Carol intercepts a strange phone call for her husband; Carol tries to drop in on a party next door; four musicians, lacking in talent, perform.
Perry Mason The Case of the Lonely Eloper (TV-PG) Upon learning their young heiress is planning on running away with her fiancé, her guardians plan to keep her safe at home leads to someone's murder.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. My Buddy, the War Hero (TV-G) Sergeant Carter learns that one of his best friends is coming to visit, but Gomer tries to keep their conflicting war stories separated when he arrives.
WKRP in Cincinnati Jennifer and Johnny's Charity (TV-PG) Jennifer decides to help Johnny out by hosting a cocktail party fund-raiser aimed at obtaining the $40,000 needed to rebuild a burnt-down kitchen.
Hogan's Heroes The Prisoner's Prisoner (TV-G) A British Commando Unit has been captured before they could execute their planned attack on an important German ammunition dump; Hogan offers to do it.
Hogan's Heroes German Bridge Is Falling Down (TV-G) Hogan and his men attempt to do what the air force could not, which is to knock out an important German bridge; it proves to be difficult.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Rock Hudson (TV-G) Carol debates whether to leave her husband for a suitor that has swept her off her feet; Carol and Rock have a couple's squabble while live on the air.
Perry Mason The Case of the Bogus Books (TV-PG) After a bookseller is murdered at his office, one of his employees pleads his innocence and asks for Perry Mason and his team to help him.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Double Date with the Sarge (TV-G) Carter must go on a double date with Gomer, but when the foursome end up at a nice restaurant and their dates order filet mignon, Carter runs into a problem.
WKRP in Cincinnati I'll Take Romance (TV-PG) Herb decides to help Les out by fixing him up with "I'll Take Romance," a dating service that advertises its services on the station.
Hogan's Heroes Movies Are Your Best Escape (TV-G) Hogan wants to catch a look at some valuable photos and documents that could be useful to others, but he needs distract the visiting General possessing them.
Hogan's Heroes Go Light on the Heavy Water (TV-G) Hogan manages to convince Klink that the heavy water supply within Stage 13 is actually a youth potion; he does this to bring damage to a water line.
Carol Burnett and Friends The Ham Actor; The Oldest Man (TV-G) A coming storm complicates Carol and Harvey's outdoor performance; the Oldest Man is captain of a ship that is headed for an iceberg.
Perry Mason The Case of the Capricious Corpse (TV-PG) When a man financing an orphanage falls into a coma, his partner fights opposition to have it closed, but after an adversary is killed, the partner is accused.
« House of Wax (TV-PG, NR, **+) After witnessing a series of bizarre incidents, a group of visitors to a wax museum begins to suspect that the creepy curator is concealing a sinister secret.
Lost in Space The Astral Traveler (TV-PG) Dr. Smith and Will stumble upon a time portal in a cave and are sent through it to a Scottish castle where they meet a headless ghost with a dark secret.
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Mark of the Saurian (TV-PG) When Buck is afflicted by a strange fever, he is suddenly the only one able to see the true form of an enemy alien race that is disguised in human form.
« Columbo: Ashes to Ashes (TV-PG, NR, **+) When a gossip columnist disappears, Columbo's main suspect is a mortician who performs celebrity funerals.
Touched by an Angel Life Before Death (TV-G) Monica returns to Ireland to help a group of angry teenagers, both Catholic and Protestant, learn to trust each other and lead their generation towards peace.
Night Gallery The Funeral; Nature of the Enemy (TV-PG) When a strange vampire decides to arrange a belated funeral, a greedy funeral director refuses to coordinate the lavish event.
Night Gallery Green Fingers; Room for One Less (TV-PG) A tycoon tries to force an old widow off of her land, but her gardening skills stop him; a strange stowaway on an elevator.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (TV-G) A small town gas-station attendant from Mayberry, North Carolina, joins the U.S. Marine Corps, and proceeds to drive his drill sergeant crazy with his antics.
WKRP in Cincinnati (TV-PG) The staff of a struggling radio station decides to take advantage of an opportunity as the station's format changes from easy listening to rock and roll.
Hogan's Heroes (TV-G) During World War II, an American colonel and his men become prisoners of war at a camp led by a strict German colonel avoiding reassignment to fight in battle.
Hogan's Heroes (TV-G) During World War II, an American colonel and his men become prisoners of war at a camp led by a strict German colonel avoiding reassignment to fight in battle.
Carol Burnett and Friends (TV-G) Carol Burnett and a troop of stars perform comedy sketches, songs, and dance numbers; movie parodies and fake commercials and other comedy routines.
Perry Mason (TV-PG) A brilliant defense lawyer solves crime cases of various sorts with help from his staff, surprise witnesses and fierce cross-examinations.
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