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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Lies, Lies, Lies (TV-G) Gomer gets a chance to meet his favorite actress when a tour bus leaves without him, so she invites him and the troops to a barbecue, but they think he's lying.
Green Acres The Beeping Rock (TV-G) A young neighborhood boy claims to have gone to the Moon and Oliver naturally doesn't believe him, though Lisa buys what is said to be a Moon rock from him.
Hogan's Heroes Hogan's Springs (TV-G) Hogan manages to set four underground leaders free from the Gestapo, and he smuggles them into Stalag 13; they come up with a plan to send the men to England.
Hogan's Heroes A Klink, a Bomb, and a Short Fuse (TV-G) Hogan and his gang attempt to steal Colonel Klinks code book from his safe, photograph its contents and return it back to its proper place.
The Carol Burnett Show Guests Tim Conway and Eydie Gorme (Part 2) (TV-G)
Perry Mason The Case of the Fatal Fetish (TV-PG) Burger tries to prevent trouble when his young assistant falls for an immoral woman but soon finds himself having to prosecute him for her murder.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Crazy Legs Gomer (TV-G) The camp holds an inter-squad competition amongst the troops, as Carter begins to scheme about how he can use Gomer to win an upcoming race.
Green Acres Uncle Fedor (TV-G) Lisa gets a visit from her anxious uncle, who claims to be a fugitive on the run from a so-called "Secret Police" who want a valuable formula he smuggled.
Hogan's Heroes Tanks for the Memory (TV-G) Newkirk discovers a new radio-controlled tank that the Germans had built to insure they would win the war, and the allies ask Hogan to photograph it.
Hogan's Heroes Will the Real Adolf Please Stand Up? (TV-G) Security is higher than ever at Stalag 13, and Hogan and his men are desperate for a way to smuggle out some information on German fortifications to allies.
The Carol Burnett Show Guests Jack Klugman and Tony Randall (TV-G)
Perry Mason The Case of the Sad Sicilian (TV-PG) An Italian man tries to scam Italian-American families but runs into problems along the way and winds up being a prime suspect for a murder case.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer, the Carrier (TV-G) Sergeant Carter comes down with the German measles and needs to be quarantined, as he utilizes his time away from Gomer as a vacation of sorts.
Green Acres The Wealthy Landowner (TV-G) Ed takes out a personal ad in a magazine, where he sells himself as a wealthy landowner and he starts to communicate with a young woman from Park Avenue.
Hogan's Heroes A Tiger Hunt in Paris, Part #1 (TV-G) A female underground agent is arrested while trying to document some of the secrets of the German bases, and she is taken to Paris for questioning.
Hogan's Heroes A Tiger Hunt in Paris, Part #2 (TV-G) Hogan and LeBeau continue in their efforts to free an underground agent from German clutches in Nazi-occupied Paris, and get help from a Himmler-lookalike.
The Carol Burnett Show Guests Karen Black and Paul Lynde (TV-G)
Perry Mason The Case of the Murderous Mermaid (TV-PG) A former swimming champion is out of shape and failing in her business ventures, she hires an impersonater who ends up a suspect when she is found murdered.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Caution: Low Overhead (TV-G) Gomer discovers that an expensive watch he bought from a suspicious vendor outside the base is actually cheap, as Sergeant Carter aims to expose him as a fraud.
Green Acres Happy Birthday (TV-G) Oliver learns that he shares his birthday with Arnold, and he is not thrilled to find out and is not eager to spread the joy by getting a gift for the pig.
Hogan's Heroes Don't Forget to Write (TV-G) Colonel Klink fails his routine physical exam and lands a combat assignment at the Russian front; Hogan and his men fear a harsher replacement is coming.
Hogan's Heroes Klink's Rocket (TV-G) Hogan and his men plan to lure bombers within range of an allied anti-craft installation hidden within an abandoned warehouse, helping allies.
The Carol Burnett Show Family Sketch Show (Part 1) (TV-G)
Perry Mason The Case of the Careless Kitten (TV-PG) A man who was presumed dead, contacts his niece after being gone for ten years; someone tries to take a shot at the nieces boyfriend.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Show Me the Way to Go Home (TV-G) Gomer becomes the object of one woman's anger when she accuses Gomer of getting her husband drunk and turning him into an alcoholic.
Green Acres The City Kids (TV-G) Oliver obliges a friend of his for a favor by inviting four kids from the city to spend a week on their farm, teaching them to plant seeds and milk a cow.
Hogan's Heroes Information Please (TV-G) General Burkhalter suspects there has been a security leak at Stalag 13, and goes fishing for a confession with some false information and Hogan falls for it.
Hogan's Heroes Art for Hogan's Sake (TV-G) General Burkhalter claims ownership of a famous painting by Edouard Menet from the Louvre museum in Paris to give to Hermann Goering as a birthday present.
The Carol Burnett Show Family Sketch Show (Part 2) (TV-G)
Perry Mason The Case of the Deadly Debt (TV-PG) A man who's father owed $10,000 to the mob, and died after a stress-related heart attack because of that debt, is accused with a mobster's murder.
« Creature with the Atom Brain (NR, *+) A vengeful gangster and a mad scientist use an army of atomic powered zombies to exact revenge against foes and take over the world.
Star Trek The Man Trap (TV-G) A captain and his crew embark a mission to explore uncharted space, but things take a turn for the worse when a shape-shifting alien begins terrorizing them.
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Journey to Oasis, Part 1 (TV-PG) Hawk, Buck, Wilma and Dr. Goodfellow accompany an ambassador to a peace conference in order to avoid a galactic war, but an electric storm causes them to crash.
« Columbo Any Old Port in a Storm (TV-PG) A wine experts brother plans to sell the winery that he owns and the expert operates, so the expert kills his greedy brother to protect property.
Collector's Call Meet Rodney Shiflet (New, TV-G) Pastor Rodney Shiflett is the ultimate Batman fan, with a massive collection of over 2,000 items; expert Mark Huckabone appraises his collection.
The Honeymooners A Man's Pride (TV-G) Trying to make himself look better in front of Alice's ex-boyfriend, Ralph claims that he is in charge at of the Gotham Bus Company, and then must prove it.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Your Home Sweet Home is My Home Sweet Home (TV-G) Rob and Laura believe that they have found the perfect home, but they come across one small problem.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Not Now, Anthony Stone (TV-G) Sally falls head over heels in love with a handsome man she met while on vacation, but Rob and Buddy uncover a shocking secret about him.
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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. How to Succeed in Farming Without Really Trying (TV-G) Gomer is spending all his free time to build a garden on the base, so Carter tries to teach him a lesson by placing vodka in a prize watermelon.
Green Acres The Coming Out Party (TV-G) Lisa plans to introduce their special guest, the city girl who stayed behind, to the other children in town by throwing a party for her.
Hogan's Heroes The General Swap (TV-G) Hogan is not thrilled when he is assigned to help an obnoxious American General escape from Stalag 13 and has a secret plan involving a prisoner swap.
Hogan's Heroes The Great Brinksmeyer Robbery (TV-G) The gangs secret cache of money, which has been saved to purchase a map, goes up in smoke and the men of Stalag 13 must find a way to replace the missing money.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Steve Lawrence and Paul Sand (TV-G) A shy man tries to improve his confidence by talking back to a recording; Carol is upset that her sister is spending the weekend with a man.
Perry Mason The Case of the Gambling Lady (TV-PG) A husband who is estranged from his wife, is blamed for his her counterfeit gambling chip scam after he lies to cover up for her and she is later found dead.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer and the Little Men from Outer Space (TV-G) A science fiction movie is being filmed near the base, but when Gomer only notices aliens getting out of their spaceship, he reports it to Sergeant Carter.
Green Acres Jealousy (TV-G) Eb wants a car but his request is rejected, though Lori has been given a new bicycle and a rented piano, and he decides to run away and find a new job.
Hogan's Heroes Praise the F├╝hrer and Pass the Ammunition (TV-G) Hogan and his men at the camp make it their mission to create even more chaos during staged war games a Gestapo colonel scheduled near Stalag 13.
Hogan's Heroes Hogan and the Lady Doctor (TV-G) Hogan cancels his plans for a caper due to the risks involved, however he is overruled and is forced to participate in the very same plan against his will.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Joel Grey and Cass Elliott (TV-G) Carol's husband falls ill, so she fills in for him in a TV panel discussion; Joel, Harvey, and Lyle play dogs who are trying to win an owner's favor.
Perry Mason The Case of the Duplicate Case (TV-PG) An unsuccessful salesman finds himself in a precarious position when a large sum of money is found in his sample case after throwing it down in disgust.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The Borrowed Car (TV-G) Sergeant Carter lets Gomer borrow his car, as thieves end up stealing it, but when Gomer finds the car after it has been reported missing, the cops arrest him.
Green Acres A Royal Love Story (TV-G) When asked about how Lisa and Oliver met, Lisa makes up yet another different explanation about sharing an apartment in Paris with her father.
Hogan's Heroes The Swing Shift (TV-G) Hogan and his fellow Prisoners of War go undercover at German workers with an elaborate and foolproof plan to blow up a Germany factory cannon.
Hogan's Heroes Heil Klink (TV-G) An important member of the Gestapo announces that he wishes to defect, and Hogan brings him to Stalag 13; he convinces Colonel Klink the prisoner is Hitler.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Carl Reiner (TV-G) A shy doctor pretending to be a nurse has to save a patient; the characters that Harvey writes for his story come to life, but the plot gets complicated.
Perry Mason The Case of the Grinning Gorilla (TV-PG) Della buys the diary of a drowned woman and from the woman's words, is convinced her death was not by suicide, leading Perry into a case involving a gorilla.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer Pyle, Super Chef (TV-G) Sergeant Hacker claims that he can turn Gomer into a cook, so Sergeant Carter makes a bet that he can't teach Gomer to cook a meal within 24 hours.
Green Acres Oliver Goes Broke (TV-G) Lisa seeks a new job to fill up her days after she drops Lori at the airport but the townspeople get the wrong idea when Lisa is seen at the welfare office.
Hogan's Heroes Everyone Has a Brother-in-Law (TV-G) Captain Kurtz, the brother-in-law to General Burkhalter, is the camps stern new adjutant and is keeping a watchful eye on any suspicious activity.
Hogan's Heroes Killer Klink (TV-G) Sergeant Schultz has been tricked into making a trip to act as a courier to the underground, but he is grounded to the camp by Colonel Klink.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Anthony Newley and Bernadette Peters (TV-G) Carol discusses life with her invisible son; Tony thinks that using a British accent will get him anything he wants; Carol's old love interest returns.
Perry Mason The Case of the Wrongful Writ (TV-PG) Perry's friend is involved in a gunrunning operation and murder on the high seas after being conned; Perry seeks to clear his friend's name of murder.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Marry Me, Marry Me (TV-G) Gomer goes on a date with a girl and discovers that they share a lot in common, as she swindles him into thinking that they have become engaged.
Green Acres The Great Mayoralty Campaign (TV-G) Oliver and Lisa decide to both enter the race to be elected Mayor of Hooterville and end up running against each other for the position.
Hogan's Heroes Reverend Kommandant Klink (TV-G) Boucher's plane has been shot down and he is brought into Stalag 13 to be interrogated by Major Hochstetter; he refuses to give up any information.
Hogan's Heroes The Most Escape-Proof Prison Camp I've Ever Escaped From (TV-G) Colonel Klink finds out his supposedly perfect "no escape" record is jeopardized when a British escape artist lands in Stalag 13 to continue his record.
Carol Burnett and Friends The Movie Fan; Rebecky (TV-G) Carol plays a woman obsessed with movie culture, which disturbs her husband; the crew parodies the film "Rebecca" with Carol playing Joan Fontaine.
Perry Mason The Case of the Mischievous Doll (TV-PG) Perry discovers that his mystery client is actually an heiress who supposedly burned to death in a car fire, leading him to ponder who really died in the wreck.
« Night Monster (**+) A group of doctors are invited to the desolate mansion of a wealthy recluse who was once their patient, not knowing that he is bent on revenge.
Star Trek Charlie X (TV-G) The Enterprise picks up a new passenger from a survey ship, but the boy's erratic behavior and some unexplained phenomena make Captain Kirk suspicious.
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Journey to Oasis, Part 2 (TV-PG) The crew faces multiple dangers as they travel on foot and must brave a deathly and mysterious being in the Cave of Winds in order to get to their destination.
« Columbo Candidate for Crime (TV-PG) A man running for senate is tough on crime but disloyal to his own wife, and his manager is urging him to leave his mistress to save his career.
Collector's Call Meet Rick Heinz (New, TV-G) Accountant Rick Heinz has been collecting sports memorabilia and art for over 40 years; appraiser Michael Osacky will estimate a value for Ricks collection.
The Honeymooners The Babysitter (TV-G) Alice begins babysitting for extra cash when Ralph refuses to pay for the telephone she wants, but Ralph thinks she is running around on him behind his back.
The Dick Van Dyke Show A Show of Hands (TV-G) Rob and Laura get ready to attend an important community banquet but they encountered an unusual dye accident when helping Ritchie make a costume for a play.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Baby Fat (TV-G) Alan asks Rob to help him out with the script for his first Broadway production, making it better, but he does so without consulting anyone else involved.
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