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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Lou Ann Poovie Sings No More (TV-G) After a lounge singer gets fired from her job, Private Slater and Sergeant Carter try to help her start a real music career, but Gomer tells her she can't sing.
Green Acres The Best Laid Plans (TV-G) Lisa goes back to New York City so he may pick up his furniture, but everyone else in Hooterville is under the impression that she left for good.
Hogan's Heroes No Names Please (TV-G) An American journalist is saved by Hogan and is sworn to keep his operation a secret before he is sent back to the United States; the writer breaks his promise.
Hogan's Heroes Bad Day in Berlin (TV-G) An American agent enters Germany and offers his services to help Hogan and his men to get a German Gestapo officer out of Berlin; the officer wishes to defect.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Petula Clark and Tim Conway (TV-G) Carol plays up a small crush the elevator operator has on her to make Harvey jealous; Carol comes into an inheritance, but visiting family causes trouble.
Perry Mason The Case of the Treacherous Toupee (TV-PG) When a company president fires an employee, he is later found murdered, and after witnesses claim they can identify the killer, they wind up disappearing.
« Berserk! (NR, **) The feisty owner of a circus is implicated in a series of mysterious murders that seem to bolster business, and various performers start dying.
Star Trek The Omega Glory (TV-G) After finding an abandoned starship, the Enterprise crew discovers that the planet it orbits is home to seemingly immortal people.
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Testimony of a Traitor (TV-PG) A videotape is discovered that implicates Buck in the nuclear holocaust that almost destroyed Earth, so he is put on trial and faces death if found guilty.
« Columbo Suitable for Framing (TV-PG) Alerted that his wealthy uncle will not make him the beneficiary of his valuable art collection, the nephew elects to kill him and blame it on art thieves.
Collector's Call Meet Ralph Garman (New, TV-G) Radio host presents his collection of memorabilia from the 1966 "Batman" TV show; historian Rob Klein appraisees his collection and offers up a trade.
The Flintstones Arthur Quarry's Dance Class (TV-G) The boys decide they need to take dance lessons, but their plot to hide the lessons by pretending to join the volunteer fire department doesn't go as planned.
The Honeymooners Mama Loves Mambo (TV-G) The women are thrilled and the men unhappy with the new neighbor and his sexy dance moves, as he strives to teach them the Cuban dance craze, the mambo.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Laura's Little Lie (TV-G) When Rob confronts Laura about her behavior around the insurance agent, Laura confesses that she lied about her age on their marriage license.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Very Old Shoes, Very Old Rice (TV-G) In order to maintain their marital status, Rob and Laura must remarry, but the couple has a fight before the ceremony in front of the judge.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. A Visit from Aunt Bee (TV-G) The base gets an unexpected visit from Aunt Bee, but all is pleasant until she sees how Gomer is being treated by Sergeant Carter, she becomes very upset.
Green Acres My Husband, the Rooster Renter (TV-G) Oliver is tricked into renting a hen from Mister Haney, saying it's the only way that their rented rooster will crow early in the morning.
Hogan's Heroes Will the Blue Baron Strike Again? (TV-G) Hogan tricks Colonel Klink into throwing a party for a German World War I ace pilot so that Hogan and his men can uncover the location of his headquarters.
Hogan's Heroes Will the Real Colonel Klink Please Stand Up Against the Wall? (TV-G) Carter goes in disguise of the camp kommandant and is near one of their operations, after a raise in security; it could get Colonel Klink in trouble.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Ken Berry and Jack Weston (TV-G) A computer service sets up two people on a blind date; guest Ken Berry performs "It's Not Where You Start"; a married doctor and nurse argue during surgery.
Perry Mason The Case of the Credulous Quarry (TV-PG) Perry Mason defends a man on trial for murdering his girlfriend, and as he and his team investigate, they discover some startling information.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The Recruiting Poster (TV-G) The base is visited by an artist with the intention of painting a portrait of a Marine to use for a recruitment poster; Gomer is chosen at the model.
Green Acres Furniture, Furniture, Who's Got the Furniture? (TV-G) Oliver and Lisa finally get their furniture delivered from New York from Lisas mother, but the problem is it has been sent to the wrong address.
Hogan's Heroes Man in a Box (TV-G) Hogan is on the trail of capturing LeBeau, following orders, but tries not to do it too quickly as there a mission to complete; LeBeau must sabotage a factory.
Hogan's Heroes The Missing Klink (TV-G) Hogan wants to stage a kidnapping of Burkhalter and trade him for an underground agent and instead find out that Klink is in fact the hostage.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Paul Sand (TV-G) Newlyweds have honeymoon anxiety; Carol and the cast perform classic television commercial parodies; astronaut Paul finds out he's not invited to a barbecue.
Perry Mason The Case of the Ill-Fated Faker (TV-PG) While having an affair with his uncle's young wife, Jim Ferris concocts a scheme to get $80,000 from his uncle by faking a kidnapping.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Corporal Carol (TV-G) A young female Marine has eyes for Gomer Pyle and will stop at nothing to be with him, including trying to break up his relationship with Lou Ann.
Green Acres Neighborliness (TV-G) Oliver's tractor breaks down and his neighbors offer to help him so he may continue working on his farm; he is frustrated when his plow won't arrive in time.
Hogan's Heroes Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf? (TV-G) Colonel Klink is set to receive an award from a lovely Allied defector while Hogan and his men put together a plan to get to the defector first.
Hogan's Heroes Operation Hannibal (TV-G) Hogan and his heroes enlist the help of a German General's daughter to photograph some secret Nazi plans that are designed to prolong the war.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Paul Sand and Tim Conway (TV-G) Carol is disheartened when she finds out that the world is falling apart because of natural disasters and emergencies; Paul is envious of Carol's baby.
Perry Mason The Case of the Singular Double (TV-PG) Perry is accused of obstructing justice during a case where he defends a woman charged with faking her own suicide by running her empty car off a cliff.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Leader of Men (TV-G) A base receives a visit from a Congressman, who stuns everyone with his opinion that Gomer Pyle should receive a promotion; this development concerns Carter.
Green Acres Lisa, the Helpmate (TV-G) Oliver analyzes some new soil samples for the university after he learns that the first batch had been destroyed; his mother sees an opportunity.
Hogan's Heroes My Favorite Prisoner (TV-G) Hogan and his men provide some information to a German baroness, but their information is not exactly authentic as they include some phony invasion plans.
Hogan's Heroes Watch the Trains Go By (TV-G) Hogan manages to arrange a rendezvous between Klink and Burkhalter's sister, which acts a distraction while Hogan and his men can sneak out of Stalag 13.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Richard Crenna and Ruth Buzzi (TV-G) Carol considers cheating on her model husband with one of his co-workers; Carol seeks divorce from her husband when they are about to catch a suspect.
Perry Mason The Case of the Lavender Lipstick (TV-PG) Perry defends an heiress to a cosmetics company who is charged with the murder of the company's owner.
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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer, the Beautiful Dreamer (TV-G) Gomer keeps having the same dreams, all of which eventually come true for reasons nobody can figure out; one of the dreams involves an engagement announcement.
Green Acres You Can't Plug in a 2 with a 6 (TV-G) Oliver disagrees with the townspeople in Hooterville about their methods in deciding what crops they should be planting during the busiest season.
Hogan's Heroes Klink's Old Flame (TV-G) Klink gets a surprise visit from an old friend of his while on his honeymoon with Klinks ex-girlfriend, and Hogan hitches along to bring some radios to allies.
Hogan's Heroes Up in Klink's Room (TV-G) Hogan gets himself sent to the hospital to gain some valuable information from his wounded contact in the underground.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Dick Martin and Anthony Newley (TV-G) Two wine tasters fight to ensure their entrance into the wine tasting hall of fame; Carol assists her boss with a wedding; Carol is recognized for her work.
Perry Mason The Case of the Wandering Widow (TV-PG) After an eye-witness gives his testimony and has a convicted murderer freed from prison, he devises a scheme to blackmail the newly freed person for money.
« The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (TV-G, G, ***) A newspaper reporter's search for the story that will bring him success leads him to agree to spend the night in a supposedly haunted house.
Star Trek The Ultimate Computer (TV-G) The Enterprise participates in a test that allows a highly advanced computer system run the ship, but things quickly take a turn for the worse.
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century The Dorian Secret (TV-PG) While transporting a group of refugees to a new planet, the Searcher is attached by Dorians who are pursuing one of the refugees, a woman accused of murder.
« Columbo Lady in Waiting (TV-PG) A woman decides to murder her brother after his numerous attempts to control her life.
Collector's Call Meet Ed Montalvo (New, TV-G) Engineer Ed Montalvo presents his unique collection of items from "The Twilight Zone"; Gabe Fajuri tries to trade a unique related item for one of Ed's.
The Flintstones The Big Bank Robbery (TV-G) When Fred and Barney are confused for bank robbers, Wilma and Betty must find a way to catch the real crooks in order to prove their husbands' innocence.
The Honeymooners Trapped (TV-G) When Ralph barely escapes from a bank robbery with his life, he runs home and hides in the apartment instead of heading straight to police headquarters.
The Dick Van Dyke Show The Masterpiece (TV-G) Rob accidentally bids on an ugly clown painting with an unguarded gesture at an auction, but they start to wonder if there is a masterpiece underneath.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Too Many Stars (TV-G) Rob directs an annual variety show but finds himself trapped between casting Laura as the years leading woman yet again or cast a talented new actress.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The Great Talent Hunt (TV-G) The camp holds a talent contest to showcase what a talented crew they have, and they try to sabotage the other acts so their platoon may win.
Green Acres Don't Call Us, We'll Call You (TV-G) Oliver asks Kimball for a favor in speaking to his mother about their phone service, as their phones are still disconnected, but Kimball doesn't speak to her.
Hogan's Heroes The Purchasing Plan (TV-G) Hogan and his men are assigned with a touchy mission to help the underground by sneaking out some airdropped ammunition from Stalag 13 and bring it to them.
Hogan's Heroes The Witness (TV-G) Hogan faces a startling development when he is told that the Germans are sending Hogan to America demanding surrender, and he will be ordered to carry a weapon.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Steve Lawrence (TV-G) Despite her large size, Carol exercises; Harvey and Lyle grumble about women in the workforce, even though Carol is finishing a construction job behind them.
Perry Mason The Case of the Clumsy Clown (TV-PG) During a circus trick involving a gun, the owner of the circus is murdered, and Perry Mason defends the clown being held responsible.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer Says "Hey" to the President (TV-G) Gomer gets to go on a tour of the White House but he gets separated from the rest of the tour group and finds himself inside the Oval Office.
Green Acres Parity Begins at Home (TV-G) Oliver wants to start a crop of wheat on his land but the local agricultural committee tells him he can only plant a smaller crop than he would like.
Hogan's Heroes The Big Dish (TV-G) Hogan and his men make it their mission to take down an anti-aircraft defense system which was built by a beautiful English woman who seems to have defected.
Hogan's Heroes The Return of Major Bonacelli (TV-G) An Italian officer, whom previously studied under Colonel Klink, helps Hogan capture a photograph of a Luftwaffe airbase and an anti-aircraft gun in Hammelburg.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Vincent Price (TV-G) After an encounter with a high school friend, Carol questions her entire life; Harvey does not have enough cash to pay his secret informant.
Perry Mason The Case of the Provocative Protege (TV-PG) When a finished pianist is violently murdered for insurance money, the authorities hold his attractive protégé as a suspect in the crime.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. And a Child Shall Lead Them (TV-G) On a fun day out in Washington D.C., Gomer and Carter meet a young Japanese boy who doesn't speak English; they agree to help him reunite with his family.
Green Acres Lisa Has a Calf (TV-G) The Douglases find out that their cow is expecting a calf and they fear that Mr. Haney is going to claim ownership of the calf; it starts a rumor.
Hogan's Heroes Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan (TV-G) It's Colonel Hogans birthday and the men have an idea to celebrate on Stalag 13 with a surprise by blowing up an ammunition dump.
Hogan's Heroes Hogan Goes Hollywood (TV-G) An American actor has been imprisoned in Stalag 13 and is being forced to appear in a Nazi propaganda film; when Hogan finds out, he puts together a plan.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Eydie Gorme and Tim Conway (TV-G) A fortune teller predicts Carol's future; Tim is a 243-year-old man who requires Harvey to wear a necktie before entering the classy restaurant.
Perry Mason The Case of the Nine Dolls (TV-PG) A girl looking for her birth parents is reunited with her grandfather and placed in his will, which leads to an untimely death for Perry Mason to investigate.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The Show Must Go On (TV-G) In Washington D.C., Gomer Pyle is scheduled to sing for the Navy Relief Benefit event, but he gets so nervous that he loses his voice.
Green Acres The Wedding Anniversary (TV-G) Oliver tries to recall how long he and Lisa had been married to each other and she remembers how her previous anniversary ended with them being in jail.
Hogan's Heroes The Well (TV-G) Newkirk hides a stolen German code book in a dry well, after the book had been stolen by Hogan; Hogan and his men must find a way to get the book back.
Hogan's Heroes The Klink Commandos (TV-G) Klink and Hogans men take a German train to the Russian front together for a dangerous mission in which they must steal some highly important documents.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests James Coco, Nancy Walker, and Rock Hudson (TV-G) James tries to stay calm before a blind date; a high-strung Carol hesitates to leave her child with the babysitter; Carol tries to teach Vicki self-respect.
Perry Mason The Case of the Loquacious Liar (TV-PG) A power struggle over the ownership rights of a boat manufacturing company between rivaling business associates ends in someone's death.
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