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The Office Moving On, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) When Pam goes on an interview in Philadelphia, the manager begins giving her feelings of déjà vu; Dwight decides to bring Angela along on a mission.
The Office The Farm (HD, TV-14) Dwight travels home for a funeral that is customary to the Schrute family and learns of an unexpected inheritance; Todd Packer makes amends.
The Office Promos (HD, TV-14) As promos for the documentary begin running on television, excitement around the office begins to build; Angela finds herself jealous of the woman Dwight dates.
The Office Stairmageddon (HD, TV-14) Jim and Pam begin to take comfort in talking with Toby and Nellie about their marital troubles while everybody deals with the building elevator breaking down.
The Nanny The Nanny and the Hunk Producer (TV-PG) Maxwell's play receives higher accolades than the latest work of his rival; a tabloid prints a false story about Fran and Maxwell's relationship.
The Nanny The Passed-Over Story (TV-PG) Fran's high-school nemesis is chosen as the lead in Maxwell's latest production, giving Fran an inferiority complex; Maggie contemplates skipping college.
The Office Paper Airplane (HD, TV-14) Dwight and Angela compete in an office-wide paper airplane contest; Andy begins receiving help for his first role in an upcoming film.
The Office Livin' the Dream, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Andy begins trying to muster the courage to quit his job and pursue dreams of stardom; Jim returns to Scranton so he can spend some quality time with Pam.
The Office Livin' the Dream, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) Andy begins trying to muster the courage to quit his job and pursue dreams of stardom; Jim returns to Scranton so he can spend some quality time with Pam.
The Office A.A.R.M., Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Dwight begins holding tryouts for the most qualified candidate when Jim convinces him that he needs an assistant to the assistant regional manager.
The Nanny The Heather Biblow Story (TV-PG) Fran is flown out to Hollywood to watch a soap opera and winds up being offered a job as a television actress, which Maxwell finds extremely disconcerting.
The Nanny The Boca Story (TV-PG) Fran becomes distraught after learning that Sylvia has purchased a condominium in Boca Raton, Florida; Grace begins padding her bra.
The Office A.A.R.M., Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) Dwight begins holding tryouts for the most qualified candidate when Jim convinces him that he needs an assistant to the assistant regional manager.
The Office Finale, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Months have passed after the documentary has officially aired and the staff of Dunder Mifflin, both past and present, gather for a wedding and final interviews.
The Office Finale, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) Months have passed after the documentary has officially aired and the staff of Dunder Mifflin, both past and present, gather for a wedding and final interviews.
The Office Pilot (HD, TV-14) The regional manager of Dunder Mifflin learns his branch of the company may be downsized and he decides to keep this news from his staff.
The Nanny First Date (TV-PG) Maxwell takes Fran on a date to the private premiere of singer Elton John's new movie; Niles convinces C.C. that she lost one of Maxwell's children.
The Nanny The Bobbie Fleckman Story (TV-PG) C.C. convinces Fran that Maxwell has feelings for a former business associate that bears a striking resemblance to her; Brighton directs a music video.
Frasier The Impossible Dream (TV-PG) Frasier is having a recurring dream of finding himself in bed with Gil Chesterton, so he engages the help of Niles to interpret what it means.
Frasier A Crane's Critique (TV-PG) Martin becomes friends with an exceptionally reclusive author, which makes Niles and Frasier overjoyed, but their exuberance winds up costing everyone.
Frasier Mixed Doubles (TV-PG) Frasier convinces Niles not to convey his true feelings to Daphne but regrets it when he finds out that Daphne picks up a Niles-clone in a bar.
Frasier A Lilith Thanksgiving (TV-PG) The Cranes visit Lilith and Frederick over the Thanksgiving holiday, and Lilith and Frasier try to get Frederick admitted into a prestigious school.
The Office Diversity Day (HD, TV-14) Michael's offensive behavior necessitates a seminar on racial tolerance and the special consultant re-enacts one of his past indiscretions.
The Office Health Care (HD, TV-14) Corporate decides to get a cheaper heath care plan for the employees and Dwight offends everyone by asking questions about their private medical history.
Kojak The Corrupter (TV-PG) Kojak uncovers a stolen jewelry smuggling ring after a store owner is murdered, and must find his way through the hierarchy of the criminal organization.
Kojak Dark Sunday (TV-PG) Kojak discovers that a car thief's murder is a precursor for a $500,000 heist when the victim's girlfriend inadvertently reveals more clues about the incident.
Ironside Five Days in the Death of Sergeant Brown, Part 1 (TV-PG) After the sniper attack, Ed is left in a hospital bed with possible paralysis for life, unless he can undergo an experimental procedure.
Will & Grace William, Tell (HD, TV-14) Grace learns that Will had an affair with a client and wonders what other secrets he's keeping; a secret meeting with Karen feeds her paranoia.
Will & Grace Where There's a Will There's No Way (HD, TV-14) Grace is having an immense deal of trouble finding a date, and she blames her friendship with Will; Jack has been found by the IRS and he needs Will's help.
The Office Basketball (HD, TV-14) Michael becomes overly confident about his team's ability as the office staff prepares to play a game of basketball against the warehouse workers.
The Office Hot Girl (HD, TV-14) The men in the office are all abuzz over the surprising arrival of an attractive purse saleswoman, whom they all proceed to pursue.
The Nanny A Decent Proposal (TV-PG) The entire Sheffield family accompanies Maxwell and C.C. to Atlantic City for a meeting with Chevy Chase; Niles struggles to control his gambling habit.
The Nanny Mommy and Mai (TV-PG) Fran and Val receive a visit from the young Cambodian orphan that they adopted while in school, but their "daughter" is now a young woman with ulterior motives.
Will & Grace The Buying Game (HD, TV-14) Grace turns to Will for advice on buying the studio that serves as her office, but regrets the decision when Will thinks she is incompetent of closing the deal.
Will & Grace The Truth About Will and Dogs (HD, TV-PG) A new puppy joins Will and Grace's household and they treat it like a baby; a worried Jack and Karen babysit so that Will and Grace can have time away.
The Office The Dundies (HD, TV-14) At the annual office awards ceremony, "The Dundies," the Dunder Mifflin employees suffer through the night, while their pompous boss hosts the festivities.
The Office Sexual Harassment (HD, TV-14) After Dunder Mifflin's recent problems with sexual harassment, Toby informs everyone that they will be refreshed on the company's policies.
The Nanny From Flushing with Love (TV-PG) Niles teams up with C.C. to get back at Fran; Fran, Maxwell and the kids take a trip to Niagara Falls, where Maxwell makes a surprising proclamation.
The Nanny Rash to Judgment (TV-PG) Fran gets tickets to singer Michael Bolton's CD launch party and asks Maxwell out for their second date, but she gets a rash the same day.
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Will & Grace The Big Vent (HD, TV-14) Will and Grace's new heating vent becomes a portal into their neighbors' lives; while the drama unfolds through the vent, Jack and Karen feel neglected.
Will & Grace Will on Ice (HD, TV-14) Jack and Grace bond over their mutual interest in figure skating just in time to ruin Will's birthday, by dragging him to a figure skating event.
The Office Office Olympics (HD, TV-14) While trying to close on his new condo, Michael suffers a panic attack; Pam and Jim organize "Office Olympics" while the boss is away.
The Office The Fire (HD, TV-14) Dunder employees learn more about each other than they might have wished to when they play a game in the parking lot after a kitchen fire forces them outside.
The Nanny Not Without My Nanny (TV-PG) Fran takes Grace to visit her pen pal, a sultan's son living in a foreign country; Fran is trapped in the Middle East when the sultan refuses to let her leave.
The Nanny The Engagement (TV-PG) Maxwell tells Niles that he has picked out an engagement ring and is preparing to ask for Fran's hand in marriage, but Niles lets the secret out.
Will & Grace My Fair Maidy (HD, TV-14) Will hires a cleaning lady for Grace to save her from her own chaos, but Grace becomes dependent on her and loses creativity without her.
Will & Grace The Unsinkable Mommy Adler (HD, TV-14) Grace's showtune-singing mother Bobbi visits, delighting everyone but Grace; Bobbi suggests that Will and Grace get married.
The Office Halloween (HD, TV-14) A costume party is quickly ruined when it is discovered that Michael has very little time until he must decide which of them to let go.
The Office The Fight (HD, TV-14) Dwight attempts to defend himself from Michael's harassment and ends up sparking a heated rivalry after walloping his boss with an errant blow.
The Nanny The Reunion Show (TV-PG) Fran is excited to attend her high-school reunion as a newly engaged woman; Niles feels depressed since C.C. has been away for an extended period of time.
The Nanny Immaculate Conception (TV-PG) Maxwell's father dies and leaves his entire estate to an illegitimate sibling that Maxwell never knew he had; C.C. returns from her stay in the sanitarium.
Will & Grace Big Brother Is Coming, Part 1 (HD, TV-14) Grace baffles Will by inviting his estranged brother to Jack's birthday party, and Karen teaches Jack how not to shop on a budget, using her platinum card.
Will & Grace Big Brother is Coming, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Grace informs Will of her romantic endeavor with another Truman, his brother, Sam, and Karen hires Jack to work as her personal assistant.
The Office The Client (HD, TV-14) Michael really surprises his boss; the Dunder employees have a side-splitting time acting out the screenplay Jim finds written by Michael.
The Office Performance Review (HD, TV-14) Although Michael is spending the day meeting with his employees to discuss their performance, he can only think about his meeting with his boss that afternoon.
The Nanny The Wedding, Part 1 (TV-PG) Fran moves in with Sylvia in order to keep Maxwell from seeing her before the wedding; Fran, Sylvia and Val get stranded when Val's car gets a flat tire.
The Nanny The Wedding, Part 2 (TV-PG) On the day of Maxwell and Fran's wedding, Maxwell's sister causes Fran to get cold feet; C.C. makes one last attempt to obtain Maxwell.
Frasier The Kid (TV-PG) Roz decides she is keeping the baby and will raise it on her own, but Frasier implores her to talk to the baby's father and gather his input.
Frasier The 1000th Show (TV-PG) The whole city of Seattle is invited to celebrate at a large outdoor party commemorating Frasier's 1,000th broadcast, but the guest of honor cannot attend.
Frasier Voyage of the Damned (TV-PG) Frasier learns that his free luxury cruise doesn't quite live up to its name; Niles is crushed to learn that Maris will be in Switzerland on their anniversary.
Frasier My Fair Frasier (TV-PG) Frasier's relationship with a high-profile criminal defense attorney has him becoming far more submissive to her whims than he would like.
The Office E-mail Surveillance (HD, TV-14) The Dunder employees are miffed to learn that Michael has been monitoring their e-mails; Pam suspects that Dwight and Angela are romantically involved.
The Office Christmas Party (HD, TV-14) Michael tries to lift the employees' spirits at the office Christmas party after the secret Santa gifts get them down, so he introduces vodka shots.
Kojak Conspiracy of Fear (TV-PG) An undercover police officer is murdered, but a group of authoritative figures involved in criminal activities stand in the way of Kojak's investigation.
Kojak Cop in a Cage (TV-PG) When an ex-con with a grudge targets Kojak's niece, Kojak must find the culprit and capture him before his nieces wedding day is ruined.
Ironside The Savage Sentry (TV-PG) Ironside is trying to stop one of San Francisco's serial thieves who specializes in taming guard dogs, and his plan involved some danger and a dog of his own.
Will & Grace Yours, Mine or Ours (HD, TV-14) Will and Grace have a date with the same man, and even Jack's "gaydar" cannot tell his preference; Karen enlists Grace in role play.
Will & Grace Secrets and Lays (HD, TV-14) To boost Will's spirits over his break-up, the gang heads to a cabin in Vermont; while there, Grace reunites with an old flame and tries hiding it from Will.
The Office The Secret (HD, TV-14) Jim worries that Michael will tell the other Dunder employees about his feelings for Pam, so he plays the part of Michael's best friend.
The Office The Carpet (HD, TV-14) Michael questions his relationship and popularity with his staff after someone soils the carpet in his office, so he decides to take over Jim's desk.
The Nanny Once a Secretary, Always a Secretary (TV-PG) Maxwell hurts Fran's feelings by calling her a nanny in the middle of a heated argument, and even repeats the offense on national television.
The Nanny Sara's Parents (TV-PG) The Sheffield children's maternal grandparents arrive for a visit and grow very angry upon discovering Fran's intentions to legally adopt the children.
Will & Grace Grace, Replaced (HD, TV-14) While Grace is busy with work overload, Will finds her replacement in Val, a new neighbor who's always free to hang out; Jack is ordered to pick up trash.
Will & Grace Will Works Out (HD, TV-14) Jack's over-the-top behavior creates problems while attending the gym with Will; Grace shares a rare evening of girl talk with Karen.
The Office Boys and Girls (HD, TV-14) Michael takes the guys to the warehouse for male bonding when Jan comes to town for a meeting with the female employees of Dunder Mifflin.
The Office Valentine's Day (HD, TV-14) Michael and Jan are in for a surprise when Michael arrives in New York to visit with Dunder's corporate headquarters on Valentine's Day.
The Nanny Mom's the Word (TV-PG) Fran struggles with the best way to tell Maxwell the news about her being pregnant; Brighton and Yetta lose each other at the movies.
The Nanny Making Whoopi (TV-PG) Fran visits an herbalist in order to increase her chances of becoming pregnant; Maxwell takes the Fine women on a trip to California.
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