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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer Pyle, Super Chef (TV-G) Sergeant Hacker claims that he can turn Gomer into a cook, so Sergeant Carter makes a bet that he can't teach Gomer to cook a meal within 24 hours.
Green Acres Oliver Goes Broke (TV-G) Lisa seeks a new job to fill up her days after she drops Lori at the airport but the townspeople get the wrong idea when Lisa is seen at the welfare office.
Hogan's Heroes Everyone Has a Brother-in-Law (TV-G) Captain Kurtz, the brother-in-law to General Burkhalter, is the camps stern new adjutant and is keeping a watchful eye on any suspicious activity.
Hogan's Heroes Killer Klink (TV-G) Sergeant Schultz has been tricked into making a trip to act as a courier to the underground, but he is grounded to the camp by Colonel Klink.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Anthony Newley and Bernadette Peters (TV-G) Carol discusses life with her invisible son; Tony thinks that using a British accent will get him anything he wants; Carol's old love interest returns.
Perry Mason The Case of the Wrongful Writ (TV-PG) Perry's friend is involved in a gunrunning operation and murder on the high seas after being conned; Perry seeks to clear his friend's name of murder.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Marry Me, Marry Me (TV-G) Gomer goes on a date with a girl and discovers that they share a lot in common, as she swindles him into thinking that they have become engaged.
Green Acres The Great Mayoralty Campaign (TV-G) Oliver and Lisa decide to both enter the race to be elected Mayor of Hooterville and end up running against each other for the position.
Hogan's Heroes Reverend Kommandant Klink (TV-G) Boucher's plane has been shot down and he is brought into Stalag 13 to be interrogated by Major Hochstetter; he refuses to give up any information.
Hogan's Heroes The Most Escape-Proof Prison Camp I've Ever Escaped From (TV-G) Colonel Klink finds out his supposedly perfect "no escape" record is jeopardized when a British escape artist lands in Stalag 13 to continue his record.
Carol Burnett and Friends The Movie Fan; Rebecky (TV-G) Carol plays a woman obsessed with movie culture, which disturbs her husband; the crew parodies the film "Rebecca" with Carol playing Joan Fontaine.
Perry Mason The Case of the Mischievous Doll (TV-PG) Perry discovers that his mystery client is actually an heiress who supposedly burned to death in a car fire, leading him to ponder who really died in the wreck.
« Night Monster (**+) A group of doctors are invited to the desolate mansion of a wealthy recluse who was once their patient, not knowing that he is bent on revenge.
Star Trek Charlie X (TV-G) The Enterprise picks up a new passenger from a survey ship, but the boy's erratic behavior and some unexplained phenomena make Captain Kirk suspicious.
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Journey to Oasis, Part 2 (TV-PG) The crew faces multiple dangers as they travel on foot and must brave a deathly and mysterious being in the Cave of Winds in order to get to their destination.
« Columbo Candidate for Crime (TV-PG) A man running for senate is tough on crime but disloyal to his own wife, and his manager is urging him to leave his mistress to save his career.
Collector's Call Meet Rick Heinz (New, TV-G) Accountant Rick Heinz has been collecting sports memorabilia and art for over 40 years; appraiser Michael Osacky will estimate a value for Ricks collection.
The Honeymooners The Babysitter (TV-G) Alice begins babysitting for extra cash when Ralph refuses to pay for the telephone she wants, but Ralph thinks she is running around on him behind his back.
The Dick Van Dyke Show A Show of Hands (TV-G) Rob and Laura get ready to attend an important community banquet but they encountered an unusual dye accident when helping Ritchie make a costume for a play.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Baby Fat (TV-G) Alan asks Rob to help him out with the script for his first Broadway production, making it better, but he does so without consulting anyone else involved.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Cold Nose, Warm Heart (TV-G) Sergeant Carter gives Bunny a new puppy, as she soon falls in love with the cute canine, but Carter must now compete with the dog for affection.
Green Acres Eb's Double Trouble (TV-G) Eb falls in love with an attractive new school teacher who just arrived in town, and he decides to ask her to accompany him to the dance.
Hogan's Heroes The Tower (TV-G) The Gestapo attempt construct a new communications tower in Stalag 13 that could be deadly to the allied forces; Hogan enlists a beautiful underground agent.
Hogan's Heroes Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon (TV-G) Colonel Klink receives a poor rating from the Inspector General of prison camps, so Klink brings in a stern new sergeant to discipline its prisoners.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Jack Gilford (TV-G) A shy man puts on a hat, and this makes him the center of attention; Carol is worried, as she believes that her sister might have been kidnapped.
Perry Mason The Case of the Laughing Lady (TV-PG) A woman with sinister laugh is presumed a witness to murder and the accused needs to find her to clear her of a murder charge for her deceased ex-boyfriend.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Follow That Car (TV-G) A smuggler leaves the base with a radio, so when Gomer and Sergeant Carter go to find his vehicle, they end up getting captured by the smuggler.
Green Acres Apple-Picking Time (TV-G) Oliver is happy with how his apple crop has turned out but he cannot find any pickers out there, hoping farmers would turn up picking each others crops.
Hogan's Heroes The Top Secret Top Coat (TV-G) A secret military document has been mistakenly hidden in Colonel Klink's topcoat at a party and Hogan must retrieve the document because of its value.
Hogan's Heroes The Reluctant Target (TV-G) Colonel Klink is convinced that an assassin and that he is marked for death, following a series of close calls within Stalag 13; he starts to suspect Hogan.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests John Davidson, Ruth Buzzi, and Burt Reynolds (TV-G) Carol and Ruth pose as audience members and heckle the show; Carol fills in for a sick ballerina; the gang parodies several classic movies.
Perry Mason The Case of the Fatal Fortune (TV-PG) After a woman visits a fortune teller, her predictions come true, but when a situation arises and leads to her husband's death, she is charged with murder.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. It Takes Two to Tangle (TV-G) Gomer heads to the diner for a soda, when he notices Bunny sitting in a booth with another man, so he heads over to Carter to tell him about what he saw.
Green Acres Enterprising Eb (TV-G) The Douglases decide to give two acres of land so he may build a house for himself and his bride-to-be, but he has not saved much money in order to do so.
Hogan's Heroes The Crittendon Plan (TV-G) Hogan and his men attempt to free an allied officer from Stalag 13 but their plans are thwarted by the bumbling British Colonel constantly disrupting them.
Hogan's Heroes Some of Their Planes Are Missing (TV-G) The Germans come up with a new plan to send some of their own men into England in captured Allied planes; Hogan and his men find out.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (TV-G) Carol spoils the happiest couple's parade; a Chinese leader and his wife talk about their recent trip to America; two different car crashes are acted out.
Perry Mason The Case of the Candy Queen (TV-PG) A candy maker is blackmailed and also has her candy formula stolen from by her boyfriend so that he can pay back his gambling debts.
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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Whither the Weather (TV-G) Sergeant Carter's platoon is left in charge of a VIP's arrival at the base, but Carter wonders if he can trust Gomer's predictions about the weather forecast.
Green Acres Oliver's Double (TV-G) An embezzler comes to town and shares a resemblance with Oliver; Eb spots him kissing his moll and concludes that Oliver is cheating on Lisa.
Hogan's Heroes D-Day at Stalag 13 (TV-G) Hogan and his men have a way to help the allied invasion in Normandy by convincing the Germans that Colonel Klink has been promoted to chief of staff.
Hogan's Heroes Sergeant Schultz Meets Mata Hari (TV-G) A Gestapo female operative uses her sexuality to seduce Sergeant Schultz in order to extract valuable information from him.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Tim Conway (TV-G) Carol plays a silent film actress who now finds work in a bug spray commercial; Carol asks a rabbit to be her attorney; the Oldest Man becomes a new recruit.
Perry Mason The Case of the Cheating Chancellor (TV-PG) Perry Mason visits his alma mater to receive an award, but after his arrival, he is asked to take on a case representing a man accused of murdering a professor.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Love's Old Sweet Song (TV-G) Gomer performs a song for an aspring singer, but when she rewards his song with a kiss, Carter attempts to win her affections by singing a song of his own.
Green Acres The High Cost of Living (TV-G) Eb wants to find a better paying career and decides to enter an accounting program of a correspondence school but he is accidentally enters an acting class.
Hogan's Heroes A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to London (TV-G) An old friend of Hogans has been shot down and brought to Stalag 13, and it's all part of a plan to assassinate Winston Churchill and take over England.
Hogan's Heroes Casanova Klink (TV-G) General Burkhalter has returned to Stalag 13, and he is determined to play matchmaker, as he wants Colonel Klink to meet and marry his sister.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Steve Lawrence and Lily Tomlin (TV-G) Lilly Tomlin opens the show with a monologue as a talkative woman in a restaurant; the gang parodies "The Godfather" with Steve playing Marlon Brando.
Perry Mason The Case of the Impetuous Imp (TV-PG) Perry and Paul rescue Diana from Perry's boat out in the ocean and rescue her twice more in the courtroom over jewel theft and murder.
« The Curse of Frankenstein (TV-PG, NR, **+) A young scientist's obsession ultimately drives him to recreate a living man, but he does so from the limbs and organs of corpses.
Star Trek Where No Man Has Gone Before (TV-G) An energy field damages the Enterprise and gives two of its crew members extraordinary mental abilities.
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century The Guardians (TV-PG) Hawk and Buck encounter a dying old man on a distant planet who entrusts Buck with a mysterious green box, insisting that he deliver it to the next guardian.
« Columbo Swan Song (TV-PG) A successful gospel singers wife is unexpectedly killed in a plane crash, but he survives the crash; Columbo learns that their marriage had its problems.
Collector's Call Meet Rodney Griffis (New, TV-G) Rodney Griffis presents his collection of antique bicycles at his Illinois retail shop, Blue Moon Bikes; collector Jeff Hajduk appraises Rodneys collection.
The Honeymooners Ralph Kramden, Inc. (TV-G) To con Norton out of $20, Ralph convinces him to purchase a percentage of himself, but news Ralph might inherit a fortune causes Norton to demand his share.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Br-rooom, Br-rooom (TV-G) Rob decides to buy a motorcycle for himself and Laura is not happy with his purchase; he nicknames the bike Big Red but it's not a very big bike.
The Dick Van Dyke Show There's No Sale Like Wholesale (TV-G) Buddy is dared by Sally to buy Laura a fur coat wholesale as he frequently tells everyone he could have gotten anything wholesale.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer the Recruiter (TV-G) Gomer takes Carter's place at a recruiting booth, but soon Gomer unknowingly signs up a fugitive bank robber as a new recruit for the Marines.
Green Acres The Liberation Movement (TV-G) Lisa discovers the womens liberation movement and decides that she wants to take on some of the male chores on the farm, which leaves Oliver with little to do.
Hogan's Heroes How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis (TV-G) After meeting a Swedish scientist, who is on the same side of the war as the Nazis, Hogan and his men convince him to defect against them.
Hogan's Heroes Nights in Shining Armor (TV-G) Hogan and his men need to get a member of the French resistance, who works as a courier, as well as a cache of bullet proof vests out of Stalag 17.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Vincent Price (TV-G) Carol thinks that her sister is pregnant, and she is intent on discovering who the father is; Carol sabotages a game of poker on a riverboat.
Perry Mason The Case of the Carefree Coronary (TV-PG) An insurance Company suspects its clients of being fraudulent when there is an increase in heart attacks, they hire Perry and Paul to perform an investigation.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The Secret Life of Gomer Pyle (TV-G) Sergeant Carter thinks that Gomer is spending time away at the beach when he notices him in a magazine picture with a handful of swimsuit models.
Green Acres Charlie, Homer and Natasha (TV-G) Lisa really wants to leave Hooterville in order to attend a major party in Manhattan, but Oliver refuses to let her go; Eb makes up an invisible friend.
Hogan's Heroes Hot Money (TV-G) The Germans set up their own money counterfeiting operation within Stalag 13, which they plan to use to their advantage in the war.
Hogan's Heroes One in Every Crowd (TV-G) An American prisoner of war comes in Stalag 13 has valuable information about Hogan and his men, and he plans to offer this information to the Germans.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Steve Lawrence and Tim Conway (TV-G) Steve fights to get control of his talk show back from his rowdy guests; the gang parodies "Columbo" with Steve playing Peter Falk.
Perry Mason The Case of the Hasty Honeymooner (TV-PG) A wealthy widower meets a wealthy woman through a computer dating service, and after they marry, she dies under mysterious circumstances like his first wife.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Go Blow Your Horn (TV-G) Carter discovers that the Marine band is going to play overseas for a month, so he convinces Gomer to learn how to play the tuba and join up with the band.
Green Acres The Engagement Ring (TV-G) Darlenes father puts an end to her engagement when Eb presents her with a watch Fob and Lisa lets Eb give her a $2000 ring that Oliver gave to her.
Hogan's Heroes Is General Hammerschlag Burning? (TV-G) Hogan and his men take Kinchloe, an entertainer, to Paris so he may visit a friend of his, a General; this friend may have a plan that could help Paris.
Hogan's Heroes A Russian Is Coming (TV-G) An unfriendly Russian pilot wants to escape from Stalag 13 but he refuses to go to London first; he wishes to go back to his home country.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Ruth Buzzi and Jack Gilford (TV-G) Carol and Vicki cut out lines from one of their skits so it won't offend anyone; Carol suspects that Harvey is having an affair after he is in an auto accident.
Perry Mason The Case of the 12th Wildcat (TV-PG) A couple shares ownership of a football team, but the husband, who owns a smaller percentage, wants to sell his share, which angers his wife and leads to death.
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