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Charmed Keep Calm and Harry On (HD, New, TV-14) The sisters look to The Elders for help concerning Harry; Mel seeks Jada's help without notifying her sisters; the sisters face an unanticipated threat.
Mike & Molly Cigar Talk (HD, TV-14) Vince ropes Mike into helping him study for a high school equivalency exam after he confesses to Mike that he never graduated from high school.
Mike & Molly Victoria's Birthday (HD, TV-14) Victoria starts to panic as she gets closer to her 30th birthday, and drags Mike and Molly into her premature "life crisis" that seems to worry her.
2 Broke Girls And the 80's Movie (HD, TV-14) Max befriends a bouncer who brings a team of arm wrestlers to her and Caroline's dessert bar; Max runs out of sexy text message ideas for Randy.
2 Broke Girls And the Godmama Drama (HD, TV-14) Oleg's overbearing mother comes to America from the Ukraine and fires Max and Caroline as the godparents to Oleg and Sophie's baby, Barbara.
Black Lightning The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros (HD, New, TV-14) Jennifer and Khalil surrender to their feelings for each other and start making plans for their future; Jefferson asks Henderson for a favor he needs help with.
black-ish Fifty-Three Percent (HD, TV-PG) Dre and Bow struggle to connect; after Devante's first birthday party, Jack and Diane take advantage of the bouncy house that gets left behind.
black-ish Blue Valentime (HD, TV-14) Tensions escalate between Dre and Bow when their contractor appears to remodel the kitchen; Dre thinks about the good moments in his relationship with Bow.
Last Man Standing Daddy Dearest (HD, TV-PG) Mike and Ed take Ryan and his sick dad, Victor, on a hunting trip; Vanessa attempts to find more family who will come to see Ryan and Kristin's wedding.
Last Man Standing The Wolf Returns (HD, TV-PG) Mike returns home after his two month road trip and finds out that he missed; Outdoor Man and the Baxter home are in the way of an approaching tornado.
Roswell, New Mexico So Much for the Afterglow (HD, New, TV-14) The town takes aim at Liz and her father, Auturo, for Rosa's death a decade after the tragedy took place; Max confronts Michael and Isobel.
black-ish Collateral Damage (HD, TV-PG) The Johnson children try to handle their emotions after an estranged Dre and Bow attempt to take turns living in the family house separately.
black-ish Dream Home (HD, TV-PG) As Dre and Bow live their lives separately, they begin to realize how much they depend on each other and experience the difficulties of being on their own.
Last Man Standing Free Range Parents (HD, TV-PG) Mike tries to get Ryan to agree to let Boyd walk home alone, because it's hard enough picking up Ryan from school; Ed and Kyle host "Doomsday Preppers" meeting.
Last Man Standing Ping-Pong (HD, TV-PG) Vanessa tries to convince Eve to be excited about having a woman president; Ed's comment forces Mike and Mandy to consider their shared interests.
All American m.A.A.d. city (HD, New, TV-14) Coop's relationship with Patience is tested as she gets deeper into the gang life; Jordan develops a relationship with his grandfather.
black-ish Pilot (HD, TV-PG) Dre plans for a promotion that will make him the first African American senior vice president his firm has had; Andre Jr. wants to convert to Judaism.
black-ish The Talk (HD, TV-14) Dre is upset when he finds out that Rainbow has already given their son "the talk," so he decides that he is going to tell Andre Jr. his own version of things.
Last Man Standing Educating Boyd (HD, TV-PG) Mike suggests that Ryan send Boyd to a private school when he gets suspended from public school; Kristin and Kyle find a raccoon in the Outdoor Man restaurant.
Last Man Standing The Road Less Driven (HD, TV-PG) Mike is excited about getting to work on his birthday present, a 1967 Impala, but he gets frustrated when the previous owner of the car keeps offering advice.
Legacies Maybe I Should Start from the End (HD, New, TV-14) Hope and Alaric search for Landon subsequent to coming to the realization that he's in a great deal of trouble and in dire need of their help.
black-ish The Nod (HD, TV-PG) Dre tries to find Andre Jr. more black kids to be friends with; Rainbow takes Diane to the hospital in hopes that she'll want to be a doctor one day.
black-ish Crazy Mom (HD, TV-PG) Dre stands in for Rainbow for a week, but when all the children at school love him, he becomes determined to outshine all the kids' parents.
Last Man Standing The Dad Hat (HD, TV-PG) When Kristin tells Mike that she wants to be in charge of the opening of the next Outdoor Man Grill restaurant, he starts acting like a dad instead of her boss.
Last Man Standing The Big Sleepover (HD, TV-PG) Mike does not want Eve's friend Cammy to stay with them, so he tries to pawn her off on the Larabees; Kristin wants Mandy to design uniforms for the Grill.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I'm Almost Over You (HD, New, TV-PG) Rebecca attempts to stick to her plan for happiness, meanwhile Maya and Nathaniel form a bond over their feelings of unreciprocated love.
black-ish Crime and Punishment (HD, TV-PG) Dre and Rainbow's pact to stop spanking the kids is tested by Jack's behavior, which makes Zoey, Junior and Diane worry their parents might change their minds.
black-ish The Gift of Hunger (HD, TV-PG) Dre gets upset when his kids refuse to eat at one of his favorite cheap restaurants, so he makes them all get jobs to bring them back down to reality.
Last Man Standing The Puck Stops Here (HD, TV-PG) Everyone is shocked when Mike suggests that Ryan become the new coach for Boyd's hockey team; Vanessa doesn't understand why Eve is failing chemistry.
Last Man Standing Polar Run (HD, TV-PG) Mike and Vanessa try to beat Eve after she joins their 5k racing team; Kristin is worried when Ed hires his girlfriend to work as the Grill's new hostess.
« The Legend of Zorro (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) Despite a promise to his wife that he would abandon his secret identity, Zorro must don his mask again when he discovers a plot to block California's statehood.
Judge Judy Face Scratcher / Elbow Basher!; Child Guardianship Bitterness? (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Former lovers who got into a fight while driving dispute second hand smoke, Obama-bashing, and a phone being thrown out the window of the car.
Ring of Honor Wrestling (HD, New, TV-PG) The hottest young stars in the sport compete in the hardest-hitting pro-wrestling action on the planet.
Street Magic (TV-PG)
Street Magic (TV-PG)
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9:30 PM
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11:30 PM
Charmed Witch Perfect (HD, New, TV-PG) Macy is enthusiastic about sharing the information she learned with her sisters; Maggie tries out for an a capella group; Mel runs into someone from her past.
Mike & Molly Dennis's Birthday (HD, TV-14) Mike's mother, Peggy, is not prepared for the type of surprise she experiences when she decides that she wants to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday.
Mike & Molly Mike in the House (HD, TV-14) When Mike decides to move in with Molly and her family, he has to adjust from his life living by himself in a bachelor pad to a house full of women.
2 Broke Girls And the Sophie Doll (HD, TV-14) Max and Caroline's plans to take a bartending class exam so that they can add cocktail beverages to the menu are jeopardized when Max gets sick.
2 Broke Girls And the Duck Stamp (HD, TV-14) Han becomes addicted to the new hire's cacao drink; Han joins a drawing contest for duck stamps; Sophie struggles with motherhood.
Black Lightning The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son (HD, New, TV-14) After keeping his superhero past a secret, a man decides to live a regular life, but when the crime springs up in his area, he must go back to his old ways.
black-ish The Prank King (HD, TV-PG) Dre attempts to get his older children interested in taking part in his family's Halloween tradition of pulling crazy pranks on each other.
black-ish Colored Commentary (HD, TV-PG) In an attempt to bring his family closer together, Dre tries to get "Team Johnson" to understand what it means to always look out for each other.
Last Man Standing Mike and the Mechanics (HD, TV-PG) Mike takes Eve to Outdoor Man to show her different career options, but it is a surprise to everyone when she connects with a car mechanic.
Last Man Standing The Ring (HD, TV-PG) Ed gets Kyle to take an engagement ring to get fitted, but when Mike finds out Kyle has a ring, he and Vanessa assume Kyle plans to propose to Mandy.
Roswell, New Mexico Tearin' Up My Heart (HD, New, TV-14) Liz runs a series of tests to see what Max may be capable of; Liz enlists Maria to help her as she attempts to learn more about Rosa's last days.
black-ish Oedipal Triangle (HD, TV-PG) Dre's mother, Ruby, comes for a visit and shows her distaste for Rainbow, who feels the same way, which has Dre trying to get them to make peace.
black-ish Black Santa/White Christmas (HD, TV-PG) After Dre loses his campaign to be the office's Santa to the head of HR, he goes out of his way to take over because he believes their Santa should be black.
Last Man Standing Home Sweet Loan (HD, TV-PG) Mike finds the perfect home for Kristin and Ryan after he convinces them to buy a house instead of renting an apartment, but Ryan backs out.
Last Man Standing Eve's Band (HD, TV-PG) Eve and her friend Cammy decide to start a new band, but their music sounds so bad that Mike cannot stand it and hatches a plan to break up the band.
All American All Eyez on Me (HD, New, TV-PG) Spencer's old teammates from Crenshaw show up at a college recruiting event he's attending, which makes him lose focus; Olivia helps Asher.
black-ish Martin Luther SKiing Day (HD, TV-14) Dre explains the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. to his children; Dre tries to get Junior ready for going out into a world with intolerance in it.
black-ish Law of Attraction (HD, TV-PG) Dre is worried Rainbow thinks he isn't masculine after another man puts him down in front of her; Jr. and Zoey are cast as Romeo and Juliet in the school play.
Last Man Standing Tanks for the Memories (HD, TV-PG) Mike is eager to purchase the miniature tank collection that once belonged to the now-deceased husband of his neighbor Helen Potts.
Last Man Standing He Shed She Shed (HD, TV-PG) When Mike's space is being taken over by Vanessa, he builds her a detached shed; Kyle must deal with Kristin being the Employee of the Month.
Legacies What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams? (HD, New) Hope, Landon, Rafael and MG's attempts to study are ruined by the arrival of a new monster; Hope mulls over a secret she's been keeping from Landon.
black-ish Andre from Marseille (HD, TV-PG) When Zoey introduces Dre to her boyfriend, also named Andre, Dre has trouble adjusting to her dating someone who is white and from France.
black-ish The Dozens (HD, TV-PG) Dre discovers Andre Jr. is being bullied, and teaches him how to trash talk his enemies; Bow spends some sleepless nights with Diane, who is afraid of the dark.
Last Man Standing Outdoor Woman (HD, TV-PG) Mike has a meeting with a famous rock climber, who happens to be his ex girlfriend, to persuade her to let the Outdoor Man carry her line of gear.
Last Man Standing Tattoo (HD, TV-PG) In the hopes of getting into a better status with her daughters, Vanessa decides to get a tattoo; Kyle helps Ryan learn how to camp the right way.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I Need a Break (HD, New, TV-14) Paula has an extremely stressful week as Rebecca and Greg attempt to enjoy a day trip with one another, but things don't seem to go as planned.
black-ish Parental Guidance (HD, TV-14) Dre sets up a special 15th anniversary vow renewal for him and Bow, but when her parents show up, old arguments between the families are reopened.
black-ish 30 Something (HD, TV-PG) As Dre's 40th birthday approaches, he worries he is past the point of being cool; Bow and Ruby argue over which one gets to purchase the best present for Dre.
Last Man Standing The Marriage Doctor (HD, TV-PG) Mike discovers that his future son-in-law is scared to meet the church's new minister; Mike tells Kyle to use his marriage as an example.
Last Man Standing The Shortcut (HD, TV-PG) Ed Plans a surprise dinner for Mike's 25th anniversary at The Outdoor Man; Joe and Chuck have to come up with after-dinner speeches for Mike.
The Silver & Black Show (TV-G) Featured is a series of highlights, coach and player interviews, statistics and other reports covering the National Football League's Oakland Raiders.
Rams 360 The latest news and reports surrounding the Rams are explored, including highlights from the games, a breakdown of the standings and updates.
Ring of Honor Wrestling (HD, New, TV-PG) The hottest young stars in the sport compete in the hardest-hitting pro-wrestling action on the planet.
Street Magic (TV-PG)
Street Magic (TV-PG)
9 PM
9:30 PM
10 PM
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11 PM
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