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Penn & Teller: Fool Us The Fool Us Zone (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Aspiring magicians Dr. Michael Rubinstein, Anastasia Synn, Adam Cheyer and Tyler Twombly perform their best tricks in an attempt to fool Penn & Teller.
black-ish White Breakfast (HD, TV-PG) Dre and Bow must determine the appropriate disciplinary action when Diane and Jack get in trouble at school; Ruby thinks Junior's teacher is flirting with him.
black-ish North Star (HD, TV-PG) When the families of Dre and Bow arrive for Easter, they must find pleasure in each other's different cuisines; Junior tries to put together an Easter egg hunt.
Last Man Standing Vanessa Fixes Kyle (HD, TV-PG) After convincing Mandy to break up with Kyle and begin dating college guys, a guilt-ridden Vanessa attempts to try and rebuild Kyle's self-esteem.
Last Man Standing Thanksgiving (HD, TV-PG) Mike's father decides to use Thanksgiving as his opportunity to announce that he will be opening up a recreational marijuana store.
Roswell, New Mexico I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (HD, New, TV-14) Isobel seeks Liz' help to regain her memories subsequent to being aggravated by her lack of ability to remember what happened the night Rosa died.
black-ish Things Were Different Then (HD, TV-14) Dre is reluctant to help Junior plan Pops' birthday party and begins to view his dad's past in a different way; Bow decides to agree to everything for a year.
black-ish Black Math (HD, TV-PG) Dre tries to talk Junior into attending his alma mater; Ruby decides to manage Jack's comedy career, which forces Diane to compete for her attention.
Last Man Standing Spanking (HD, TV-PG) Bud gives Boyd a spanking and discovers that Mike, Kristin and Ryan all share the same feelings about when that sort of discipline is applicable.
Last Man Standing Elfie (HD, TV-PG) Mandy arranges a surprise for the housekeeper; Ryan tries to demystify a gift Boyd received from Vanessa; sailor Raymond McKnight reunites with his family.
Jane the Virgin Chapter Eighty-Two (HD, New, TV-PG) Jane makes a startling discovery and seeks answers from Rafael; Petra attempts to secure a future with JR in it, but her past puts the prospect in jeopardy.
black-ish Dog Eat Dog World (HD, TV-14) Dre and Bow promise to get a dog if Jack makes straight A's; Bow's brother Johan visits town, but he isn't given a warm welcome from Ruby like he expects.
black-ish Fifty-Three Percent (HD, TV-PG) Dre and Bow struggle to connect; after Devante's first birthday party, Jack and Diane take advantage of the bouncy house that gets left behind.
Last Man Standing House of Spirits (HD, TV-PG) Vanessa and Mike discover that a woman, who once lived there, died upstairs; the family suspects the mysterious things going on are linked to the woman's ghost.
Last Man Standing Breaking Boyd (HD, TV-PG) Boyd has been something of a problem at school, but when Kristin says the school recommends that he be treated for ADHD, Ryan and Mike strongly disagree.
Legacies There's Always a Loophole (HD, New, TV-14) Hope leads the charge to protect her friends when a group of unwanted visitors arrives at The Salvatore School; MG uncovers a secret regarding his own mother.
black-ish Blue Valentime (HD, TV-14) Tensions escalate between Dre and Bow when their contractor appears to remodel the kitchen; Dre thinks about the good moments in his relationship with Bow.
black-ish Collateral Damage (HD, TV-PG) The Johnson children try to handle their emotions after an estranged Dre and Bow attempt to take turns living in the family house separately.
Last Man Standing Renaming Boyd's School (HD, TV-PG) Boyd gets Kristin and Ryan to help him research the namesake for his school, but his findings outrage the school board into reconsidering the name.
Last Man Standing Taser (HD, TV-PG) When a bouquet of roses arrives at the Baxter house on Valentine's Day, Vanessa is confused because she knows Mike isn't that sentimental.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I Have a Date Tonight (HD, New, TV-PG) Rebecca makes a major life-altering choice concerning her future.
black-ish Dream Home (HD, TV-PG) As Dre and Bow live their lives separately, they begin to realize how much they depend on each other and experience the difficulties of being on their own.
black-ish Pilot (HD, TV-PG) Dre plans for a promotion that will make him the first African American senior vice president his firm has had; Andre Jr. wants to convert to Judaism.
Last Man Standing Stud Muffin (HD, TV-14) Chuck Larabee visits the Baxter home to express his distress at discovering that the Baxter's dog has created a litter of puppies with his dog.
Last Man Standing Eve's Boyfriend (HD, TV-PG) Eve has a new boyfriend, but makes it clear she doesn't want to discuss anything about him; Mandy and Kristin become concerned that Eve is making a mistake.
Mike & Molly School Recital (HD, TV-14) Molly becomes so focused on directing a school recital that she fails to recognize a special admirer in a fellow teacher who is hitting on her.
Mike & Molly Molly's Out of Town (HD, TV-14) Mike decides to go on a junk food binge in order to cope with missing Molly while she is out of town; Carl thinks about leaving Chicago.
Ring of Honor Wrestling (HD, New, TV-PG) The hottest young stars in the sport compete in the hardest-hitting pro-wrestling action on the planet.
Street Magic The One With the Blindfolded Knife Throw (Repeat, TV-PG) A variety of magicians perform magic on the street in various locales, such as Hollywood, Calif., like practical illusions, sleight-of-hand and up-close tricks.
Street Magic The One With All the Celebrities (Repeat, TV-PG) A variety of magicians perform magic on the street in various locales, such as Hollywood, Calif., like practical illusions, sleight-of-hand and up-close tricks.
Charmed Surrender (HD, New, TV-14) Niko mistakenly reveals a new demon when she reaches out to Mel for help; Macy and Mel try to track down Maggie; Parker is getting worse.
Mike & Molly Windy City (HD, TV-14) Mike and Carl unfortunately receive orders to work the Renaissance Faire after Mike's mother dumps Patrick; a tornado makes its way towards Chicago.
Mike & Molly Molly Unleashed (HD, TV-14) After coming to a crossroads regarding her future, Molly decides whether she will give up her longtime teaching job to pursue another career.
2 Broke Girls And the Broken Hip (HD, TV-14) Max and Caroline are forced to pay a high price for attempting to remove a street performer from the entrance to their cupcake shop.
2 Broke Girls And Not-So-Sweet Charity (HD, TV-14) Max and Caroline decide to get in touch with Caroline's rich but callous Aunt Charity, in hopes that she will be able to lend them some money for the shop.
9 PM
9:30 PM
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10:30 PM
11 PM
11:30 PM
Penn & Teller: Fool Us April Fool Us Day 2019 (HD, New, TV-PG) Penn & Teller pull a prank on Chris Hardwick by transforming him into a world-class magician and sending him to the streets of Las Vegas to bedazzle spectators.
black-ish The Nod (HD, TV-PG) Dre tries to find Andre Jr. more black kids to be friends with; Rainbow takes Diane to the hospital in hopes that she'll want to be a doctor one day.
black-ish The Talk (HD, TV-14) Dre is upset when he finds out that Rainbow has already given their son "the talk," so he decides that he is going to tell Andre Jr. his own version of things.
Last Man Standing Project Mandy (HD, TV-PG) Mandy's class project involves showcasing her clothing designs at the student fashion show and requests Eve to be her model for it.
Last Man Standing Hard-Ass Teacher (HD, TV-PG) Eve has decided that she wants to go to West Point, but realizes that in order to do so she needs to have a record of straight A's when she graduates.
Roswell, New Mexico Smells Like Teen Spirit (HD, Repeat, TV-14) During a revealing series of flashbacks to 2008, secrets concerning Rosa's final day are uncovered; a look is taken at Isobel's unexplained blackouts
black-ish Crime and Punishment (HD, TV-PG) Dre and Rainbow's pact to stop spanking the kids is tested by Jack's behavior, which makes Zoey, Junior and Diane worry their parents might change their minds.
black-ish Crazy Mom (HD, TV-PG) Dre stands in for Rainbow for a week, but when all the children at school love him, he becomes determined to outshine all the kids' parents.
Last Man Standing Parenting Bud (HD, TV-PG) Bud has to explain a bump on his head that came from an attack at the shop, giving Mike an opportunity to talk about ways Bud could protect himself.
Last Man Standing April Come She Will (HD, TV-PG) Mike is sure that the only reason Vanessa's sister is visiting them is for money and when she says she needs money for a donor egg, Mandy creates a solution.
Jane the Virgin Chapter Eighty-Three (HD, New, TV-PG) Jane seeks advice from Alba and gets a surprising answer; Luisa chooses to go see Rose with Rafael to get answers; Rogelio returns to work with River.
black-ish The Gift of Hunger (HD, TV-PG) Dre gets upset when his kids refuse to eat at one of his favorite cheap restaurants, so he makes them all get jobs to bring them back down to reality.
black-ish The Prank King (HD, TV-PG) Dre attempts to get his older children interested in taking part in his family's Halloween tradition of pulling crazy pranks on each other.
Last Man Standing Mutton Busting (HD, TV-PG) Boyd gets a chance to build up his confidence after Ryan convinces Kristin to let him help in the mutton busting competition at the rodeo.
Last Man Standing Here's the Kicker (HD, TV-PG) Mike is thrilled for Eve when she is selected to be her school's first female football kicker; Eve wonders if her boyfriend Justin is jealous of her new title.
In the Dark Pilot (HD, New, TV-14) A blind alcoholic woman, who has a penchant for cigarettes and casual sex, and lives with her best friend and guide dog, finds her drug-dealing friend dead.
black-ish Colored Commentary (HD, TV-PG) In an attempt to bring his family closer together, Dre tries to get "Team Johnson" to understand what it means to always look out for each other.
black-ish Oedipal Triangle (HD, TV-PG) Dre's mother, Ruby, comes for a visit and shows her distaste for Rainbow, who feels the same way, which has Dre trying to get them to make peace.
Last Man Standing War Games (HD, TV-PG) When Boyd is sent home from a party for playing a game of "war," Ryan demands that Mike stop exposing his son to games and movies that are a bad influence.
Last Man Standing Rediscover America (HD, TV-PG) Ed's girlfriend Wendi upsets Mike by saying he and Ed should not be the face of Outdoor Man; Eve worries about living up to her "female" kicker title.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Yes, It's Really Us Singing: The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Concert Special! (HD, New, TV-14) Actress Rachel Bloom and the cast of the critically acclaimed comedy series "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" perform versions of fan-favorite songs.
black-ish Black Santa/White Christmas (HD, TV-PG) After Dre loses his campaign to be the office's Santa to the head of HR, he goes out of his way to take over because he believes their Santa should be black.
black-ish Law of Attraction (HD, TV-PG) Dre is worried Rainbow thinks he isn't masculine after another man puts him down in front of her; Jr. and Zoey are cast as Romeo and Juliet in the school play.
Last Man Standing Sinkhole (HD, TV-PG) Mike and Boyd almost drive into a sinkhole on the interstate, which scares Boyd to the point that he refuses to leave the house; Mike and Ryan try to help Boyd.
Last Man Standing School Merger (HD, TV-PG) Mike and Chuck discuss the possibility of two high schools merging; Vanessa is reminded that her being a geologist may be harming the environment.
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Ring of Honor Wrestling (HD, New, TV-PG) The hottest young stars in the sport compete in the hardest-hitting pro-wrestling action on the planet.
Street Magic The One Where Time Stands Still (Repeat, TV-PG) A variety of magicians perform magic on the street in various locales, such as Hollywood, Calif., like practical illusions, sleight-of-hand and up-close tricks.
Street Magic The One That Goes Through Glass (Repeat, TV-PG) A variety of magicians perform magic on the street in various locales, such as Hollywood, Calif., like practical illusions, sleight-of-hand and up-close tricks.
Charmed Manic Pixie Nightmare (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Parker tells Maggie about a mysterious death on campus; the sisters attempt to trap a creature; Galvin remembers something that may help Macy.
Mike & Molly Poker in the Front, Looker in the Back (HD, TV-14) When Molly believes that her neighbor is acting suspicious, she gets Joyce to help her spy on him; the guys treat their poker game as a confessional.
Mike & Molly Shoeless Molly Flynn (HD, TV-14) When Molly becomes aware that her excessive spending is causing a strain on her relationship, she looks for a job to support her addiction to shoes.
2 Broke Girls And the Worst Selfie Ever (HD, TV-14) After making several poor-quality bargain purchases, Caroline spends a night with her ex-boyfriend and soon develops a rash, throwing her into a panic.
2 Broke Girls And the Extra Work (HD, TV-14) Max and Caroline get invited to be extras on a popular TV show shooting a scene on-location at Han's diner, and Caroline catches the eye of the director.
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