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Coach Rizzendough Rendezvous (TV-PG) Luther's budding romance with the wealthy Mrs. Rizzendough is threatened by Hayden's enthusiasm for fundraising at an affluent dog show.
Murphy Brown It Came From College (HD, TV-PG) Murphy gets a crash course in parenting when the daughter of a friend comes to visit her.
Becker 2001 1/2: A Graduation Odyssey (TV-PG) Becker is asked to speak at his old high school's graduation, in place of the mayor as commencement speaker, but quickly learns why the mayor dropped out.
Wings Raging Bull*&@! (TV-PG) Joe and Brian find themselves pitted against each other in the boxing ring, but the whole group is brought into the battle when everyone picks sides.
Growing Pains The Truck Stops Here (TV-G) The return of Luke's father is met with general apprehension, especially after he reveals that he wants to take Luke on the road with him in his semi-truck.
Family Ties The Visit (TV-PG) Elyse's sister arranges to visit and arrives on the doorstep of the Keaton household with the rest of her family accompanying her.
Coach Love Me Tender (TV-PG) Coach Hayden's paternal instincts are suddenly jolted and his relationship interrupted when Kelly returns to Minnesota for college.
Murphy Brown The Queen of Soul (HD, TV-PG) When Murphy's train arrives late and her limo is detoured she comes into jeopardy of missing her chance to interview the "Queen of Soul".
Becker Elder Hostile (TV-PG) When Jake's grandmother believes she has a heart murmur, she won't take "no" for an answer, while Reggie looks through her yearbook, which depresses her.
Wings Final Approach, Part 1 (TV-PG) Helen renews her interest in cello when Joe fixes her old one; Joe and Brian continue their father's treasure hunt they began when he died.
Growing Pains Maggie's Brilliant Career (TV-G) News of an old college rival's recent Pulitzer Prize success causes Maggie to reflect on her career choices; Mike and Ben hatch a plan to get money.
Family Ties The Last of the Red Hot Psychologists, Part 1 (TV-PG) Alex participates in a psychology study on classic overachievers and finds himself attracted to the student researcher on the project.
Coach The Bachelor Party (TV-PG) Feeling overlooked in spite of his loyalty, Luther gets upset when Johnny Unitas, Bubba Smith and Dick Butkus host the bachelor party for Hayden.
Murphy Brown Inside Murphy Brown (HD, TV-PG) Despite Murphy's attempts to keep her pregnancy quiet she has to enlist Jim's help when Frank can't drive her to the hospital.
Becker The Ugly Truth (TV-PG) Reggie tests Becker without his knowledge to see if he favors his attractive patients; Jake encounters problems after having been sent a driver's license.
Wings Final Approach, Part 2 (TV-PG) The brothers want to use their newfound money in different ways when Helen reveals a secret that will change their future and the airport.
Central Valley Talk Hour
Coach Dresswreckers (TV-PG) Hayden agrees to pick up Christine's wedding dress in an effort to help with the chaotic plans, but she erupts in anger when she discovers he ruined the dress.
Murphy Brown Mission Control (HD, TV-PG) Murphy enlists the aid of the FYI team to serve a Thanksgiving dinner at a local mission but preparing the meal becomes an impossible task.
Becker The More You Know (TV-PG) Becker inadvertently finds out that Linda and Reggie are dating the same man, while Bob works tirelessly to figure out who in the building is the hooker.
Wings Legacy (TV-PG) A pilot on Nantucket Island asks his estranged brother to return to the island after his father's death to read his will, and they end up in a wild goose chase.
Growing Pains The Last Picture Show Part 1 (TV-G) When a senator gives Maggie an enticing job offer all the way in Washington, D.C., the family is in a state of chaos concerning the proposed relocation.
Family Ties Dear Mallory (TV-PG) Mallory interviews for an opening as the advice columnist for the "Columbus Shopper's Guide" and is immediately offered the position.
Coach Vows (TV-PG) An anxious Hayden and Christine plan to exchange wedding vows in her childhood home, but one of them has difficulty writing the right words.
Murphy Brown Be it Ever So Humboldt (HD, TV-PG) Frank's co-workers play a practical joke on him after he gets obnoxious from winning an award.
Becker You Say Gay Son, I Say God Son (TV-PG) Becker's godson decides to "come out" and seeks advice on how to tell his father; Reggie is caught up in a competition with an arrogant friend.
Wings Around the World in Eighty Years (TV-PG) Brian gives Helen the idea that she will be a shoe-in for the Cambridge Orchestra if she dresses sexy; Fay talks with a man flying around the world.
Growing Pains The Last Picture Show Part 2 (TV-G) As they each prepare for their upcoming relocation, the Seaver family gets together to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane in their beloved home.
Family Ties The Other Woman (TV-PG) Alex's relationship with his brother Andy is compromised when he becomes romantically involved with Lauren and focuses all his attention on his budding romance.
I Dream of Jeannie The Mod Party (TV-G) Roger's "Mod" party plans conflict with a scheduled meeting at NASA, so he and Tony have to find a way to get out of the dreary meeting with Dr. Bellows.
The Paul Lynde Show The Landlord
Lotsa Luck A Little Order of Law and Order (TV-G)
The Joey Bishop Show Joey vs. Oscar Levant (TV-G) Everyone in the apartment building wants to avoid one of their neighbors when he complains constantly; Ellie invites him to stay for a couple days.
McHale's Navy A Medal for Parker (TV-PG) In an attempt to impress the woman who dumped Parker, McHale and the crew take out a portion of the Ensign's novel and use it to win him a medal.
Father Knows Best The Imposter (TV-G) Betty meets a handsome young lawyer, who takes a romantic interest in her, so she lies about her identity and claims to be the owner of a radio store.
Wings The Story of Joe (TV-PG) A couple of fishermen end up bar hopping instead of catching fish; a magazine reporter arrives to talk to Joe but ends up interested in Brian instead.
Wings A Little Nightmare Music (TV-PG) Brain and Joe convince Helen to play for the conductor of the Minneapolis Philharmonic when he arrives in the airport, but the audition doesn't turn out well.
Dear John Sisters (TV-PG) Kate claims that her boyfriends always go to her sister after they break up and Kate dates Kirk in order for her to prove her point.
Dear John Gone Camping (TV-PG) John and Matthew go on a camping trip together but they get stranded in a cabin by a snowstorm and the conditions bring out unusual consequences.
Murphy Brown To Have and Have Not (HD, TV-PG) Miles agrees to be published in a popular Washington magazine in order to be shown as smart, successful and single but the results are devastating.
Murphy Brown Socks and the Single Woman (HD, TV-PG) Murphy accidentally steals Socks the cat from the White House not knowing he has gotten into her car when she leaves.
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Coach The Patriot Bowl (TV-PG) A championship trophy is within reach as Hayden leads his team to the Patriot Bowl, where they are determined to play despite the worst conditions in history.
Murphy Brown Love is Blonde (HD, TV-PG) Corky becomes tempted by a flirtatious weatherman named Miller Redfield.
Becker The Nocturnal Omissions (TV-PG) Insomnia has led to sleep-deprived crankiness for John and is driving everyone else crazy, but he can't rely on his usual cure since his television has died.
Wings Return to Nantucket, Part 1 (TV-PG) Brian creates a plan to see his ex-wife again when he learns she will be stopping in Boston on a layover, and Joe and Helen go along for support.
Growing Pains Pilot (TV-G) When a wife gets a promising job opportunity as a journalist, she and her husband decide that he will move his practice to their home so he can watch the kids.
Family Ties Dream Date (TV-PG) Jennifer attracts unwanted attention from a guy while trying to capture the attention of someone who seems to view her as nonexistent.
Coach My True Love Gave To Me... (TV-PG) When Hayden's and Dauber's gifts to their girlfriends accidentally get switched, Judy unwraps a ring and thinks Dauber is proposing to her.
Murphy Brown Anchor Rancor (HD, TV-PG) Murphy and Jim become candidates for a much desired Sunday night solo spot when the old anchor passes away.
Becker The TorMentor (TV-PG) Becker's excitement turns to disappointment when he realizes that his favorite college professor from Harvard doesn't even remember him.
Wings Return to Nantucket, Part 2 (TV-PG) Carol agrees to go back to Nantucket but hits on Joe along the way, and after Joe reveals the information to his brother, he decides to move on for good.
Growing Pains Springsteen (TV-G) While he is being interviewed on television after a Bruce Springsteen concert, Jason embarrasses young Mike with his over-excitement.
Family Ties Super Mom (TV-PG) Elyse must choose between accepting a new career opportunity working on an architectural account or spending quality time with her family.
Coach The Commercial, Part 1 (TV-PG) Hayden is supposed to star in a coffee commercial with Christine, but when his role is given to someone else, Luther decides to write a screenplay.
Murphy Brown Guess Who's Coming to Luncheon (HD, TV-PG) Murphy wants to be Corky's guest after she gets invited to the White House.
Becker Small Wonder, Part #1 (TV-PG) A lecture to an overweight Vinny prompts him to ask to work out with John at his gym, but he has a heart attack while exercising; Linda decides to go blond.
Wings There Once Was a Girl from Nantucket (TV-PG) Brian gets Joe a date inadvertently with a notoriously "easy" girl to help him out, but things may not turn out like he thought they would.
Central Valley Talk Hour
Coach The Commercial, Part 2 (TV-PG) Wanting to avoid a confrontation, Hayden tries very hard to contain his jealousy when Christine is told to flirt with her new co-star in a coffee commercial.
Murphy Brown Lovesick (HD, TV-PG) Jerry Gold moves in to take Murphy's career after she is diagnosed with pre-term labor and is confined to her home for two weeks.
Becker Sue You, Part 2 (TV-PG) John can't decide whether to settle Vinny's lawsuit against him until he realizes how many people depend on him, but then has second thoughts.
Wings All for One and Two for Helen (TV-PG) Joe is unable to join Brian and Helen on a trip to Boston, and after they don't return when he expects, he begins to question their relationship.
Growing Pains Carol's Article (TV-G) When Carol writes an article in an attempt to get a job at the school newspaper, she is forced to reconsider her work after an honest critique from Maggie.
Family Ties Invasion of the Psychologist Snatchers (TV-PG) Lauren's ex-boyfriend arrives in town, making Alex feel extremely jealous and insecure, which tests the strength of his relationship with Lauren
Coach Buzzy Money (TV-PG) Hayden is overwhelmed with excitement when Kelly receives a large check from her ex-husband, until he discovers her plans for the money.
Murphy Brown Heartfelt (HD, TV-PG) Miles acts like he's a step away from a heart attack when he develops chest pains at his 30th birthday.
Becker Trials and Defibrillations, Part 3 (TV-PG) When it comes to the trial for the malpractice John has been charged with, things don't go well with the witnesses for his case and John wants to testify.
Wings The Puppetmaster (TV-PG) Brian asks an actor to woo Helen and pretend to be a pilot to break her of her own dating rules, but the two end up more in love than he planned.
Growing Pains Superdad! (TV-G) Maggie gets her feelings hurt when Carol goes to Jason for some fatherly advice on her boy problems; Mike loses a dog he had been tasked with taking care of.
Family Ties The Way We Were (TV-PG) The Keaton's discover that Elyse's Aunt Rosemary is suffering from Alzheimer's when she arrives for a visit and the family learns much about the disease.
I Dream of Jeannie Fly Me to the Moon (TV-G) NASA trains a chimpanzee for a flight to the moon, but Jeannie interferes and transforms the chimpanzee into a human, causing everyone to look for the chimp.
The Paul Lynde Show No Nudes Is Good Nudes
Lotsa Luck You Oughta Be in Pictures (TV-G)
The Joey Bishop Show Joey and Larry Split (TV-G) A rift develops between Joey and his brother Larry after Joey forgets to send a birthday greeting to Larry's girlfriend on his show.
McHale's Navy The Balloon Goes Up (TV-PG) Upon hearing that he has been offered a distant job transfer, an elated Binghamton tries to leave immediately but soon learns that inventory has gone missing.
Father Knows Best Bud Plays It Safe (TV-G) With tryouts for the school's football team coming up, Bud decides to start dating the head coach's daughter to make sure he makes it on the team.
Wings Sports & Leisure (TV-PG) The group decides not to invite Roy to their game night at Helen's place after his actions wreak havoc on their fishing trip together.
Wings A Standup Kind of Guy (TV-PG) Joe is shocked when a man he claims knows him asks him to be his best man; Joe is at a loss when the day grows nearer and he has nothing to say for the toast.
Dear John Margo (TV-PG) John notices an attractive woman who just joined the group, but the other members tell him that the woman has a secret, and has a connection to a fellow member.
Dear John Friends and Lovers (TV-PG) John attends a party and feels that he is hitting it off with Liz, a girl he met at the party.
Murphy Brown A Piece of the Auction (HD, TV-PG) After agreeing to spend the day with someone as a charity auction prize Murphy finds herself sold to an obnoxious radio show personality.
Murphy Brown The Thrill of the Hunt (HD, TV-PG) Murphy and Peter admit they can't stop thinking about each other after he returns from Sarajevo and they share a passionate kiss.
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