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Johnny Carson (TV-PG) An interview with actor Christopher Reeve; actor Dana Carvey visits the show; comedian Frank Olivier.
Three's Company Lies My Roommate Told Me (TV-PG) Jack has plans for a date with Janet, but when Larry offers him a date with "Greedy Gretchen," he lies to Janet about being too tired so that he can go out.
Three's Company Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (TV-PG) When Terri invites her doctor friend to dinner to help him unwind from the stresses of work, Jack and Janet think that he is a patient of the psychiatric ward.
Coach The Kick-Off and the Kiss-Off (TV-PG) After Hayden's victorious team has been ranked in the nation's top 20 college football programs, his picture appears on the cover of "Sports Illustrated."
Murphy Brown Rootless People (HD, TV-PG) Murphy's practical jokes backfire when she gets kidnapped by environmental terrorists and everyone thinks it's another prank.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) The host welcomes actor Danny DeVito, writer Calvin Trillin and 4-year-old Rohan Varavadekar to the show.
Three's Company Eyewitness Blues (TV-PG) After a robbery at the flower shop, the police feel Jack is in danger, so a police officer arrives at the apartment and lives with the trio to protect them.
Three's Company Boy Meets Dummy (TV-PG) When Angelino's daughter falls for Jack, he's forbidden to go out with her, and as she becomes more insistent, Jack must convince her that he's happily married.
Coach Since My Beaver Left Me (TV-PG) Kelly moves back after the breakup of her marriage and Hayden must deal with the fact that she is more comfortable talking to her mother than to him.
Murphy Brown The Bummer of '42 (HD, TV-PG) Frank hires an actress to be Murphy's sister on her 42nd birthday but the novelty wears off when Murphy can't escape her new shadow.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actor Michael Landon sits down for an interview; comedian John Mendoza stops by the show.
Three's Company Dates of Wrath (TV-PG) Janet has her eye on the bartender at the Regal Beagle, but her poor attempt at matchmaking results in the object of her affection going on a date with Terri.
Three's Company Macho Man (TV-PG) After an attack on him by a drunk at the Beagle, Jack learns a few self-defense moves from Terri to prevent any future instances.
Coach Don't Get Mad, Get Cooley (TV-PG) Luther considers giving Hayden's name to a TV consumer reporter when he becomes convinced that the truck he bought from Hayden is a lemon.
Murphy Brown Trouble in Sherwood-Forrest (HD, TV-PG) Murphy advises Corky on adding romance to her new marriage but disaster follows when Corky throws an ill-advised dinner party.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests include comedian Jonathan Winters and actor Peter Strauss.
Three's Company Strangers in the Night (TV-PG) Jack plans on serenading his girlfriend with a song outside of her apartment, but chaos ensues when he taps on the window of her less attractive neighbor.
Three's Company The Matchbreakers (TV-PG) Ralph Furley falls for a woman which the trio thinks is a golddigger, only seeking for whatever Ralph can give her financially.
Coach A Real Guy's Guy (TV-PG) Hayden places pressure on Kelly to date the star athlete of the football team, but the player winds up making an unexpected announcement.
Murphy Brown Retreat (HD, TV-PG) Miles spurs the team into going on a retreat that ends up having the opposite results intended and pushes the group apart.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) The host sits down with actress Amy Irving and Fran Tate.
Three's Company Oh, Nun (TV-PG) Terri brings home a friend who is a nun, and Jack is somehow convinced that she is planning to abandon the convent to become his wife.
Three's Company Maid To Order (TV-PG) Against their better judgment, Jack, Terri and Janet agree to employ their former roommate Cindy as the resident cleaning woman.
Coach Any Place I Hang Myself Is Home (TV-PG) Hayden agrees to go house hunting with Christine, but then suddenly buys a house without consulting her, leading to a serious conflict.
Murphy Brown Eldin Imitates Life (HD, TV-PG) Murphy is afraid of losing Eldin after he sells one of his paintings for $1.2 million.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actor George Peppard; comic Charlie Callas; Dr. Geoffrey Bourne; businessman Charles O. Finley.
Bewitched Charlie Harper, Winner (TV-G) Darrin is visited by an old friend he used to know during his days in college who had the annoying habit of always finding a way to out-class him.
I Dream of Jeannie My Master, the Pirate (TV-G) Jeannie transports herself and Tony to the 1700's, where they learn that the ruthless captain of a pirate ship has plans to make Tony's ancestor walk the plank.
The Paul Lynde Show Back Talk
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) An interview with comedian Jack Benny; actress Elke Sommer makes an appearance; quarterback Joe Namath stops by.
Coach Christmas of the Van Damned (TV-PG) Luther makes a complete nuisance of himself after tracing his family tree and learning of a large group of Van Dams living in the area.
Wings Raging Bull*&@! (TV-PG) Joe and Brian find themselves pitted against each other in the boxing ring, but the whole group is brought into the battle when everyone picks sides.
Wings Final Approach, Part 1 (TV-PG) Helen renews her interest in cello when Joe fixes her old one; Joe and Brian continue their father's treasure hunt they began when he died.
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Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actor Peter Strauss sits down for an interview; writer Gore Vidal makes an appearance.
Three's Company A Friend in Need (TV-PG) When Jack fills in for Angelino's chef, he leaves a lasting impression on a satisfied customer-a mobster who insists on making Jack the permanent chef.
Three's Company Jack's 10 (TV-PG) Larry fixes Jack up on a blind date with a wealthy snob, who persuades Jack to marry her, but Terri and Janet do not approve.
Coach Requiem for a Grounds Keeper (TV-PG) A shocked Hayden must decide what to do with a surprise inheritance he receives from a mere acquaintance at the school after the fellow's untimely death.
Murphy Brown Contractions (HD, TV-PG) Miles schemes to get Murphy to stay at FYI when another television network starts to woo her.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actor Gary Busey; comedian Roseanne Barr; daredevil Steve Trotter.
Three's Company Doctor in the House (TV-PG) When Jack's grandfather visits, his plan to impersonate a doctor in order to make a good impression goes well until Grandpa Tripper asks to observe him at work.
Three's Company Critic's Choice (TV-PG) Jack invites a stingy food critic to dinner at the apartment, but the man drinks all the wine, ignores the food and tries to romance the girls.
Coach I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't (TV-PG) Hayden and Luther travel in a cramped train compartment after Luther traded in their airline tickets because of a dream about a plane crash.
Murphy Brown Hoarse Play (HD, TV-PG) Murphy was banned from the White House press conferences ten years ago but to top off her current story she needs quote from the "Education" president.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actor John Ritter visits the show; an interview with comedian Jimmy Aleck; actress Robyn Douglass stops by.
Three's Company Paradise Lost (TV-PG) A doctor going to Europe extends an offer to let the trio rent his beautiful beach house, and they take him up on the offer.
Three's Company And Now Here's Jack (TV-PG) A morning talk-show host enjoys his meal at Angelino's so much that he asks Jack and Mr. Angelino to appear on the show.
Coach I Hate Barbara (TV-PG) Hayden regrets his brutal honesty when he tells Christine he hates the friend she's helping out rather than spending time with him.
Murphy Brown The Novel (HD, TV-PG) Office gossip goes wild and Jim's wife gets angry when Jim patterns a sexy journalist in his new novel after Murphy.
Johnny Carson Tim Conway, Jodie Foster, Maureen Murphy (TV-PG) Actor Tim Conway; actress Jodie Foster; comedian Maureen Murphy.
Three's Company Janet Wigs Out (TV-PG) Janet hopes that she will attract more male attention by wearing a blonde wig and her plan appears to be working when she impresses a man.
Three's Company Up in the Air (TV-PG) Janet asks Jack to escort her to a ball on a private island, and in order to keep his fear of flying under control, Jack takes a medication.
Coach Loonstruck (TV-PG) Helping Howard become a men's lodge member, Hayden gets more than he expected when he agrees to speak at Burleigh's lodge for the Fraternal Order of the Loon.
Murphy Brown Terror on the 17th Floor (HD, TV-PG) Murphy and Miles suggest cost-cutting measures when a consultant comes to FYI and does the same.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Host Johnny Carson sits down for an interview with comedian Robert Klein; actor Kevin Spacey makes an appearance; journalist Mary Peyton-Meyer stops by.
Three's Company Mate for Each Other (TV-PG) Jack is visited by an old friend who met his wife through a computer dating service, and he then secretly applies for a date via the same method.
Three's Company The Best of Three's Company, Part 1 (TV-PG) Lucille Ball hosts a special featuring the most memorable clips from the series, and discusses what aspects have helped to make the show such a success.
Coach Rizzendough Revisited (TV-PG) Hayden must compete with Watkins for a benefactor's favor and her donations by teaching an exercise class for seniors, but his efforts may lead to a problem.
Murphy Brown Driving Miss Crazy (HD, TV-PG) The FYI carpool has a wild ride to the office through a snowstorm.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests include Gov. Jerry Brown (D-Calif.), actress Jean Marsh, humorists Erma Bombeck and comedian Charlie Callas.
Bewitched Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory (TV-G) After Aunt Clara misunderstands a passing statement made by Darrin, she accidentally conjures up the extremely irritated spirit of Queen Victoria.
I Dream of Jeannie A Secretary Is Not a Toy (TV-G) Jeannie begins to believe that Tony should be promoted to the rank of general after accepting a job working at NASA as General Peterson's secretary.
The Paul Lynde Show Togetherness
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Host Johnny Carson sits down for an interview with comedian Jonathan Winters; actress Ellen Corby makes an appearance; comedian Ed Bluestone stops by.
Coach Babywreckers (TV-PG) Luther, Dauber and Hayden agree to watch an infant for the weekend, but the task is almost more than they can handle, even as a team.
Wings Final Approach, Part 2 (TV-PG) The brothers want to use their newfound money in different ways when Helen reveals a secret that will change their future and the airport.
Wings Legacy (TV-PG) A pilot on Nantucket Island asks his estranged brother to return to the island after his father's death to read his will, and they end up in a wild goose chase.
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