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The Burns and Allen Show
The Burns and Allen Show
The Jack Benny Program Rochester Falls Asleep (TV-G) Jack Benny is furious at Rochester for falling asleep during the show, and punishes him by sending him to his room without dinner.
The Jack Benny Program Palm Springs Story (TV-G) A comedy series based on a radio show, involving popular stars of the era as special guests.
Gidget Operation Shaggy Dog (TV-G) When Gidget's favorite burger joint is scheduled for demolition, she decides to take action.
Gidget Ring-a-Ding Dingbat (TV-G) The British singing duo "The Dingbats" is in town, and Gidget formulates a well-thought-out plan to meet them that immediately goes haywire.
Dear John The British Are Coming (TV-PG) Louise, an unwed mother, asks someone in the group to pose as her husband when she learns that her old-fashioned father is in town.
Dear John Something on the Side (TV-PG) John finds out that Mike is having an affair on his ex-wife.
Mork & Mindy Sky Flakes Keep Falling on My Head (TV-G) Exidor returns with a plan to become Emperor of the Earth and generously offers to let Mork and Mindy borrow his mountain cabin for a weekend getaway.
Mork & Mindy Mork Goes Erk (TV-G) Mork reveals that Orson has ordered him to visit another planet; Bickley suffers from writer's block; Susan Taylor touts her self-help program.
Bewitched Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City (TV-G) Endora puts a spell on Darrin while he and Samantha are in Mexico City on business, and Sam has to help him out of the jam that Endora created.
Bewitched Sam and the Beanstalk (TV-G) Tabitha is jealous of the new baby and decides to run away from home, so she twitches herself into the Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale.
Dear John Father Knows Best (TV-PG) John sees a familiar face show up at the One-Two-One Club, whom he never expected to see.
Dear John The Dilemma with Emma (TV-PG) When his uncle passes away, John feels guilty and obligated to take care of his grieving Aunt Emma for a while as she recovers from her sudden loss.
Mork & Mindy Yes Sir, That's My Baby (TV-G) Mork's friend Sally brings her newborn son into the music store, and Mork wants a baby of his own so badly that he makes a black-market deal.
Mork & Mindy Mork's Mixed Emotions (TV-G) Mork is disturbed by an emotionally charged dream, but his suppressed feelings rise to the surface when Mindy kisses him on her birthday.
Bewitched Samantha's Yoo Hoo Maid (TV-G) The Stephens family hires a young witch maid who disappears when she gets nervous and causes a magical ruckus every time she is forced to sneeze.
Bewitched Samantha's Caesar Salad (TV-G) Trying to assist Samantha in the kitchen, Esmerelda attempts to make caesar salad but instead produces the real Roman emperor Julius Caesar.
Dear John Kate, a Date and Fate (TV-PG) John offers to help Kate by setting up a date for her with his friend Neil.
Dear John Honolulu Baby (TV-PG) On the second anniversary of the day that Johns wife left him, the group notices that John is eating a little too much junk food; school reunion.
Mork & Mindy Mork's Night Out (TV-G) Mork tries to entertain himself in Mindy's absence by asking Bickley to join him at a local bar but ends up tangling with a gang of con artists.
Mork & Mindy In Mork We Trust (TV-G) Mork does his own detective work when Mindy's necklace is missing after Mr. Bickley shows up to complain about the noise.
Bewitched Samantha's Curious Cravings (TV-G) Samantha begins having unusual cravings for exotic foods, but the cravings start to interfere with her magical powers, causing edibles to appear and reappear.
Bewitched And Something Makes Four (TV-G) Samantha gives birth to her baby son, and her father casts a spell causing everyone in the hospital to fall in love with the new member of the Stephens family.
Dear John Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (TV-PG) John is happy with his new girlfriend except for the fact that he does not get along well with her daughter, who sees all her dates as losers.
Dear John Kirk's Problem (TV-PG) The group welcomes an attractive newcomer but she brings out the worst in Kirk, in a way that he and the rest of the group never imagined.
Mork & Mindy Mork Runs Down (TV-G) Mork's job search comes to a sudden halt as his birthday approaches, a potentially fatal sentence for Orkans that requires them to recharge their power.
Mork & Mindy It's a Wonderful Mork (TV-G) Mork repeats things that he should not at a dinner party with Mindy's potential employer, leading her to accuse him of ruining her life.
Bewitched Naming Samantha's New Baby (TV-G) Maurice is completely outraged when he discovers that Samantha and Darrin are naming their new baby son after Darrin's father instead of him.
Bewitched To Trick or Treat or Not To Trick or Treat (TV-G) Endora will not let Samantha and Tabitha go trick-or-treating for the United Nations Children's Fund because she doesn't want Halloween to be exploited.
Dear John John's Friend (TV-PG) Kirk takes John along with him for a free ski weekend, but when John meets and befriends a fellow Sherlock Holmes fan, Kirk is left on his own.
Dear John Unwelcome to the Club (TV-PG) The group is joined by an ex-convict and nobody is thrilled to interact with a killer with a foul temper that is triggered by rejection.
Mork & Mindy Mork's Best Friend (TV-G) Mork accidentally costs Mindy a job offer by repeating things he has overheard and decides that he would be better off on Ork.
Mork & Mindy Stark Raving Mork (TV-G) Mork decides that fighting with Mindy will keep their relationship exciting, especially when he learns about kissing and making up.
Bewitched A Bunny for Tabitha (TV-G) Uncle Arthur volunteers to put on a magic show for Tabitha's birthday, but instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, he pulls out a Playboy bunny.
Bewitched Samantha's Secret Spell (TV-G) After feeling completely insulted, Endora puts a spell on Darrin that will turn him into a mouse at midnight unless he apologizes to her for what he did.
The Burns and Allen Show
The Burns and Allen Show
The Jack Benny Program Massage and Date with Gertrude (TV-G) Jack Benny shows how he likes to relax, but then thinks his date will be ruined because his masseur accidentally oiled him with rancid chicken fat.
The Jack Benny Program Jack Hunts for Uranium (TV-G) Jack hears that there is uranium hidden in Death Valley waiting to be found, so he decides to go out for an expedition and buys some gear for the trip.
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The Burns and Allen Show
The Burns and Allen Show
The Jack Benny Program Mary's May Company Reunion (TV-G) Mary invites Jack to her old co-workers' reunion; Rochester explains what happened the last time Jack went, and the embarrassment over the cost of a ring.
The Jack Benny Program Don Invites Gang to Dinner (TV-G) Jack seeks legal advice when he has to consider firing his announcer, when Jack gets a really bad cold from him after accepting a dinner invitation.
Gidget Love and the Single Gidget (TV-G) When Gidget's dad goes out of town, Anne and John hire a college student to be her chaperone.
Gidget Take a Lesson (TV-G) When Gidget leaves on what she believes to be an urgent errand, her dad thinks she's been kidnapped, and she can't get to a phone to tell him otherwise.
Dear John Some Nights to Remember (TV-PG) The One-Two-One looks back on some of their past experiences at a nearby restaurant when they learn that the spot will be closing down.
Dear John John's New Job, Part 1 (TV-PG) John needs to find the money he needs to send to Matthew for a soccer tournament that's taking place in Europe and gets a new job to pay it off.
Mork & Mindy Mork in Wonderland, Part 1 (TV-G) Mindy offers an ailing Mork an over-the-counter cold medicine that is designed to shrink his nasal membranes, but Mork's entire body begins to shrink.
Mork & Mindy Mork in Wonderland, Part 2 (TV-G) Mindy watches while Mork shrinks to miniature proportions and is transported instantly to the planet Mirth, an upside-down world that has banished humor.
Bewitched Daddy Comes for a Visit (TV-G) Samantha is dismayed when her father comes to visit for Darrin's birthday and gives him a watch with magical powers that turns him into a warlock.
Bewitched Darrin the Warlock (TV-G) Darrin takes delight in his new powers, but after running into an old friend, he decides that it's time to give up his magical powers and resign as a warlock.
Dear John John's New Job, Part 2 (TV-PG) John finds a great new job but there's a catch, but the ex-student who helps him obtain it is asking for a little more than a simple thank you.
Dear John Babyface (TV-PG) John, Kirk and Ralph are tasked with having to take care of Louise's child while she has something to do.
Mork & Mindy Mork's Baby Blues (TV-G) Mork visits a New York Deli carrying play money from a Monopoly game and leads a gold-digging customer to believe that he's loaded.
Mork & Mindy Dr. Morkenstein (TV-G) Mork takes a job as a night watchman at a museum and befriends a robot named Chuck, who has been scheduled for dismantling due to his failing circuits.
Bewitched Samantha's Double Mother Trouble (TV-G) While reading Mother Goose to Tabitha, Esmeralda accidentally sneezes out the real Mother Goose; Phyllis stops by after having a fight with Frank.
Bewitched You're So Agreeable (TV-G) Endora places a cruel spell on Darrin which causes him to agree with everything and everyone; Frank fires Darrin for his strange behavior at work.
Dear John John's Night Out (TV-PG) John is concerned that he's a member of too many support groups and decides that he wants to take a night off from the groups and spend some time on his own.
Dear John True Confessions? (TV-PG) The group at the support group decides to throw a surprise birthday party for Kirk. but they don't realize that they are in for a surprise themselves.
Mork & Mindy Mork vs. Mindy (TV-G) Mindy's cousin Nelson has ambitions to run for city councilman and asks Mork and Mindy to be his campaign workers, but they become fiercely competitive.
Mork & Mindy Mork Gets Mindy-itis (TV-G) Mork develops an allergy to Mindy that causes him to break out in laughter when she enters the room, so Exidor advises him to create a serum made from Mindy's h
Bewitched Santa Comes To Visit and Stays and Stays (TV-G) Esmerelda conjures Santa Claus in an attempt to prove his existence to Tabitha, but then finds it oddly impossible to send him back to the North Pole.
Bewitched Samantha's Better Halves (TV-G) Samantha and Darrin have a strange flashback of the time Endora cloned Darrin so that he could go to a business conference and spent time with Samantha.
Dear John To John With Love (TV-PG) John enjoys the hero worship he gets from Mary Beth when he offers to help her write her article.
Dear John Aunt Red (TV-PG) Kate thinks that her son needs a role model and believes that John is the man for the job, but the child is more interested in Kirk instead.
Mork & Mindy A Morkville Horror (TV-G) Mork spends Halloween redecorating the old house before it goes on the market, but a series of terrifying events have him running to Mindy for an explanation.
Mork & Mindy Mork's Health Hints (TV-G) Mindy is admitted to the hospital to have her tonsils removed, but a mix-up has her scheduled for brain surgery, and Mork can't find her room.
Bewitched Samantha's Lost Weekend (TV-G) Esmeralda creates an enchanted glass of milk to make little Tabitha start eating, but Samantha drinks the milk by mistake and goes on an eating frenzy.
Bewitched The Phrase Is Familiar (TV-G) Darrin has trouble making sense when he speaks after Endora meddles once again and puts a curse on him that makes his phrases come out as popular clich├ęs.
Dear John No More Mr. Nice Guy (TV-PG) Wendy wants John to pay up for her calculations while he battles it out to the title of Teacher of the Year.
Dear John Pretty Man (TV-PG) John and Kirk go on a blind double-date and John finds himself being mistaken for a professional escort, which causes some trouble for him.
Mork & Mindy Dial "N" for Nelson (TV-G) Political candidate Nelson receives menacing phone calls from an unidentified woman after he threatens to close Boulder's only seedy dance hall.
Mork & Mindy Hold That Mork (TV-G) Mork confesses to Mindy that he has lost yet another job, but when he meets the Denver Broncos' cheerleaders, he is inspired to try out for the squad.
Bewitched Samantha's Secret Is Discovered (TV-G) After six years, Phyllis catches Samantha using her powers and gets a full confession, but when they try to tell Frank, Samantha realizes her powers are gone.
Bewitched Tabitha's Very Own Samantha (TV-G) After being sent to her room, Tabitha creates another Samantha to take her to the park where she is spotted by Gladys with ensuing confusion.
The Burns and Allen Show
The Burns and Allen Show
The Jack Benny Program Isaac Stern Show (TV-G) Jack figures out that he may not be a great violinist; Rochester and Mary put together a scheme to fool Jack into believing he is a terrible violinist.
The Jack Benny Program Jack Benny in Paris (TV-G) Jack wants to make sure the people of Paris remember him and boasts about what he does; however, an undertipped hotel employee gives him a bad translation.
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