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Small Wonder Matchmaker, Matchmaker (TV-G) Jamie uses Vicki to run a school computerized match-making business, and plans to use the profits to pay for a new bicycle, which he buys from the bully.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Cirque du Sabrina (TV-G) Sabrina feels overwhelmed by the things she has going on in her life and it only gets worse when a ringmaster tells her she has to walk a tightrope in her room.
I Dream of Jeannie The Lady in the Bottle (TV-G) An American astronaut crash lands on an island in the South Pacific and finds a bottle containing a beautiful genie that becomes his not-so-obedient servant.
Bewitched Samantha's Not So Leaning Tower of Pisa (TV-G) Darrin and Samantha are enjoying a relaxing vacation in Italy when Esmerelda shows up and attempts to fix a former mistake by straightening the Tower of Pisa.
The Jack Benny Program Jack Goes to a Gym (TV-G) Jack has eyes for his attractive new receptionist, but she discloses that she is much more attracted to more rugged and muscular men; Jack joins a gym.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Mrs. Sohmers Needs a Psychologist (TV-G) Sohmers finds it difficult to deal with Gracie, thinking the world would be better without her; she pays a psychologist to convince her that Gracie isn't real.
Small Wonder Little Miss Shopping Mall (TV-G) The Lawsons take up a challenge from their snobby neighbors by entering Vicki in a mall pageant, with Harriet being her main competitor.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Getting to Nose You (TV-G) Sabrina has to use magic in order to tell Aaron how she really feels about him; Roxie and Morgan discover Harvey still likes Sabrina.
I Dream of Jeannie My Hero (TV-G) Tony travels to Ancient Persia in order to defend Jeannie against a brutish oaf who struck her and he becomes unwilling merchandise at the local slave market.
Bewitched Bewitched, Bothered and Baldoni (TV-G) The Stephens family takes a vacation to Rome, and Endora brings a statue of Venus to life; Venus causes problems when she seduces Darrin's newest client.
The Jack Benny Program Don's Anniversary (TV-G) Don Wilson celebrates twenty-seven years of service with Jack Benny; the two recall the day they two met and Dons audition to announce the show.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Switchboard Operator (TV-G) Harry Morton is offered a new job which would require him to be constantly on the road for two years; Blanche and Gracie don't want him to take it.
Small Wonder Victor/Vicki-toria (TV-G) Jamies little league team just can't shake their losing streak, and he decides to disguise Vicki as a boy and reprogram her to use her robotic abilities.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Romance Looming (TV-G) Three women, who introduce themselves as the Fates, visit Sabrina for revenge when she saves Morgan from falling to her death; Aaron tells Sabrina how he feels.
I Dream of Jeannie Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon? (TV-G) To prepare for their next mission to the moon Tony and Roger are assigned to spend a week in the harsh environment of the desert, but Jeannie tags along.
Bewitched Paris Witch's Style (TV-G) Samantha's father becomes angry when he learns that she and Darrin have been traveling through Europe without stopping to see him in London.
The Jack Benny Program Jack Goes to a Concert (TV-G) Jack insists on taking a Mildred to a violin concert even though his date would rather attend a boxing match; Jack spies on Jimmy Stewart and his wife.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Return to California (TV-G) The Burnses, the Mortons and Harry make an unexpected return to California, where George and Gracie find Ronnie and some co-eds in their house.
Small Wonder Look into My Eyes (TV-G) Vicki watches as a television hypnotist turns volunteers into clowns and animals; fascinated, she practices her new skill on her family.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Spellmanian Slip (TV-G) Sabrina discovers a big secret that her fiancé has been keeping from her when she is invited to Aaron's parents for dinner sparking a series of chaotic events.
I Dream of Jeannie The Marriage Caper (TV-G) Tony's fiancée urges him to move up their wedding date so that he can become her father's military attaché, but Jeannie doesn't approve of the plan.
Bewitched The Ghost Who Made a Spectre of Himself (TV-G) Samantha and Darrin conclude their vacation with a stay at an ancient British castle where they meet an annoying ghost that performs a play for Samantha.
The Jack Benny Program Mamie Van Doren Show (TV-G) After filming a show with Mamie Van Doren, Jack finds a book that she had left behind and reads it, which makes him daydream that he is a prisoner.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The Shakespeare Paper (TV-G) Gracie thinks Ronnie needs help in school and decides to help by rewriting his essay on one of Williams Shakespeares plays; Harry asks George for a favor.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Gracie & Harry Morton (TV-G) Gracie causes some more troubles for Blanche, the police and an insurance agent when she believes that Harry Morton has gone missing.
McHale's Navy The Vampire of Taratupa (TV-PG) Binghamton abandons a plan to send Parker to a hazardous location when he learns of his rare blood type, but his protection plan borders on imprisonment.
The Joey Bishop Show The Honeymoon (TV-G) Joey's promise to Ellie to spend their honeymoon at Niagara Falls is compromised when he is asked to fill in for the man who gave him his shot in show business.
Good Morning World Knits to You, Sir (TV-PG)
Today Weekend (HD, New, TV-G) NBC News provides breaking news stories, interviews, human interest and pop culture stories, and national and local weather reports.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Surprise Party for the Mortons (TV-G) Harry Mortons are planning a birthday party for Harry, but Gracie interferes and causes trouble for everyone when she thinks that the party is for George.
McHale's Navy Birth of a Salesman (TV-PG) After losing his job at home, the captain goes on a high-pressure sales binge in an effort to prove to an insurance tycoon he can sell life-insurance policies.
The Joey Bishop Show Penguins Three (TV-G) Mr. Jillison promises his Penguin fraternal lodge that Joey will be performing for them on Saturday and tries to convince Joey to cancel his prior engagement.
Good Morning World If You Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder, I'll Go Wild (TV-PG)
Father Knows Best Advantage to Betty (TV-G) A reporter publishes an article on Betty's tennis team going to the championships and puts Betty front and center, but Betty's partner becomes jealous.
Dennis the Menace Calling All Bird Lovers (TV-G) A passionate birdwatcher regales her fellow enthusiasts with authentic bird calls when Mr. Wilson hosts a get-together at his home.
Small Wonder Wally the Wimp (TV-G) Joan invites a former 90-pound weak college classmate of hers to dinner; over dinner, he finds out that Joan had married and had children with his old bully.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch You Slay Me (TV-G) Sabrina decides she wants a princess wedding and contacts Cinderella for advice but the witch goes overboard and starts behaving like a monster instead.
I Dream of Jeannie G.I. Jeannie (TV-G) Jeannie decides to join the Air Force in order to become Tony's secretary when she learns that a beautiful young woman has started working for him.
Bewitched TV or Not TV (TV-G) Tabitha pops into her favorite television show and makes two puppets come to life; impressed by her abilities, the show's sponsors make Tabitha the new star.
The Jack Benny Program Jack Becomes a Surgeon (TV-G) Rochester finds out about Jacks past interests in attending medical school, before his career in entertainment; he ponders what Jack would be like as a surgeon.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The Woman in the Car (TV-G) Gracie borrows Mortons car and leaving a parking ticket behind, on which the officer left an unusual note; Blanche finds the ticket in the car.
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Small Wonder The Cat's Meow (TV-G) Ted buys a toy cat to teach Vicki how to be more affectionate; the plan backfires when Vicki instead mimics Jamies past jealousy, and runs away.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch A Fish Tale (TV-G) Sabrina's snobby Aunt Irma arrives in town on a surprise visit, and she is forced to keep her coming marriage to a mortal a secret.
I Dream of Jeannie The Yacht Murder Case (TV-G) A V.I.P. and his beautiful daughter invite Tony aboard their yacht and Jeannie follows, but when Tony sends her home everyone suspects him of foul play.
Bewitched A Plague on Maurice and Samantha (TV-G) Because she married a mortal, Samantha is deprived of her magical powers by the Witches' Council; Maurice kisses Samantha and loses his powers, as well.
The Jack Benny Program Jack Goes to Las Vegas (TV-G) Jack makes a hotel room reservation in Las Vegas, but is turned down for a room by the hotels clerks ever since he skipped out on a bill.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The Interview (TV-G) The Burns' meet with a TV reporter for an interview, and the reporter wants to speak to them as real people and not as funny television personas.
Small Wonder Vicki Goodwrench (TV-G) Jamie gets a part-time job at the gas station, where Vicki fine-tunes a car so it would drive up to fifty miles a gallon; gas companies notice.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch What a Witch Wants (TV-G) Salem gets into an argument with Aaron while Sabrina, Roxie and Morgan travel on a cruise to Bermuda for her bachelorette getaway.
I Dream of Jeannie Anybody Here Seen Jeannie? (TV-G) Jeannie thinks that Tony's upcoming walk in space will be too dangerous and decides to sabotage the medical tests that Dr. Bellows plans to conduct.
Bewitched Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland (TV-G) Tabitha brings Hansel and Gretel to life, but when she goes into their storybook, she has a nasty run-in with the witch and needs rescuing by Samantha.
The Jack Benny Program Variety Show (TV-G) Jacks show is crashed by George Burns while he introduces singer Ann-Margret as well as juggler Francis Brunn.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Ronnie's Initiation (TV-G) Ronnie prepares to go to college and is about to enter a fraternity initiation; Ronnie is forced to do or say the opposite of what is expected of him.
Small Wonder Double Wedding (TV-G) Ted and Joan decide to have the proper ceremonial wedding they never had a chance to have; all goes to plan for them until their nosy neighbors butt in.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Soul Mates (TV-G) Sabrina must control her literally cold feet when she wakes up on her wedding day with jitters but her Aunts come to the rescue with comfort.
I Dream of Jeannie The Americanization of Jeannie (TV-G) An article in a ladies' magazine leads Jeannie to think that she can become an average woman by taking Tony's credit card and buying everything in sight.
Bewitched The Warlock in the Grey Flannel Suit (TV-G) So that Darrin can go to a wedding with Samantha, Endora persuades her warlock friend into posing as a copywriter and putting a spell on Larry.
The Jack Benny Program Main Street Shelter (TV-G) Jack refuses to leave a homeless shelter unless they return to him an old jacket of his that Rochester had donating, which had cash sewed into the lining.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Ronnie's Bashful (TV-G) Harry Von Zell has plans to take the Burnses and Mortons out for a night on the town; Gracie learns that Ronnie is skipping the school dance.
Small Wonder Woodward and Bernstein (TV-G) Jamie and Reggie are writing for their school paper, and are desperate for a story that would get them attention; Vicki makes a surprising discovery,
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Pilot (TV-G) A teenage half-witch starts over at a new school, where she encounters trouble with a snootily behaved and highly popular girl in her class.
I Dream of Jeannie The Moving Finger (TV-G) Jeannie get jealous when Tony spends time with a beautiful actress, so she decide to be an actress not realizing that genies can't be filmed.
Bewitched The Eight Year Itch Witch (TV-G) When Endora convinces herself that Darrin is cheating on Samantha, she enlists a beautiful witch to put Darrin to the test by trying to seduce him.
The Jack Benny Program Tennessee Ernie Ford Show (TV-G) Jack learns, at the last minute, that his TV guest won't be appearing in person but via live remote from his Lakeport farm; the feed is met with problems.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Missing Stamp (TV-G) Harry Morton sees that his hundred dollar Madagascar Imperial Stamp has been stolen from his cherished and valuable collection, and he suspects Roger.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Perry and Pete - Gracie's Cousins (TV-G) George unknowingly invites a pair of burglars to stay in their home for a while when Gracie introduces them to him as her cousins.
McHale's Navy A Star Falls on Taratupa (TV-PG) Headline-hungry movie star, Mimi St. Clair, heads to Taratupa where she plans to get marooned with the crew as a publicity stunt, but plans seem to go astray.
The Joey Bishop Show Three's a Crowd (TV-G) Ellie is growing frustrated of Joey's friend, Freddie, stopping by unannounced and when he invites himself over during their anniversary, Ellie has had enough.
Good Morning World Don't Call Us and We Won't Call You (TV-PG)
Today Weekend (HD, New, TV-G) NBC News provides breaking news stories, interviews, human interest and pop culture stories, and national and local weather reports.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Gracie Doing a Picture Without George (TV-G) Gracie finds an old telegram from 1923, which asked George to perform in a Broadway show but without his partner; Gracie does not see the date on the telegram.
McHale's Navy Make Room for Orvie (TV-PG) Binghamton sets a new crew member the task of spying, but when the crew's chimp steals the PT-73 and engages the enemy he's not sure where his loyalty lies.
The Joey Bishop Show Door to Door Salesman (TV-G) Newlywed Joey tries to cure his new wife, Ellie, of her temptation to compulsively buy things that she does not need from persuasive door-to-door salesmen.
Good Morning World Love at First Flight (TV-PG)
Father Knows Best Father Is a Dope (TV-G) Jim suspects his upcoming hunting trip is going to be sabotaged by the family, using tricks they learned from watching a humorous sitcom on television.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Has a Fling (TV-G) Dennis finds himself uncomfortable on the spot when he accidentally makes a promise to two different people concerning his latest school assignment.
Small Wonder (TV-G) A man builds a lifelike child robot, which he names Vicki, whose identity the family chooses to keep secret and treat as their own daughter.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV-G) A teenage girl copes with the drama of high school, her supernatural aunts, a talking cat and studying to earn her witch's license.
I Dream of Jeannie (TV-G) An American astronaut crash lands on an island in the South Pacific and finds a bottle containing a beautiful genie that becomes his not-so-obedient servant.
Bewitched (TV-G) A very winsome and good-hearted witch who marries a mortal must combat her urges to use magic while dealing with meddling neighbors and her eccentric family.
The Jack Benny Program (TV-G) Comedy icon Jack Benny and his zany cohorts exchange banter, perform character-based sketches, welcome musical performers, and cover daily news stories.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (TV-G) Gracie Allen goes out on various escapes with her neighbor Blanche Morton that usually send them to go through the routines of their daily lives.
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