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The Nanny Samson, He Denied Her (TV-PG) Fran and C.C. have jury duty together where the case bears an eerie resemblance to the relationship issues between Maxwell and Fran.
The Nanny The Facts of Lice (TV-PG) Fran begins to suspect that Niles is a killer after reading a strange note that he dropped that seems to contain a plan for murder.
Will & Grace A.I.: Artificial Insemination, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Obstacles arise after Will and Grace decide to have a baby together; Jack is fed up with his career, and he considers giving up show-business for good.
Will & Grace A.I.: Artificial Insemination, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Will and Grace wonder if they may have to resort to natural conception, and Jack calls on his greatest inspiration for career advice.
Will & Grace ...And the Horse He Rode in On (HD, TV-PG) Grace is saved by an attractive Jewish doctor and she is brought to the hospital to meet Will just in time for her insemination appointment.
Will & Grace Bacon and Eggs (HD, TV-14) When Jack is hired as a personal assistant to Kevin Bacon after secretly stalking him, Kevin's first assignment is to find the identity of his stalker.
The Nanny The Passed-Over Story (TV-PG) Fran's high-school nemesis is chosen as the lead in Maxwell's latest production, giving Fran an inferiority complex; Maggie contemplates skipping college.
The Nanny No Muse is Good Muse (TV-PG) Fran allows a teenage rock singer to use her less-than-desirable life as inspiration for her angst-ridden songs, which Maxwell believes is not a good idea.
Will & Grace The Kid Stays Out of the Picture (HD, TV-PG) Grace reluctantly asks Will to give her an extra month to consider her commitment to conceive a child due to her new romance with a gorgeous doctor.
Will & Grace Humongous Growth (HD, TV-PG) Will and Grace disagree over co-parenting a baby, which forces Jack and Karen to intervene and invite them to a child's birthday party.
Will & Grace It's the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (HD, TV-PG) Grace tries to please Leo by participating in an arduous and scary bike ride in the Catskills, but soon must disclose she is not the outdoorsy type.
Will & Grace Boardroom and a Parked Place (HD, TV-PG) Will is recruited by a senior partner to do the man's dirty work; Grace and Jack discover that Karen is broke and living in her limo.
The Bionic Woman Road to Nashville (TV-PG) Jaime is sent on a mission to prevent a country music singer from passing of top-secret information; to do so she must go to Nashville and go undercover.
Hart to Hart The Dog Who Knew Too Much (TV-PG) Jonathan and Jennifer are entrusted with the responsibility of watching over a special dog carrying a valuable, top-secret biogenetic formula.
Hart to Hart Silent Dance (TV-PG) A figure skater hoping to make it to the Olympics becomes a target for murder, so the Harts team up with Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner and help.
The Nanny The Boca Story (TV-PG) Fran becomes distraught after learning that Sylvia has purchased a condominium in Boca Raton, Florida; Grace begins padding her bra.
The Nanny Fran's Gotta Have It (TV-PG) Fran follows Maxwell to London in order to get him alone and convince him to stop denying that has feelings for her; Niles has a heart attack.
Frasier Burying a Grudge (TV-PG) Frasier bumps into Martin's old partner, Artie, at the hospital while visiting Maris, and he convinces Martin to patch up their differences.
Frasier Seat of Power (TV-PG) Frasier calls a plumber to fix his toilet but problems mount when Niles realizes that the plumber is no other than his high school bully that tormented him.
Frasier Roz in the Doghouse (TV-PG) Roz accepts an offer to produce a local sports radio show, despite Frasier's warnings that the host is only trying to seduce her.
Frasier Retirement Is Murder (TV-PG) Martin is continuously haunted by a case that he could never solve years ago and decides to finally focus all of his attention to solving it.
Will & Grace The Needle and the Omelet's Done (HD, TV-PG) Leo convinces Grace into going to dinner with his friends, who turn out to really be his parents; Will goes to get Botox injections with Karen.
Will & Grace Marry Me a Little, Marry Me a Little More, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Grace and Leo get married on impulse during a TV stunt at Central Park; friends and family are offended when they find out they weren't invited.
Will & Grace Marry Me a Little, Marry Me a Little More, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) With Grace marrying Leo, Will is feeling left out and upset over losing his best friend and feels uneasy about the groom and his past.
Will & Grace The Honeymoon's Over (HD, TV-PG) The Palace Hotel kicks Karen out, so Will takes pity and lets her move in with him; Jack loses his style hiding out from the "Gay Mafia."
The Nanny Pilot (TV-PG) After being dumped by her fiancé and subsequently fired from his bridal shop, a downtrodden woman becomes a nanny for a wealthy family.
The Nanny Smoke Gets in Your Lies (TV-PG) Fran and Val inadvertently convince Brighton that he can increase his popularity with his classmates by taking up the habit of smoking.
Will & Grace All About Christmas Eve (HD, TV-PG) Grace has only two tickets to "The Nutcracker" on Christmas Eve, and she is forced to choose between Will and her new husband, Leo.
Will & Grace Field of Queens (HD, TV-PG) Will and Jack enlist in a gay men's soccer team, but Will finds it too violent and he wants to quit; Karen dates a successful restauranteur.
Will & Grace Fagmalion Part One: Gay It Forward (HD, TV-PG) Karen sets up Will with her cousin Barry, who has recently come out of the closet; Grace's eccentric new neighbor might want more than friendship.
Will & Grace Fagmalion Part Two: Attack of the Clones (HD, TV-PG) Will and Jack transform Karen's sloppy cousin, Barry, in order for him to be seen as desirable; Will feels confused at Barry's coming-out party.
The Nanny My Fair Nanny (TV-PG) Fran grows excited about the prospect of hosting a tea party for Maggie and her friends, but Maxwell and C.C. worry about her lack of sophistication.
The Nanny The Nuchslep (TV-PG) Fran is ordered to accompany Maggie on her date and act as chaperone, but problems arise when the young man begins to show affection towards Fran.
Will & Grace Homojo (HD, TV-14) Jack's in trouble when he is seduced into friendship with Karen's British rival; Will and Grace spice things up with a night of board games.
Will & Grace Women and Children First (HD, TV-PG) Jack reunites with his childhood babysitter and starts to take on the same characteristics he had as a boy; Grace has a night out with the girls.
Will & Grace Fagmalion Part Three: Bye, Bye, Beardy (HD, TV-PG) Karen's gay cousin Barry gets a makeover from Will and Jack; Grace attempts to help Will sort out his mixed emotions regarding Barry.
Will & Grace Fagmalion Part Four: The Guy Who Loved Me (HD, TV-PG) Will and Jack force Barry to finally make a decision regarding the two of them; Karen is mistaken for a maid by a handsome maintenance man.
The Nanny Here Comes the Brood (TV-PG) C.C. attempts to prove that she is as fun and nurturing as Fran by taking the children out for a day of fun, but the experience results in Grace running away.
The Nanny The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother (TV-PG) When one of Fran's wealthy relatives comes for a visit, Fran pretends that she owns the Sheffield's home and convinces Niles to pose as her husband.
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Will & Grace Sex, Losers and Videotape (HD, TV-PG) Will's boss begins a a secret relationship with Karen behind Will's back; Grace wants to send a sexy videotape to Leo to help spice up their relationship.
Will & Grace Leo Unwrapped (HD, TV-PG) Will's attempt to surprise Grace for her birthday is blown when the "gift" arrives early; Grace enlists Jack and Karen to keep the "gift" hidden.
Will & Grace Dolls and Dolls (HD, TV-PG) Karen needs a roommate, and finds one who is as eccentric as she is; Grace and Jack call an intervention over Will's painkiller habit.
Will & Grace May Divorce Be with You (HD, TV-14) Karen is shocked to find out that Will is now Stan's lawyer in their divorce, and she feels betrayed; Grace's biggest client has a relationship with Jack.
The Nanny Imaginary Friend (TV-PG) Grace becomes traumatized over the loss of her imaginary friend after Fran accidentally eats her; Maggie learns to play the piano.
The Nanny Christmas Episode (TV-PG) Maxwell must miss Christmas with his family; Fran buys the children expensive gifts only to learn that her Christmas bonus is not what she had imagined.
Will & Grace 23 (HD, TV-PG) In the midst of their heated divorce hearings, Karen finds out her ex-husband has died, and as a result she is entitled to everything.
Will & Grace 24 (HD, TV-PG) Karen confronts her ex-husband's mistress, and then invites the gang on board her new yacht; Grace starts to worry about Leo's loyalty.
Will & Grace Dames at Sea (HD, TV-14) While on a yacht at sea, Will and Jack wake up naked in bed together, unable to remember why or how it all came to be; Grace finds a love letter in Leo's bag.
Will & Grace Last Ex to Brooklyn (HD, TV-14) Grace's jealousy gets the best of her when she learns that Leo's ex, as well as the only woman Will has ever slept with, is coming to dinner.
The Nanny Personal Business (TV-PG) Maxwell wants a popular soap-opera star to take the lead role in his play, but the actor will only agree if Maxwell sets him up on a date with Fran.
The Nanny The Nanny-in-Law (TV-PG) Maxwell's former nanny arrives for a visit and makes changes to the children's behavior, forcing them to all dress alike and putting them on strict schedules.
The Six Million Dollar Man Kill Oscar, Part II (TV-PG) Jamie is left in critical condition after being attacked by a pair of Fembots; Steve races to Doctor Franklins secret hideout to rescue Oscar.
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Hart to Hart Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (TV-PG) Max is unexpectedly taken hostage by a gang of criminals, so Jonathan and Jennifer are forced to get involved in a dangerous robbery in order to rescue him.
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Murdoch Mysteries Bl**dy H*ll (HD, TV-PG) Murdoch and Brackenreid inadvertently put their respective careers in the line of fire while searching for answers about corruption in the police force.
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The Nanny The Reunion Show (TV-PG) Fran is excited to attend her high-school reunion as a newly engaged woman; Niles feels depressed since C.C. has been away for an extended period of time.
The Nanny Immaculate Conception (TV-PG) Maxwell's father dies and leaves his entire estate to an illegitimate sibling that Maxwell never knew he had; C.C. returns from her stay in the sanitarium.
The Nanny The Pre-Nup (TV-PG) Maxwell's lawyers convince him to ask Fran to sign a prenuptial agreement but she refuses to do so; C.C. hires a temporary replacement for herself.
The Nanny The Pre-Nup (TV-PG) Maxwell's lawyers convince him to ask Fran to sign a prenuptial agreement but she refuses to do so; C.C. hires a temporary replacement for herself.
Here's Lucy Lucy and the Great Airport Chase (TV-G) A trip to San Francisco, in hopes to expand the agency, goes wrong when the Carter family is approached by a man with a secret formula.
Here's Lucy Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.50? (TV-G) A prank in which a Van Johnson look-alike is given money to "fix his car" by Lucy causes confusion when she runs into the real Van Johnson at the bank.
Will & Grace Home Court Disadvantage (HD, TV-14) Karen plays rough when she invites Grace and Leo to play tennis at her club; Will and Jack visit Will's depressed mother in Connecticut.
Will & Grace Me and Mr. Jones (HD, TV-14) Legendary actor James Earl Jones turns to Jack for help with his performance in an off Broadway play; Will and his mother want other living arrangements.
Will & Grace A-Story, Bee-Story (HD, TV-14) Will tries to cheer up Leo, who is despondent over leaving Doctors Without Borders; Karen helps Jack prepare for the annual gay spelling bee.
Will & Grace Heart Like a Wheelchair (HD, TV-14) While with his wheelchair-bound mom in the park, Will meets a handsome man also pushing an invalid; Karen continues looking for the woman who stole her husband.
The Nanny A Plot for Nanny (TV-PG) Fran becomes shocked when she discovers that the mortuary manager she has begun seeing has decided to enroll in a school for clowns.
The Nanny The Show Must Go On (TV-PG) Fran becomes the director for Grace's school play, but Maxwell soon determines that he would be a better fit for the job and decides to take the reins.
Will & Grace Nice in White Satin (HD, TV-14) Karen balks at allowing an unconventional doctor to continue with her annual physical; Jack has a moment of clarity after realizing he wants to be a nurse.
Will & Grace Swimming from Cambodia (HD, TV-14) Grace returns to New York for her mother's birthday and Will begs her to stay longer; Karen threatens Jack's nursing teacher so he can skip class.
Will & Grace Strangers with Candice (HD, TV-14) Will catches the eye of a female while Grace reunites with a man from her past; Karen takes Jack to celebrate his first month at nursing school.
Will & Grace Fanilow (HD, TV-14) Will decides to skip the annual Christmas party in order to be the first in line for tickets to a Barry Manilow concert; Grace spots her mother in town.
The Nanny Maggie the Model (TV-PG) A world-renowned former supermodel arrives at the Sheffield home and begins to convince Maggie that she would be an ideal fashion model.
The Nanny The Family Plumbing (TV-PG) When the Sheffield house begins to experience plumbing problems, Fran is able to convince Maxwell to hire her uncle; Brighton falls for a girl.
Will & Grace The Accidental Tsuris (HD, TV-14) Grace shows some "tough love" when her lazy older sister comes to town with a harebrained scheme; Karen gets a visit from Lyle's daughter.
Will & Grace A Gay/December Romance (HD, TV-14) Will meets a wealthy plastic surgeon who turns into his sugar daddy/boyfriend; Grace launches a boycott of a local noodle restaurant.
Will & Grace Ice Cream Balls (HD, TV-14) In order to get ahead in his career, Will convinces Jack to go on a date with a new client; Grace and Karen find a huge pile of cash in Leo's cabin in Vermont.
Will & Grace Looking for Mr. Good Enough (HD, TV-14) Will is disheartened to learn that he is the only single in his cooking class; when Karen's mother moves to town, Grace agrees to decorate her apartment.
The Nanny Deep Throat (TV-PG) While examining Grace for the flu, a doctor looks at Fran's throat and orders her to have her tonsils out; Maxwell stresses after Fran says that she loves him.
The Nanny Schlepped Away (TV-PG) The Sheffield clan gets snowed in at Fran's parents' house; Fran finds a love note written to her mother and suspects that she is cheating.
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