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Trauma: Life in the ER The Frontier (TV-PG) In New Mexico, the state's only Level One trauma center is in Albuquerque; the injuries that are seen there definitely have the flavor of the Old West. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
Trauma: Life in the ER The Long Haul (TV-PG) Though gruff and weary, the trauma team at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon demonstrates a deep love and dedication for their work. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
Trauma: Life in the ER High-Stakes Trauma (TV-PG) A look at Ohio's Grant Medical Center as the staff treats an onslaught of trauma patients with a variety of conditions and needs. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
Prison Wives Pam Booker (TV-PG) A social worker attempts to have her husband freed from the New York prison to which he was sent to serve two life sentences after being convicted of murder.
Sin City ER Heights, Flights, & Rat Bites (Repeat, TV-14) A maintenance man falls from a sign atop one of Las Vegas' iconic hotels; a rat trainer is bitten by one of his animals; a plane crashes in a neighborhood.
Sin City ER Urgent Care, Taxi Scare & Hidden Where? (Repeat, TV-14) Doctors find a stolen Rolex watch in a very personal hiding place; a taxi driver has multiple bullet wounds; a 52-year-old comes in after a dirt bike accident.
A Baby Story Baby Grubb (TV-G) A mother with a reputation for her unusually short labors attempts to stall the proceedings long enough for her husband to arrive at the hospital.
A Baby Story Baby Danielson (TV-G) A couple's prior experiences with the birth of their first child have prompted them to wait eight years before attempting to add to their family.
Trauma: Life in the ER Dreams and Drivebys (TV-PG) Los Angeles is known for its wealthy and prestigious citizens, but life at King Drew Medical Center in South Central LA presents a different view of the city. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
Trauma: Life in the ER Night Calls (TV-PG) The element of Pittsburgh society that enjoys living on the edge usually ends up at Allegheny General Hospital; the staff attends to three badly beaten men. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
A Baby Story Baby Cumiskey (TV-PG) Being pregnant while working the night shift has been hard for Debbie, but after a hectic birth, Casey is welcomed by an excited family.
A Baby Story Baby Collymore (TV-PG) Ingrid and David were expecting to have a routine C-section, but 30 minutes before the procedure, the baby's heart rate dropped significantly.
Trauma: Life in the ER Playing with Fire (TV-PG) Vanderbilt University Medical Center springs to action as the summer months result in accidents caused by irresponsible driving and reckless outdoor behavior. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
Trauma: Life in the ER Life Support (TV-PG) Doctors at Pittsburgh's Alleghany General recognize the importance of faith, family support and counseling for their patients. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
A Baby Story Baby Frew (TV-PG) Janice and Leroy Frew sculpt a belly cast with son, Cole, to commemorate the arrival of their second son.
A Baby Story Baby Stuart (TV-PG) Actors Kim and Eric's newborn son has made them very happy, but his diagnosis of sickle-cell anemia brings with it a new set of challenges.
Trauma: Life in the ER Tough Town (TV-PG) The staff of the emergency room at the University Medical Center in Newark, New Jersey consists mainly of local residents serving their community. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
Trauma: Life in the ER Handle with Care (TV-PG) A raucous St. Patrick's Day celebration in Savannah increases the heavy load in the Memorial Health emergency room where staff treat a variety of accidents. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
A Baby Story Baby Gann (TV-PG) Before the husband and wife met, each had had gastric bypass surgery and now they have a baby in addition to Tara's son.
A Baby Story Baby Leoncavallo (TV-PG) Two first-time parents are unsure what to expect in the delivery room, and the mother plans to forego an epidural, but the pain may be more than she expected.
Trauma: Life in the ER Loss of Innocence (TV-PG) New Orleans staff are on the front lines of a brutal way of life, and treat the shot, stabbed, beaten, abused and neglected brought in from the streets. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
Trauma: Life in the ER Standing Tall (TV-PG) At Dallas' Baylor University Medical Center, doctors treat an injured rodeo champion, an ER patient who is drunk and argumentative and a toddler with a seizure. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
A Baby Story Baby Ruderman (TV-PG) Dana and Seth are expectant parents who are humble and excited about their futures; their families are also excited to meet the newest member.
A Baby Story Baby Rishko (TV-PG) For Heather and Sean Rishko, conception was a breeze but carrying a baby to term wasn't; Heather suffered three miscarriages within a year.
Trauma: Life in the ER No Place Like Home (TV-PG) In a city nestled in between rivers and fields, Pittsburgh's Allegheny General Hospital prides itself in treating every patient like family Mike McGlone(Narrator)
Trauma: Life in the ER Unbreakable (TV-PG) The staff of Martin Luther King/Drew Medical Center in LA treat a young man has been stabbed in the abdomen and a drunk teen who ran into a bus. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
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Addicted Klea (Repeat, TV-14) Kristina attempts to help out a 19-year-old methamphetamine addict who has turned to prostitution in order to support her destructive drug habit. Kristina Wandzilak(Host)
Monsters Inside Me There's Something Living In My Hand! (TV-14) A stay-at-home mom is horrified to discover there are parasites devouring her eyeball; and a marina dock master find he is being attacked by sea creatures. Justin Peed(Narrator), Dan Riskin(Host)
Monsters Inside Me There's Something Living in My Knee?! (TV-14) A seven-year-old boy in California and a four year-old boy in Georgia, experience strange symptoms that baffle their doctors and frighten loved ones. Justin Peed(Narrator), Dan Riskin(Host)
Emergency 24/7 Mystery Pill Mayhem (Repeat, TV-14) The emergency department at a hospital is pushed to the limit when several antagonistic patients arrive after overdosing on an unidentified street drug.
Emergency 24/7 The Weekend Shift (Repeat, TV-14) A night of heavy drinking results in some negative consequences for a young man; an unknown party drug causes a woman to have an intense reaction.
Emergency 24/7 Right Ankle, Wrong Angle (Repeat, TV-14) Medical physicians attempt to treat a 65-year-old woman who was run over by a vehicle with four-wheel-drive; a rugby player who broke their back is treated.
Emergency 24/7 Code Crimson (Repeat, TV-14) Emergency medics have to take radical measures to treat a 65-year-old man who was hit by a car; doctors don't know why a tourist is in unbelievable pain.
Emergency 24/7 Missing Memories (Repeat, TV-14) Medical staff treats an intoxicated patient who has been beaten, a man who has no memory of the prior day and, a man who was found semiconscious.
Emergency 24/7 Out of Breath (Repeat, TV-14) A woman falls five stories off a balcony; physicians must make a particularly difficult decision when treating a man with life-threatening breathing issues.
A Baby Story Baby Wells (TV-G) A couple of high-school sweethearts become nervous when unexpected complications arise during the wife's scheduled labor induction procedure.
A Baby Story Baby Greer (TV-G) A woman, who has already gone through two pregnancies in a previous marriage, prepares to give birth to her first child with her new husband.
Untold Stories of the E.R. Deadly Impact (Repeat, TV-14) A motorist is severely hurt in a car crash, and doctors assessing his barely attached arm note the absence of a pulse; exam of his liver and spleen aren't good. Armando Valdes-Kennedy(Narrator)
Untold Stories of the E.R. Call the Code (Repeat, TV-PG) A 21-year-old man comes straight from a motorcycle accident suffering from internal injuries; a 14-year old boy requires an immediate blood transfusion. Armando Valdes-Kennedy(Narrator), David Paluck(Narrator)
A Baby Story Baby Battagliola (TV-PG) Gina Battagliola's unexpected pregnancy brought life in the fast lane to a halt for her and her husband, Brian as they face their new roles as parents.
A Baby Story Baby Corso (TV-PG) A couple who has been trying to have their second child for the past seven years finally discovers they are expecting a sibling for their nine year-old.
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant Help From Above (TV-PG) A 25-year-old woman finds herself in a fight for more than just her own life, when a vehicle accident leaves her with a broken pelvis and more than just pains. Dave Wittenberg(Narrator)
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant Gas and Go Baby (TV-PG) A woman experiences terrible pain at work and asks her mom to take her to the emergency room but while stopped at the gas station they discover the cause of the
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant From Heartbeat to Heart Attack (TV-PG) After overcoming an ectopic pregnancy and adopting three children to call her own, a woman is sent to the hospital to learn that she's pregnant.
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant Contraception Patch Baby (TV-PG) After being on the birth control patch for years, Kristen is struck with a severe pain and must be rushed to the hospital, where doctors find she is in labor.
A Baby Story Baby Augustin (TV-PG) Despite their personalities being at odds, this couple is having their second baby, after their daughter has been the center of their attention for two years.
A Baby Story Baby Andrews (TV-PG) A pair of police officers who are expecting enjoy a girls' bingo night and a block party and then use the hypnobirthing method to deliver their son.
A Baby Story Baby Tribune (TV-PG) A woman expecting twins is eager to reach the end of her pregnancy, but her fear of an epidural leads to high levels of tension preceding the delivery
A Baby Story Baby Millers (TV-PG) An adventure-seeking couple anxiously awaits the arrival of their first child together, but an unpredictable labor has them waiting longer than they expected.
Hoarding: Buried Alive - 10 Biggest Hoards Rhonda (TV-PG) Filmmakers take a look back at a woman who had refilled her house with junk only a year after the city cleaned it out, hoarding such items as used cadaver pads.
A Baby Story Baby Fazzolari (TV-PG) Carmelo and Mary Fazzolari have suffered through painful medical procedures and miscarriages but after a few years they finally have a healthy second pregnancy.
A Baby Story Baby Price (TV-PG) A mother is anxious for her baby's arrival after her due date has come and gone, and after contractions come she still experiences days of labor with no result.
I'm Pregnant And... Morbidly Obese (TV-PG) An expectant mother, pregnant with her second child, must change her unhealthy lifestyle if she plans on watching both of her children grow up.
I'm Pregnant And... In Prison (TV-PG) After entering prison while three months pregnant, an expectant inmate struggles with the challenges that await after the child's birth.
I'm Pregnant And... A Nudist (TV-PG) An expectant mother strays from convention when she decides to continue living her nudist lifestyle while pregnant with a baby girl.
I'm Pregnant And... Homeless (TV-PG) An expectant couple who lost their home shortly before becoming pregnant struggle to secure housing and work before giving birth to their child.
A Baby Story Baby Paulsen (TV-PG) The Paulsens adhered to traditional social mores by performing their nuptials before starting a family; they eagerly await the arrival of their second child.
A Baby Story Baby Gomez (TV-PG) A couple expecting their first child waits with an anxious family and undergoes extreme stress when things take a turn for the worst.
The Day I Almost Died Hard Lessons (Repeat, TV-14) A woman rock climbing with her friends is struck and pinned by a falling boulder; a woman who is in a hurry falls and lands on her bag of knitting needles.
The Day I Almost Died Nightmare in the Air (Repeat, TV-14) A pilot ground-testing a gyrocopter suddenly finds himself in the air; a fireworks enthusiast's Fourth of July stash ignites unexpectedly.
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