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Make Room for Multiples Brubacher Twins (TV-G) A couple of mothers, who are already meeting the demands of raising a set of triplet boys, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of twins.
Make Room for Multiples Barton Triplets (TV-G) A married couple, who had struggled to conceive for some time, becomes pregnant with triplets after choosing to undergo an in vitro fertilization procedure.
A Baby Story Baby Scaccia (TV-PG) The family of an expectant mother becomes exhausted from anticipation when a scheduled induction takes much longer than initially expected.
A Baby Story Baby Mcgrath (TV-G) Two parents are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their third child together, and the mother demonstrates an unusually high tolerance for pain.
Untold Stories of the E.R. Skewered Skydivers (Repeat, TV-PG) Two skydivers are impaled by the same fence post; multiple patrons stop breathing at a dance club; a bride-to-be's finger becomes stuck in a makeup jar.
Make Room for Multiples Butler Twins (TV-G) A couple of parents are attempting to prepare themselves for the addition of two infants to their already-busy lives as a family of four.
Make Room for Multiples Bahr Triplets (TV-G) Parents try for a fourth child after their three teenagers express the desire for another sibling, but they end up with triplets instead.
A Baby Story Baby Rosario (TV-PG) As Richie and Naila move into an apartment in New York City they prepare to meet their new son and any challenges that may come their way.
A Baby Story Baby Viloria (TV-PG) A Hawaiian-style shower with a hula dancer make up the week's agenda for Leinani and Kawika Viloria; Hawaiian natives cherish the rich cultural traditions.
Untold Stories of the E.R. Old School Medicine (Repeat, TV-14) A man with a slit wrist has a shocking secret; a surgeon requires immediate attention after falling off a bed while attempting to help his patient.
Make Room for Multiples Balletta Triplets (TV-G) After failing at repeated attempts to conceive naturally, a couple opts for an in-vitro fertilization procedure, which has them expecting a set of triplets.
Make Room for Multiples Youngblood Triplets (TV-G) Delivering triplets proves to be a frightening experience for a mother of two when all three of her newborn babies require time in the NICU.
A Baby Story Baby Rogers (TV-PG) A couple is excited to be awaiting the arrival of twin baby girls after attempting to overcome infertility issues for the past two years.
A Baby Story Baby Roy (TV-PG) Megan and Rob Roy prepare for their third child with their two sons and timothy goes to his weekly therapy session for his growth disorder.
Untold Stories of the E.R. Oh, Deer! (Repeat, TV-14) A college student's head is impaled on the antlers of a trophy deer; a car crash victim tells the ER doctor that her baby was left at the accident scene.
Make Room for Multiples Johnson Twins (TV-G) A couple of parents, who have spent the past 18 years raising six children, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first set of twins.
Make Room for Multiples Anderson Triplets (TV-G) A couple's second attempt at IVF proves to be extremely successful, providing them with triplets even after the doctor gave them a 5% chance of having twins.
A Baby Story Baby Rivera (TV-PG) Husband and wife chefs met working at a restaurant and now prepare a gourmet feast before their baby boy is delivered without any pain medication.
A Baby Story Baby Manning (TV-G) A mother of two opts for a peaceful, drug-free delivery, but she is forced to reconsider her strategy when unforeseen complications arise during labor.
Untold Stories of the E.R. Plastered! (Repeat, TV-14) A young woman's face is covered in a plaster mask; a stroke patient's heart keeps stopping and restarting; two teenagers but have similar bizarre symptoms.
Make Room for Multiples Wysokoski Twins (TV-G) A couple, who decided that they were ready to start a family together, are surprised to learn that they will be adding twin boys to their active household.
Make Room for Multiples Florestil Twins (TV-G) Parents of an 18-month-old daughter feel as if they are finally getting accustomed to caring for a toddler when they realize they are expecting a second child.
A Baby Story Baby Ruderman (TV-PG) Dana and Seth are expectant parents who are humble and excited about their futures; their families are also excited to meet the newest member.
A Baby Story Baby Sefchick (TV-PG) The Sefchicks had a hard time getting pregnant because Suzy had previously suffered from a dangerous pulmonary embolism and having children was uncertain.
Untold Stories of the E.R. Radioactive Rocks (Repeat, TV-14) Doctors have a hard time stopping the bleeding of a dialysis patient and a man is covered head to toe in needles after falling into a cactus while naked. Armando Valdes-Kennedy(Narrator)
High School Moms Breaking the Cycle (Repeat, TV-PG) A 17-year-old mother of three struggles with separation anxiety from her children while needing to keep them in daycare during school hours.
Body Bizarre My Son Has a Tail (Repeat, TV-PG) A child who was born with the birth defect of a tail wants to fit in with other kids; a teen who is eight-feet tall and weighs 400 pounds seeks help.
Body Bizarre My Skull is Crushing My Brain (Repeat, TV-PG) A girl's disorder causes her eyes to spill out of her head; a man grows branches from his hands and feet; a baby endures a large face tumor.
Paramedics Kansas City Blues (TV-PG) Many of the Metropolitan Ambulance Services Truse, or MAST, paramedics have come from all over the country for the unit's highly regarded EMS training.
Paramedics In Hot Water (TV-PG) Pittsburgh sits at the juncture of two rivers, and with more beach access than Dade County, Florida, the city's 150 paramedics are busy on land and water.
Paramedics Bright Lights, Little City (TV-PG) Paramedics in Reno, Nev., which is nicknamed "The Biggest Little City in the World," treat a variety of patients as the population grows during tourist season.
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Labor & Delivery Bless the Child (Repeat, TV-14) A fragile and sick newborn is placed in the neo-natal intensive care unit; a mother learns that there will be complications with her baby.
A Baby Story Baby Pratt (TV-PG) Mari Pratt continues to teach Pilates during her eighth month, which comes in handy as her labor is short and unexpected.
A Baby Story Baby Reytblat (TV-PG) Susan ignored her biological clock as long as she could, but now the hardworking parents discover they love having a baby to care for.
Untold Stories of the E.R. Mountain Lion Attack (Repeat, TV-PG) Doctors in the emergency room are surprised to see a woman still alive after receiving puncture wounds from a mountain lion and airlifted to the hospital. Armando Valdes-Kennedy(Narrator)
Labor & Delivery The Good Fight (Repeat, TV-14) Two couples struggle with addiction to drugs during their pregnancies; a 14-year old girl and her 18-year old boyfriend prepare to become parents.
A Baby Story Baby Nydick (TV-PG) In her ninth month, Suzanne doesn't feel the normal malaise felt by most near-term moms, and she is as excited and energetic as when she first learned she was p
A Baby Story Baby McGovern (TV-PG) Ami and Peter are the working parents of three children and another on the way and both agree that they have their hands full with work and a large family.
Untold Stories of the E.R. Long Live the King (Repeat, TV-PG) The king of the gypsies comes to the ER with his followers staying near him in case he dies; a retired admiral baffles doctors when he continues to grow weaker. Armando Valdes-Kennedy(Narrator)
Labor & Delivery All About Family (Repeat, TV-14) At the University Hospital of Cleveland, an average of 5,000 babies are born each year, including a set of premature twins and a 15-year old mother.
A Baby Story Baby Naveran (TV-G) A mother-to-be receives assistance from her grandmother in her efforts to clean the house in preparation for a planned drug-free water birth.
A Baby Story Baby Morand (TV-PG) Parents of a 4-year-old daughter prepare themselves for the arrival of their second child, but the husband becomes nervous about the impending c-section.
Untold Stories of the E.R. The Big Save (Repeat, TV-PG) An emergency room rookie endures a baptism of fire as he is unexpectedly summoned to the operating room.
Labor & Delivery Perfect Baby (Repeat, TV-14) A first-time mother must have an emergency C-section; a couple awaiting the birth of their second child has a scheduled C-section
A Baby Story Baby Meyer (TV-PG) The Meyer family becomes worried when they learn that the soon-to-be mom might have to undergo a C-section, leading her to the brink of a meltdown.
A Baby Story Baby Rawls (TV-PG) Valerie Rawls is a first-time mom who has planned to have a drug-free birth from the beginning, but after days of being in labor, she must make a choice.
Untold Stories of the E.R. Nothing's Working (Repeat, TV-PG) A husband stabilizes his wife's condition by touching her forehead while a homeless woman goes into labor without even knowing she was pregnant. Armando Valdes-Kennedy(Narrator), David Paluck(Narrator)
Labor & Delivery Count on Me (Repeat, TV-14) Two friends and recovering drug addicts are expecting their babies within days of each other, and two sisters plan to deliver together.
A Baby Story Baby Popowski (TV-PG) A fanatical family and a very nervous dad excitedly await a couple's first baby but the expectant mother is not looking forward to a necessary induction.
A Baby Story Baby Powell (TV-G) An expectant mother is tired of being pregnant and anxious to deliver, but the situation becomes complicated when she is unable to receive her planned epidural.
Untold Stories of the E.R. Baby Blues (Repeat, TV-14) A doctor must race to solve a problem before things spiral out of control: an infant develops an oxygen deficiency, and the baby's blood is brown, not red. Armando Valdes-Kennedy(Narrator)
Surviving Death Stone Cold (TV-PG) Three people tell their stories of returning to life after being pronounced dead, including a man who was revived after spending two hours in an icy lake.
Surviving Death Bodily Trauma (TV-PG) Medical experts and survivors reveal what it takes to live through extremely traumatic injuries, including a man who was shocked to death by electricity.
I Was Impaled Danger Outside (Repeat, TV-14) A man becomes impaled by a long fence post; while gardening, a woman falls straight onto a hooked planter; a brake lever ends up in a biker's arm.
I'm Pregnant And... Addicted (TV-PG) A couple of expectant ex-heroin addicts manage to stay clean with the help of medicine that may have to take a back-burner to the pregnancy.
I'm Pregnant And... A Trucker (TV-PG) A 22-year-old trucker expecting her first child hopes to be able to stay on the road accompanied by her newborn once she's given birth.
Shocking Family Secrets The Ultimate Gift (Repeat, TV-14) A couple trying to have a child decides to go through extreme measures to get pregnant, disregarding the risk that would challenge them to do so.
Shocking Family Secrets Anything for Love (Repeat, TV-14) Mike and Jessica are put through a struggle when they battle cancer together; a look is taken at Karen's rare antisocial behavior.
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