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Bringing Home Baby World Traveler's Baby (TV-G) World travelers, Gary and Alyssa, have their second baby, thus starting their next big adventure, apart from traveling.
Bringing Home Baby Soldier's Baby (TV-G) Becky and David were married only two months before she was pregnant, and when the Marine husband was deployed to Iraq, she moved in with family.
A Baby Story Baby Fedorka (TV-PG) Sergeant Pete and his wife Abby are expecting their first child; almost a week past her due date, her labor will be induced; Pete reassures Abby.
A Baby Story Baby Frasca (TV-PG) Marco and Kiki have a family of three healthy boys and as they are expecting another addition to the family tree, they hope the new arrival will be a girl.
Mystery Diagnosis The Woman Who Couldn't Cry (TV-PG) For over half a century, a woman has suffers from an incredible assortment of maladies, and as she continues her trek from specialists to doctor to hospital. David Guion(Narrator)
A Paralyzed Mother's Story (Repeat, TV-PG) A quadriplegic woman gives birth to a child and attempts to adapt to raising the baby while being unable to walk and having no dexterity in both of her hands.
Help! I'm a Hoarder (TV-G) Over a million Americans suffer from a condition known as disposophobia, the irrational fear of throwing anything away; three such individuals open their lives.
Hoarding: Buried Alive A Graveyard of Junk (Repeat, TV-PG) A hoarder's house has a roach infestation so extreme that the city will condemn the building, leaving him homeless, if he can't get it under control. Bray Poor(Narrator)
ER Files Baptism by Fire (Repeat, TV-PG) At Memorial Health, doctors with military backgrounds bring a new intensity as they save gunshot victims and a young man who has lost control of his ATV.
NY ER On the Brink (TV-PG) A patient comes in with minor complaints but takes a bad turn; a trauma surgeon sees a patient walk away from his injuries while another doesn't survive. Ben van Boxtel(Participant), Katie Duke(Participant), Debbie Yi(Participant), Diana Costine(Participant), Marina Dedivanovic(Participant)
NY ER Shock to the System (TV-14) A trauma surgeon works tirelessly; after a pedestrian is hit by a bicycle, she gets shocking news; a young surgery resident experiences challenges. Ben van Boxtel(Participant), Katie Duke(Participant), Debbie Yi(Participant), Diana Costine(Participant), Marina Dedivanovic(Participant)
NY ER Second Chance at Life (TV-PG) A man who has gone 20 years without a doctor comes in with a shocking condition; a nurse returns after her neck injury; a doctor reveals a story from her past. Ben van Boxtel(Participant), Katie Duke(Participant), Debbie Yi(Participant), Diana Costine(Participant), Marina Dedivanovic(Participant)
NY ER Wake-Up Call (TV-PG) A doctor who treats a teenager for injuries from a fight becomes his mentor in hopes of changing the boy's future; a day of surfing ends with an ER visit. Ben van Boxtel(Participant), Katie Duke(Participant), Debbie Yi(Participant), Diana Costine(Participant), Marina Dedivanovic(Participant)
Bringing Home Baby Renaissance Baby (TV-G) A renaissance fair couple with their second child on the way to a unique home, proving their children will always be a little different.
Bringing Home Baby Red Sox Twins (TV-G) First time parents welcome twins into the world and learn how to deal with the challenges presented by two very demanding babies.
High School Moms Pregnant at 14 (Repeat, TV-PG) A 16-year-old girl worries about potential expulsion after continuous behavioral problems threaten her place at Florence Crittenton High School.
Mystery Diagnosis Dangerous Growths (TV-PG) A young woman grows at an alarming rate and is eventually diagnosed with a serious medical condition; a 16-year-old mistakenly believes he has asthma. David Scott(Narrator)
Bringing Home Baby Realtor Baby (TV-G) Anxious parents worry about their newborn boy who broke his clavicle during labor and has a case jaundice.
Bringing Home Baby Together Again (TV-G) Expectant parents Kellie and Delaney are worried about how their young daughter will react to having a new baby brother in the house.
High School Moms Everyone Going to Prom? (Repeat, TV-PG) Florence Crittenton plans for it's first-ever prom in it's 27-year history; a family helps their loved one campaign to be voted this year's prom queen.
Mystery Diagnosis The Stabbing Sensation (TV-PG) A teenage girl has begun experiencing pains in her body that are so severe and debilitating that she has been forced to stop attending high school. David Guion(Narrator)
Bringing Home Baby Soccer Baby (TV-G) Newly married Julie and Ryan aim for the goal of balancing his professional soccer career with the constant demands of their newborn son.
Bringing Home Baby Preemie Goes Home (TV-G) Saki was born seven weeks early to Kelli and David who have a house full of cats and a full load of work ahead of them.
High School Moms School of Broken Hearts (Repeat, TV-14) One student struggles to keep her young son's behavioral problems; a pregnant student hopes to reconcile with her mother before giving birth.
Mystery Diagnosis The Woman Who Went Crazy (TV-PG) Doctors attempt to diagnose and treat a young mother who experiences psychotic symptoms, such as paranoia, delusions, panic attacks and a seizure. David Guion(Narrator), David Scott(Narrator)
Bringing Home Baby Teacher's Baby (TV-G) First-time parents Heidi and Garry are put to the test by their baby's recent circumcision and their dog's unwillingness to share his home.
Bringing Home Baby Parents' First Baby (TV-G) First-time parents Liz and Kirby know little about newborns, but are certain about their vegan lifestyle, although Grandma isn't convinced.
High School Moms Breaking the Cycle (Repeat, TV-PG) A 17-year-old mother of three struggles with separation anxiety from her children while needing to keep them in daycare during school hours.
Mystery Diagnosis The Man with Rocks in His Chest (TV-PG) Doctors try to diagnose a man who constantly feels an excruciating burning sensation in his chest, a problem that is making his breathing difficult. David Guion(Narrator)
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Bringing Home Baby Panamanian Celebration (TV-G) First-time parents are surprised by an emergency C-section, a home plumbing problem and their newborn daughter's case of jaundice.
Bringing Home Baby Stay at Home Dad (TV-G) A new father plans to be a stay at home dad when his wife returns to work and his hours alone with a newborn haven't shaken his resolve.
High School Moms Loud Labor (Repeat, TV-14) An 18-year-old mother of a blind two-year-old struggles to juggle her daughter's need for support while also trying to study for upcoming finals.
Mystery Diagnosis The Man Who Never Sweats (TV-PG) Doctors attempt to help a patient that is afflicted with symptoms that include severe pain in his joints, rashes and the inability to produce sweat. David Guion(Narrator)
Killer Outbreaks The Every Day Turns Devastating (TV-14) The Centers for Disease Control, the New York Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation work together in order to respond to biological anthrax. Philippe Denham(Director)
Trauma Force The Body Destroyers (Repeat, TV-PG) The ER must fix the damage after tools and machines transform into body destroyers, including a circular saw that cuts through a man's foot.
Trauma Force The Inner Circle of Trauma (Repeat, TV-PG) As the youngest attending physician, Dr. Jay Menekar tries to master trauma, he treats the victim of a fall from the attic stairs and a brutal stabbing.
Diagnose Me Covered in Bugs (Repeat, TV-14) A woman's life is complicated by her copious sweating; a young teacher prays for death because he feels that invisible bugs are crawling all over him.
Paramedics House Calls (TV-PG) Pittsburgh is a mid-sized city with a small-town feel due to its ethnically diverse enclaves; the 150 paramedics on rotating shifts know the population well.
Paramedics Southern Comfort (TV-PG) Follows emergency workers in the burgeoning city of Nashville and delves into the increasing problems the city's paramedics deal with because of its growth.
Bringing Home Baby Overcoming Obstacles (TV-G) When Kristi and Donovan found out they were pregnant, they knew there would be challenges as rheumatoid arthritis could hamper her ability to care for the baby.
Bringing Home Baby Military and Mirth Baby (TV-G) Todd and Ursula have prepared for their new baby but Todd isn't very confident about solo diaper duty.
My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I Like Mother, Like Daughter (TV-14) Cameras document the journeys of four families that find themselves dealing with two pregnancies at the same time; emotion run high from the get-go.
Mystery Diagnosis The Man Who Turned Orange (TV-PG) As a patient undergoes surgery to remove an abnormal growth, the doctor notices an oddity; a marathon runner is overcome by extreme fatigue. David Guion(Narrator)
Bringing Home Baby O.C. Baby (TV-G) Married less than a year, Chris and Melissa live an on-the-go lifestyle, which changes once they bring their baby home.
Bringing Home Baby Opposites Attract (TV-G) Aubrey and Joshua cope with obstacles such as not having a nursery and their dog's litter of eight puppies as they prepare for the arrival of their new infant.
My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I For the Love of Family (TV-14) Stress hits a high at Lorna and Chae's baby shower, all while Kim's boyfriend finds himself in trouble with the law; Nicole struggles with being single.
Mystery Diagnosis The Girl Who Fell Apart (TV-PG) Concerned parents take their 3-year-old daughter to see a medical specialist when her motor skills begin to deteriorate; a woman struggles with extreme fatigue. David Guion(Narrator), David Scott(Narrator)
Bringing Home Baby Mamie's Grandbaby (TV-G) Single mom Charlotte relies on her large family for assistance with a new baby, and wonders if they will continue to be supportive once the new has worn off.
Bringing Home Baby Nanny Free Baby (TV-G) When Raymond and Donna had their first boys in the Philippines, they had a nanny to help out, but now they must adapt to a new country without a nanny's help.
My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I Do the Right Thing (TV-14) Two families prepare to welcome their newborns; boyfriends return to see their newest additions born, but not before upsetting their pregnant counterparts.
Mystery Diagnosis The Girl Nobody Believed (TV-PG) A woman believes that she has a condition that causes her to experience dizziness and labored breathing anytime she attempts any type of physical exertion. David Guion(Narrator)
Bringing Home Baby Identical Twins (TV-G) Bringing home two boys with a two-year-old at home already, making life three times harder for Jennifer and Michael.
Bringing Home Baby Single Mom (TV-G) A single mom Moves back home with her mother and six-year-old brother, while the baby's father is set up under house arrest.
My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I Easier Said Than Done (TV-14) Nicole is forced to have a c-section when her labor hits a snag, all while Mariah refuses to help because of A.J.; Kim finally goes into labor.
Mystery Diagnosis The Girl Who Couldn't Eat (TV-PG) At twenty-two, Danielle Mezzanotte has hardly been sick a day in her life, until the day everything changes when she becomes violently ill. David Guion(Narrator)
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