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Most Expensivest Retirement (Repeat, TV-14) 2 Chainz meets with several Florida seniors to understand how they intend to spend their golden years, such as going to the strip club. 2 Chainz(Host)
Most Expensivest Snacks On Snacks On Snacks (Repeat, TV-14) 2 Chainz is joined by musician Diplo and skateboarder Nyjah Huston to explore how the wealthy can show off their refined tastes, such as $500 popcorn. 2 Chainz(Host)
Most Expensivest Japantown (Repeat, TV-14) 2 Chainz and retired football player Jerry Rice battle sumo wrestlers; 2 Chainz gets comfy in a $1 million kimono and enjoys a $200 bowl of ramen. Jerry Rice(Guest), 2 Chainz(Host)
Most Expensivest Tech Break (Repeat, TV-14) 2 Chainz gains access into a multimillion-dollar virtual reality system and games on a $45,000 supercomputer; 2 Chainz uses a $250,000 water pipe. 2 Chainz(Host)
Most Expensivest Future (Repeat, TV-14) 2 Chainz meets with a group of beekeepers who are determined to use cultured meat to help end world hunter; Trappy encounters a $3,000 robotic dog. 2 Chainz(Host)
Most Expensivest For the 'Gram (Repeat, TV-14) 2 Chainz is joined by musicians Vic Mensa, DJ Mustard and television personality Kendra Wilkinson as 2 Chainz attempts to get the perfect Instagram post. Vic Mensa(Guest), Kendra Wilkinson(Guest), DJ Mustard(Guest), 2 Chainz(Host)
How to Rob a Bank 70k Lost in a Day (Repeat, TV-14) A bank manager and his long-lost father, a career criminal, execute a series of father-son heists that require the son to act as the inside man.
How to Rob a Bank Kangaroo Bandit (Repeat, TV-14) A decorated US Marine veteran resorts to crime to make ends meet and support his unfortunate drug habit by becoming one of America's most prolific bank robbers.
How to Rob a Bank Skinny Bandit (Repeat, TV-14) A taco-loving man in San Diego turns to bank robbing in order to financially support himself and becomes one of the city's most infamous criminals.
Noisey Paris with Niska, MHD, Medine (Repeat, TV-14) The second largest market for hip-hop music on the planet has been a multiyear state of emergency in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in 2015. Zach Goldbaum(Host)
Noisey Detroit with Big Sean, Danny Brown (Repeat, TV-14) Zach Goldbaum heads to Detroit, Mich., where he meets with rappers Big Sean and Danny Brown and takes a look at how the city is rebounding. Big Sean(Guest), Danny Brown(Guest), Zach Goldbaum(Host)
Noisey Bompton Feat. Kendrick Lamar (Repeat, TV-14) Zach Goldbaum sits down with rapper Kendrick Lamar to discuss what it was like for him growing up in Compton, Calif., and the issues addressed in his music. Zach Goldbaum(Host)
King of the Road Highway to Hell: 10 Years on the Road (Repeat, TV-14) The survivors reminisce on hard-won victories, embarrassing moments, and bizarre scenarios they've experienced while competing on the show. Michael Burnett(Participant), Jake Phelps(Participant), Andy Roy(Participant)
King of the Road Let The Madness Begin (Repeat, TV-14) The teams of skaters arrive in Seattle, Washington, where they prepare for some unorthodox head-to-head action at the Marginal Way park. Michael Burnett(Participant), Jake Phelps(Participant), Andy Roy(Participant)
King of the Road Shirtless in Seattle (Repeat, TV-14) The teams of skaters receive their first challenges in Seattle, Washington, after which a showdown ensues; Mike Davis takes care of the make-outs. Michael Burnett(Participant), Jake Phelps(Participant), Andy Roy(Participant)
Dark Side of the Ring Cocaine & Cowboy Boots: The Herb Abrams Story (Repeat, TV-14) Wrestling promoter Herb Abrams' dreams of starting a wrestling empire are thrown into disarray due to a cocaine addiction and an inability to reign in his ego. Dutch Mantell(Narrator)
After Dark After Herb Abrams (Repeat, TV-14) Retired wrestlers "Dangerous" Dan Spivey, B. Brian Blair and wrestling valet Missy Hyatt talk about the late wrestling promoter Herb Abrams. Dan Spivey(Guest), Missy Hyatt(Guest), B. Brian Blair(Guest), Chris Gethard(Host)
Dark Side of the Ring The Final Days of Owen Hart (Repeat, TV-14) Wrestler Owen Hart performs a stunt that tragically ends in his death when he falls 80 feet, an event that is discussed by his widow, Martha Hart. Martha Hart(Guest), Dutch Mantell(Narrator)
After Dark After Owen Hart (Repeat, TV-14) Wrestlers Charles "The Godfather" Wright, D'Lo Brown and Jason King talk about the late wrestler Owen Hart's life and unfortunate death. Charles Wright(Guest), D'Lo Brown(Guest), Jason King(Guest), Chris Gethard(Host)
The Pizza Show All About Frank, All About Pizza (Repeat, TV-14) Frank Pinello decides to get personal as he showcases his pizzeria and the individuals and places that have been an influence throughout his career. Frank Pinello(Host)
The Pizza Show The Obsession with Pizza (Repeat, TV-14) Frank tries to figure out why the world is obsessed with pizza and explores why pizza culture has peaked, from a resin encased slice to a 24 karat gold pizza. Frank Pinello(Host)
The Pizza Show Pizza in the Bay Area (Repeat, TV-14) With a reputation for providing quality produce, Frank explores the ways that cities in Northern California use their local ingredients to make pizzas. Frank Pinello(Host)
The Pizza Show Detroit, the Doughtown City (Repeat, TV-PG) Frank Pinello visits the city of Detroit, where he stops by some classic Detroit-style pizzerias and a few newer locations that are altering some traditions. Frank Pinello(Host)
Most Expensivest Earth Love (Repeat, TV-14) 2 Chainz goes glamping to experience the wonders of Mother Nature, such as life-giving IVs, vegetables and a large amount of gong. 2 Chainz(Host)
Most Expensivest Lights Camera Action (Repeat, TV-14) Actor Jesse Williams and 2 Chainz plan to learn about the unique history and future of Hollywood's technology and style. Jesse Williams(Guest), 2 Chainz(Host)
Weediquette Stoned Kids (Repeat, TV-14) Host Krishna Adavolu visits Oregon and California to meet with families who have resorted to medical marijuana to help fight their children's cancer. Krishna Andavolu(Host)
Weediquette Stoned Vets (Repeat, TV-14) Presented is a look into the lives of veterans who are in a dilemma due to laws that restrict them from using marijuana, although it helps with their PTSD. Krishna Andavolu(Host)
Weediquette The War on Weed (Repeat, TV-14) Krishna Andavolu offers a look into the story of a man from Louisiana who was sentenced to over 13 years in prison for possessing two marijuana joints. Krishna Andavolu(Host)
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That's Delicious The Showdown in Lamb Alley (Repeat, TV-14) Action Bronson and the crew head to Morocco, where they tour the local markets and sample a traditional North African dish known as a tagine. Action Bronson(Host)
That's Delicious Can't Forget Paris (Repeat, TV-14) Action Bronson visits to Paris, France, where he performs two shows, visits a cultural heritage site, flies in a wind tunnel and eats veggie burgers. Action Bronson(Host)
That's Delicious Sidelined in the Yukon (Repeat, TV-14) Action Bronson and the crew head to Alaska to perform a concert, eat with an Eskimo, buy Carhartt gear and undergo an emergency surgery. Action Bronson(Host)
That's Delicious Long Time Friends (Repeat, TV-14) Although Action Bronson has eaten Jamaican food in Queens, he has never done so in Jamaica itself, so he and Meyhem Lauren head there to try some jerk chicken. Action Bronson(Host)
That's Delicious A New York Winter Fling (Repeat, TV-14) Action Bronson and friends travel across New York City to experience the various multinational culinary influence that help make the city so unique. Action Bronson(Host)
That's Delicious My Fair Bagel (Repeat, TV-14) Action Bronson comes back to Auckland, New Zealand, where Meyhem Lauren gets to eat at Action's favorite burger truck and Action debuts a song. Action Bronson(Host), Meyhem Lauren(Participant)
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia A Clandestine Chemist's Tale (Repeat, TV-14) Hamilton meets with a relatively unknown name within the world of psychedelics and listens to an unfortunate tale about chemiluminescence and MDMA synthesis. Hamilton Morris(Host)
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia Ketamine: Realms and Realities (Repeat, TV-MA) Hamilton travels to India to observe industrial ketamine synthesis and meet with experts to explore the role dissociative anesthetics have in modern society. Hamilton Morris(Host)
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia Peyote: The Divine Messenger (Repeat, TV-14) Hamilton attempts to discover the long history of peyote with the help of a member of the Native American Church by visiting places the plant may be grown. Hamilton Morris(Host)
Abandoned Route 66 (Repeat, TV-14) Rick and professional skateboarder Frank Gerwer travel down Route 66 to investigate some of the sites that can still be seen down the Mother Road. Rick McCrank(Host), Frank Gerwer(Participant)
Abandoned Carolina Speedways (Repeat, TV-14) Rick sets out to find fans and drivers of NASCAR to better understand the passion they have that helps allow the sport to continue. Rick McCrank(Host)
The Interview (TV-14, R, ***) A popular tabloid TV show's host and producer land an interview with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, but the American CIA recruits them as assassins. James Franco(Actor), Seth Rogen(Actor), Lizzy Caplan(Actor), Randall Park(Actor), Timothy C. Simons(Actor)
King of the Road Possible Broken Cheekbone (Repeat, TV-14) The members of Toy Machine turn hippie; Jaws pole-dances; Elijah attempts to grind the flaming rail of doom; Raven has a near-death experience. Michael Burnett(Participant), Jake Phelps(Participant), Andy Roy(Participant)
King of the Road Midway Point (Repeat, TV-14) The teams meet in San Francisco, where they are joined by their mystery guests before competing in a downhill race; the teams get their new bounty challenges. Michael Burnett(Participant), Jake Phelps(Participant), Andy Roy(Participant)
King of the Road SF Legends (Repeat, TV-14) Toy Machine adopts a punk persona with professional skater Corey Duffel; Chocolate spends time with and babysits the kids of the punk and thrash band Bad Sh*t. Corey Duffel(Guest), Bad Sh*t(Guest), Michael Burnett(Participant), Jake Phelps(Participant), Andy Roy(Participant)
Dark Side of the Ring Benoit Part One (Repeat, TV-14) Those who were closely involved with the 2007 case of wrestler Chris Benoit killing his wife and son before taking his own life speak about their experiences. Dutch Mantell(Narrator)
Dark Side of the Ring Benoit Part Two (Repeat, TV-14) Those who were closely involved with the 2007 case of wrestler Chris Benoit killing his wife and son before taking his own life speak about their experiences. Dutch Mantell(Narrator)
After Dark After Chris Benoit (Repeat, TV-14) Host Chris Gethard, wrestlers Chavo Guerrero Jr, Tommy Dreamer and podcast host Ben Kissel explore the tragic life and legacy of the late wrestler Chris Benoit. Chavo Guerrero Jr.(Guest), Tommy Dreamer(Guest), Ben Kissel(Guest), Chris Gethard(Host)
Dark Side of the Ring David Schultz & The Slap Heard Round the World (Repeat, TV-14) Wrestler David Schultz is seen as a rising superstar in the sport until a violent encounter with reporter John Stossel forces him to face a permanent ban. Dutch Mantell(Narrator)
Noisey Sao Paulo with Major Lazer, MC Guime, MC Bin Laden (Repeat, TV-14) Presented is an investigation of the strange murders of eight musicians from Brazil who were all involved in a genre known as baile funk. Zach Goldbaum(Host)
Noisey Las Vegas with Steve Angelo, Wayne Newton, Justin Bieber, Tiesto (Repeat, TV-14) Zach Goldbaum heads to Las Vegas to offer a look into the lives of singer-songwriter Justin Bieber, singer Wayne Newton, DJ Steve Angello and DJ Tiesto. Zach Goldbaum(Host)
Noisey Jamaica with Popcaan and Chronixx (Repeat, TV-14) Host Zach Goldbaum takes a look at how the music culture of Jamaica has changed since the iconic artist Vybz Kartel was sentenced to life for committing murder. Zach Goldbaum(Host)
Kentucky Ayahuasca Jules, Taylor & Emily (Repeat, TV-14) Steve decides to reveal that process he uses to brew the ayahuasca; Steve tries to help a transgender woman who seeks self-love and acceptance. Steve Hupp(Participant)
Kentucky Ayahuasca Keenan, Cheri & Dane (Repeat, TV-14) Shaman Teri explains the events that resulted in serving time in prison; a young man has difficulties with forgiving his family and finding a new identity. Steve Hupp(Participant)
Kentucky Ayahuasca Brenna, Walter & Travis (Repeat, TV-14) Shaman Steve recalls the story of his final successful bank robbery; a former military medic arrives to get relief from her anger and PTSD issues. Steve Hupp(Participant)
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