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VICE Quarantine Hour Thursday, April 30, 2020 (Repeat, TV-14) Self-isolated experts and artists show off their talents to reveal how to make the most of being quarantined through a variety of homemade segments.
Hustle Taboo Down There (Repeat, TV-14) John Henry works alongside the founders of Fur, who make body care products, in the hopes of making people take their products more seriously. John Henry(Host)
Hustle Moonshine Makeover (Repeat, TV-14) John Henry delves into the world of making moonshine as he helps the Port Morris Distillery founders find greater success with their small batch pitorro. John Henry(Host)
VICE Quarantine Hour Friday, May 1, 2020 (Repeat, TV-14) Self-isolated experts and artists show off their talents to reveal how to make the most of being quarantined through a variety of homemade segments.
Noisey London with Giggs, Skepta, Jammer (Repeat, TV-14) Host Zach Goldbaum pays a visit to London, England, where he offers a look into the lives of several up-and-coming British hip-hop and grime artists. Zach Goldbaum(Host)
Noisey Bompton Feat. Kendrick Lamar (Repeat, TV-14) Zach Goldbaum sits down with rapper Kendrick Lamar to discuss what it was like for him growing up in Compton, Calif., and the issues addressed in his music. Zach Goldbaum(Host)
Hate Thy Neighbor Border Vigilantes (Repeat, TV-14) Jamali integrates himself with two different vigilante groups that are trying to defend the national border that separates Mexico from the United States. Jamali Maddix(Host)
Hate Thy Neighbor Black Rebel (Repeat, TV-14) Jamali discusses the polarizing issue around the Confederate Flag with Andrew Duncomb, a black man from Oklahoma who has shown vocal support for it. Andrew Duncomb(Guest), Jamali Maddix(Host)
Hate Thy Neighbor Pro-Lifers (Repeat, TV-14) As the debate around abortion sparks up again, Jamali meets with two passionate, although quite different, preachers who advocate a pro-life policy. Jamali Maddix(Host)
Beerland San Diego (Repeat, TV-14) While Meg ventures across San Diego, she meets with home brewers and locals who describe how important beer is to San Diego, especially double IPAs. Meg Gill(Host)
Beerland Canada (Repeat, TV-14) Meg tries samples that are provided by four different home breweries and comes to learn how important brewing is to those in Toronto and Muskoka, Ontario. Meg Gill(Host)
Beerland New Orleans (Repeat, TV-14) Meg embarks on a journey for New Orleans, where openly drinking in the streets is within the law, as she searches for beer cocktails and homebrews to sample. Meg Gill(Host)
Beerland Pittsburgh (Repeat, TV-14) While Meg visits Pittsburgh, she learns how craft beer helps promote diversity and meets with engineers, a former symphony manager and a "mad scientist." Meg Gill(Host)
Beerland West Texas (Repeat, TV-14) In West Texas, Meg meets a native Chilean person with a passion for offering farm-to-table and meets a couple who lives in a tent sitting on 25 acres of land. Meg Gill(Host)
Beerland Finale (Repeat, TV-14) The winning homebrewers visit the Golden Road's location in Anaheim, Calif., in order to discover which one will be chosen to be distributed by Golden Road. Meg Gill(Host)
Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens The Sentinels (Repeat, TV-MA) Television personality Tiffany "New York" Pollard and former professional wrestler Scott Hall talk about hashish and mankind's possible origins with Action. Tiffany Pollard(Guest), Scott Hall(Guest)
Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens Alien Architects (Repeat, TV-14) Music group Cypress Hill and professional wrestler Rob Van Dam show off what happens after Action's friends are put on the receiving end of a finishing move. Cypress Hill(Guest), Rob Van Dam(Guest)
Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens The Pharaoh's Curse (Repeat, TV-14) Musician Miguel and professional wrestler Sabu join Action Bronson to talk about possible extraterrestrial influence that affected ancient Egypt. Miguel(Guest), Sabu(Guest)
That's Delicious Can't Forget Paris (Repeat, TV-14) Action Bronson visits to Paris, France, where he performs two shows, visits a cultural heritage site, flies in a wind tunnel and eats veggie burgers. Action Bronson(Host)
That's Delicious Sidelined in the Yukon (Repeat, TV-14) Action Bronson and the crew head to Alaska to perform a concert, eat with an Eskimo, buy Carhartt gear and undergo an emergency surgery. Action Bronson(Host)
That's Delicious Two for One's in NYC (Repeat, TV-14) Action and the rest of the group show visit three of their favorite New York City neighborhoods to reveal two places to enjoy delicious food. Action Bronson(Host)
That's Delicious A Spanish Wine Tour (Repeat, TV-14) Meyhem Lauren and The Alchemist are sent across the country of Spain to enjoy the country's various wines by traveling from Catalonia to Madrid. Action Bronson(Host)
Most Expensivest Finishing Touches (Repeat, TV-14) Actress Fawnia Mondey and 2 Chainz explore some of Las Vegas' more refined finishing touches. Fawnia Mondey(Guest), 2 Chainz(Host)
Most Expensivest For the 'Gram (Repeat, TV-14) 2 Chainz is joined by musicians Vic Mensa, DJ Mustard and television personality Kendra Wilkinson as 2 Chainz attempts to get the perfect Instagram post. Vic Mensa(Guest), Kendra Wilkinson(Guest), DJ Mustard(Guest), 2 Chainz(Host)
Post Radical A Rolling Obsession (Repeat, TV-14) Rick talks about the extreme skateboarding enthusiast, whose obsession, passion and reliable fanaticism make their attraction seem more like a fetish. Rick McCrank(Host)
Post Radical The Youth (Repeat, TV-14) Professional skater Rick McCrank examines how skateboarding is being used by the next generation of people as a source of empowerment. Rick McCrank(Host)
Post Radical The World's Weirdest Skateboarder (Repeat, TV-14) Skateboarder Almir Jusovic stands as one of the true artists who are able to create their own path to success as a daring and unique talent. Rick McCrank(Host), Almir Jusovic(Participant)
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Channel Surfing (Repeat, TV-14) A channel-changing extravaganza is presented.
Portraits with Yung Jake (Repeat, TV-PG) Musician-artist Yung Jake uses his skills to make an emoji-styled portrait of model Kate Upton as he interviews her and discusses post-modern instructional art. Kate Upton(Guest)
Danny's House Artificial Intelligence (Repeat, TV-14) Comic Ilana Glazer and retired basketball player John Salley talk about how they would react to an apocalypse that was triggered by artificial intelligence. Ilana Glazer(Guest), John Salley(Guest), Danny Brown(Host)
Danny's House High School (Repeat, TV-14) Comic Nikki Glasser and musician ScHoolboy Q join Danny Brown to provide questionable advice to a high school student who hails from the past. Nikki Glaser(Guest), SchoolBoy Q(Guest), Danny Brown(Host)
Danny's House Dreams (Repeat, TV-14) Comics Gilbert Gottfried, Jean Grae and musician Quelle explore their subconscious minds while Danny guesses what Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dreams of. Gilbert Gottfried(Guest), Jean Grae(Guest), Quelle Chris(Guest), Danny Brown(Host)
Danny's House Music (Repeat, TV-14) Comic Luenell and musician El-P talk about the influence that music has had on their lives and chose a local talented Jay-Z impersonator. Luenell(Guest), El-P(Guest), Danny Brown(Host)
The Wrestlers The Craziest Wrestling in Japan (Repeat, TV-14) The peculiar world of DDT Pro-Wrestling in Japan often includes spectacles such as invisible wrestlers, blow-up dolls and matches in waterparks. Damian Abraham(Host)
The Wrestlers The Next Wave of Mexican Luchadores (Repeat, TV-14) Lucha Libre has become an even more popular way people to seek reprieve from the chaos and some wrestlers see it as their opportunity to make it into America. Damian Abraham(Host)
The Wrestlers The Best New Talent in America (Repeat, TV-14) Host Damian Abraham has a deep passion for professional wrestling that takes him to meet veteran promoter Gabe Sapolsky and his team during their tour. Gabe Sapolsky(Guest), Damian Abraham(Host)
Noisey Jamaica with Popcaan and Chronixx (Repeat, TV-14) Host Zach Goldbaum takes a look at how the music culture of Jamaica has changed since the iconic artist Vybz Kartel was sentenced to life for committing murder. Zach Goldbaum(Host)
Noisey Las Vegas with Steve Angelo, Wayne Newton, Justin Bieber, Tiesto (Repeat, TV-14) Zach Goldbaum heads to Las Vegas to offer a look into the lives of singer-songwriter Justin Bieber, singer Wayne Newton, DJ Steve Angello and DJ Tiesto. Zach Goldbaum(Host)
Noisey Detroit with Big Sean, Danny Brown (Repeat, TV-14) Zach Goldbaum heads to Detroit, Mich., where he meets with rappers Big Sean and Danny Brown and takes a look at how the city is rebounding. Big Sean(Guest), Danny Brown(Guest), Zach Goldbaum(Host)
Bong Appétit Marijuana Mother's Day Feast (Repeat, TV-14) Abdullah and Ry's moms visit the house for a cannabis-infused Mother's Day brunch prepared by the co-owners of the "Kismet" restaurant and enjoy CBD massages. Abdullah Saeed(Host)
Bong Appétit Kosher Kush Cooking (Repeat, TV-14) Jewish chef Joan Nathan comes to prepare servings of traditional Shabbat dishes that are infused with cannabis, such as dessert candle rig dabs. Abdullah Saeed(Host), Joan Nathan(Participant)
Bong Appétit Halloweed Party (Repeat, TV-14) Abdullah, Ry and Vanessa invite their favorite chefs, the Badmaash brothers, Natalia Pereira and David Wilcox, to prepare a Halloween dinner of infused dishes. Abdullah Saeed(Host)
Bong Appétit Cannabis Coconut Stew (Repeat, TV-14) Abdullah and the crew invite Brazilian Chef Natalia Pereira from Los Angles to help them prepare several traditional dishes that will be infused with cannabis. Abdullah Saeed(Host)
Bong Appétit Havana Hydro Feast (Repeat, TV-14) Abdullah invites Chef Melissa Fernandez to prepare Cuban dishes infused with cannabis, while Ry and Abdullah learn how to roll a Cuban marijuana cigar. Abdullah Saeed(Host)
Bong Appétit Weed Infused Japanese Food (Repeat, TV-14) Chef Yoya Takahashi visits the Bong Appétit kitchen as she and the crew learns how to infuse cannabis with a number of notable Japanese izakaya dishes. Abdullah Saeed(Host)
Party Legends Greased Up Like a Chicken (Repeat, TV-14) Singer Nancy Whang; comic David Gborie; musician Killer Mike; hip-hop artist Fetty Wap; rapper Kool Keith. Nancy Whang(Guest), David Gborie(Guest), Killer Mike(Guest), Fetty Wap(Guest), Lance Bangs(Host)
Party Legends No Shortage of Boobs at This Party (Repeat, TV-MA) Actress Natasha Lyonne; television personality Desus Nice; comic Jimmy O. Yang; musician Mike Watt. Natasha Lyonne(Guest), Desus(Guest), Jimmy Ouyang(Guest), Mike Watt(Guest), Lance Bangs(Host)
Party Legends Instinct is Automatic (Repeat, TV-14) Rapper Big Boi; disc jockey Nina Tarr; musician Kim Gordon; hip-hop artist Ghostface Killah. Big Boi(Guest), Nina Tarr(Guest), Kim Gordon(Guest), Ghostface Killah(Guest), Lance Bangs(Host)
Party Legends: Stoner Stories (Repeat, TV-MA) Various celebrities discuss entertaining stories about themselves indulging in parties and marijuana, featuring animations of certain story segments. Lance Bangs(Host)
Jasper & Errol's First Time It Tickles (Repeat, TV-14) Jasper's father joins him and Errol for a synchronized swimming routine before the guys don a bee beard, learn yodeling fundamentals and visit a bomb range. TK Kellman(Narrator), Davon 'Jasper' Wilson(Host), Errol Chatham(Host)
Jasper & Errol's First Time Kill the Babysitter (Repeat, TV-14) The guys take a class on the Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira, visit wine country to stomp on grapes and ascend in a hot air balloon to go bungee jumping. TK Kellman(Narrator), Davon 'Jasper' Wilson(Host), Errol Chatham(Host)
Most Expensivest Celebration of Life (Repeat, TV-14) 2 Chainz learns how grand of a party he can throw with a six-figure budget. 2 Chainz(Host)
Most Expensivest Bill of Health (Repeat, TV-14) 2 Chainz explores the peculiar market of high-priced air. 2 Chainz(Host)
Most Expensivest Winners (Repeat, TV-14) Musician Tyga joins 2 Chainz for a trip to the UFC Performance Center before 2 Chainz has a musical reaction to a Lamborghini-inspired massage chair. Tyga(Guest), 2 Chainz(Host)
Most Expensivest Keeping It Tight (Repeat, TV-14) 2 Chainz visits the Skyfire Mansion in Las Vegas, dons a high-end sleep mask for a nap, wears cologne worth $1 million and uses expensive teeth whitener. 2 Chainz(Host)
That's Delicious New Friends in Strange Places (Repeat, TV-14) Rapper Action Bronson visits the Pacific Northwest on his way to a concert in Canada, where he eats fresh salmon and grass-fed lamb. Action Bronson(Host)
That's Delicious Culinary Athleticism (Repeat, TV-14) Rapper Action Bronson pays a visit to New York City to experience handball court pizza parties, Guyanese juice spots and an impromptu flute performance. Action Bronson(Host)
Dopesick Nation Rehab Romance (Repeat, TV-14) A former addict threatens her recovery in order to protect her husband from his addiction; a meth addict attempts to restart their life.
Dopesick Nation Dying for Freedom (Repeat, TV-14) Frankie becomes dangerously close to going into a full-scale relapse while he and Allie work together to provide help to a couple of junkies.
I, Sniper The Road to Washington, D.C (Repeat, TV-14) A Jamaican teenager and disgruntled U.S. Army veteran embark on a multistate road trip across the American south that leaves several dead in their wake. Ursula Macfarlane(Director)
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