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Unique Sweets Cakes (Repeat, TV-G) The most delicious and unique cake creations to have ever been catalogued are highlighted in a list that separates the mundane from the exceptional. Zac Young(Participant), Paulette Goto(Participant), Georgia Hardstark(Participant), Alison Ward(Participant)
Unique Sweets SoCal Sweets (Repeat, TV-G) Cauldron Ice Cream in Santa Ana, Calif., specializes in using liquid nitrogen; Front Porch Pops in Santa Ana, Calif., rotates 63 popsicle flavors. Zac Young(Participant), Paulette Goto(Participant), Georgia Hardstark(Participant), Alison Ward(Participant)
Unique Sweets Sweet Twists on American Classics (Repeat, TV-G) Classic US sweets are given a new twist across the country, including an NYC donut shop that dares to use bone marrow, and a Miami bakery with Latin toppings. Zac Young(Participant), Paulette Goto(Participant), Georgia Hardstark(Participant), Alison Ward(Participant)
Unique Sweets Miami Sweets (Repeat, TV-G) A trip to the Sunshine State features brioche donuts with unique toppings, cupcakes with a variety of Latin flavors, and a pie shop with layers of chocolate. Zac Young(Participant), Paulette Goto(Participant), Georgia Hardstark(Participant), Alison Ward(Participant)
Cake Wars The Knot (TV-G) A couple is getting married and the best cake maker's creation will be one of the highlights of their dream wedding, so bakers compete to see who will win. Jonathan Bennett(Host)
Brunch @ Bobby's Southern Comfort Brunch (Repeat, TV-G) Sauteed Collard Green Omelet; Mustard Glazed Ham and Pimento Cheese Biscuits; Sour Cream Waffles with Fresh Peaches in a Toasted Pecan Praline Sauce. Bobby Flay(Host)
Brunch @ Bobby's A Royal Brunch (Repeat, TV-G) Open-Faced Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches with Crab and Poppy Seeds on Pumpernickel; Watercress and Smoked Salmon Salad with Creamy Cucumbers. Bobby Flay(Host)
Brunch @ Bobby's Caribbean Brunch (Repeat, TV-G) Mango-Papaya Brown Butter Cinnamon Crepes with Homemade Dulce de Leche; Sour Orange Pork with Sweet Potato and Country Ham Hash; Poached Eggs. Bobby Flay(Host)
Brunch @ Bobby's Brunch American (Repeat, TV-G) Carrot Cake Pancakes with a Maple-Cream Cheese Drizzle; Wild Rice Waffles and Fried Chicken with a Pink Peppercorn and Honey Sauce; Strawberry Shortcake Shake. Bobby Flay(Host)
Burgers, Brew and 'que Southern, Spicy and Sweet (Repeat, TV-G) In New York, Michael Symon is joined by Bobby Flay to taste a one-of-a-kind brontosaurus beef rib; and in Cleveland, his hometown, he tries the brunch burger. Bobby Flay(Guest), Michael Symon(Host)
Burgers, Brew and 'que Comedy and Cooking in the City of Angels (Repeat, TV-G) Michael is joined by TV star Billy Gardell as they go throughout Los Angeles eating at different places; the duo compares two chili cheeseburgers. Michael Symon(Host)
Food: Fact or Fiction? Hungry Eyes (Repeat, TV-G) Michael sets out to discover if cheddar cheese is truly supposed to be orange colored and to find out if a particular color can affect human taste buds. Michael McKean(Host)
Food: Fact or Fiction? Hole In One (Repeat, TV-G) Michael brings a special spotlight on donuts, New York bagels and Bundt cakes to explain their unique significances through history. Michael McKean(Host)
Food: Fact or Fiction? Rags to Riches (Repeat, TV-G) McKean explores the narratives of several widely appreciated dishes whose origins were less than glamorous, including lobster, champagne and creme brulee. Michael McKean(Host)
Food: Fact or Fiction? Some Like It Hot (Repeat, TV-G) Michael puts the focus on facts about spicy foods as he investigates who created chili, the social impact of hot wings and if spiciness is just perception. Michael McKean(Host)
Food: Fact or Fiction? Power Couples (Repeat, TV-G) The rich and surprising history behind beloved culinary combinations are explored, including the origins of PB&J and chicken and waffles. Michael McKean(Host)
Food: Fact or Fiction? Eat To Win (Repeat, TV-G) Michael searches for the history behind some classic stadium foods and shares a few tales behind tailgating parties, hot dogs and nachos. Michael McKean(Host)
Cheap Eats Great Lakes Craves (Repeat, TV-G) French toast with creamy anglaise sauce; Mexican fiesta with pork torta de jamon; spicy Moroccan chicken wings; double-patty blue cheese-stuffed burger. Ali Khan(Host)
Cheap Eats Cream of the Crop (Repeat, TV-G) Ali enjoys hot chocolate pancakes, Mata Hari hot brown, apple brandied pie and Southern fried chicken and sweet potato waffles in Louisville, Ky. Ali Khan(Host)
Cheap Eats All Aboard in Chat-Town (Repeat, TV-G) Ali enjoys a large-sized cinnamon roll, a sweet lamb-meat burger for lunch, Tennessee whiskey pot de crème to snack on and tacos with an Irish twist for dinner. Ali Khan(Host)
Cheap Eats Culinary Cornhuskers (Repeat, TV-G) In Omaha, Neb., Ali enjoys a full day of meals with an egg boat with hash browns, a Rueben sandwich, a butter brickle ice cream cone and pork ragù meatballs. Ali Khan(Host)
Cheap Eats Far from the Farm (Repeat, TV-G) Ali eats cheesy breakfast nachos, roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and onion rings, Napoleon snack cake and seafood stew in Des Moines, Iowa. Ali Khan(Host)
Cheap Eats Homerun Barbecue (Repeat, TV-G) Ali goes St. Louis where he tries a pulled pork and chorizo chili slider, tastes a pork belly BLT, and sweetens things up with a brownie and cookie treat. Ali Khan(Host)
Man's Greatest Food Fried (Repeat, TV-G) Roger Mooking looks all over the country in search of the 12 best fried-food dishes, including seafood, beef, pork and cheese and learns secrets from the chefs. Roger Mooking(Host)
Man's Greatest Food Tex-Mex (Repeat, TV-G) Roger Mooking travels across America in search of the 12 best Tex-Mex dishes, such as beans, meats peppers, salsas and cheeses, and learns secrets from chefs. Roger Mooking(Host)
Man Fire Food Small Packages, Big Flavors (Repeat, TV-G) Host Roger Mooking travels through the Gulf States in search of delicious foods and recipes kissed with smoke and fire that deliver big flavors. Roger Mooking(Host)
Man Fire Food Mud And Steel In New Mexico (Repeat, TV-G) Host Roger Mooking travels to the state of New Mexico, where he investigates a farm and cooking school that make use of cone-shaped ovens made from mud. Roger Mooking(Host)
Cake Hunters Twice as Nice (Repeat, TV-G) Identical twins are looking for the perfect cake to serve at an extravagant birthday party, but they have varying ideas on what kind of cake to get.
Cake Hunters Not So Sweet Sixteen (Repeat, TV-G) While a teenage girl prepares to celebrate her 16th birthday, her and her mother can't quite agree on what kind of cake to get for the occasion.
Extreme Cake Makers A Cake Fit for the Queen (Repeat, TV-G) Michelle creates an edible "Wizard of Oz" mural; Nastassja decorates a red velvet cake in edible gold leaf; Phil and Christine create a four-tier cake. Michelle Wibowo(Participant)
Extreme Cake Makers Gothic Wedding Cake (Repeat, TV-G) Tracey creates a gothic-style four-tier wedding cake; Nastassja designs a cake that depicts the Nigerian flag and a sugar silhouette of the London skyline.
Extreme Cake Makers Cake and Cocktails (Repeat, TV-G) Cake maker Nastassja Lusengo designs a wedding cake like a geode rock; baker Eloise Durrant makes a Hawaiian-themed cake with a built-in cocktail dispenser. Eloise Durrant(Participant)
Extreme Cake Makers Bollywood-Inspired Wedding Cake (Repeat, TV-G) Karisha Pithwa creates an elaborate Bollywood-inspired, seven-tier wedding cake; baker Nastassja Lusengo designs a four-foot-tall cake celebrating motherhood. Eloise Durrant(Participant), Michelle Wibowo(Participant), Suzanne Thorp(Participant)
Unique Eats Great Spaces (Repeat, TV-G) A mobile eatery offers cuisine that combines Korean and Mexican styles; an environmentally friendly bowling alley features cuisine and live music. Tamara Reynolds(Host)
Unique Eats Italian (Repeat, TV-G) An eatery in New York City offers pizzas for both the main course and dessert; a small New York restaurant specializes in Italian street food. Tamara Reynolds(Host), Nate Appleman(Participant), Sara Jenkins(Participant)
Unique Eats Brunch (Repeat, TV-G) Customers are in charge of making their own meals at a do-it-yourself pancake house; a restaurant offers a brunch menu featuring food with an Italian flare. Tamara Reynolds(Host)
Unique Eats Cupcakes (Repeat, TV-G) A frosting bar offers an assortment of mix-and-match options for personalized cupcakes; artisan cupcakes are paired with complementary beer and wine. Tamara Reynolds(Host)
BBQ Pitmasters Smokin' in Mesquite (TV-PG) Teams of experienced barbecue chefs head to the desert to participate in the Smokin' in Mesquite BBQ Championships for a chance at $40,000.
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Unique Sweets Childhood Favorites (Repeat, TV-G) Supermarket sweets get a new formula in New York; a shop in Seattle manages to make cupcakes even more enticing; caramel apples in Chicago get a cookie twist. Zac Young(Participant), Paulette Goto(Participant), Georgia Hardstark(Participant), Alison Ward(Participant)
Unique Sweets Shocking Sweets (Repeat, TV-G) One-of-a-kind NYC treats are explored for sweet flavors and surprising twists, including Queens donuts and Manhattan cookie dough. Zac Young(Participant), Paulette Goto(Participant), Georgia Hardstark(Participant), Alison Ward(Participant)
Unique Sweets Tasty Texas Treats (Repeat, TV-G) Hypnotic Donuts specializes in creating large fritters and old-fashioned donuts; Melt Ice Creams offers flavors such as goat cheese and roasted strawberries. Zac Young(Participant), Paulette Goto(Participant), Georgia Hardstark(Participant), Alison Ward(Participant)
Unique Sweets Sugar High (Repeat, TV-G) Sugary concoctions whose recipes far surpass the norm include a brain-freezing ice cream challenge and a SoCal eatery that puts donuts to good use. Zac Young(Participant), Paulette Goto(Participant), Georgia Hardstark(Participant), Alison Ward(Participant)
Cake Wars Hello Kitty (TV-G) Contestants get together to build the best cake to feature Hello Kitty in celebration of the characters North American Tour; voice actress judges. Jonathan Bennett(Host)
Brunch @ Bobby's Brunch For A Bunch (Repeat, TV-G) Rolled Omelet Burritos; Cheddar and Bacon Cornmeal Waffle Sandwiches with Maple Mustard; Yogurt-Fruit Muffins with Bran Crumb Topping; Blueberry Smoothie. Bobby Flay(Host)
Brunch @ Bobby's Sizzling South Beach Brunch (Repeat, TV-G) Spanish tortilla with homemade chorizo, piquillo peppers and garrotxa cheese; yucca hash browns with bacon, onion and lime-cilantro mojo; mojito champagne. Bobby Flay(Host)
Brunch @ Bobby's Southern Brunch (Repeat, TV-G) Deconstructed roasted tomato grits and shrimp with sauteed baby mustard greens and bacon "confit"; streusel topped baked peaches with a sorghum drizzle. Bobby Flay(Host)
Brunch @ Bobby's Tasty Trattoria Brunch (Repeat, TV-G) Cinnamon mascarpone pancakes with warm morello cherries and hazelnuts; frittata with cherry tomatoes, sausage, arugula and ricotta; rosemary home fries. Bobby Flay(Host)
Symon's Dinners Cooking Out Mama Mia, What a Meatball! (TV-G) Michael Symon grills chicken parmesan meatballs as he adds smooth ricotta to the meat and makes a quick and easy sweet red sauce. Michael Symon(Host)
Burgers, Brew and 'que Beers, Burgers And Bocce In Baltimore (Repeat, TV-G) Actor Josh Charles meets-up with Michael as Josh shows him his place to get crab cakes in Baltimore; Michael then shows Josh the new spots for burgers. Josh Charles(Guest), Michael Symon(Host)
Food: Fact or Fiction? Breadly Combinations (Repeat, TV-G) Michael takes a deeper look into sandwich mysteries and histories, including the legend behind the name and what Italian sandwiches are called. Michael McKean(Host)
Food: Fact or Fiction? The Kitchen of Good and Evil (Repeat, TV-G) Michael takes a close look into the good, bad and peculiar tales about food as he examines various stories about beer, pretzels and angel food cake. Michael McKean(Host)
Food: Fact or Fiction? Eat Your Words (Repeat, TV-G) Michael turns a phrase or two as he looks into the origins and implications of various food-related phrases and common sayings. Michael McKean(Host)
Food: Fact or Fiction? Up in the Air (Repeat, TV-G) Michael explores a possible reason for one's distaste for airline food, why astronauts may like spicy shrimp and the dangers of a corned beef sandwich in space. Michael McKean(Host)
Food: Fact or Fiction? State Fare (Repeat, TV-G) Michael goes on a journey across the United States to take a close look into the history of baked Alaska, New York cheesecake and the California roll. Michael McKean(Host)
Food: Fact or Fiction? Carnie Knowledge (Repeat, TV-G) Michael explores if popcorn helped saved cinemas, a certain conspiracy that is connected to cotton candy and a legal battle that ensued over saltwater taffy. Michael McKean(Host)
Cheap Eats Appetite for Annapolis (Repeat, TV-G) Ali gets some cheap eats in Annapolis, Md., including "Cat Head" biscuits and gravy and southern chicken and dumplings; an Aussie treat and crab cake are eaten. Ali Khan(Host)
Cheap Eats Capital City Cuisine (Repeat, TV-G) Ali starts his day with a pastrami breakfast sandwich; a Greek lesson is taught with moussaka; a muffin treat keeps Ali satisfied before a spicy, sushi burrito. Ali Khan(Host)
Cheap Eats Old Town Grub (Repeat, TV-G) A southern-fried-chicken is for breakfast; Ali tries some unique tacos; a 1930s art deco spot has fried, deviled eggs; bacon gnocchi Bolognese is tasted. Ali Khan(Host)
Cheap Eats Chowin' Down in Portland (Repeat, TV-G) Ali begins his day with waffles; a visit is made to a pristine salmon poke bowl; Ali gets a taste of authentic, Spanish churros and ends with pasta carbonara. Ali Khan(Host)
Cheap Eats Stuffed in Spokane (Repeat, TV-G) Ali starts the day with a twist on the PB&J sandwich; Ali gets a hot dog from a secret menu; after tasting the martini of milkshakes, he digs into a pork pizza. Ali Khan(Host)
Cheap Eats Music City Munchies (Repeat, TV-G) Ali eats a weenie covered in cheesy hash brown before devouring a barbecue sandwich; Ali digs into a massive cinnamon roll; Nashville's hot chicken is tasted. Ali Khan(Host)
Man's Greatest Food Breakfast (Repeat, TV-G) Roger Mooking presents the 12 greatest breakfasts in the country, featuring the best combinations of eggs, gravy, breakfast meat and fried dough. Roger Mooking(Host)
Man's Greatest Food Bacon (Repeat, TV-G) Roger Mooking showcases the 12 tastiest bacon dishes in America, including towering BLTs, juicy bacon burgers, pizzas, pies and pancakes. Roger Mooking(Host)
Man Fire Food Playing With Fire In New England (Repeat, TV-G) Roger travels to New England, where he meets a cookbook author and archaeologist who teaches Roger how to steam mussels with dry pine needles and one hot coal. Roger Mooking(Host)
Man Fire Food Spring Celebration In Kentucky (Repeat, TV-G) Roger meets Richard McCallister of Marksbury Farm Market and accepts his invitation to an annual spring celebration; the two prepare chicken dishes. Roger Mooking(Host)
Cake Hunters Shower Struggle (Repeat, TV-G) A couple prepares for the birth of their daughter and needs a cake to use for the baby shower, but the parents and soon-to-be grandmother have different ideas.
Cake Hunters A Baker for the Bikers? (Repeat, TV-G) The owner of Strokers Dallas wants a vanilla-flavored motorcycle cake for his custom motorcycle shop's 20 anniversary of being open.
Extreme Cake Makers Lady Liberty Cake (Repeat, TV-G) Eloise Durrant creates a four-foot-tall cake replica of the Statue of Liberty; Tracey Kindred is working on a girl's surprise 21st birthday cake. Eloise Durrant(Participant), Michelle Wibowo(Participant), Suzanne Thorp(Participant)
Extreme Cake Makers The Purr-Fect Birthday Cake (Repeat, TV-G) Molly Robbins designs a birthday cake for her best friend, which looks just like two cats; Tracey Kindred plan a personalized wedding cake. Eloise Durrant(Participant), Michelle Wibowo(Participant), Suzanne Thorp(Participant)
Extreme Cake Makers Must Love Dogs Cake (Repeat, TV-G) Eloise Durrant makes a cake that is edible for both humans and dogs; Karisha Pithwa creates a seven-tier wedding cake with 150 handcrafted sugar flowers. Eloise Durrant(Participant)
Extreme Cake Makers An Edible Portrait on a Cake Canvas (Repeat, TV-G) Molly Robbins makes a large cake beach scene with a jelly sea; Michelle Wibowo bakes a 2-x-3-foot cake canvas with a portrait of the birthday girl using icing. Eloise Durrant(Participant), Michelle Wibowo(Participant)
Unique Eats Extreme Farm to Table (Repeat, TV-G) A farm in New York educates food enthusiasts and allows them to dine on meals made with fresh, home-grown ingredients grown right on the property. Tamara Reynolds(Host)
Unique Eats Ice Cream (Repeat, TV-G) An artisan ice cream eatery creates all of its treats from scratch; a shop in Virginia sells ice pops that taste like grilled pineapple. Tamara Reynolds(Host)
Unique Eats Sandwiches (Repeat, TV-G) Chefs in San Francisco reinterpret Asian dishes using their classical French culinary training; a Portland eatery offers Southern-style biscuit sandwiches. Tamara Reynolds(Host)
Unique Eats Street Food (Repeat, TV-G) A portable eatery in Portland offers a variety of Thai cuisine to its patrons; a food truck in San Francisco prepares rotisserie-style chicken and other dishes. Tamara Reynolds(Host)
BBQ Pitmasters Decatur Jaycees Riverfest (TV-PG) A diverse assortment of barbecue cuisine specialists arrive in Decatur, Alabama, to participate in the historic Riverfest Barbeque Cook-Off.
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