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The Screwy Truant
How to Read
Grand Canyon, Pride of Creation
Private Detective (TV-G, NR, **) Private detective Myrna Winslow is working on the case of a divorcée who is accused of murdering her ex-husband must team up with a rival detective. Jane Wyman(Actor), Dick Foran(Actor), Gloria Dickson(Actor), Maxie Rosenbloom(Actor), John Ridgely(Actor)
Jungle Queen: The Secret of the Sword! (NR)
Stealin Aint Honest
Loose in London (NR, ***) Sach receives word that his distant uncle is slowly dying on the other side of the world, so he and the rest of the Bowery Boys travel to his hometown. Leo Gorcey(Actor), Huntz Hall(Actor), Bernard Gorcey(Actor), Angela Greene(Actor), Walter Kingsford(Actor)
Sleepless in Seattle (TV-14, PG, ***) A precocious boy's attempt to find a new wife for his widowed and grieving father by calling in to a radio talk show results in havoc in the father's life. Tom Hanks(Actor), Meg Ryan(Actor), Bill Pullman(Actor), Ross Malinger(Actor), Rob Reiner(Actor)
Criss Cross (TV-PG, NR, ***) An armored car driver all of a sudden becomes deeply involved in a convoluted scheme to pin a robbery on his ex-wife's new boyfriend. Burt Lancaster(Actor), Yvonne De Carlo(Actor), Dan Duryea(Actor)
The Three Musketeers (TV-G, PG, ***) A young 17th-century swordsman meets a trio of experienced soldiers on the road to Paris and they join forces to thwart a string of plots against Louis XIII. Lana Turner(Actor), Gene Kelly(Actor), June Allyson(Actor), Van Heflin(Actor), Angela Lansbury(Actor)
The Three Musketeers (TV-PG, PG, ***+) The swashbuckling swordsmen team up with aspiring musketeer D'Artagnan to save France's throne from the evil machinations of Cardinal Richelieu. Oliver Reed(Actor), Charlton Heston(Actor), Raquel Welch(Actor), Richard Chamberlain(Actor), Michael York(Actor)
« Anna Karenina (TV-14, NR, ***) Scandal and tragedy ensue when the wife of a Czarist official falls in love with a charming military officer and tries to hide their relationship. Vivien Leigh(Actor), Ralph Richardson(Actor), Kieron Moore(Actor), Sally Ann Howes(Actor), Hugh Dempster(Actor)
Atlantis, The Lost Continent (TV-G, NR, **) The Princess returns to Atlantis to find that an evil sorcerer is manipulating the King and her fellow Atlanteans are being enslaved for mining crystals. Sal Ponti(Actor), Joyce Taylor(Actor), John Dall(Actor), William Smith(Actor), Edward Platt(Actor)
The Woman Who Wouldn't Die
« Wild Strawberries (TV-PG, NR, ***+) An elderly physician reflects back over his life through a series of meetings with strangers and old pals as he travels to a university to receive a high honor. Victor Sjostrom(Actor), Bibi Andersson(Actor), Gunnar Björnstrand(Actor), Folke Sundquist(Actor), Ingrid Thulin(Actor)
The Taming of the Shrew (TV-PG, NR, ***) A man refuses to grant permission for his youngest daughter to marry any of her suitors until his eldest, a badly behaved shrew, can be wooed. Elizabeth Taylor(Actor), Richard Burton(Actor), Michael York(Actor), Michael Hordern(Actor)
Victim (TV-PG, NR, ***+) A married lawyer enlists the aid of a detective to beat a blackmailer who threatens homosexual men with prosecution under England's sodomy laws. Dirk Bogarde(Actor), Sylvia Syms(Actor), Dennis Price(Actor), Nigel Stock(Actor), Anthony Nicholls(Actor)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (TV-PG, NR, ***) A wealthy plantation owner dying from cancer struggles to forgive his wife, help his son quit drinking, and come to terms with the death of a friend. Elizabeth Taylor(Actor), Paul Newman(Actor), Burl Ives(Actor), Jack Carson(Actor), Judith Anderson(Actor)
« The Cincinnati Kid (TV-14, NR, **+) A young New Orleans poker player hears that a legendary champion is in town and challenges the famous card-sharp to a high-stakes poker game. Steve McQueen(Actor), Edward G. Robinson(Actor), Ann-Margret(Actor), Karl Malden(Actor), Tuesday Weld(Actor)
Once A Thief (TV-PG, NR, **+) An ex-convict tries to live the clean life by settling down, but things take a turn for the worst when a vengeful cop arrests him for a crime he did not commit. Alain Delon(Actor), Ann-Margret(Actor), Van Heflin(Actor), Jack Palance(Actor), John Davis Chandler(Actor)
Viva Las Vegas
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Seal Skinners
How to Figure Income Tax
Jasper National Park
The Last Ride (TV-G, NR, **) Brothers on opposite sides of the law face off over a murderous black market operation. Richard Travis(Actor), Charles Lang(Actor), Eleanor Parker(Actor), Jack LaRue(Actor)
The Mysterious Mr. M When Clocks Chime Death
Popeye the Sailor
Lucky Losers (TV-PG, NR, ***) After their close friend is murdered, the boys decide to enroll at a gambling school, where they learn the trade in order to go undercover as gamblers. Leo Gorcey(Actor), Huntz Hall(Actor), Hillary Brooke(Actor), Gabriel Dell(Actor), Lyle Talbot(Actor)
Gold Diggers of 1933
Room for One More (TV-G, NR, ***) A woman takes in a troubled orphan who recently tried to kill herself and tries to integrate the young woman into her family of three children. Cary Grant(Actor), Betsy Drake(Actor), Lurene Tuttle(Actor), Randy Stuart(Actor), John Ridgely(Actor)
Cash on Demand (TV-PG, NR, ***+) Two days before Christmas, a charming but ruthless criminal abducts the wife and child of a bank manager in order to pull off a bank robbery in a small town. Peter Cushing(Actor), André Morell(Actor), Richard Vernon(Actor), Norman Bird(Actor), Barry Lowe(Actor)
« The Letter (TV-PG, NR, ***) The wife of a plantation owner pleads self-defense after she kills a man, but a letter proving it to be a crime of passion becomes a tool for blackmail. Bette Davis(Actor), Herbert Marshall(Actor), James Stephenson(Actor), Frieda Inescort(Actor), Gale Sondergaard(Actor)
Dangerous Female (TV-G, NR, **+) A shady private detective is hired to search for an elusive, jewel-encrusted statue and his partner's killer, unaware the two may be connected. Bebe Daniels(Actor), Ricardo Cortez(Actor), Dudley Digges(Actor), Una Merkel(Actor), Robert Elliott(Actor)
« Beyond Tomorrow (TV-G, NR, ***) Three elderly men die in a plane crash but return to the world as ghosts to do some matchmaking, and they ensure that a cowboy and a pretty girl fall in love. Harry Carey Sr.(Actor), C. Aubrey Smith(Actor), Charles Winninger(Actor), Alex Melesh(Actor), Maria Ouspenskaya(Actor)
Fitzwilly (TV-PG, NR, **) After an elderly heiress goes broke from her philanthropy, her devoted butler keeps up her standard of living by secretly leading the staff in a robbery racket. Dick Van Dyke(Actor), Barbara Feldon(Actor), John McGiver(Actor), Dame Edith Evans(Actor), Harry Townes(Actor)
Period of Adjustment (TV-PG, NR, ***) When a Korean War veteran hastily marries a woman he met in the hospital, they have a quarrelsome honeymoon as they visit another couple with issues. Anthony Franciosa(Actor), Jane Fonda(Actor), Jim Hutton(Actor), Lois Nettleton(Actor), John McGiver(Actor)
« March of the Wooden Soldiers (TV-G, NR, ***) Two co-workers at a toymaker borrow money from their boss to stop a landlord who wants to foreclose on their giant shoe home and marry their friend. Stan Laurel(Actor), Oliver Hardy(Actor), Charlotte Henry(Actor), Henry Kleinbach(Actor), Felix Knight(Actor)
Tenth Avenue Angel (TV-G, NR, **) A young tenement girl is disillusioned when she learns her aunt's fiancé is an ex-convict, but tries her best to help him go straight. Margaret O'Brien(Actor), Angela Lansbury(Actor), George Murphy(Actor), Phyllis Thaxter(Actor), Warner Anderson(Actor)
Little Women (TV-G, NR, ****) A family of four energetic sisters and their loving mother embark on various journeys with their kind and wealthy neighbor and his fiery grandson. Katharine Hepburn(Actor), Joan Bennett(Actor), Paul Lukas(Actor), Frances Dee(Actor), Jean Parker(Actor)
Young Mr. Lincoln (TV-G, NR, ***) A young man moves from rural Kentucky to Illinois and starts a law practice, and the new attorney keeps a lynch mob from hanging two brothers accused of murder. Henry Fonda(Actor), Alice Brady(Actor), Marjorie Weaver(Actor), Donald Meek(Actor), Pauline Moore(Actor)
Young Bess (TV-G, NR, **+) The daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn is called upon to join her father and his latest wife at court where she learns about royal responsibility. Jean Simmons(Actor), Stewart Granger(Actor), Deborah Kerr(Actor), Charles Laughton(Actor), Kay Walsh(Actor)
« Passage to Marseille (TV-PG, NR, ***) After a French journalist is sent to Devil's Island as a result of his Nazi-sentiment, he aids four other men in escaping their imprisonment. Humphrey Bogart(Actor), Claude Rains(Actor), Michèle Morgan(Actor), Philip Dorn(Actor), Sydney Greenstreet(Actor)
Background to Danger (TV-G, NR) An American undercover agent working in Turkey receives some valuable secret maps proving that the Nazis are planning to invade Turkey. Brenda Marshall(Actor), George Raft(Actor), Sydney Greenstreet(Actor), Peter Lorre(Actor), Osa Massen(Actor)
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