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Judge Judy III Custody Wars; Relationship Repo (TV-G) A father sues the mother of his child for falsely filing child abuse charges; a woman seeks compensation for her ex-boyfriend's unpaid car loan.
Judge Judy IV Father Son Brawl! (TV-G) From April: a father accuses his son of assaulting him during a headed argument over a loan, though his son says that the father was the first to throw a punch.
The People's Court I (TV-PG) A lawsuit involving a bleached designer bag.
Hot Bench I (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman claims the father of her children abused her while she was pregnant, but he denies her story; a Chihuahua is said to have attacked a stranger.
Hot Bench II Dog Attack Extortion?!; Double-Cheating Girlfriend?! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman demands that her veteranarian bills be paid and threatens to call animal control; a man refuses to return the money he borrowed.
Judge Judy III Grandma Drama; Modular Madness (TV-G) From March: a woman demands that her grandson's ex-girlfriend pay her back for alleged car loans, lawyer fees and baby expenses; a man sues his former tenant.
Judge Judy IV Knocked Out!; Car Loan Caper (TV-G) From April: a man sues for assault when he claims his brother knocked him out during a disagreement; a man sues over a loan he says was a down payment.
The People's Court I (TV-PG) A lawsuit involving an attorney who was brought up on charges for allegedly bribing an official of the court.
Hot Bench I (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman is accused of going on a joy ride and damaging a car; a landlord says she was threatened after renting out an unsatisfactory home.
Hot Bench II Casanova Fail; College Sweetheart Stalker?! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman is accused of making romantic passes at her roommate; a student sues his ex for tuition but is accused of stalking her.
Two and a Half Men WKNDM1 Dead From the Waist Down (TV-PG) Alan is ashamed when he realizes that he cannot afford to buy Lyndsey a birthday present, so he decides to go from the heart and make it creative.
Two and a Half Men WKNDM2 Chocolate Diddlers or My Puppy's Dead (HD, TV-14) When Charlie and Courtney break up, Charlie starts to fall into a deep depression and decides to go see his psychiatrist, Dr. Freeman, for advice.
Two and a Half Men WKNDO1 Skunk, Dog Crap and Ketchup (TV-14) Alan's mind and paranoia start to get the better of him when he begins to notice how friendly Charlie and Lyndsey are acting toward one another.
Two and a Half Men WKNDO2 Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak (TV-14) Charlie and Rose continue carrying-on their secretive "affair" behind everyone's back; Alan's chiropractic business suddenly turns into a Ponzi scheme.
Mike & Molly M1 The Dress (TV-14) Molly starts to have a meltdown when her dress doesn't fit three weeks before the big day, so in hopes of losing the weight, Molly's diet goes into overdrive.
Mike & Molly M2 Bachelor/Bachelorette (TV-14) Mike gets surprised when his dad comes to town early to attend his bachelor party; Peggy decides that she's going to attend Molly's bachelorette party.
« Movie: Biker Boyz (TV-PG, PG-13, *+) A young biker tries to keep his late father's legacy alive by proving himself to an underground motorcycle gang that refuses to allow him to join their ranks.
MLS Soccer PreMatch
MLS Soccer: Kansas City Vs. Portland Timbers
Judge Judy III Paycheck Theft?; Asleep at the Wheel? (TV-G) From April: a young woman is accused of stealing from both her friend and her mother; a young man is suing his teen cousin over damages done to his car.
Judge Judy IV Happy Bachelor?; Roomates Divided (TV-G) From Apr.: a physical therapist sues his ex-girlfriend over the repayment of a loan, though she says he gave it to her; two roommates right over a broken lease.
People's Court I (TV-PG) Small-claims court cases are settled in this TV forum from New York City that features actual cases and litigants.
Hot Bench I (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A man is surprised to learn that his ex-wife and son were living in his house; a father insists that he did not back into a BMW but the evidence says otherwise.
Hot Bench II Dante the Dog Killer?! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) When her dog is killed by a Pit Bull, a woman accuses her ex-boyfriend for allowing it to happen.
Judge Judy III Tanning Bad Theft?; Car Explosion, Melted Fence! (TV-G) From April: a landlord is sued for allegedly selling a woman's tanning bed without her consent; neighbors argue over damages to a metal fence after a car fire.
Judge Judy IV Babysitting Battle; Follow the Paper Trail! (TV-G) From April: a teenage girl sues her former friend over unpaid babysitting fees; a man sues his ex-friend over a loan he says he gave her for rent.
People's Court I (TV-PG) Small-claims court cases are settled in this TV forum from New York City that features actual cases and litigants.
Hot Bench I (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Angry parents go after the owner of a daycare facility, after being victims of what they call a ridiculous refund policy.
Hot Bench II Beauty and the Creepy Beast?! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A man denies breaking into his female tenant's bedroom at night and asking her to break the law.
Judge Judy III When Minors Drink!; Dog Attack and Euthanization (TV-G) From April: a woman is accused of vandalzing her father's girlfriend's car; a woman sues the owner of a dog for medical bills after she is attacked.
Judge Judy IV Ugly Break-Up; Consolidation Craziness (TV-G) From March: accusations start up when a man sues his ex-girlfriend for her share of unpaid loans to move and for the return of furniture and appliances.
People's Court I (TV-PG) Small-claims court cases are settled in this TV forum from New York City that features actual cases and litigants.
Hot Bench I (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A housesitter faces claims of not emptying trash for weeks, leaving a cat on a roof and allowing the smell of beer to accumulate.
Hot Bench II ***SPOILER ALERT- Foul Language! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A pastor from Atlanta argues that he had the right to choose what language he used when he cancelled a swimsuit fashion show occuring at his mansion.
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Judge Judy III Flashlight Assault!; Contracts 101 (TV-G) From April: a landlord accuses a tennant of assault and vandalization of his rental property; an alleged loan begins causing disputes among family members.
Judge Judy IV Palm Springs Problems; Mother vs. Son (TV-G) From March: damaged property, an alleged assault and a false arrest come into the fold when ex-roommates fight; a woman says her son owes for a loan.
People's Court I (TV-PG) Small-claims court cases are settled in this TV forum from New York City that features actual cases and litigants.
Hot Bench I (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A former police officer with PTSD denies claims that he threatened an ex-lover who allegedly has an unpaid loan.
Hot Bench II Senior Drummer Drama!; Instructor Takes a Dive?! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A 60-year-old drummer undergoes surgery, deals with a death in the family, and learns that an ex-band member wrote bad checks.
Judge Judy III Drug & Alcohol Mix?; Dueling Divorcees (TV-G) From April: a man claims he is assaulted when he confronts his roommate about alcohol and drug abuse; a woman seeks compensation for mortgage payments.
Judge Judy IV Slander at the Salon?; Never Loan to a Friend! (TV-G) From March: a salon owner accuses a former employee of slander and sues for school fees and the return of products, the defendant sues for back pay.
People's Court I (TV-PG) Small-claims court cases are settled in this TV forum from New York City that features actual cases and litigants.
Hot Bench I (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A motorcyclist escapes death on the freeway after being t-boned by a motorist who claims to not have seen him; a tenant is unhappy with her landlord's behavior.
Hot Bench II The Pied Piper of Bed Bugs!?; Violent Love Affair (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A lanlord says that a former tenent infested his property with bed bugs; a relationship dismantles quickly after allegations of threats and vandalism.
Two and a Half Men WKNDM1 That Darn Priest (TV-14) Rose uncovers Alan's Ponzi scheme that he has going; Alan meets Manny, Rose's mannequin "husband"; Charlie is eager to get some alone time with Rose.
Two and a Half Men WKNDM2 Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt (TV-PG) Charlie's Malibu beachfront house goes for sale, and an Internet billionaire with a broken heart enters the scene as a potential buyer for the property.
Two and a Half Men WKNDO1 (HD, TV-G) Charlie's casual life is disrupted when his uptight brother and nephew appear on his front doorstep and ask if they can move in with him.
Two and a Half Men WKNDO2 Big Flappy Bastards (TV-PG) Charlie gets his first lesson in parenting when he agrees to watch Jake for Alan while Alan desperately tries to win Judith back.
Mike & Molly M1 The Honeymoon is Over (HD, TV-14) Mike becomes inspired by their honeymoon trip to Paris and decides that he wants to change his life; Molly worries about how their friends & family fared.
Mike & Molly M2 Vince Takes a Bath (HD, TV-14) When Vince suddenly throws out his back, Joyce is conveniently nowhere to be found, leaving Mike and Molly stuck with having to take care of him.
Movie: Ramona and Beezus (TV-G, G, ***) An imaginative and accident-prone third grader's skills are put to the test when she helps her family face their biggest hurdle yet.
Movie: Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (TV-Y7, FV) Scooby Doo and the rest of the gang decide to settle down in a small town that has gained a reputation for its long history of paranormal activity.
Judge Judy III Bridezilla?; Grave Illness (TV-G) From Feb.: a mother sues her newlywed daughter for wedding expenses, while the daughter claims it's about vengeance and an alleged assault by her brother.
Judge Judy IV Savage Dog Bite!; Coin Collection Theft? (TV-G) From May: a woman sues for the cost of plastic surgery to repair the damage from when a woman's German Shepherd attacked and bit her arm.
People's Court I (TV-PG) Small-claims court cases are settled in this TV forum from New York City that features actual cases and litigants.
Hot Bench I (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman says that her car was damaged after she started dating her best friend's ex-boyfriend; a man loaned over $8,000 to his nephew.
Hot Bench II Mystery of the $5,000 Missing Vase!; Bad Attitude Meets Judge Bakman! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A mother and daughter try to reconcile after quarreling over an expensive family heirloom that belonged to a recently deceased relative; unpaid phone bill.
Judge Judy Lying to Police?; Concert Ticket Snafu (HD, Repeat, TV-G) From Feb.: after a friend calls the policing claiming he stole her car, a man sues for defamation of character; woman sues her ex for multiple loans.
Judge Judy Stabbing, Divorce and a DUI; The Ex-Con and the Missing Furniture (HD, Repeat, TV-G) From June: a woman sues a childhood friend who was stabbed coming out of a bar, for money loaned for a divorce attorney; a man is sued for furniture.
The People's Court (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) "Tree trimming turmoil."
Hot Bench (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A man finds that the party bus he rented for his girlfriend's birthday is not in good condition; a woman allegedly damaged a car and gave false information.
Hot Bench Show Truck Showdown!; Tircky Car Trade (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A man is at odds with his mechanic after paying $9,000 to restore a 1954 vintage truck; after meeting on Craigslist, two women trade cars.
Judge Judy Teen Behaving Badly; Good Samaritan Shakedown (HD, Repeat, TV-G) From Feb.: when a woman sues her neighbor for stolen property, an unsupervised teenager, alleged burglary and drug use come up; woman takes in her ex-friend.
Judge Judy Mother vs. Son; Motorcycles and Marijuana? (HD, Repeat, TV-G) From May: a mother and son are arguing over her alleged settlement and his medical bills; a man accuses his ex-lover of growing marijuana.
The People's Court (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) "Cruise catastrophe."
Hot Bench (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A widow is upset after an ex-lover ruins her application for a hardship loan; friends are at odds over an expensive belt.
Hot Bench Emergency Cheating?!; Cockroach Landlord! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) When her daughter is rushed to the emergency room, a mother rushes to her side, but her supposedly boyfriend rushes to find another girlfriend.
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