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The Rifleman Face of Yesterday (TV-G) Lucas is spooked and thinks he sees a ghost when a young man, who looks just like a man he killed in the Civil War, demands a showdown.
The Rifleman Hostages to Fortune (TV-G) It is during Halloween that bandits take advantage and use the holiday festivity disguises to hide their identities while they raid a cattle ranch.
Adam-12 Log 173 -- Shoplift (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed attempt to track down a female shoplifter who escaped from the hands of the police and is involved with a well-known con artist.
Adam-12 Log 103 -- A Sound Like Thunder (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed go on a double date to a ghost town, but when a gang of bikers begins to cause trouble, the officers are forced to use their police instincts.
Emergency! Captain Hook (TV-G) A retirement dinner for an overly strict captain is actually a celebration for his men, but he's not supposed to know that; a model in a bear costume faints.
Rawhide Incident at Superstition Praire (TV-G) After Wishbone nurses a dying Comanche brave to health, he encounters unexpected trouble after returning the brave back to the tribe.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Fourth Headstone (TV-G) While working a case, all of the evidence he has gathered leaves bounty hunter Josh Randall believing the culprit may have actually been framed for the crime.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Til Death Do Us Part (TV-G) When the bounty hunter goes on the search for an alleged murderer, he winds up uncovering new evidence that may prove the homicide victim is actually alive.
The Rifleman Flowers by the Door (TV-G) A murder spree breaks out and eventually Lucas discovers the identity of the killer who has been posing as a door-to-door seed salesman.
The Rifleman Long Trek (TV-G) Lucas and Marshal Torrance find themselves in a lot of trouble while transferring a captured and alleged killer back to town for his trial.
Remington Steele Steele Trying (TV-PG) Steele plans an intricate weekend getaway with Laura, hiring an actress to pretend her husband has trouble in San Francisco, but the ruse becomes reality.
Streets of San Francisco One Last Shot (TV-PG) When Joe Landers' longtime partner is killed as a direct result of his drunken mishandling of a situation, he resorts to desperate measures to cover up.
The Rockford Files Caledonia, It's Worth a Fortune (TV-PG) When a woman visits her ailing husband in a prison hospital, she is told to remember "Caledonia", which she hires Jim to help her locate.
The Rifleman The Actress (TV-G) Lucas travels to a neighboring town to fulfill his old friend's deathbed request of finding his long-lost sweetheart and reuniting before he passes.
The Rifleman Closer Than a Brother (TV-G) Lucas does not know what to do when Micah Torrance turns in his badge and goes back to his old alcoholic mannerisms by drinking heavily.
Adam-12 Truant (TV-PG) After catching two young criminals in the middle of vandalizing a house, Malloy and Reed begin to get several calls involving truancies throughout the city.
Adam-12 Ambush (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are assigned to transport a dangerous criminal to jail, but while driving through a canyon, the police officers are ambushed by two killers.
Emergency! Honest (TV-G) After a gas explosion follows Johnny's white lie, he resolves to be totally honest; the paramedics treat a teen who dove from a roof into a swimming pool.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story, Part 1 (TV-G) Lucas works as a federal undercover agent to investigate rumors in Wyoming about weapons sales to rebellious American Indians, but his life gets put in danger.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story, Part 2 (TV-G) Mark travels to Wyoming to find Lucas, who is working as a federal undercover agent closely following a gang selling arms to rebellious American Indians.
Adam-12 Anniversary (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are called to break up trouble at bar and forced to confront a violent man in a wheelchair; the police officers conduct a robbery investigation.
Adam-12 Day Watch (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy try to stop a female con artist who poses as a hitchhiker and steals money from men; the police officers confront a drunken man.
Emergency! Seance (TV-G) A woman is convinced that her recently deceased sister is persecuting her husband; a teenager whose tranquilizers aren't agreeing with him is brought in.
The Rifleman The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town (TV-G) Lucas, Mark and Marshal Torrance explore a nearby ghost town, where they meet the Newman family and learn the secret about the mystery of a lost gold mine.
The Rifleman Dark Day at North Fork (TV-G) Lucas is left blinded from an explosion and must fight his depressed mood in order to prepare for a meeting with an impressive gun-wielding enemy.
Adam-12 Assassination (TV-PG) While on an intense investigation to locate a sneaky criminal, Reed and Malloy are threatened by a dangerous sniper who has a grudge against Reed.
Adam-12 The Dinosaur (TV-PG) A veteran policeman who was released from duty after being injured in a heroic act returns to the Los Angeles Police Department after an eight-year absence.
Emergency! Boot (TV-G) Boot, the station's mascot dog, refuses to eat; the team pulls a woman out of a sports car that is pinned under a gasoline truck; the hospital lab explodes.
The Rifleman The Prisoner (TV-G) At one point in time, Lucas was a prison guard in a prison which held ex-Confederate soldiers and now two of those officers seek their revenge against him.
The Rifleman Assault (TV-G) A salesman who nearly hurts someone is unable to talk his way out of an assault charge, even though his silver tongue tries everything to do so.
Adam-12 Pick-Up Malloy and Reed try their best to help a runaway teenage drug dealer; the partners conduct a rape investigation and go on a search for the suspect.
Adam-12 Citizens All (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed run into a robbery in progress and try to stop the criminals; the police officers try their best to catch two counterfeiters.
Emergency! Rip-Off (TV-G) Roy and John are accused of stealing from a heart-attack patient; a crashed plane leaks oxygen; a pregnant woman and her husband are injured in a car accident.
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The Rifleman Short Rope for a Tall Man (TV-G) Lucas fights an uphill battle as he does his best to clear his name before an angry lynch mob gets to him and makes him suffer for stealing a horse.
The Rifleman The Clarence Bibs Story (TV-G) A janitor decides to make a career change and goes into gunfighting, and soon becomes a very successful gunfighter thanks to his one lucky shot.
Adam-12 The Princess and the Pig (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are put on a tough investigation involving a prominent gang of drug dealers in Los Angeles; Reed is forced to go undercover.
Adam-12 The Tip (TV-PG) Officers Malloy and Reed plan a careful stakeout for a burglary at a savings and loan, but the criminal robs the place right under their noses.
Emergency! Audit (TV-G) A man is audited; a man wants to be treated by doctors; a child is rescued; a pregnant woman can't breathe; a construction worker is trapped under rubble.
Rawhide Incident at Poco Tiempo (TV-G) The drovers are blamed for a priest's murder, and Rowdy and Quince begin to think that two nuns may hold the truth as to who actually committed the violent act.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Favor (TV-G) After a suspected murderer is apprehended, Josh must transport him to the authorities for a trial, but escorting the killer proves more dangerous than expected.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Ricochet (TV-G) A woman turns to Josh to track down her missing husband, but Josh is unaware of her plan to kill the man once he has been returned to her.
The Rifleman The Score Is Even (TV-G) A wounded Lucas does everything in his power to quickly find help, when an assailant shoots him after he witnesses a murder taking place.
The Rifleman The Mescalero Curse (TV-G) After Lucas was the foreman of a jury that sentenced an American Indian, bad things have been happening to him because a curse was placed on him to die.
Remington Steele Steele of Approval (TV-PG) Laura does a background query on a potential senatorial candidate, while Steele eludes a state investigator to keep the agency's license from being revoked.
Streets of San Francisco The Most Deadly Species (TV-PG) A big-time crime boss takes out a contract on the three hoods who are responsible for the death of his son, hiring an expert hit woman known as Sydney.
The Rockford Files Claire (TV-PG) Rockford follows up on a frantic call from his girlfriend who claims that two men are trying to kill her and tangles with the police as he tries to help.
The Rifleman Stopover (TV-G) Lucas has a lot of trouble to deal with at his ranch when a traveling whiskey salesman and a gunfighter both fall for the same woman.
The Rifleman The Lonesome Bride (TV-G) Two pranksters take things a little too far when they decide to write a letter requesting a mail-order bride, using Lucas' name as the recipient.
Adam-12 The Parole Violator (TV-PG) Police officers Malloy and Reed join forces with a parole officer in an attempt to keep a popular basketball player and former drug addict clean.
Adam-12 Adoption (TV-PG) Malloy and Roy discover an underground adoption ring and seek to stop it for good; the police officers are sent on an intense vehicle chase.
Emergency! Frequency (TV-G) A man is injured in a car crash, but the paramedics can't reach the hospital; a child has a strange illness; Roy and John help with gang war victims.
The Rifleman Death Trap (TV-G) After seeing Dr. Simon Battle, Lucas knows he has seen him before and realizes that he is a former gunslinger who he fought some time ago.
The Rifleman The Queue (TV-G) A Chinese man struggles against prejudice while trying to make a future for his son by opening up a laundry business in North Fork.
Adam-12 Mary Hong Loves Tommy Chen (TV-PG) When an undercover police agent is killed by hoodlums causing mayhem in the Chinese district of Los Angeles, Malloy and Roy are assigned the case.
Adam-12 Sub-Station (TV-PG) A frustrated actor takes a flight attendant hostage and threatens a television producer to give him an audition in exchange for the life of the stewardess.
Emergency! The Old Engine (TV-G) Roy and John buy a fire engine; a woman overdoses on LSD and leads paramedics on a chase; a gunshot victim is treated; a politician suffers a heart attack.
The Rifleman The Vaqueros (TV-G) An outlaw comes to North Fork wanting to stir trouble for several reasons and he does so by keeping Lucas and Mark imprisoned against their will.
The Rifleman First Wages (TV-G) Mark decided that he would like to work and has taken a job as a stable-boy, but Lucas cannot understand why he would do that, so he sets out to find out why.
Adam-12 Back-Up One L-20 (TV-PG) When Mac runs into a pedestrian with his cop car, Malloy testifies that it was an accident, but four other witnesses accuse him of reckless driving.
Adam-12 Who Won? (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy receive ongoing calls about illegal car racing going down at the house of a drag racing promoter, so the officers step in to help.
Emergency! Alley Cat (TV-G) A stray cat chooses to have her litter in Johnny's bed at the station; an elderly man steps in a bear trap; a family is trapped after their airplane crashes.
The Rifleman Sheer Terror (TV-G) Two bandits armed with guns go into North Fork's general store and attempt a bold robbery, and in doing so, hold Mark and Milly hostage in her store.
The Rifleman The Stand-In (TV-G) Two prison wagon drivers are not too happy with Lucas because he refuses to give them more whiskey, so they take him hostage as revenge.
Adam-12 Eyewitness (TV-PG) With help from the Los Angeles Police Department helicopter squad, Malloy and Reed attempt to catch a perpetrator at Griffith Park's Traveltown Museum.
Adam-12 The Wednesday Warrior (TV-PG) When the Los Angeles Police Department begins training local citizens to be on the lookout for crime, Malloy thinks the process is a big waste of time.
Emergency! An English Visitor (TV-G) A visitor from the U.K. observes as Roy and John deal with a policeman pinned in a burning building and a man trapped in an industrial machine.
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