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The Rifleman The Coward (TV-G) A feuding battle develops between and aspiring writer and an arrogant trail boss, leaving Lucas in the middle to get the two to reach a compromise.
The Rifleman The Surveyors (TV-G) Lucas questions his son regarding his story about overhearing a scheme to rob the bank, leaving Mark uncomfortable to the point that he runs away from home.
Wagon Train The Cliff Grundy Story (TV-G) When a friend of Flint's is seriously injured during a buffalo stampede, Flint and another man agree to stay behind and tend to his wounds.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Camera (TV-G) Agent West's mission to track down and expose a sinister opium-smuggling ring is hampered by a shy agent with a photographic memory.
The Rifleman Day of the Hunter (TV-G) Something sets off a well-known buffalo hunter to the point where he tries to persuade Lucas to be his challenger in a shooting match.
The Rifleman Mail Order Groom (TV-G) A man came to North Fork to marry the town's lonely old woman, but two brothers who want her land tried to prevent the marriage by threatening and injuring him.
Wagon Train The Luke O'Malley Story (TV-G) A man poses as a parson to join a train, but disappears when his former partner, who blames him for his capture, escapes the hanging.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Avaricious Actuary (TV-G) Secret Service agents Jim West and Artemus Gordon discover that a devious insurance agency is destroying the homes of clients with a giant tuning fork.
The Rifleman Case of Identity (TV-G) Two corrupt investigators claim that Mark is the man's long-lost son they have been searching for, which inadvertently puts Mark in serious danger.
The Rifleman The Visitor (TV-G) A young widow passes through North Fork while on her way to receive an inheritance, but problems arise when others wanting the inheritance try to kill her.
Wagon Train The Jesse Cowan Story (TV-G) When a young man returns from the Civil War to discover that his family has been killed, he sets off to find the family that he believes is responsible.
The Wild Wild West The Night of Miguelito's Revenge (TV-G) Agent Jim West discovers that Dr. Loveless has been disguising himself as a circus ringmaster in order to kidnap innocent people and hold them prisoner.
Rawhide Incident Below the Brazos (TV-G) Lightning causes the herd to stampede and a farmer is accidentally killed in the ensuing chaos; a group of farmers come looking for revenge.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Last Retreat (TV-G) Seeking revenge for being convicted of murder, a prisoner escapes confinement and looks for the eye witness who identified him in the crime.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Bounty on Josh (TV-G) When Josh arrives at a hotel to meet a client, the veteran-turned bounty hunter gets shot by an identified person, leading to an investigation.
The Rifleman The Hero (TV-G) The people of a town are not too willing to give the reward to a young stable-hand who killed a ruthless bandit, leaving that worker confused.
The Rifleman The Horsetraders (TV-G) A horse dealer arrives in the town of North Fork for a day to do business, but when one of his sold horses suffers an injury, suspicions are raised.
Diff'rent Strokes Health Club (TV-PG) When Arnold and Willis are refused entrance to Mr. Drummond's health club because they're black, he finds out just before he is about to receive their award.
Diff'rent Strokes Burial Ground (TV-PG) As Mr. Drummond's company prepares to start work on a building, it is revealed that the site is actually a Native American burial ground.
Mama's Family My Mama, Myself (TV-PG) The family tries to convince Mama to sell an old brooch that belonged to her mother, but Mama is unnerved when her late mother begins to haunt her.
Mama's Family Full House (TV-PG) Vint has the opportunity to join a poker group and needs Mama's help to improve his chances, but Mama's help could cost Vint his spot in the group.
The Love Boat Egypt: Part 1 (TV-G) As the ship cruises down the Nile, Capt. Stubing shares memories with the widow of one of his friends; a producer tries to convince a starlet to play Cleopatra.
The Rifleman The Spoiler (TV-G) An elderly couple moves in to North Fork under false names to hide that their son is a killer, but the plan flops when the son visits them.
The Rifleman Heller (TV-G) Lucas stops a young girl from robbing the general store and learns that she and her brother are planning to kill their abusive father.
Wagon Train The Honorable Don Charlie Story (TV-G) When the wagon train is forced to stop outside a nearby town, a female traveler finds herself the target of a lothario's affections, much to Adams' dismay.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Spanish Curse (TV-G) Secret Service agents Jim West and Artemus Gordon travel to Mexico to track down and capture a gang of vicious bandits who have been posing as ghosts.
The Rifleman The Grasshopper (TV-G) A prison-bound criminal, who has been found guilty of murder, kills a marshal and takes Mark hostage while on a train head toward the prison site.
The Rifleman A Time for Singing (TV-G) Mark makes the discovery that the new preacher and his wife are not who they say they are, but in reality are two-timers planning a robbery.
Wagon Train The Dora Gray Story (TV-G) While on a scouting mission, Flint searches for the gun runners who supplied a band of American Indians with new rifles and ammunition.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Winged Terror, Part 1 (TV-G) Agent Jim West is sent to a small town to investigate a series of random acts of destruction that appear to be triggered by the appearance of a raven.
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The Rifleman The Deserter (TV-G) The U.S. Army comes down hard on Marshal Torrance and Lucas when they attempt to help a young wounded soldier who deserted his post.
The Rifleman The Vision (TV-G) Mark comes down with typhoid fever and after he has a vision of his dead mother, he suddenly loses any and all interest in getting well.
Wagon Train The Annie MacGregor Story (TV-G) When problems develop over a Scottish family's incessant bagpipe playing, the family decides to set off on their own rather than give up their traditions.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Winged Terror, Part 2 (TV-G) Agent West travels to Mexico to prevent the assassination of the Mexican president, but he's unaware of the fact that he's been hypnotized to commit the crime.
The Rifleman Lariat (TV-G) An old friend of Lucas' is quickly befriended by a group of gamblers after he is accused of cheating at cards in his own casino establishment.
The Rifleman Smoke Screen (TV-G) Several men compete for the chance to date a rancher's daughter, but each and every single of them become suspects when she is found murdered.
Wagon Train The Bill Tawnee Story (TV-G) When Major Adams encounters an American Indian he fought with during the Civil War, he invites him to travel with the wagon train.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Sabatini Death (TV-G) Agents Jim West and Ned Brown to travel to Calliope, Missouri, where they solve the mystery behind a robbery involving the death of an Army officer.
The Rifleman Shotgun Man (TV-G) Lucas sent John Beaumont to prison, but when he gets out and returns to town, the only thing on his mind is revenge against Lucas.
The Rifleman Sins of the Father (TV-G) Andy Moon goes to Lucas to ask for protection from his spiteful and vengeful brothers, after he inadvertently shoots a man in self-defense.
Wagon Train The Mark Hanford Story (TV-G) When a young learns that his father will soon marry a younger woman, he vows to do all that he can to prevent the new marriage from happening.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Janus (TV-G) When a fellow agent is mysteriously murdered, Secret Service agents Jim West and Jeremy Pike learn that the killer may be within their own department.
Rawhide Incident of the Dry Drive (TV-G) As the drivers try getting their herd to water, an old acquaintance stirs trouble amongst them by not allowing them to drink from his large supply of water.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Hero in the Dust (TV-G) A man hires Josh to clear his name by finding his twin brother who is getting away with a murder by assuming his own sibling's identity.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Voice of Silence (TV-G) Hired to protect a businessman's deaf-mute daughter away on a trip, Josh and the girl wind up dealing with a former bank robber and his criminal partners.
The Rifleman The Prodigal (TV-G) To ensure that his sickly mother is happy, an outlaw uses force to make Lucas and Mark go along with the charade that he is the one who owns Lucas' ranch.
The Rifleman The Fourflusher (TV-G) Because a sharecropper needs much more money than he has to buy his farm from its owner, he signs up his colt in a horse race with hopes to win.
Diff'rent Strokes The Car (TV-PG) Willis borrows Mr. Drummond's posh car for a date without asking first, and he accidentally hits a police motorcycle and has much explaining to do.
Diff'rent Strokes B.M.O.C. (TV-PG) Willis' potential membership in an exclusive high-school club makes him feel so important that he is rude to Arnold and everyone else around him.
Mama's Family The Big Wheel (TV-PG) Iola wins the lottery using numbers that were picked by Mama, and the ladies become engaged in a bitter fight over who is the rightful owner of the ticket.
Mama's Family More Power to You (TV-PG) Mama disputes her electric bill and refuses to pay it, leaving the family in the dark while Bubba has an assignment due and Naomi is nominated for an award.
The Love Boat Second Time Around; The 'Now' Marriage; My Sister Irene (TV-G) Doc's ex-wife comes aboard the ship with a man claiming to be her fiance, but is really a paid actor taking the role too seriously; a marriage counselor's wife.
The Rifleman The Jailbird (TV-G) When a robbery and murder take place in the town, the ex-con who Lucas hired as a ranch hand becomes the number one suspect to everybody.
The Rifleman Meeting at Midnight (TV-G) Lucas' former Army captain visits him at North Fork because he is now an undercover federal agent and needs Lucas' help to get access to a band of bank robbers.
Wagon Train The Marie Dupree Story (TV-G) A beautiful young woman with a flirtatious reputation learns an important lesson when she turns her attentions to an attractive immigrant from Sicily.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Diva (TV-G) Secret Service agents Jim West and Artemus Gordon are assigned to protect a famous Italian opera singer, who is nearly kidnapped by a mysterious organization.
The Rifleman Nora (TV-G) When an attractive woman needs help and catches Lucas' eye, he goes to help her and be her hero, but that eventually lands him in the middle of a murder.
The Rifleman The Hangman (TV-G) When a brutal crime occurs in North Fork, everyone blames an ex-convict for it, even though he claims that he has changed for the better.
Wagon Train A Man Called Horse (TV-G) While traveling to California, Major Adams and the rest of the wagon train encounter a man dressed as an American Indian and calling himself Horse.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Bleak Island (TV-G) Secret Service agent Jim West encounters a sinister dog and a British detective while on a special mission for the National Museum.
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