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Remington Steele Suburban Steele (TV-PG) Laura's sister comes to the agency claiming there was a corpse on her kitchen floor, but the body went missing, until Steele locates it hiding in the garbage.
Streets of San Francisco False Witness (TV-PG) Officer Vega poses an ethical dilemma for Stone and Keller when he allows outrage over his neighborhood being taken over by a drug pusher to warp his judgment.
The Mod Squad Color of Laughter, Color of Tears (TV-PG) The Squad take on an undercover assignment, working for a failing circus plagued by multiple problems; despite sabotage, the owner is determined to open.
The Rifleman Dead Cold Cash (TV-G) After Lucas killed an outlaw, his widow spends years plotting an extravagant and unpleasant revenge for her husband's death by harming Lucas.
The Rifleman The Schoolmaster (TV-G) While playing out and about, Mark and his friend find themselves trapped in an old mine without anywhere to go and frantically call out for help.
Adventures of Superman The Phony Alibi (TV-G) Professor Pepperwinkle creates a machine with the capability to convert human beings into electric energy, allowing them to instantly be transported.
Adventures of Superman The Prince Albert Coat (TV-G) The grandson of an elderly man is shocked to learn that he unknowingly donated his grandfather's coat to a flood-relief fund drive.
Emergency! Girl on the Balance Beam (TV-G) A young gymnast with Olympic dreams is injured in a fall; a girl at a studio dangles perilously from a wire; a drunk is pinned in his car after an accident.
The Rifleman The Promoter (TV-G) After crossing paths with an ex-convict, Lucas and Mark make it their mission to reform him into a law-abiding and productive citizen.
The Rifleman The Illustrator (TV-G) After a drunken artist is mistakenly charged with murder, Lucas encourages the man to use his artistic abilities to identify the actual killer.
Adventures of Superman The Stolen Elephant (TV-G) After stealing a gigantic elephant from the local circus, two criminals attempt to hide the creature in a seedy bar, where a boy happens across it.
Adventures of Superman Mr. Zero (TV-G) A trusting Martian with a childlike stature is exiled from his home planet to Earth, where he meets up with a crooked lawyer who wants to take advantage of him.
Emergency! Involvement (TV-G) The former head nurse of Rampart's emergency room returns following a suicide attempt, and her mood improves when she is placed next to a paraplegic child.
The Rifleman The Silent Knife (TV-G) When a young mute who has been picked on in life becomes fed up, he resorts to crime and that is when Lucas and Mark try to convince him to return stolen money.
The Rifleman Miss Bertie (TV-G) An outgoing and lively old lady comes to North Fork to track down and capture an infamous outlaw to get the reward money for getting him.
Adventures of Superman Whatever Goes Up (TV-G) Jimmy accidentally comes up with a formula that defies the laws of gravity in his attempt to produce a chocolate cake, which a crooked Major steals.
Adventures of Superman The Last Knight (TV-G) When Lois and Jimmy are assigned to cover the opening of a museum exhibit, they are quickly captured by several heavily armed men.
Emergency! Above and Beyond ... Nearly (TV-G) Roy and John receive citations for a case they don't remember; the paramedics treat an elderly man with a broken ankle; a cliff rescue takes place at night.
The Rifleman Six Years and a Day (TV-G) A doctor spends years plotting his revenge on the man he solely blames for ruining his practice, eventually causing it to close down.
The Rifleman Flowers by the Door (TV-G) A murder spree breaks out and eventually Lucas discovers the identity of the killer who has been posing as a door-to-door seed salesman.
Adventures of Superman The Magic Secret (TV-G) Superman utilizes a Metropolis radio station to wage a lawful war against a criminal boss, who retaliates by teaming up with an evil scientist.
Adventures of Superman Divide and Conquer (TV-G) When Perry takes Clark and Lois with him on a goodwill mission to a banana republic, they become enveloped in an assassination attempt.
Emergency! Grateful (TV-G) A couple the team rescued tries to repay them by helping around the station; a car injures another couple when it goes through a restaurant window.
The Rifleman Long Trek (TV-G) Lucas and Marshal Torrance find themselves in a lot of trouble while transferring a captured and alleged killer back to town for his trial.
The Rifleman The Actress (TV-G) Lucas travels to a neighboring town to fulfill his old friend's deathbed request of finding his long-lost sweetheart and reuniting before he passes.
Adventures of Superman The Mysterious Cube (TV-G) A wanted criminal avoids getting arrested by sealing himself in an impenetrable concrete cube, and Superman realigns his molecular structure.
Adventures of Superman The Atomic Captive (TV-G) Clark, Lois and Jimmy venture onto an atomic testing site in order to interview a scientist that has been exposed to radioactive material.
Emergency! The Great Crash Diet (TV-G) Chet becomes obsessed with the importance of proper diet; on a routine fire inspection Roy and John are called upon to rescue a diver in a fish tank.
Rawhide Incident of His Brother's Keeper (TV-G) Nolan is made the victim of some unexpected trouble after taking Paul Evan's estranged and beautiful wife to the town's latest dance.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Amos Carter (TV-G) The ongoing rivalry between two families finally boils over into a heated feud, sparking dangerous consequences for both of the clans.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Montana Kid (TV-G) Josh gets help from an unlikely source, who is an expert at card-playing, which is what the bounty hunter needs in order to catch a known card-shark.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story, Part 1 (TV-G) Lucas works as a federal undercover agent to investigate rumors in Wyoming about weapons sales to rebellious American Indians, but his life gets put in danger.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story, Part 2 (TV-G) Mark travels to Wyoming to find Lucas, who is working as a federal undercover agent closely following a gang selling arms to rebellious American Indians.
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Remington Steele Steele Blue Yonder (TV-PG) A woman asks the detectives for help with her father, a World War Two veteran, who is acting peculiar, but the detectives learn he has a plan of his own.
Streets of San Francisco Letters from the Grave (TV-PG) A would-be escapee from the 1950 Alcatraz Federal Prison seems to have never made it to freedom and his skeletal remains are found in between the walls.
The Mod Squad The Medicine Men (TV-PG) Julie starts a romantic relationship with a doctor, who finds himself in a blackmailing scandal; Julie and the Team must help her new romantic interest.
The Rifleman Face of Yesterday (TV-G) Lucas is spooked and thinks he sees a ghost when a young man, who looks just like a man he killed in the Civil War, demands a showdown.
The Rifleman Closer Than a Brother (TV-G) Lucas does not know what to do when Micah Torrance turns in his badge and goes back to his old alcoholic mannerisms by drinking heavily.
Adventures of Superman The Gentle Monster (TV-G) After Professor Pepperwinkle constructs a robot that is powered solely by kryptonite, a clever criminal kidnaps both it and Lois Lane.
Adventures of Superman Three in One (TV-G) A magician, a "human fly" and a strong man from a local circus conspire to combine their talents in committing robberies, which are blamed on Superman.
Emergency! The Tycoons (TV-G) Johnny gets the team excited about buying a hot-dog stand, but the opportunity is lost before Roy buys in; a man is injured by debris thrown by a lawn mower.
The Rifleman The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town (TV-G) Lucas, Mark and Marshal Torrance explore a nearby ghost town, where they meet the Newman family and learn the secret about the mystery of a lost gold mine.
The Rifleman Dark Day at North Fork (TV-G) Lucas is left blinded from an explosion and must fight his depressed mood in order to prepare for a meeting with an impressive gun-wielding enemy.
Adventures of Superman The Brainy Burro (TV-G) Lois and Jimmy venture to a quaint village in Mexico for a working vacation, where they find a local burro who claims to read minds.
Adventures of Superman The Perils of Superman (TV-G) A criminal exacts a longstanding vendetta against the staff of the Daily Planet by showing up at their offices and making threats in a mask.
Emergency! The Nuisance (TV-G) A hit-and-run driver puts Johnny out of commission, and his replacement at the squad turns out to be extremely annoying; a nurse seems to dislike Johnny.
The Rifleman The Prisoner (TV-G) At one point in time, Lucas was a prison guard in a prison which held ex-Confederate soldiers and now two of those officers seek their revenge against him.
The Rifleman Assault (TV-G) A salesman who nearly hurts someone is unable to talk his way out of an assault charge, even though his silver tongue tries everything to do so.
Adventures of Superman All That Glitters (TV-G) Professor Pepperwinkle develops both a machine that can convert metal into gold and a strain of kryptonite that transforms Jimmy and Lois into superheroes.
Adventures of Superman Superman on Earth (TV-G) An alien infant is sent from his dying planet to Earth, where he grows up to land a job as a photojournalist, while learning to harness his superpowers.
Emergency! The Game (TV-G) Roy and John are assigned to work at a football stadium, but a series of emergencies and an announcer with a heart attack keep them from seeing the game.
The Rifleman Short Rope for a Tall Man (TV-G) Lucas fights an uphill battle as he does his best to clear his name before an angry lynch mob gets to him and makes him suffer for stealing a horse.
The Rifleman The Clarence Bibs Story (TV-G) A janitor decides to make a career change and goes into gunfighting, and soon becomes a very successful gunfighter thanks to his one lucky shot.
Adventures of Superman The Haunted Lighthouse (TV-G) While visiting an aunt, Jimmy Olsen discovers that her island's lighthouse has mysteriously begun to light up for the first time in over 20 years.
Adventures of Superman The Case of the Talkative Dummy (TV-G) The staff of the "Daily Planet" investigates armored car robberies, and they learn that the hijackers are using a ventriloquist's dummy to predict routes.
Emergency! Not Available (TV-G) A rule forbidding squads to cross each other's territories causes Roy and John to be late to an accident scene; an elderly woman faints at the grocery store.
The Rifleman The Score Is Even (TV-G) A wounded Lucas does everything in his power to quickly find help, when an assailant shoots him after he witnesses a murder taking place.
The Rifleman The Mescalero Curse (TV-G) After Lucas was the foreman of a jury that sentenced an American Indian, bad things have been happening to him because a curse was placed on him to die.
Adventures of Superman The Wedding of Superman (TV-G) After she is put in charge of the Daily Planet's romantic advice column, Lois Lane begins to dwell upon the fact that her own life feels empty.
Adventures of Superman Superman's Wife (TV-G) Superman comes across a gorgeous policewoman, whose beauty captivates him so much that he is inspired to propose to her on the spot.
Emergency! The Stewardess (TV-G) As Roy and John return from a convention they save a heart attack victim on the airplane, and John later tries to date the flight attendant who helped them.
Rawhide Incident in the Middle of Nowhere (TV-G) The drivers are in need of water for the crew and livestock, but their search is put to a stop by the misguidance of a weathered prospector and a ballet troupe.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Healing Woman (TV-G) A father makes the fateful decision to take his sickly child out of the hospital and to a self-proclaimed healer, putting his boy's recovery at risk.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Matchmaker (TV-G) In order to help Charlie find a bride, Josh looks for help from a lady friend so that they can teach the young man how to properly behave and treat a woman.
The Rifleman Stopover (TV-G) Lucas has a lot of trouble to deal with at his ranch when a traveling whiskey salesman and a gunfighter both fall for the same woman.
The Rifleman The Lonesome Bride (TV-G) Two pranksters take things a little too far when they decide to write a letter requesting a mail-order bride, using Lucas' name as the recipient.
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