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The Rifleman The Score Is Even (TV-G) A wounded Lucas does everything in his power to quickly find help, when an assailant shoots him after he witnesses a murder taking place.
The Rifleman The Mescalero Curse (TV-G) After Lucas was the foreman of a jury that sentenced an American Indian, bad things have been happening to him because a curse was placed on him to die.
Emergency! Understanding (TV-G) When a man at a bank robbery has heart problems, the robber allows Roy and John in and takes them hostage as well; a diabetic forgets his insulin shots.
Emergency! Computer Error (TV-G) Johnny tries to fix a credit card mistake; Roy and John break into a safe to free an inept magician; explosions make a rescue in a flaming junkyard deadly.
The Rifleman Stopover (TV-G) Lucas has a lot of trouble to deal with at his ranch when a traveling whiskey salesman and a gunfighter both fall for the same woman.
The Rifleman The Lonesome Bride (TV-G) Two pranksters take things a little too far when they decide to write a letter requesting a mail-order bride, using Lucas' name as the recipient.
Emergency! Inferno (TV-G) The Engine 51 team watches a brushfire on TV and wonders why they haven't been called; Johnny and Roy get in trouble trying to save another firefighter.
Emergency! Messin' Around (TV-G) John retaliates against a practical joker; the mystery of an elderly hypochondriac is solved; a child is in his tree house when the tree catches on fire.
The Rifleman Death Trap (TV-G) After seeing Dr. Simon Battle, Lucas knows he has seen him before and realizes that he is a former gunslinger who he fought some time ago.
The Rifleman The Queue (TV-G) A Chinese man struggles against prejudice while trying to make a future for his son by opening up a laundry business in North Fork.
Emergency! The Convention, Part 1 (TV-G) Johnny and Roy come back to San Francisco for a convention and end up assisting a choking victim, then delivering a baby; they rescue lab explosion victims.
Emergency! The Convention, Part 2 (TV-G) Johnny and Roy come back to San Francisco for a convention and end up assisting a choking victim, then delivering a baby; they rescue lab explosion victims.
The Rifleman The Vaqueros (TV-G) An outlaw comes to North Fork wanting to stir trouble for several reasons and he does so by keeping Lucas and Mark imprisoned against their will.
The Rifleman First Wages (TV-G) Mark decided that he would like to work and has taken a job as a stable-boy, but Lucas cannot understand why he would do that, so he sets out to find out why.
Emergency! Fools (TV-G) An arrogant young intern nearly kills a heart patient by refusing to consider the paramedics' opinion, so Dr. Brackett makes him ride with them.
Emergency! How Green Was My Thumb? (TV-G) John lets Roy take care of a victim's plants because he doesn't know she's young and cute; the paramedics help Dr. Brackett remove a grenade from a man's belly.
The Rifleman Sheer Terror (TV-G) Two bandits armed with guns go into North Fork's general store and attempt a bold robbery, and in doing so, hold Mark and Milly hostage in her store.
The Rifleman The Stand-In (TV-G) Two prison wagon drivers are not too happy with Lucas because he refuses to give them more whiskey, so they take him hostage as revenge.
Emergency! The Hard Hours (TV-G) Dr. Early undergoes a bypass after being diagnosed with a heart condition; a pro football player's son tackles him too hard; a woman's toe is stuck in a faucet.
Emergency! Floor Brigade (TV-G) John and Roy consider buying a floor cleaner for a side business; a hermit can't get out of his home; Dr. Morton helps a diabetic singer plan a comeback.
Rawhide Incident at Cactus Wells (TV-G) Danny shoots a rabbit in brush and accidentally causes a stampede, but claims he was firing back at Simon, who is forced to gather up strays from the stampede.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Railroaded (TV-G) In spite of his claims of innocence, charges are filed against a youth for the murder of a local detective, but Josh hopes to prove the boy right.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Double Fee (TV-G) Due to an opera star's plotting, Josh finds himself in the middle of a kidnapping case, forcing him to not only save the victim, but his reputation as well.
The Rifleman The Journey Back (TV-G) Mark begins to work for a horribly scarred rancher named Will Temple, who seems mysterious enough to the townspeople to where they wonder what Mark does.
The Rifleman The Decision (TV-G) Corey Hazlett attempts to convince everyone he meets that he is innocent of the murder charges placed on him, even though Lucas has an eyewitness testimony.
Happy Days Smokin' Ain't Cool (TV-G) Joanie takes up smoking after joining a new club in which the members all smoke and though disappointed, Howard allows her to make her own choices.
Laverne & Shirley Laverne's Broken (TV-PG) When Laverne breaks her leg, she feels like she is being a burden on everyone else around her, and starts to wish she was never born.
I Love Lucy Lucy's Italian Movie (TV-G) Lucy is seen by an Italian film director and is chosen to play a part in his new production, so she seeks a better grasp of Italian life.
I Love Lucy Lucy and John Wayne (TV-G) Lucy is seen trying to collect a cement block containing John Wayne's footprints on it, so Ricky must replace the block to keep her out of jail.
The Love Boat The Musical; My Ex-Mom; The Show Must Go On; The Pest, Part 1 (TV-G) The crew reveals to Stubing that they are putting on a musical; Gopher's mom rekindles a romance; a former film star's check bounces.
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The Rifleman Knight Errant (TV-G) Lucas becomes the voice of reason when he attempts to keep two of his oldest friends from going through with a duel over a simple disagreement.
The Rifleman Honest Abe (TV-G) An Abraham Lincoln impersonator stops by the town of North Fork and quickly gets into trouble when he becomes involved in a bar fight that turns serious.
Emergency! Propinquity (TV-G) Roy stays overnight at John's place and doesn't like it; an ambulance carrying Roy and the woman he saved is run over; a heart patient won't leave a poker game.
Emergency! Inventions (TV-G) A contest encourages entrants to submit designs for new firefighting tools; a truck containing radioactive waste has an accident; a taxi rider becomes comatose.
The Rifleman The Long Goodbye (TV-G) Lucas attempts to get the rather smart and young Woody Fogarty to go to school, but his Grandpa Fogarty does not want Woody in school.
The Rifleman The Shattered Idol (TV-G) When the author Mark Twain makes a trip to North Fork, he immediately separates himself from everyone else by not interacting with anyone.
Emergency! The Screenwriter (TV-G) A screenwriter rides with Squad 51 and witnesses the team tending to a victim of a motorcycle accident and a deaf couple whose baby delivery won't wait.
Emergency! I'll Fix It (TV-G) A man is pinned under his house as a natural oil well threatens to destroy it; the team removes a ring from a man's finger before its owner's husband arrives.
The Rifleman Long Gun from Tucson (TV-G) A bitter John Holliver returns to North Fork after the townspeople expelled him many years before, and now Lucas attempts to stop him from terrorizing the town.
The Rifleman The High Country (TV-G) A man from the mountains becomes extremely upset with Lucas, which leads him to an anger-fueled desire for vengeance against the lawman.
Emergency! Gossip (TV-G) Roy asks John if he will represent the station in the Fireman's Olympics track events; station 51 breaks into a van after it sideswipes a motorist.
Emergency! Nagging Suspicion (TV-G) The team hounds Roy to pick a winning horse for them; Roy and John pull a woman out of the lions' cage and go under fire to save a policeman hit by a sniper.
The Rifleman A Friend in Need (TV-G) Mark is forced to stay in the company of the gunman Carl Avery against his own will, but he still attempts to do everything he can in order to get away.
The Rifleman Skull (TV-G) Mark gets severely injured and that leads Lucas to seek help, but problems arise when a group of outlaws captures him on his search for assistance.
Emergency! Communication Gaffe (TV-G) An officer complains when Roy and John treat a suspect in a case where the suspect and the officer were both shot; a woman brings in a son with signs of abuse.
Emergency! Surprise (TV-G) Dixie doesn't know about her birthday party; John goes into a building where gas is leaking to talk a tenant into leaving, and he doesn't get out soon enough.
The Rifleman The Princess (TV-G) The next heiress to France's throne is uncomfortable with the situation she is currently in, which leads her to hide out in the town of North Fork.
The Rifleman Gunfire (TV-G) A law enforcement officer that is expected to arrive from Denver does not show up, and instead, several outlaws arrive in town in order to cause trouble.
Emergency! Daisy's Pick (TV-G) All of the bachelors at Station 51 compete for the attention of the new nurse at Rampart Hospital; a refrigeration technician becomes frozen in place.
Emergency! Quicker Than the Eye (TV-G) After Chet's pranks have annoyed everyone in the station, they combine forces to deliver payback; a pregnant woman gets hurt playing with a gun.
Rawhide Incident of the Prodigal Son (TV-G) Sam Hargas finds a disoriented and starving greenhorn named Ben Whitney IV whose horse stepped into a chuck hole and is the heir of a wealthy family.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Kovack Affair (TV-G) When a souring business deal leads to a hotelier being pressured to step away from negotiations, he turns to Josh for help in resolving the matter.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Bounty for a Bride (TV-G) Drawn to a beautiful Native-American princess, Josh attempts to woo her, but he receives some unwanted competition from a bold Apache.
The Rifleman Quiet Fear (TV-G) Lucas' old Army buddy decides to give up the soldier's life and settles in the town of North Fork with his hearing impaired daughter.
The Rifleman Sporting Chance (TV-G) An Englishman comes to North Fork equipped with a custom-made rifle, unlike anything anyone has ever seen, and he has every intention of using it to kill Lucas.
Happy Days Ralph vs. Potsie (TV-G) Richie writes the advice column for the local newspaper and advises Potsie and Ralph to divide their room down the center to solve their bickering problem.
Laverne & Shirley Sing, Sing, Sing (TV-PG) After watching Shirley and Carmine perform a duet, Laverne wants to be as good of a singer as Shirley, so she asks Carmine to teach her how to sing beautifully.
I Love Lucy Pioneer Women (TV-G) Lucy and Ethel are bet by their husbands that they cannot live without modern conveniences, so the girls live the simple life to prove them wrong.
I Love Lucy Lucy and Harpo Marx (TV-G) Lucy decides to impersonate Harpo Marx to impress Caroline Appleby, but confusion results when the real Harpo arrives at the apartment with Ricky.
The Love Boat Pride of the Pacific; The Viking's Son; Separate Vacations (TV-G) The crew takes part in a carnival; almost divorced couple learns new things taking separate vacations on the rival cruise lines; a shy man takes a love potion.
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