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Rawhide The Woman Trap (TV-G) The band of boys runs into a whole herd of good looking women and are instantly enchanted by their beauty, but they soon discover the women are taken already
Wanted: Dead or Alive Hero in the Dust (TV-G) A man hires Josh to clear his name by finding his twin brother who is getting away with a murder by assuming his own sibling's identity.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Epitaph (TV-G) A former sheriff who robbed a bank is finally retrieved by Josh, his old friend, but another bounty hunter interferes with the escort.
The Rifleman The Grasshopper (TV-G) A prison-bound criminal, who has been found guilty of murder, kills a marshal and takes Mark hostage while on a train head toward the prison site.
The Rifleman A Time for Singing (TV-G) Mark makes the discovery that the new preacher and his wife are not who they say they are, but in reality are two-timers planning a robbery.
Remington Steele Steele in the News (TV-PG) A television studio contacts Laura and Steele to investigate a string of pranks that turn deadly when the weatherman is killed and thrown from the rafters.
Streets of San Francisco A Room with a View (TV-PG) A contract killer courts a shy English teacher to gain access to her home, across the street from a police safe house where his intended victim is hiding.
The Mod Squad Taps, Play It Louder (TV-PG) The Squad is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a Vietnam Veteran who went missing after boarding a bus to go home; they think they found him.
The Rifleman The Deserter (TV-G) The U.S. Army comes down hard on Marshal Torrance and Lucas when they attempt to help a young wounded soldier who deserted his post.
The Rifleman The Vision (TV-G) Mark comes down with typhoid fever and after he has a vision of his dead mother, he suddenly loses any and all interest in getting well.
Emergency! Nurse's Wild (TV-G) A store owner feels remorse after shooting an armed robber; Johnny is attracted to a student nurse; Dr. Early treats a patient with delirium tremens.
Emergency! Publicity Hound (TV-G) Johnny is jealous of the coverage Wheeler is getting from a friend at the newspaper; Johnny gets seasick as he and Roy save a man tangled in his ship's rigging.
The Rifleman The Lariat (TV-G) An old friend of Lucas' is quickly befriended by a group of gamblers after he is accused of cheating at cards in his own casino establishment.
The Rifleman Smoke Screen (TV-G) Several men compete for the chance to date a rancher's daughter, but each and every single of them become suspects when she is found murdered.
Emergency! Weird Wednesday (TV-G) After Johnny complains that the weird cases always happen on their shift, their day starts with a parachutist in a tree; a man has the hiccups and can't stop.
Emergency! Dilemma (TV-G) A woman has a heart attack inside a stuck elevator; Johnny is pursued by a fireman groupie; a nursing student becomes flustered around Dr. Brackett.
The Rifleman Shotgun Man (TV-G) Lucas sent John Beaumont to prison, but when he gets out and returns to town, the only thing on his mind is revenge against Lucas.
The Rifleman Sins of the Father (TV-G) Andy Moon goes to Lucas to ask for protection from his spiteful and vengeful brothers, after he inadvertently shoots a man in self-defense.
Emergency! Hang-up (TV-G) John is irritated because a case interrupts the episode of Adam-12 he's watching; two beaten-up men come to the emergency ward and restart their fight.
Emergency! Crash (TV-G) Roy and John save the occupants of a private plane that crashed into a tree; a nattily dressed burglar has a heart attack in the middle of a heist.
The Rifleman The Prodigal (TV-G) To ensure that his sickly mother is happy, an outlaw uses force to make Lucas and Mark go along with the charade that he is the one who owns Lucas' ranch.
The Rifleman The Fourflusher (TV-G) Because a sharecropper needs much more money than he has to buy his farm from its owner, he signs up his colt in a horse race with hopes to win.
Emergency! Decision (TV-G) A patient's doctor berates Roy after he treats the man while his radio is down, causing Roy to consider quitting; a physician has a heart attack on the job.
Emergency! Kids (TV-G) Dr. Brackett suspects a boy pulled from a hole may have been abused but is discouraged from investigating; another boy gets his head trapped in a vent.
The Rifleman The Jailbird (TV-G) When a robbery and murder take place in the town, the ex-con who Lucas hired as a ranch hand becomes the number one suspect to everybody.
The Rifleman Meeting at Midnight (TV-G) Lucas' former Army captain visits him at North Fork because he is now an undercover federal agent and needs Lucas' help to get access to a band of bank robbers.
Emergency! Show Biz (TV-G) John is excited because he is chosen to be in a photo shoot at the station; a country doctor helps Roy and John save a man who is trapped under his tractor.
Emergency! Virus (TV-G) Johnny, Dr. Brackett and several others come down with a hard-hitting virus that is unlike any they have seen, and a patient with a pet monkey has the key.
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Rawhide The Boss's Daughters (TV-G) Favor's herd is prevented from passing through a piece of private land and is instead forced to go through a north pass into Kansas territory.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Voice of Silence (TV-G) Hired to protect a businessman's deaf-mute daughter away on a trip, Josh and the girl wind up dealing with a former bank robber and his criminal partners.
Wanted: Dead or Alive El Gato (TV-G) Wanting to take pictures of a legendary Mexican bandit, a timid photographer recruits Josh to help locate the elusive man since they happen to be friends.
The Rifleman Nora (TV-G) When an attractive woman needs help and catches Lucas' eye, he goes to help her and be her hero, but that eventually lands him in the middle of a murder.
The Rifleman Hangman (TV-G) When a brutal crime occurs in North Fork, everyone blames an ex-convict for it, even though he claims that he has changed for the better.
Remington Steele Vintage Steele (TV-PG) Laura's banker ex-boyfriend hires the agency to help him with a dead body that has come afloat in a large wine vat and keeps showing up in unrelated places.
Streets of San Francisco Deadline (TV-PG) When the mistress of a famous and powerful journalist is murdered, he uses his column to pin the blame on his rival, but his son is unexpectedly implicated.
The Mod Squad Eyes of the Beholder (TV-PG) Pete comes to the aid of a young sight-impaired woman as the two are being stalked by a killer with an obsession; he finds out the stalker is from Pete's past.
The Rifleman Trail of Hate (TV-G) Mark is at the wrong place, at the wrong time when he is used as a pawn in a bank robbery plan, leading Lucas to take revenge on the wrongdoers.
The Rifleman Woman from Hog Ridge (TV-G) A family from the hills learns of the death of their kin, which leads to them seeking out vengeance for their loss by killing the one responsible.
Emergency! Peace Pipe (TV-G) A child is trapped inside a parked car that was hit by a drunk, and the crew uses a new device to pry it open; a scaffold rescue is complicated by sniper fire.
Emergency! Saddled (TV-G) A portable X-ray machine leaves Nurse Dixie with a sore foot; John decides he can make extra cash by riding in rodeos; a diner has two explosions in one day.
The Rifleman Seven (TV-G) After seven inmates on death row for murder manage to escape from jail, they come to North Fork and use everyone's fear of them to take over the town.
The Rifleman The Pitchman (TV-G) A salesman, who is at the ranch trying to sell Lucas a new lightning rod, offers to buy the ranch's mineral rights after Mark finds gold on the property.
Emergency! Fuzz Lady (TV-G) John falls for an attractive deputy; an elderly man with heart trouble is saved from a house fire; a thief trying to steal a boat with a crane gets stuck.
Emergency! Trainee (TV-G) John and Roy greet a know-it-all rookie who was a medic in Vietnam, and together they break up a purse-snatching and revive a man who is in insulin shock.
The Rifleman Strange Town (TV-G) Lucas goes after an escaped convict and follows him to a town where the outlaw's brother, known for shooting people in the back, is in charge.
The Rifleman Baranca (TV-G) An outlaw tricks Marshal Torrance in to leaving town, so he can harm the local man who killed one of the members of the outlaw's gang.
Emergency! Dinner Date (TV-G) A woman has an epileptic fit; a man shoots his son-in-law after he finds out his daughter is pregnant; Roy sets up John with his wife's cousin.
Emergency! Musical Mania (TV-G) John experiments with musical instruments; a father who doesn't want charity refuses treatment for his son's lead poisoning and hormonal deficiencies.
The Rifleman The Martinet (TV-G) Lucas found himself in a gunfight many years ago and shot a man to death, causing the dead man's father, a former army captain, to look for and kill Lucas.
The Rifleman Miss Milly (TV-G) The townspeople become angry and upset at a new store owner who demands that every single credit account must be paid in full immediately.
Emergency! Helpful (TV-G) Johnny's help makes Roy's marital troubles worse; a new doctor's exhaustion causes her to make bad decisions; two children get lost in a storm drain.
Emergency! Drivers (TV-G) Johnny's rant about bad drivers gets results he hadn't counted on; the doctor who trained Roy and Johnny dies; a boy gets stuck inside a rotting tree.
The Rifleman Dead Cold Cash (TV-G) After Lucas killed an outlaw, his widow spends years plotting an extravagant and unpleasant revenge for her husband's death by harming Lucas.
The Rifleman The Schoolmaster (TV-G) While playing out and about, Mark and his friend find themselves trapped in an old mine without anywhere to go and frantically call out for help.
Emergency! School Days (TV-G) A trainee needs confidence; a professor's bookcase falls on him; an inattentive driver runs into an ambulance; a man gets pinned under a car at a junkyard.
Emergency! The Professor (TV-G) Johnny and Roy keep a suicidal man from jumping, deliver a baby and join a fireboat for a false alarm that turns into a dramatic rescue of a downed pilot.
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