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The Rifleman The Blowout (TV-G) Outlaw Al Walker arrives in North Fork and throws a huge party at the saloon, keeping the acting Marshal Ben Waller busy until Lucas must step in.
The Rifleman Obituary (TV-G) Reporter Byron Claremont exclusively writes about well-known gunmen and his next subject is Lucas, but he has a story responsible for a former marshal's death.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Strike Oil (TV-G) After discovering that his swamp is loaded with oil, country bumpkin Jed Clampett decides to sell his land to the O.K. Oil Company and move to Beverly Hills.
Leave It to Beaver The Parking Attendants (TV-G) Wally and Eddie get a jobs working as a parking attendants for an important social event and accidentally get Fred's car towed when they park it incorrectly.
The Brady Bunch Alice's September Song (TV-G) Alice reunites with an old flame of hers, who wants to pick up where they left off, but he then presents Alice with an investment proposal.
Gilligan's Island Two on a Raft (TV-G) Everyone aboard the S.S. Minnow is marooned on an island, so Gilligan and the Skipper sail for days on a small raft only to wash ashore on the same island.
The Rifleman Tension (TV-G) Lucas' good friend is taken prisoner by a bounty hunter, which leads to the man revealing his past deeds as a criminal to the rifleman.
The Rifleman Eddie's Daughter (TV-G) Shortly after the hotel clerk's daughter comes to North Fork, two drifters threaten her life and it is up to Lucas to protect her and get those two men.
The Beverly Hillbillies Getting Settled (TV-G) Upon arriving in California, the Clampett family notices several differences between their former place of residence and their luxurious new surroundings.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Good Deed (TV-G) Beaver offers a homeless man some water after a lecture from his father convinces him that his selfishness needs to stop, but the man takes advantage of him.
The Brady Bunch Tell It Like It Is (TV-G) Mike finds Carol writing something but she is not comfortable telling her husband what she is working on, but he eventually finds out that she is writing.
Gilligan's Island Home Sweet Hut (TV-G) The castaways construct a hut to protect them from a looming hurricane, but tensions flare as everyone copes with the strain of sharing close quarters.
The Rifleman Panic (TV-G) Brett Conway wants to take advantage of the yellow fever epidemic by blackmailing Lucas with the information that the couple he rescued has the illness.
The Rifleman Ordeal (TV-G) Mark and Lucas get stranded in the desert when their wagon gives them trouble and to make the situation more complicating, Lucas suffers an injury.
The Beverly Hillbillies Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin (TV-G) The Clampetts continue to adjust to their new lives at the mansion while Cousin Pearl tries to win the affections of Mr. Brewster back at the cabin.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver, the Caddy (TV-G) When Beaver gets a job working as a caddy, he is surprised to see cheating being done by a man he caddies for and ponders whether or not he should tell anyone.
The Brady Bunch The Wheeler-Dealer (TV-G) Greg finally gets his drivers license and he buys his first set of wheels, a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible, but the car turns out to be a lemon.
Gilligan's Island Voodoo Something to Me (TV-G) Skipper's overwhelming belief in superstitions prompt him to convince everyone that dark magic has transformed Gilligan into a chimpanzee.
The Rifleman The Spiked Rifle (TV-G) While Lucas and Mark try to protect banker Hamilton's gold, Mark becomes the victim of a kidnapping, which gives his father more to worry about.
The Rifleman Letter of the Law (TV-G) Lucas has a tough decision to make when Marshal Torrance is being held hostage and the kidnappers request the freedom of an infamous bandit for him.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale (TV-G) In preparation for his socially-conscious wife's return home, Mr. Drysdale and Jane desperately try to reform the disorderly Clampetts.
Leave It to Beaver Box Office Attraction (TV-G) Wally has feelings for the ticket girl who works at the local movie theater and with help from Eddie, finally works up the courage to ask her out.
The Brady Bunch My Sister Benedict Arnold (TV-G) Greg learns he is being replaced on the basketball team with the guy that Marcia happens to be dating and she refuses to break up with him.
Gilligan's Island Goodnight Sweet Skipper (TV-G) Skipper can only remember how to fix the damaged radio transmitter when he's dreaming, prompting everyone to encourage him to snooze as often as possible.
The Rifleman Legacy (TV-G) Lucas tries to be a good friend for the old North Fork drunkard but matters take a turn for the worse when the drunkard's son thinks he inherited Lucas' ranch.
The Rifleman The Baby Sitter (TV-G) A dance hall singer is concerned about her daughter, so she asks Lucas to take care of her to keep her whereabouts unknown from her deceitful father.
The Beverly Hillbillies Jed Buys Stock (TV-G) After a misunderstanding, Jed ends up buying a whole barnyard full of cows, pigs and chickens; Mr. Drysdale doesn't want his wife to discover the new neighbors.
Leave It to Beaver The Silent Treatment (TV-G) Beaver is upset at his mother for keeping him from going out with Eddie and Wally and decides to give her the cold shoulder while being nice to his father.
The Brady Bunch The Personality Kid (TV-G) Peter comes home early from a party, feeling rejected as only one person spoke to him that night, who told him that he was boring and lacked personality.
Gilligan's Island Wrongway Feldman (TV-G) The castaways discover they have been sharing the island with a legendary aviator and attempt to join him on his upcoming flight back to civilization.
Rawhide Incident of the Violent Land (TV-G) Mace and Gorman become drovers, but have a lot more than just cattle on their minds when Mace reveals a reward poster for $10,000 if a white girl is returned.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Barney's Bounty (TV-G) While they chase two fugitives on the run, Josh plays mediator for an old friend feuding with his son, but reconciling may be hard.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Martin Poster (TV-G) Learning Marshall Jeff Wilcox was murdered by the Martin Brothers, veteran-turned bounty hunter Josh Randall goes on a mission to serve justice.
The Rifleman The Coward (TV-G) A feuding battle develops between and aspiring writer and an arrogant trail boss, leaving Lucas in the middle to get the two to reach a compromise.
The Rifleman The Surveyors (TV-G) Lucas questions his son regarding his story about overhearing a scheme to rob the bank, leaving Mark uncomfortable to the point that he runs away from home.
Rhoda Joe (TV-G) Rhoda travels back to her hometown of New York where she meets a man who immediately sweeps her off her feet; Mary says goodbye to her friend.
Rhoda You Can Go Home Again (TV-G) After realizing that Brenda's place is a little too cramped, Rhoda moves back into her parents house where they begin to treat her like a kid again.
I Love Lucy Lucy and the Loving Cup (TV-G) Ricky expresses his disapproval of Lucy's flashy new hat, so she tries on another a "Loving Cup", but she is unable to remove it from her head.
I Love Lucy Lucy and Superman (TV-G) Little Ricky's birthday is approaching and Ricky remembers that Superman is in town, and he extends an invitation to draw children to his son's party.
The Love Boat April in Boston; Saving Grace; Breaks of Life (TV-G) April has a new image as a Spanish tutor for a boarding school headmaster; a widow meets her guardian angel; a divorced couple is surprised to see each other.
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The Rifleman Day of the Hunter (TV-G) Something sets off a well-known buffalo hunter to the point where he tries to persuade Lucas to be his challenger in a shooting match.
The Rifleman Mail Order Groom (TV-G) A man came to North Fork to marry the town's lonely old woman, but two brothers who want her land tried to prevent the marriage by threatening and injuring him.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Servants (TV-G) In an effort to improve the Clampetts' way of living, Drysdale tricks them into taking in some of his servants for a few days; Butler and maid move in.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Prep School (TV-G) Beaver decides he doesn't want to go to prep school in New England and miss his friends but doesn't know how to tell his Aunt Martha who has offered to pay.
The Brady Bunch The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses (TV-G) Mike and Carol receive distressing news about Jan, but they're all simple misunderstandings that indicate that Jan may need glasses.
Gilligan's Island President Gilligan (TV-G) The castaways decide to elect a leader, selecting the Skipper and Mr. Howell as nominees who desperately resort to deceitful tactics in an effort to win.
The Rifleman Case of Identity (TV-G) Two corrupt investigators claim that Mark is the man's long-lost son they have been searching for, which inadvertently puts Mark in serious danger.
The Rifleman The Visitor (TV-G) A young widow passes through North Fork while on her way to receive an inheritance, but problems arise when others wanting the inheritance try to kill her.
The Beverly Hillbillies Jethro Goes to School (TV-G) After reading a letter from Cousin Pearl, Jed realizes that Jethro should be enrolled in the fifth grade, so they set out to find a local school.
Leave It to Beaver Eddie's Sweater (TV-G) Wally acts as a model for Eddie's girlfriend as she knits him a sweater for his birthday, and Eddie begins to believe something fishy is going on.
The Brady Bunch The Teeter-Totter Caper (TV-G) Bobby and Cindy decide they want to prove their worth to their older siblings by attempting to break the world record for teeter-tottering.
Gilligan's Island Sound of Quacking (TV-G) A dwindling food supply has some of the castaways eyeing Gilligan's pet duck for dinner, while others want to use him as a messenger to secure their rescue.
The Rifleman The Hero (TV-G) The people of a town are not too willing to give the reward to a young stable-hand who killed a ruthless bandit, leaving that worker confused.
The Rifleman The Horsetraders (TV-G) A horse dealer arrives in the town of North Fork for a day to do business, but when one of his sold horses suffers an injury, suspicions are raised.
The Beverly Hillbillies Pygmalion and Elly (TV-G) While on a poolside date with Elly, Sonny expresses his strong feelings for her by playing Julius Caesar and Pygmalion, but she ends up pushing him in the pool.
Leave It to Beaver The Poor Loser (TV-G) Ward is worried about picking one of the boys when he receives two tickets to a baseball game, but Beaver tells him he has plans and to take Wally.
The Brady Bunch Big Little Man (TV-G) Bobby starts to become self-conscious about his height, especially after Greg saves him from an accident handling equipment that was too big for him.
Gilligan's Island Goodbye Island (TV-G) After the castaways learn of an impending high tide, the professor tries to make nails while Gilligan hopes tree sap will hold the S.S. Minnow together.
The Rifleman The Spoiler (TV-G) An elderly couple moves in to North Fork under false names to hide that their son is a killer, but the plan flops when the son visits them.
The Rifleman Heller (TV-G) Lucas stops a young girl from robbing the general store and learns that she and her brother are planning to kill their abusive father.
The Beverly Hillbillies Elly Races Jethrine (TV-G) After Jed sends her some pictures of Sonny and Elly together, Pearl makes it her duty to get her daughter Jethrine married as soon as possible.
Leave It to Beaver Summer in Alaska (TV-G) Wally and Lumpy consider joining Eddie on his summer excursion on a fishing boat in Alaska, but they change their minds when they begin to research the trip.
The Brady Bunch Dough-Re-Mi (TV-G) Greg is certain that he has written a hit song, but he cannot afford to record the song in a recording studio; Peters voice starts to change.
Gilligan's Island The Big Gold Strike (TV-G) Mr. Howell uncovers a cache of buried riches just as Ginger and Mary Ann find a discarded life raft, but everyone except Gilligan is consumed with the treasure.
The Rifleman The Grasshopper (TV-G) A prison-bound criminal, who has been found guilty of murder, kills a marshal and takes Mark hostage while on a train head toward the prison site.
The Rifleman A Time for Singing (TV-G) Mark makes the discovery that the new preacher and his wife are not who they say they are, but in reality are two-timers planning a robbery.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Great Feud (TV-G) When Sonny jilts Elly May, the Clampetts decide to start a feud, and Jed is arrested after bringing a gun inside of the Drysdale's bank.
Leave It to Beaver Wally's Practical Joke (TV-G) Eddie and Wally plan a practical joke on Lumpy after he cherry bombs their cars, but their plan backfires, leading to trouble for Wally.
The Brady Bunch Jan's Aunt Jenny (TV-G) Jan and Cindy come across a photograph of Jan that she doesn't recall taking, but they learn it is in fact a photograph of their aunt Jenny when she was young.
Gilligan's Island Waiting for Watubi (TV-G) The ever-superstitious Skipper is convinced the island has been cursed when he discovers a statue of a Tiki deity shortly before a minor earthquake strikes.
Rawhide Incident of the Winter Soldier (TV-G) Favor and Pete recommend a shortcut to Kurtz, who is traveling with the herd and his daughter; Lieutenant Whitley sends a message to wan all the ranchers.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Fatal Memory (TV-G) A veteran-turned bounty hunter seeks a U.S. Army deserter and discovers a shocking link between his target and the Army commander he served under.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Bounty (TV-G) After Josh finds evidence of a vicious bounty hunter executing an elderly fugitive, he goes on the search for the culprit, but his mission is dangerous.
The Rifleman The Deserter (TV-G) The U.S. Army comes down hard on Marshal Torrance and Lucas when they attempt to help a young wounded soldier who deserted his post.
The Rifleman The Vision (TV-G) Mark comes down with typhoid fever and after he has a vision of his dead mother, he suddenly loses any and all interest in getting well.
Rhoda I'll Be Loving You, Sometimes (TV-G) Joe throws Rhoda for a curveball when he mentions that he wants to date other people, while still carrying on their new relationship.
Rhoda Parents' Day (TV-G) Joe and Rhoda decide to introduce one another to their parents, but the plans go awry when they try to meet everyone on the same day.
I Love Lucy Lucy Raises Chickens (TV-G) The Mertzes set up a chicken farm in order to live near the Ricardos, but Ethel arrives with 500 chicks before the hen house is constructed.
I Love Lucy Lucy Does the Tango (TV-G) Chicken farming and practicing a tango for Little Ricky's school PTA meeting get the Ricardos and the Mertzes into a heated argument.
The Love Boat The Zinging Valentine; The Very Temporary Secretary; Final Score (TV-G) The enthusiastic crew and passengers aboard the Pacific Princess Cruise ship hope they will be lucky enough to find love and romance on the high seas.
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