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Saved by the Bell: The College Years A Thanksgiving Story (TV-G) The gang helps Rogers to prepare a delicious meal for underprivileged kids when all of their Thanksgiving plans begin to fall apart.
Mama's Family An Ill Wind (TV-PG) The Thanksgiving celebration is brought to a halt when the entire Harper clan becomes trapped in the basement after a tornado passes through Raytown.
Happy Days The First Thanksgiving (TV-G) The family chooses to watch football rather than helping Marion prepare Thanksgiving dinner, so she attempts to remind them of the meaning of Thanksgiving.
Cheers Ill-Gotten Gaines (TV-PG) When Woody tries to confront Mr. Gaines to keep him from running his life, he accidentally discovers some incriminating evidence on his future father in-law.
The Love Boat The Best of Friends; Too Many Dads; Love Will Find a Way (TV-G) As Thanksgiving approaches, various members of the crew are not speaking to each other; a father and his son are on the run from the boy's natural father.
The Rifleman The Apprentice Sheriff (TV-G) Dan Willard is filling in as marshal while Micah is away and comes down hard on some cowhands, but they are tired of that and want to cause trouble for him.
The Rifleman The Angry Gun (TV-G) Lucas and Mark share a stagecoach trip with a marshal and his prisoner, but trouble arises when the prisoner's gang arrives to free him and to steal everything.
Wagon Train The Dick Richardson Story (TV-G) Major Adams sends two men from the wagon train on an errand to buy horses, but he begins to worry about their safety when one horse returns without a rider.
T.J. Hooker Serial Murders (TV-PG) Hooker works with a former student on solving a string of robberies and murders, but soon realizes his old apprentice has some serious personal problems.
The Rifleman The Young Englishman (TV-G) Lucas finds himself in more trouble than he expects when he makes accusations that the foreman of a neighboring ranch rustled some of his cattle.
The Rifleman The Gaucho (TV-G) The Argentez family buys Rumson's old property and moves into North Fork, but suspicions arise when Nita Argentez's latest suitor is found murdered.
Wagon Train The Kitty Angel Story (TV-G) A woman with a questionable past begins caring for an orphan, but when the child becomes infected with smallpox, she risks being abandoned by the train.
T.J. Hooker Lag Time (TV-PG) After Stacy is disarmed by a pawn store robber, the cops search for ringleader Jack Lewis who is living with Romano's old teacher.
The Rifleman The Pet (TV-G) Ward Haskins thinks that Joe Flecker gave Lucas damaging evidence, meanwhile Doc Burrage is upset that no one will let him give his anthrax serum.
The Rifleman The Sheridan Story (TV-G) Frank Blandon is a bitter, ex-Confederate with only one good arm that Lucas hires, but Frank pulls a gun on General Sheridan when he sees him on the ranch.
Wagon Train The Flint McCullough Story (TV-G) Major Adams sends Flint to Fort Bridger ahead of the wagon train, and when he arrives, he is surprised to see that an enemy from his past is stationed there.
T.J. Hooker The Throwaway (TV-PG) Hooker and Romano's patrol car is hit by a bomb leaving one man dead; Hooker and team are searching for a criminal named Willie Donovan.
The Rifleman The Retired Gun (TV-G) A well-known gunfighter and his wife decide to settle down in North Fork, but when word of that spreads, troublemakers begin to flock to the town.
The Rifleman The Photographer (TV-G) Photographer Abel Goss recognizes Colonel Whiteside, Jamison as those who tortured him while being held captive in their prisoner of war camp.
Wagon Train The Hunter Malloy Story (TV-G) Two men planning to rob a young couple of all their money have a change of heart when they discover traces of gold along the wagon train's trail.
T.J. Hooker The Chicago Connection (TV-PG) Hooker travels to Chicago to pick up an informant, but finds himself working undercover in an effort to apprehend a high-flying heroin supplier.
The Rifleman Shivaree (TV-G) Aaron Pelser and his wagon train crowd want a couple to get married in North Fork so they can throw the couple a celebratory shivaree.
The Rifleman The Deadeye Kid (TV-G) A tough boy from Brooklyn joins two men as they travel on their wagon, but serious accusations come about after one of the men is mysteriously killed.
Wagon Train The Mary Ellen Thomas Story (TV-G) A young orphan girl joins the wagon train in order to be reunited with relatives in the west, but her negative temperament leads others to ostracize her.
T.J. Hooker Slay Ride (TV-PG) Despite going undercover as Santa Claus, Hooker finds himself having a hard time finding his Christmas spirit especially when a drug stakeout goes awry.
Rawhide Incident of the Alabaster Plain (TV-G) As a wedding gets underway, the brother of the bride, who is an outlaw, makes an unexpected appearance and causes a showdown between rivals.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Chain Gang (TV-G) Arrested by a chain gang for an unjust charge, Josh must find a way to not only escape from his captors, but also a way to prove his innocence.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Vanishing Act (TV-G) While the townspeople are being entertained by the performance of a magician who is visiting the community, the bank winds up being robbed.
The Rifleman The Indian (TV-G) The townspeople are suspicious of U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart while he searches for a group of renegade Native American suspects since he is also an Indian.
The Rifleman The Boarding House (TV-G) Sid Fallon threatens to expose Julia Massini's card-shark past if she does not let him turn her respectable boarding house into a saloon and gambling hall.
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The Honeymooners 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (TV-G) Realizing that the Christmas gift he got for Alice is nothing but junk, Ralph decides the thing to do is pawn his bowling ball to buy her something special.
The Odd Couple Scrooge Gets an Oscar (TV-G) Oscar refuses to take part in a childrens production of A Christmas Carol as the role of Scrooge, but he is visited by Felix and his poker buddies in a dream.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman A Christmas Tale - Dr. Mike's Dream (TV-G) Doubt assails Dr. Mike when a patient dies during a routine procedure, prompting a dream in which she is guided through the past, present and future.
The Love Boat And One to Grow On; Seems Like Old Times; I'll Never Forget What's Her Name (TV-G) The enthusiastic crew and passengers aboard the Pacific Princess Cruise ship hope they will be lucky enough to find love and romance on the high seas.
The Rifleman The Second Witness (TV-G) Lucas agrees to testify in a murder case even thought the first witness that was supposed to speak before him was killed prior to revealing anything.
The Rifleman The Trade (TV-G) An outlaw asks Lucas to turn him in for the reward, so he can use the money to pay for the medical care of an ill young woman with whom he's in love with.
Wagon Train The Ben Courtney Story (TV-G) The sheriff of a nearby settlement refuses to let a family move in unless they agree to give up custody of the black boy they've adopted.
T.J. Hooker Ransom (TV-PG) An ex-policeman abducts Hooker's daughter in an attempt to extract classified information on the location of his family who were moved during his prison stint.
The Rifleman One Went to Denver (TV-G) Lucas welcomes his old friend Tom Birch, who once saved his life, not knowing that he is now a bank robber who is on the run with his gang.
The Rifleman The Deadly Wait (TV-G) The infamous Dan Nowry is released from prison and immediately heads to North Fork for the sole purpose of getting revenge on the man who had him imprisoned.
Wagon Train The Ella Lindstrom Story (TV-G) Tragedy strikes a family traveling with the wagon train when a woman's husband suddenly dies, leaving her alone to care for their seven children.
T.J. Hooker Return of a Cop (TV-PG) Hooker's father, a retired police officer, makes a surprise visit to see his son and volunteers his expertise in helping to apprehend a band of robbers.
The Rifleman The Wrong Man (TV-G) Mark is eager to help lawman Jay Jefferson, who travels to North Fork intent on killing an outlaw, whether he is the right man or not.
The Rifleman The Challenge (TV-G) Lucas comes to the rescue when a group of escaped prison convicts hold up the general store in North Fork, where they manage to take Marshal Torrance hostage.
Wagon Train The Last Man (TV-G) While on a scouting mission, Flint encounters a lone survivor from a wagon train that was attacked by a tribe of American Indians.
T.J. Hooker To Kill a Cop (TV-PG) Hooker suspects the murder of a police officer was a vendetta for an old criminal case when the victim's partner is targeted by the initial murder suspect.
The Rifleman The Hawk (TV-G) Mark captures a hawk but finds danger with a rattlesnake, and when a stranger rescues him, Mark invites the man home unaware he is on the run from the law.
The Rifleman Three Legged Terror (TV-G) When a rowdy teenager destroys a schoolroom, North Fork school board member Lucas McCain asks the boy's reluctant uncle to pay for the damages.
Wagon Train The Old Man Charvanaugh Story (TV-G) While Flint is traveling with a family to their new settlement, they encounter a wandering musician who turns out to be an outlaw.
T.J. Hooker Death is a Four Letter Word (TV-PG) A police detective and uncle of a 17-year-old adult film actress who was murdered decides to take matters into his own hands when locating his niece's killers.
The Rifleman The Angry Man (TV-G) The McCains try to tolerate bitter neighbor Abel MacDonald, but cannot stand it anymore when he won't allow his injured boy to get medical treatment.
The Rifleman The Woman (TV-G) A rumor that has no facts to back it up causes North Fork's outspoken feminist schoolteacher to be attacked by a mob of angry townspeople.
Wagon Train The Annie Griffith Story (TV-G) When a woman comes across Flint's wounded body in the mountains, she tends his wounds and prepares to trade him to a tribe of American Indians.
T.J. Hooker The Assassin (TV-PG) Hooker is asked to help track down a former Vietnam comrade before he carries out his alleged plan to assassinate a visiting Russian diplomat.
Rawhide Incident with an Executioner (TV-G) As a professional gunman hunts passengers in a stagecoach, the drivers provide safety, but they encounter more trouble than anticipated from the angry gunman.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Mental Lapse (TV-G) A man suffering from amnesia turns to Josh for help in hopes the Army veteran-turned bounty hunter can jog his memory about his identity and past.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Angela (TV-G) Knowing who killed her father, a woman seeks revenge on the murderer, but he is already being sought by the bounty hunter for a string of other crimes.
The Rifleman The Money Gun (TV-G) When his boss begins to suspect him of embezzlement, bookkeeper Asa Manning hires a professional gunman to get rid of that problem.
The Rifleman A Matter of Faith (TV-G) The drought forces cowhands to work on a railroad construction project, but executives are afraid these workers will leave if they believe an old man's claim.
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