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The Big Valley The Stallion (TV-PG) After an old ranch-hand makes a mistake that nearly costs Nick his life, he decides to prove his usefulness by trying to singlehandedly capture a wild stallion.
Dragnet Juvenile DR-32 (TV-G) A child's life is in danger after two dangerous and rabid dogs bite him and the anti-rabies serum does not appear to have the desired effect.
Adam-12 The Dinosaur (TV-PG) A veteran policeman who was released from duty after being injured in a heroic act returns to the Los Angeles Police Department after an eight-year absence.
Emergency! Publicity Hound (TV-G) Johnny is jealous of the coverage Wheeler is getting from a friend at the newspaper; Johnny gets seasick as he and Roy save a man tangled in his ship's rigging.
The Big Valley The Haunted Gun (TV-PG) An old friend of the Barkleys returns to Stockton as a senator, but he suffers from paranoia when his fears of assassination cause him to distrust everyone.
Dragnet Juvenile DR-35 (TV-G) When Friday and Gannon are called upon to find the mother of an abandoned infant child, their only lead is the blanket the child was wrapped within.
Adam-12 Pick-Up (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed try their best to help a runaway teenage drug dealer; the partners conduct a rape investigation and go on a search for the suspect.
Emergency! Weird Wednesday (TV-G) After Johnny complains that the weird cases always happen on their shift, their day starts with a parachutist in a tree; a man has the hiccups and can't stop.
The Big Valley Price of Victory (TV-PG) Nick discovers that a professional boxer has been badly injured but seems determined to keep fighting, so he decides to manage the boxer in one last fight.
Dragnet Frauds DR-36 (TV-G) A local high-end department store calls the LAPD for assistance when they discover that over $100,000 is missing during a routine scheduled resources audit.
Adam-12 Citizens All (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed run into a robbery in progress and try to stop the criminals; the police officers try their best to catch two counterfeiters.
Emergency! Dilemma (TV-G) A woman has a heart attack inside a stuck elevator; Johnny is pursued by a fireman groupie; a nursing student becomes flustered around Dr. Brackett.
Rawhide Incident of the Blue Fire (TV-G) As a violent electrical storm looms, the group's superstitions cause fear to spread, and they begin to take precautions in preventing the herd from stampeding.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Bad Gun (TV-G) Unaware he purchased a defective gun, a consumer puts his life and others at risk, and Josh is hired to locate the gun owner before it is too late.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Tyrant (TV-G) After a deserter steals their horses, the Army recruits Josh to help locate them, but they are in the custody of a town's sheriff unwilling to give them back.
The Rifleman Three-Legged Terror (TV-G) When a rowdy teenager destroys a schoolroom, North Fork school board member Lucas McCain asks the boy's reluctant uncle to pay for the damages.
The Rifleman The Angry Man (TV-G) The McCains try to tolerate bitter neighbor Abel MacDonald, but cannot stand it anymore when he won't allow his injured boy to get medical treatment.
Remington Steele Steele Eligible (TV-PG) Remington is chosen as one the most eligible bachelors in Los Angeles, an honor he finds to be dangerous when all of the winners begin to be killed.
Streets of San Francisco The House on Hyde Street (TV-PG) An investigation into the disappearance and death of a young boy brings to light secrets of an old mansion and its occupant, a suspect in a 30-year-old crime.
Cannon The Sounds of Silence (TV-PG) Cannon hesitantly takes on the case of a missing bridegroom, which turns out to be more than it appears to initially be.
The Big Valley Brother Love (TV-PG) A smooth-talking preacher tries to work his loving charms on Audra, but Heath becomes suspicious and takes action to prove that he is just a con artist.
Dragnet Intelligence: DR-34 (TV-G) Friday finds himself caught up with a dangerous local militia organization when an old college friend who has ties to the militia contacts him seeking support.
Adam-12 The Parole Violator (TV-PG) Police officers Malloy and Reed join forces with a parole officer in an attempt to keep a popular basketball player and former drug addict clean.
Emergency! Hang-up (TV-G) John is irritated because a case interrupts the episode of Adam-12 he's watching; two beaten-up men come to the emergency ward and restart their fight.
The Big Valley Court Martial (TV-PG) The family gets a visit from Nick's former general, but trouble ensues when a group of ex-confederate soldiers shows up and wants to punish him for war crimes.
Dragnet Personnel - Shooting (TV-G) The LAPD detectives respond to a report of an armed robbery at a local liquor store to find that two officers are wounded on the scene.
Adam-12 Adoption (TV-PG) Malloy and Roy discover an underground adoption ring and seek to stop it for good; the police officers are sent on an intense vehicle chase.
Emergency! Crash (TV-G) Roy and John save the occupants of a private plane that crashed into a tree; a nattily dressed burglar has a heart attack in the middle of a heist.
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The Big Valley Plunder at Hawk's Grove (TV-PG) A weakened dam results in floods, and the citizens are evacuated while the newly-deputized Heath must stay behind and protect the town from a gang of looters.
Dragnet Homicide - The Student (TV-G) The LAPD detectives investigate their only suspect in a murder case, a young college student who was spotted near the scene of the crime.
Adam-12 Mary Hong Loves Tommy Chen (TV-PG) When an undercover police agent is killed by hoodlums causing mayhem in the Chinese district of Los Angeles, Malloy and Roy are assigned the case.
Emergency! Decision (TV-G) A patient's doctor berates Roy after he treats the man while his radio is down, causing Roy to consider quitting; a physician has a heart attack on the job.
The Big Valley Turn of a Card (TV-PG) While Heath travels with $5,000 intended for use on a water pump at one of the Barkley mines, a professional gambler attempts to strip him of the money.
Dragnet S.I.U.- The Ring (TV-G) After receiving an anonymous tip, Friday investigates a major jewelry heist that totals over $25,000, finding the perpetrator with the help of other officers.
Adam-12 Sub-Station (TV-PG) A frustrated actor takes a flight attendant hostage and threatens a television producer to give him an audition in exchange for the life of the stewardess.
Emergency! Kids (TV-G) Dr. Brackett suspects a boy pulled from a hole may have been abused but is discouraged from investigating; another boy gets his head trapped in a vent.
The Big Valley Showdown in Limbo (TV-PG) Heath helps transport a wanted criminal and must fight off his brother trying to free him.
Dragnet D.H.Q. Medical (TV-G) The LAPD is called in to investigate crimes committed at a local hospital emergency ward, ranging from petty thefts to reports of foul play.
Adam-12 Back-Up One L-20 (TV-PG) When Mac runs into a pedestrian with his cop car, Malloy testifies that it was an accident, but four other witnesses accuse him of reckless driving.
Emergency! Show Biz (TV-G) John is excited because he is chosen to be in a photo shoot at the station; a country doctor helps Roy and John save a man who is trapped under his tractor.
Rawhide Incident at Spanish Rock (TV-G) Rowdy and Gil come across a group of Mexican soldiers who claims that one of the hands is the son of a revolutionary leader and demand he be handed over.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Chain Gang (TV-G) Arrested by a chain gang for an unjust charge, Josh must find a way to not only escape from his captors, but also a way to prove his innocence.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Vanishing Act (TV-G) While the townspeople are being entertained by the performance of a magician who is visiting the community, the bank winds up being robbed.
The Rifleman Obituary (TV-G) Reporter Byron Claremont exclusively writes about well-known gunmen and his next subject is Lucas, but he has a story responsible for a former marshal's death.
The Rifleman Tension (TV-G) Lucas' good friend is taken prisoner by a bounty hunter, which leads to the man revealing his past deeds as a criminal to the rifleman.
Remington Steele High Flying Steele (TV-PG) Laura and Steele go undercover in a sleazy circus as a high-flying trapeze act to investigate an old "accident" that is causing things to happen present-day.
Streets of San Francisco Beyond Vengeance (TV-PG) Mike Stone is targeted by a psycho rapist who loves to torture and kill and is planning to kill Stone's daughter Jeannie as revenge for his incarceration.
Cannon The Prisoner (TV-PG) A former police officer turned worldly private investigator charges big fees from his wealthy clientele so that he can support his lavish lifestyle and appetite
The Big Valley The Lady from Mesa (TV-PG) Nick searches for the daughter of a badly injured ranch hand, and has unexpected results.
Dragnet Burglary - Mister (TV-G) The detectives begin to suspect foul play when a burglary is reported, as the victim claims that everything they own in their home is now missing.
Adam-12 The Wednesday Warrior (TV-PG) When the Los Angeles Police Department begins training local citizens to be on the lookout for crime, Malloy thinks the process is a big waste of time.
Emergency! Virus (TV-G) Johnny, Dr. Brackett and several others come down with a hard-hitting virus that is unlike any they have seen, and a patient with a pet monkey has the key.
The Big Valley Days of Grace (TV-PG) Heath is wrongfully arrested for attempted rape but gets help from a nun who used to be his girlfriend.
Dragnet Juvenile - Little Pusher (TV-G) The LAPD gets involved when an ambulance is called in to assist a 12-year old who is suffering from a potentially fatal drug overdose.
Adam-12 Dirt Duel (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are put on a case to find two motorcyclists who are notorious for stealing women's purses; Malloy gets in a motorcycle race.
Emergency! Peace Pipe (TV-G) A child is trapped inside a parked car that was hit by a drunk, and the crew uses a new device to pry it open; a scaffold rescue is complicated by sniper fire.
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