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Rawhide Incident at Jacobs Well (TV-G) After a severe drought threatens the livelihood of local farmers, they make one last attempt to preserve their livestock by taking the Drovers' horses.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Fourth Headstone (TV-G) While working a case, all of the evidence he has gathered leaves bounty hunter Josh Randall believing the culprit may have actually been framed for the crime.
Wanted: Dead or Alive 'Til Death Do Us Part (TV-G) When the bounty hunter goes on the search for an alleged murderer, he winds up uncovering new evidence that may prove the homicide victim is actually alive.
The Rifleman The Sharpshooter (TV-G) A gifted marksman and his son arrive in North Fork, N.M. to start a new life, and come across a ranch they really like, which is for sale.
The Rifleman Home Ranch (TV-G) Two hired hands of a wealthy cattleman demand that Lucas move out and when he refuses, he is beaten and dragged while the ranch house gets burned down.
Diff'rent Strokes The Boyfriend (TV-PG) When Mr. Drummond forbids Kimberly to move in with her boyfriend, she plans to do it anyway while telling everyone she's moving in with her girlfriend instead.
Diff'rent Strokes A Haunting We Will Go (TV-PG) Arnold and his stepbrother Sam go exploring in an abandoned house that is said to be haunted and encounter a ghost who is full of surprises.
Mama's Family A Blast from the Past (TV-PG) Mama is hesitant about attending her junior high school reunion because of an unflattering rumor that has persisted about her since her junior high days.
Mama's Family Mama Fights Back (TV-PG) Mama is offered a job as a radio consumer advocate after verbally blasting the current advocate when he gives her useless and unhelpful advice.
The Love Boat The Understudy; Married Singles; Lost and Found (TV-G) A young boy forms an unlikely bond with a couple still grieving the death of their son; a trainee comes up with a plan to steal Julie's job.
The Rifleman End of a Young Gun (TV-G) Lucas is forced to take in Will Fulton, a young bank robber, who was injured while saving Mark's life; Fulton decides he wants to change.
The Rifleman The Marshal (TV-G) Lucas hires a once famous lawman-turned-drunkard named Micah Torrance, who is nursing an arm injured in a gunfight, to help out at the ranch.
Wagon Train The Rodney Lawrence Story (TV-G) When the wagon train encounters a band of American Indians, the passengers meet a young white man who has been living with them since he was a small child.
Charlie's Angels Hellride (TV-PG) Sabrina goes undercover as a race car driver in hopes of understanding why a female driver lost control of her car and died in a flaming wreck.
The Rifleman The Brother-In-Law (TV-G) Lucas is conflicted when his late wife's brother, Johnny, shows up in town looking for sanctuary after having robbed an Express Office.
The Rifleman Eight Hours to Die (TV-G) Judge Burton seeks revenge against the man who caught his son committing a crime, the judge who sentenced his son and the hangman who hung him.
Wagon Train The Steele Family Story (TV-G) As the wagon train continues its journey west, Major Adams is approached by a mother hoping to find good husbands for her four grown daughters.
Charlie's Angels The Mexican Connection (TV-PG) Charlie asks the girls to find a charter plane carrying a cache of heroin from Mexico and find themselves caught between rival drug dealers.
The Rifleman Duel of Honor (TV-G) Town bully Groder mocks an Italian Count because of his clothes in North Fork, leading the Count to challenge Groder to a duel with Lucas as his second.
The Rifleman The Safe Guard (TV-G) A reformed outlaw arrives in North Fork to start a new life as a bank security guard but problems arise when three men wanting to rob the bank are old friends.
Wagon Train The Jenny Tannen Story (TV-G) A young passenger traveling to San Francisco to look for her mother is injured in a freak accident threatens to rob her of her sight.
Charlie's Angels Night of the Strangler (TV-PG) The angels' hunt for a serial killer place them in danger as they date the three most likely suspects in hopes of discovering the killer.
The Rifleman The Sister (TV-G) When Rebecca Snipe returns, Mark decides to play matchmaker to bring his father and her together, but the Snipe brothers think Lucas is behind that plan.
The Rifleman New Orleans Menace (TV-G) A wealthy Frenchman wants to buy the McCain ranch but Lucas will not sell it, so he plays on the Frenchman's workers' longing for freedom to keep his ranch.
Wagon Train The Stagecoach Story (TV-G) Major Adams, Bills Hawks and Chuck Wooster are surprised, and a little upset, to learn that Flint will be driving them on their stagecoach ride to St. Louis.
Charlie's Angels Angels in Chains (TV-PG) Sabrina and Kelly deliberately get arrested for speeding in a small town run by corrupt officials in an attempt to discover what happened to a missing girl.
The Rifleman The Apprentice Sheriff (TV-G) Dan Willard is filling in as marshal while Micah is away and comes down hard on some cowhands, but they are tired of that and want to cause trouble for him.
The Rifleman The Angry Gun (TV-G) Lucas and Mark share a stagecoach trip with a marshal and his prisoner, but trouble arises when the prisoner's gang arrives to free him and to steal everything.
Wagon Train The Greenhorn Story (TV-G) Major Adams is after first amused by the inexperience Easterner who has joined the wagon train, but his patience quickly evaporates.
Charlie's Angels Target: Angels (TV-PG) The angels unwittingly place Charlie in danger when they flee to his private compound in an attempt to escape assassination attempts.
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Rawhide Incident of the Thirteenth Man (TV-G) Wishbone and Rowdy are jurors in a murder case that was supposed to have been fixed, but the two have a difference of opinion that could be deadly.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Favor (TV-G) After a suspected murderer is apprehended, Josh must transport him to the authorities for a trial, but escorting the killer proves more dangerous than expected.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Ricochet (TV-G) A woman turns to Josh to track down her missing husband, but Josh is unaware of her plan to kill the man once he has been returned to her.
The Rifleman The Young Englishman (TV-G) Lucas finds himself in more trouble than he expects when he makes accusations that the foreman of a neighboring ranch rustled some of his cattle.
The Rifleman The Gaucho (TV-G) The Argentez family buys Rumson's old property and moves into North Fork, but suspicions arise when Nita Argentez's latest suitor is found murdered.
Gilligan's Island Two on a Raft (TV-G) Everyone aboard the S.S. Minnow is marooned on an island, so Gilligan and the Skipper sail for days on a small raft only to wash ashore on the same island.
Gilligan's Island Home Sweet Hut (TV-G) The castaways construct a hut to protect them from a looming hurricane, but tensions flare as everyone copes with the strain of sharing close quarters.
Mama's Family Mama Takes a Dive (TV-PG) Mama is turned down for the bank loan she needs for the purchase of a new furnace, but she slips on a roll of pennies and is convinced to sue the bank.
Mama's Family The Big Nap (TV-PG) Mama is addicted to watching detective films, and when Iola's mother goes missing, Mama dreams she is a private investigator working on the case.
The Jeffersons George's Skeleton (TV-G) An old friend of George's begins blackmailing him after he learns of George's recent business success; Lousie assists Mr. Bentley with plant and bird watching.
The Jeffersons Lionel Cries Uncle (TV-G) George and Lionel call Louise's Uncle Ward an "Uncle Tom" because he works as a butler; Lionel is kicked out of school for flashing half a peace sign.
The Rifleman The Pet (TV-G) Ward Haskins thinks that Joe Flecker gave Lucas damaging evidence, meanwhile Doc Burrage is upset that no one will let him give his anthrax serum.
The Rifleman The Sheridan Story (TV-G) Frank Blandon is a bitter, ex-Confederate with only one good arm that Lucas hires, but Frank pulls a gun on General Sheridan when he sees him on the ranch.
Wagon Train The Estaban Zamora Story (TV-G) When an immigrant traveling with the wagon train learns that his youngest son has been murdered, he vows to find the killer and get revenge.
Charlie's Angels The Killing Kind (TV-PG) The angels disguise themselves to infiltrate an exclusive hotel-resort with a dark underbelly to discover the circumstances behind a reporter's death.
The Rifleman The Retired Gun (TV-G) A well-known gunfighter and his wife decide to settle down in North Fork, but when word of that spreads, troublemakers begin to flock to the town.
The Rifleman The Photographer (TV-G) Photographer Abel Goss recognizes Colonel Whiteside, Jamison as those who tortured him while being held captive in their prisoner of war camp.
Wagon Train The Elizabeth Mcqueeny Story (TV-G) Twelve young women are regarded suspiciously by the other women in the train, until they prove their worthy by nursing victims of spotted fever back to health.
Charlie's Angels To Kill an Angel (TV-PG) The Angels must find a little boy who witnessed a heinous crime on a joyful outing to an amusement park before the dangerous criminals get to him.
The Rifleman Shivaree (TV-G) Aaron Pelser and his wagon train crowd want a couple to get married in North Fork so they can throw the couple a celebratory shivaree.
The Rifleman The Deadeye Kid (TV-G) A tough boy from Brooklyn joins two men as they travel on their wagon, but serious accusations come about after one of the men is mysteriously killed.
Wagon Train The Martha Barham Story (TV-G) When Flint McCullough arrives at an Army post with a friend from the Souix tribe, the commander's daughter accuses him of being a traitor.
Charlie's Angels Lady Killer (TV-PG) Jill goes undercover as a centerfold model in the ultra competitive world of Feline Magazine in hopes of outing the murderer of two previous models.
The Rifleman The Indian (TV-G) The townspeople are suspicious of U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart while he searches for a group of renegade Native American suspects since he is also an Indian.
The Rifleman The Boarding House (TV-G) Sid Fallon threatens to expose Julia Massini's card-shark past if she does not let him turn her respectable boarding house into a saloon and gambling hall.
Wagon Train The Cappy Darrin Story (TV-G) An elderly river boat captain and his grandson, who have recently joined the wagon train, depart to finish the rest of their journey alone.
Charlie's Angels Bulls Eye (TV-PG) The Angels go undercover at an army base to investigate the death of a recruit but instead stumble upon a drug ring operated by corrupt officers.
The Rifleman The Second Witness (TV-G) Lucas agrees to testify in a murder case even thought the first witness that was supposed to speak before him was killed prior to revealing anything.
The Rifleman The Trade (TV-G) An outlaw asks Lucas to turn him in for the reward, so he can use the money to pay for the medical care of an ill young woman with whom he's in love with.
Wagon Train The Felizia Kingdom Story (TV-G) Major Adams sends Flint out to a woman's ranch to get permission for the train to cross her land, but when he arrives, he's held as a prisoner in her home.
Charlie's Angels Consenting Adults (TV-PG) The Angels fight to save a luckless antiques dealer who was kidnapped by angry crime boss looking to get his smuggled diamonds back.
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