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Mama's Family Mama's Cousin (TV-PG) Mama is annoyed when her worldly and sophisticated cousin comes for a visit, causing Mama to feel insecure and question her own accomplishments.
Mama's Family Mama with the Golden Arm (TV-PG) After defeating a tough biker during an arm wrestling contest, Mama competes in the senior's division and goes into training for her upcoming match.
I Love Lucy Lucy Fakes Illness (TV-G) Lucy has finally found that faking sick would be the perfect way to get into show business after Ricky has shot down every other attempt that she has made.
The Lucy Show Lucy Gets Locked in the Vault (TV-G) Lucy is forced to cut corners after she attempts to withdraw money from the trust left to her by her late husband, but is denied by her new banker, Mr. Mooney.
The Love Boat How Do I Love Thee?; No More Alimony; Authoress! Authoress! (TV-G) Capt. Stubing's hometown friend and her hot-tempered husband come aboard; a man tries to get his ex-wife to marry her fiancé so he can stop paying alimony.
The Rifleman Strange Town (TV-G) Lucas goes after an escaped convict and follows him to a town where the outlaw's brother, known for shooting people in the back, is in charge.
The Rifleman Baranca (TV-G) An outlaw tricks Marshal Torrance in to leaving town, so he can harm the local man who killed one of the members of the outlaw's gang.
Wagon Train The John Cameron Story (TV-G) An ex-banker and his flirtatious wife join the wagon train, hoping that a new life in another place will help their unhappy marriage.
T.J. Hooker Lady in Blue (TV-PG) When a female officer is seriously wounded, Hooker holds himself to blame and sets to work hunting down the gun-runners who shot her.
The Rifleman The Martinet (TV-G) Lucas found himself in a gunfight many years ago and shot a man to death, causing the dead man's father, a former army captain, to look for and kill Lucas.
The Rifleman Miss Milly (TV-G) The townspeople become angry and upset at a new store owner who demands that every single credit account must be paid in full immediately.
Wagon Train The Ruth Owens Story (TV-G) When a young man who is looking for his sister kills a man for making an insulting remark, he finds himself the target of an angry mob.
T.J. Hooker The Return (TV-PG) Hooker returns to the narcotics underworld in order to find the one-handed killer who murdered his old partner five years ago.
The Rifleman Dead Cold Cash (TV-G) After Lucas killed an outlaw, his widow spends years plotting an extravagant and unpleasant revenge for her husband's death by harming Lucas.
The Rifleman The Schoolmaster (TV-G) While playing out and about, Mark and his friend find themselves trapped in an old mine without anywhere to go and frantically call out for help.
Wagon Train The Les Rand Story (TV-G) Flint and a recently released criminal both ride into the same town looking for the doctor, but the criminal's motivation for finding him is far from innocent.
T.J. Hooker Carnal Express (TV-PG) After a former drug addict is kidnapped, Stacy goes undercover as an exotic dancer to track down a slavery ring that deals in attractive young women.
The Rifleman The Promoter (TV-G) After crossing paths with an ex-convict, Lucas and Mark make it their mission to reform him into a law-abiding and productive citizen.
The Rifleman The Illustrator (TV-G) After a drunken artist is mistakenly charged with murder, Lucas encourages the man to use his artistic abilities to identify the actual killer.
Wagon Train The Nels Stack Story (TV-G) When a quiet and reserved traveler refuses to fight back against an American Indian attack, he is branded a coward by those around him.
T.J. Hooker Chinatown (TV-PG) Hooker responds to a shooting at a cock-fight and finds a link to his past that drudges up old loves, false deaths and new enemies.
The Rifleman The Silent Knife (TV-G) When a young mute who has been picked on in life becomes fed up, he resorts to crime and that is when Lucas and Mark try to convince him to return stolen money.
The Rifleman Miss Bertie (TV-G) An outgoing and lively old lady comes to North Fork to track down and capture an infamous outlaw to get the reward money for getting him.
Wagon Train The Emily Rossiter Story (TV-G) When a body is found robbed of its money and a California land deed, but Flint suspects otherwise and follows the evidence to a small settlement.
T.J. Hooker The Cheerleader Murder (TV-PG) Hooker and the crew uncover a diabolical operation that gets underage girls hooked on cocaine and forces them to perform in porn movies to feed their addiction.
Rawhide Incident of the Vasquez Woman (TV-G) The cattlemen become caught up in the midst of a revolution's struggle for control over the Mexican government, but the takeover is not going well.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Conquerors (TV-G) After learning that his own son has decided to leave home in order to join a gang of outlaws, a concerned banker decides to commission Josh's expertise.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Amos Carter (TV-G) The ongoing rivalry between two families finally boils over into a heated feud, sparking dangerous consequences for both of the clans.
The Rifleman Six Years --- and a Day (TV-G) A doctor spends years plotting his revenge on the man he solely blames for ruining his practice, eventually causing it to close down.
The Rifleman Flowers by the Door (TV-G) A murder spree breaks out and eventually Lucas discovers the identity of the killer who has been posing as a door-to-door seed salesman.
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Mama's Family Zirconias Are a Girl's Best Friend (TV-PG) Mama discovers TV home shopping and quickly becomes addicted, and it is up to the family to get Mama to break her obsession before going into debt.
Mama's Family The Key to the Crime (TV-PG) A string of burglaries has occurred all over Raytown, and when Vint is accused of being the culprit, Mama and Iola must track down the real criminal.
I Love Lucy Lucy and John Wayne (TV-G) Lucy is seen trying to collect a cement block containing John Wayne's footprints on it, so Ricky must replace the block to keep her out of jail.
The Lucy Show Lucy Plays Florence Nightingale (TV-G) Lucy needs to pay for Chris's formal dress, so she disguises herself as a volunteer hospital worker in order to get a signed check from an ailing Mr. Mooney.
The Love Boat The Last Case; Looking for Mr. Wilson; Love on Strike (TV-G) A detective and his secretary investigate a missing person's case; a happily engaged couple enjoys time together but are harassed by his rejected fiancée.
The Rifleman The Long Trek (TV-G) Lucas and Marshal Torrance find themselves in a lot of trouble while transferring a captured and alleged killer back to town for his trial.
The Rifleman The Actress (TV-G) Lucas travels to a neighboring town to fulfill his old friend's deathbed request of finding his long-lost sweetheart and reuniting before he passes.
Wagon Train The Charles Avery Story (TV-G) Major Adams asks to Flint to travel with a Union Army officer and an American Indian chief's daughter to ensure that a peace treaty is delivered successfully.
T.J. Hooker The Shadow of Truth (TV-PG) While dining in a restaurant with Lisa, Hooker's meal is interrupted by a shooting he later learns was directed at his lovely date.
The Rifleman Face of Yesterday (TV-G) Lucas is spooked and thinks he sees a ghost when a young man, who looks just like a man he killed in the Civil War, demands a showdown.
The Rifleman Closer Than a Brother (TV-G) Lucas does not know what to do when Micah Torrance turns in his badge and goes back to his old alcoholic mannerisms by drinking heavily.
Wagon Train The Mary Halstead Story (TV-G) A woman with a terminal illness joins the wagon train, hoping that she will be able to find the son she abandoned years ago when she was young.
T.J. Hooker Walk a Strait Line (TV-PG) Hooker suspects a veteran police officer's heavy drinking was the reason behind a failed stake-out and that the man's actions are threatening everyone's lives.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story, Part I (TV-G) Lucas works as a federal undercover agent to investigate rumors in Wyoming about weapons sales to rebellious American Indians, but his life gets put in danger.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story, Part II (TV-G) Mark travels to Wyoming to find Lucas, who is working as a federal undercover agent closely following a gang selling arms to rebellious American Indians.
Wagon Train The Zeke Thomas Story (TV-G) Greedy town members want to charge the train for using their water supply; a member of the wagon train encounters someone he thought was dead.
T.J. Hooker A Child is Missing (TV-PG) In an act of spite, a diamond thief and his partner abduct his ex-wife's son and it's up to Hooker and an eccentric detective to track down the missing child.
The Rifleman The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town (TV-G) Lucas, Mark and Marshal Torrance explore a nearby ghost town, where they meet the Newman family and learn the secret about the mystery of a lost gold mine.
The Rifleman Dark Day at North Fork (TV-G) Lucas is left blinded from an explosion and must fight his depressed mood in order to prepare for a meeting with an impressive gun-wielding enemy.
Wagon Train The Riley Gratton Story (TV-G) A con man swindles several travelers out of their money before making a quick escape, leading Major Adams on a mission to retrieve the stolen money.
T.J. Hooker The Trial (TV-PG) Hooker and Romano work a robbery call in which an officer is shot, while a colleague who failed to back them up asks Hooker to support her during an inquiry.
The Rifleman The Prisoner (TV-G) At one point in time, Lucas was a prison guard in a prison which held ex-Confederate soldiers and now two of those officers seek their revenge against him.
The Rifleman Assault (TV-G) A salesman who nearly hurts someone is unable to talk his way out of an assault charge, even though his silver tongue tries everything to do so.
Wagon Train The Clara Beauchamp Story (TV-G) A peace agreement between a cavalry troop, the wagon train and a tribe of American Indians is endangered by a Colonel's vindictive wife.
T.J. Hooker Matter of Passion (TV-PG) Hooker investigates the body of a young woman found in the surf and becomes personally involved with finding the killer responsible for her death.
Rawhide Incident of the Clash at Broken Bluff (TV-G) The drovers are allowed to vote in a local election, but the imbalance between the political candidates creates civil unrest for the community.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Montana Kid (TV-G) Josh gets help from an unlikely source, who is an expert at card-playing, which is what the bounty hunter needs in order to catch a known card-shark.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Healing Woman (TV-G) A father makes the fateful decision to take his sickly child out of the hospital and to a self-proclaimed healer, putting his boy's recovery at risk.
The Rifleman Short Rope for a Tall Man (TV-G) Lucas fights an uphill battle as he does his best to clear his name before an angry lynch mob gets to him and makes him suffer for stealing a horse.
The Rifleman The Clarence Bibs Story (TV-G) A janitor decides to make a career change and goes into gunfighting, and soon becomes a very successful gunfighter thanks to his one lucky shot.
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