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The Rifleman Guilty Conscience (TV-G) Micah and the rest of the townspeople are caught by surprise when newcomer Leota Carraway says he is her long-lost husband and father of her child.
The Rifleman Day of Reckoning (TV-G) Lucas does not know which side of the law he is on when he meets the town's new preacher, who is a former outlaw the rifleman once vowed to kill.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Are Overdrawn (TV-G) Jed advises the family that they should all go out and get jobs when he receives a bank statement in the mail saying the family owes 36 dollars.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver Plays Hooky (TV-G) Larry and Beaver decide to skip school after finding themselves tardy for the third time in one week, but get caught on the set of a live TV show.
The Brady Bunch Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (TV-G) Alice feels like she is no longer wanted around at the Brady household and comes up with a lie about visiting a sick relative in Seattle so she may leave.
Gilligan's Island The Sweepstakes (TV-G) Gilligan claims to have the winning ticket in a million-dollar sweepstakes; the Howells open an exclusive country club and deny fellow castaways membership.
Rawhide Incident Below the Brazos (TV-G) Lightning causes the herd to stampede and a farmer is accidentally killed in the ensuing chaos; a group of farmers come looking for revenge.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Monster (TV-G) An elephant trainer must be stopped after using the massive beast to scare the townspeople away so that he can rob the local bank while they are gone.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Rawhide Breed (TV-G) Bounty hunter Josh Randall and his newly captured prisoner are caught off guard when their stage is suddenly attacked, forcing them to fight for their lives.
The Rifleman The Vaqueros (TV-G) An outlaw comes to North Fork wanting to stir trouble for several reasons and he does so by keeping Lucas and Mark imprisoned against their will.
The Rifleman Milly's Brother (TV-G) A Civil War veteran returns home to North Fork with stories about heroism and with news about what happened to Milly's brother during the war.
Rhoda Along Comes Mary (TV-G) Mary comes to visit unexpectedly, throwing a kink in Joe's family plans to vacation on Cape Cod; Rhoda entertains her old friend.
Rhoda Kiss Your Epaulets Goodbye (TV-G) Rhoda complains about Carlton slacking off on the job after their apartment is robbed, causing his job to come into question.
I Love Lucy Ricky Thinks He Is Going Bald (TV-G) Ricky is overcome with the fear that he is losing his hair, so Lucy thinks it is up to her to cheer him up and decides to host a "bald people's party."
I Love Lucy Ricky Asks for a Raise (TV-G) Ricky's raise request is turned down by his boss, and Lucy takes matters into her own hands to prove how great of an actor Ricky is.
The Love Boat: The Secret Life of Burl Smith
The Rifleman Outlaw's Shoes (TV-G) Lucas does not know what is going on after a blow to his head erases his memory, and the only clue he has is that he is wearing an outlaw's gun.
The Rifleman The Executioner (TV-G) Lucas finds himself caught in the middle of an intruder's battle, when brutal and savage bandits drag him into their chaotic fight.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Go Hollywood (TV-G) With Jake and Opal's help, Jethro and Elly prepare to enter the movie business; Jethro begins to act like Marlon Brando while Elly is renamed Venus Adore.
Leave It to Beaver Wally's Pug Nose (TV-G) Wally becomes self-conscious after the new girl tells him he has a pug nose and buys a device that is supposed to give the buyer a strong Roman nose.
The Brady Bunch Sorry, Right Number (TV-G) Mike gets frustrated that he can't get time on the phone for himself with nine people in the house, so he starts a second phone line, which makes matters worse.
Gilligan's Island Quick Before It Sinks (TV-G) The castaways decide to build an ark for escape when the Professor's findings indicate the island is rapidly becoming immersed in the ocean.
The Rifleman Waste, Part I (TV-G) While Marshal Torrance is on his way back home from a cattle sale with Lucas and Mark, he disappears and they find him in a nearby Mexican ghost town.
The Rifleman Waste, Part II (TV-G) Lucas and Mark attempt to rescue Marshal Torrance from the outlaws holding him while their guard is down after Alphonso's wife gives birth.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Garden Party (TV-G) The Clampetts think they've been expressly invited to Mrs. Drysdale's garden party, and wreak havoc while there, including Granny shooting an alligator.
Leave It to Beaver The Tooth (TV-G) Beaver's scared to go to the dentist after his friends tell him their dental horror stories.
The Brady Bunch Every Boy Does It Once (TV-G) The family watches "Cinderella" on television and Bobby starts to be afraid of stepmothers, especially after Carol asks him to sweep out the fireplace.
Gilligan's Island Castaways Pictures Presents (TV-G) The castaways produce a silent film using old equipment that washes ashore from a sunken ship and make plans to use it to notify the mainland.
The Rifleman Lou Mallory (TV-PG) The townspeople of North Fork are very suspicious of the red-headed newcomer Lou Mallory as she buys all the property available in the town.
The Rifleman Quiet Night, Deadly Night (TV-G) A new girl arrives in North Fork and does not get a warm welcome because she has all the symptoms of smallpox, causing the townspeople to prepare for the worse.
The Beverly Hillbillies Elly Needs a Maw (TV-G) Mr. Drysdale attempts to match Jed and Mrs. Fenwick after Jed mentions wanting to find a mother for Elly May; several misunderstandings get in the way.
Leave It to Beaver The Haunted House (TV-G) Larry and Beaver think their neighbor's house is haunted and Beaver finds himself in the midst of his fear when he has to walk the neighbor's dog.
The Brady Bunch Vote for Brady (TV-G) Both Greg and Marcia announce that they are running for student body president, and their siblings take sides as the kids prepare for their campaign.
Gilligan's Island Agonized Labor (TV-G) The castaways try to familiarize the Howells with the concept of "real work" after hearing a radio report that says the millionaire has lost his entire fortune.
The Rifleman Death Never Rides Alone (TV-G) A gunman rides into the town of North Fork with one thing on his mind, and that is to meet Lucas in a gunfight so he can shoot him.
The Rifleman I Take This Woman (TV-G) Although her dying father arranged for her to marry a man, Lou does not want to and looks for a way out when that man comes into the town of North Fork.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Get Culture (TV-G) In order to make the Clampetts feel more comfortable and stay in California he has an Italian suit made for Jed and gets Granny into a bridge game.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver and Gilbert (TV-G) Beaver befriends the son of the new neighbors, the Gates, but Ward and June are weary after Beaver comes home with crazy stories that the boy tells him.
The Brady Bunch Is There a Doctor in the House (TV-G) All six of the kids contract a case of the Measles at the same time, which causes problems when Carol calls in the girls' pediatrician while Mike calls his.
Gilligan's Island Nyet Nyet - Not Yet (TV-G) Two Russian space explorers crash land on the island, but their offer to rescue the castaways comes at a high price: imprisonment.
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The Rifleman The Assailants (TV-G) Four gunmen disguised as cavalrymen come to the town of North Fork with the intention of assassinating Sen. Jim Borden with a deadly machine gun.
The Rifleman Mark's Rifle (TV-G) The well-known sharpshooter Marty Blair says he means no harm when he does his best to persuade Lucas to buy a rifle for his son Mark.
The Beverly Hillbillies A Man for Elly (TV-G) Granny decides the television star she sees on a western show is the perfect man for Elly and has Mr. Drysdale set up a meeting, but she's disappointed by him.
Leave It to Beaver A Horse Named Nick (TV-G) In order to make extra money, Beaver and Wally start working at the local circus, but instead of being paid in cash, they end up with a horse as a paycheck.
The Brady Bunch Father of the Year (TV-G) Marcia learns of a Father of the Year contest in the newspaper and decides to enter her new father, Mike, into the contest, and had to sneak around to do so.
Gilligan's Island Hi-Fi Gilligan (TV-G) An accidental hit from the Skipper causes Gilligan's loosened tooth filling to begin receiving radio waves which comes in handy when a storm nears the island.
Rawhide Incident of the Spanish Camp (TV-G) A group of men pursue an old Spanish treasure and are refusing to let the cattle drive come through the area of their diggings even if the herd needs the water.
Wanted: Dead or Alive A Drop to Drink (TV-G) A pony express business turns to bounty hunter Josh Randall for his assistance in investigating the mysterious murder of their rider and a stolen ring.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Rope Law (TV-G) Due to circumstantial evidence on murdering his stepdaughter, the fugitive a bounty hunter seeks may be hanged if Josh turns him over to the authorities.
The Rifleman The Most Amazing Man (TV-G) For some reason the man known for his quick-draw, Wade Randall, seems nervous about showing his skill after the townspeople expect to see it.
The Rifleman Squeeze Play (TV-G) A speculator comes to the town of North Fork with one thing on his mind, which is to take Lucas' land and will do everything he can to get it.
Rhoda Rhoda Meets the Ex-Wife (TV-G) Rhoda gets an unexpected chance to meet Joe's ex-wife, which causes her to become insecure; Ida must help out her daughter after a long night.
Rhoda Ida's Doctor (TV-G) Ida considers starting an extra marital affair after she continues to visit his office despite being healthy; Ida finds herself attracted to her doctor.
I Love Lucy Vacation from Marriage (TV-G) The Ricardos and the Mertzes "take a week off" from their marriages, but each person realizes that they are much better off with their spouse.
I Love Lucy The Courtroom (TV-G) The Ricardos present the Mertzes a new TV for their wedding anniversary, but Ricky's rigorous tuning causes it to be destroyed.; Fred retaliates.
The Love Boat: The Caller (TV-PG)
The Rifleman Gun Shy (TV-G) Mark is filled with an unbearable amount of guilt and comes to the conclusion that he is the only one left to blame for a friend's accidental death.
The Rifleman The Anvil Chorus (TV-G) A blacksmith becomes a deputy and his first act of duty is demand all the townspeople turn in their weapons, setting up for something terrible to happen.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Giant Jack Rabbit (TV-G) After a kangaroo is delivered to the Drysdales, Granny goes on a hunt thinking it is a huge jackrabbit; Jed doesn't believe her when she tells him about it.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver Says Goodbye (TV-G) Beaver begins spreading the word that he's moving when Ward makes an offer on a house, and they throw him a going away party.
The Brady Bunch The Big Sprain (TV-G) Carol leaves town to visit a sick relative and Alice is left in charge of looking after the kids in the Brady home, but she sprains her ankle after tripping.
Gilligan's Island The Chain of Command (TV-G) After the Skipper narrowly avoids death, he wonders how the castaways would fare in his absence and sets about training Gilligan to take his place.
The Rifleman Conflict (TV-G) Everyone in the town feels that a shot Lucas missed was an easy shot and because of that miss his self-confidence goes down as he doubts his abilities.
The Rifleman Incident at Line Shack Six (TV-G) An Apache man finds himself at the wrong place, at the wrong time because a railroad gang leader has intentions of framing him for the gang's crime.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Girl from Home (TV-G) The father of one of Jethro's former flames arrives in town to convince Jethro to marry her despite her boyfriend back home and his objections.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Sweater (TV-G) Beaver really likes his "Eskimo" sweater until he sees that Judy is wearing the same sweater to school.
The Brady Bunch Brace Yourself (TV-G) Marcia is upset that she has to get braces, which she feels makes her ugly, and matters are made worse when her boyfriend Alan cancels on their upcoming date.
Gilligan's Island Don't Bug the Mosquitoes (TV-G) Four band members arrive on the island to avoid their eager fans, prompting the castaways to form their own groups as incentive to be returned to the mainland.
The Rifleman Suspicion (TV-G) A drifter traveling through the town of North Fork finds himself at the wrong place, at the wrong time as he is being charged for a series of murders.
The Rifleman The Sidewinder (TV-G) Gridley Mau is determined to seek revenge as he plots to gun down Lucas, who killed his father when he attempted to commit a robbery.
The Beverly Hillbillies Lafe Lingers On (TV-G) Lafe Crick attempts to get a job at the bank in order to get some of Jed's money; Granny doesn't trust the visitor and promises to keep her eyes on him.
Leave It to Beaver Dance Contest (TV-G) Mary Ellen and Wally enter the Cha-Cha contest and Wally is too afraid to tell her that he can't dance.
The Brady Bunch The Hero (TV-G) At the toy store, Peter saves the life of a young girl by pushing her out of the way of a wall that is about to fall, which results in much media attention.
Gilligan's Island Gilligan Gets Bugged (TV-G) A weird insect bites Gilligan and the ever-paranoid Skipper predicts his pal's death will occur within the next 24 hours unless the Professor can save the day.
The Rifleman The Sixteenth Cousin (TV-G) While in North Fork, a Japanese nobleman and his servant go around town but things turn sour when the nobleman seeks revenge after his servant is insulted.
The Rifleman Hostages to Fortune (TV-G) It is during Halloween that bandits take advantage and use the holiday festivity disguises to hide their identities while they raid a cattle ranch.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Race for Queen (TV-G) Both Elly May and Granny end up in the same beauty pageant, but once Granny learns what it's really about she drops out, and Jane helps Elly May prepare.
Leave It to Beaver The Cookie Fund (TV-G) Roger Delacy talks Beaver and Larry into loaning him money from the cookie fund then denies the debt.
The Brady Bunch The Possible Dream (TV-G) Marcia is upset with Cindy, who accidentally gives Marcias diary away to a book collection, thus shattering Marcias sense of security.
Gilligan's Island Mine Hero (TV-G) Gilligan accidentally activates an explosive device that he found during his fishing trip and hurries to find a secure location to detonate it.
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