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The Rifleman None So Blind (TV-G) Mark becomes friends with a singer and banjo player named Lafayette Bly, who is blind but has a keen sense of hearing and a strong grip.
The Rifleman Jealous Man (TV-G) A new neighbor moves into North Fork, which causes Lucas to worry that he may cause trouble in the area because of his bad temper and severe jealousy.
Adam-12 The Beast (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are given a temporary police cruiser that continually breaks down on duty; the partners butt heads with a beautiful car theft.
Adam-12 Killing Ground (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed pull over a car to make a routine traffic stop, but inside the vehicle are two armed criminals who turn on the cops and take them hostage.
Emergency! Understanding (TV-G) When a man at a bank robbery has heart problems, the robber allows Roy and John in and takes them hostage as well; a diabetic forgets his insulin shots.
The Rifleman Guilty Conscience (TV-G) Micah and the rest of the townspeople are caught by surprise when newcomer Leota Carraway says he is her long-lost husband and father of her child.
The Rifleman Day of Reckoning (TV-G) Lucas does not know which side of the law he is on when he meets the town's new preacher, who is a former outlaw the rifleman once vowed to kill.
Adam-12 Night Watch (TV-PG) On a peaceful side of the city, Malloy and Reed are forced to deal with multiple robberies, a group of car strippers, a shootout and a relentless car salesman.
Adam-12 Suspended (TV-PG) While chasing a criminal, Reed accidentally calls in the wrong license plate number, and the police arrest the wrong person; Reed is suspended.
Emergency! Computer Error (TV-G) Johnny tries to fix a credit card mistake; Roy and John break into a safe to free an inept magician; explosions make a rescue in a flaming junkyard deadly.
The Rifleman The Day the Town Slept (TV-G) The smooth-talking criminal Ben Judson talks his way into the vacant marshal's job, which causes North Fork to become a paradise for outlaws.
The Rifleman Milly's Brother (TV-G) A Civil War veteran returns home to North Fork with stories about heroism and with news about what happened to Milly's brother during the war.
Adam-12 Christmas (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy are forced to spend the Christmas holiday patrolling; Reed decides that he wants to deliver a Christmas tree to a Senior Citizen's home.
Adam-12 Log 122 (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy go on a search for a stolen vehicle containing Christmas toys; the officers travel around the city delivering Christmas care packages.
Emergency! Inferno (TV-G) The Engine 51 team watches a brushfire on TV and wonders why they haven't been called; Johnny and Roy get in trouble trying to save another firefighter.
Rawhide Incident of the Broken Word (TV-G) Rancher Ben Foley sells his cattle to Favor in a hurry, and after Favor learns the reason the rancher sold so quickly, he becomes angry with his dishonesty.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Eight Cent Reward (TV-G) Josh is surprised to learn his next case to apprehend a fugitive will involve having to go after a criminal posing as Santa Claus, making him hard to identify.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Rope Law (TV-G) Due to circumstantial evidence on murdering his stepdaughter, the fugitive a bounty hunter seeks may be hanged if Josh turns him over to the authorities.
The Rifleman Lou Mallory (TV-G) The townspeople of North Fork are very suspicious of the red-headed newcomer Lou Mallory as she buys all the property available in the town.
The Rifleman Quiet Night, Deadly Night (TV-G) A new girl arrives in North Fork and does not get a warm welcome because she has all the symptoms of smallpox, causing the townspeople to prepare for the worse.
Remington Steele Steele Blushing (TV-PG) When Laura's photo appears in an adult magazine, their investigation leads them to a photographer who is chased by clients and the FBI for doctoring images.
Streets of San Francisco One Chance to Live (TV-PG) A woman's uneventful life is turned upside down when she embarks on an affair with a prominent British cabinet member, whose suspicious wife plots against her.
The Rockford Files The Girl in the Bay City Boy's Club (TV-PG) Rockford pretends that he is a newspaper owner in order to join a poker game, only to find that he is not the only actor, but one of the players is killed.
The Rifleman Outlaw's Shoes (TV-G) Lucas does not know what is going on after a blow to his head erases his memory, and the only clue he has is that he is wearing an outlaw's gun.
The Rifleman The Executioner (TV-G) Lucas finds himself caught in the middle of an intruder's battle, when brutal and savage bandits drag him into their chaotic fight.
Adam-12 A Fool and His Money (TV-PG) When police officer Malloy wins a great amount of money in a contest, everyone he knows begins to give him advice on how to spend the cash.
Adam-12 Anatomy of a 415 (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are called time after time to break up trouble between an unhappy husband and wife who continually get in loud and violent arguments.
Emergency! Messin' Around (TV-G) John retaliates against a practical joker; the mystery of an elderly hypochondriac is solved; a child is in his tree house when the tree catches on fire.
The Rifleman Waste, Part 1 (TV-G) While Marshal Torrance is on his way back home from a cattle sale with Lucas and Mark, he disappears and they find him in a nearby Mexican ghost town.
The Rifleman Waste, Part 2 (TV-G) Lucas and Mark attempt to rescue Marshal Torrance from the outlaws holding him while their guard is down after Alphonso's wife gives birth.
Adam-12 Keeping Tabs (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed stop a stolen vehicle full of young men on a joyride, and one of the criminals turns out to be the son of Sergeant MacDonald.
Adam-12 Easy Rap (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed grow frustrated with the justice system when they run into problems trying to prosecute a drug dealer and teenage automobile thief.
Emergency! Fools (TV-G) An arrogant young intern nearly kills a heart patient by refusing to consider the paramedics' opinion, so Dr. Brackett makes him ride with them.
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The Rifleman Death Never Rides Alone (TV-G) A gunman rides into the town of North Fork with one thing on his mind, and that is to meet Lucas in a gunfight so he can shoot him.
The Rifleman I Take This Woman (TV-G) Although her dying father arranged for her to marry a man, Lou does not want to and looks for a way out when that man comes into the town of North Fork.
Adam-12 Log 132 -- Producer (TV-PG) Police officers Reed and Mallow devise a plan to try and catch two burglary suspects; the officers attempt to help a model who is being followed by a stalker.
Adam-12 Log 111 -- Snake in the Trunk (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy are called to break apart feuding neighbors; a car is stolen with a boa constrictor in the trunk; two people are rescued from a house on fire.
Emergency! How Green Was My Thumb? (TV-G) John lets Roy take care of a victim's plants because he doesn't know she's young and cute; the paramedics help Dr. Brackett remove a grenade from a man's belly.
The Rifleman The Assailants (TV-G) Four gunmen disguised as cavalrymen come to the town of North Fork with the intention of assassinating Sen. Jim Borden with a deadly machine gun.
The Rifleman Mark's Rifle (TV-G) The well-known sharpshooter Marty Blair says he means no harm when he does his best to persuade Lucas to buy a rifle for his son Mark.
Adam-12 Log 61 -- The Runaway (TV-PG) Officers Reed and Malloy are led to a communal house infested with hippies where they discover a runaway teenage girl who is extremely sick from narcotics.
Adam-12 Log 81 (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy are dispatched to a silent alarm and end up in an intense shootout; the officers help an elderly man who is walking home to South Dakota.
Emergency! The Hard Hours (TV-G) Dr. Early undergoes a bypass after being diagnosed with a heart condition; a pro football player's son tackles him too hard; a woman's toe is stuck in a faucet.
The Rifleman The Most Amazing Man (TV-G) For some reason the man known for his quick-draw, Wade Randall, seems nervous about showing his skill after the townspeople expect to see it.
The Rifleman Squeeze Play (TV-G) A speculator comes to the town of North Fork with one thing on his mind, which is to take Lucas' land and will do everything he can to get it.
Adam-12 Log 36 -- Jimmy Eisley's Dealing Smack (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy offer their protection to a desperate young woman; the officers lead a police raid at the apartment of a popular dope dealer.
Adam-12 Log 62 -- Grand Theft Horse? (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy and a team of park rangers try to catch a drug-induced Texan who stole a horse; the officers go on a high-speed chase after two armed men.
Emergency! Floor Brigade (TV-G) John and Roy consider buying a floor cleaner for a side business; a hermit can't get out of his home; Dr. Morton helps a diabetic singer plan a comeback.
Rawhide Incident at the Top of the World (TV-G) The crew deals with a storm approaching the herd and the antics of another cattle driver suffering emotionally, which is causing their work to be slowed down.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Six-Up to Bannach (TV-G) Josh and his prisoner find their lives in jeopardy when they fall under attack while traveling back to the authorities, but unexpected help may save them.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Spur (TV-G) In spite of hearing of reports that the bank robber he is searching for has been murdered, Josh continues to follow clues to the man's whereabouts.
The Rifleman Gun Shy (TV-G) Mark is filled with an unbearable amount of guilt and comes to the conclusion that he is the only one left to blame for a friend's accidental death.
The Rifleman The Anvil Chorus (TV-G) A blacksmith becomes a deputy and his first act of duty is demand all the townspeople turn in their weapons, setting up for something terrible to happen.
Remington Steele Grappling Steele (TV-PG) Laura and Steele are hired to protect a popular professional wrestler that has received several death threats and keeps having mysterious "accidents".
Streets of San Francisco Jacob's Boy (TV-PG) An innocent man fights the fear that once the authorities have his fingerprints they will reveal his flight from a murder investigation 25 years before.
The Rockford Files The Hawaiian Headache (TV-PG) Jim Rockford takes a Hawaiian vacation and is conned into assisting his former Army commander with a top-secret investigation for the CIA.
The Rifleman Conflict (TV-G) Everyone in the town feels that a shot Lucas missed was an easy shot and because of that miss his self-confidence goes down as he doubts his abilities.
The Rifleman Incident at Line Shack Six (TV-G) An Apache man finds himself at the wrong place, at the wrong time because a railroad gang leader has intentions of framing him for the gang's crime.
Adam-12 Log 33 -- It All Happened So Fast (TV-PG) Gunshots are fired at the police car of officers Reed and Malloy, and in a quick shootout, Reed ends up shooting who he believes is the gunman.
Adam-12 Log 112 -- You Blew It (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy make a routine traffic stop on a driver and let him go, but they later find out the motorist had multiple warrants out for his arrest.
Emergency! Propinquity (TV-G) Roy stays overnight at John's place and doesn't like it; an ambulance carrying Roy and the woman he saved is run over; a heart patient won't leave a poker game.
The Rifleman Suspicion (TV-G) A drifter traveling through the town of North Fork finds himself at the wrong place, at the wrong time as he is being charged for a series of murders.
The Rifleman The Sidewinder (TV-G) Gridley Mau is determined to seek revenge as he plots to gun down Lucas, who killed his father when he attempted to commit a robbery.
Adam-12 Log 51 -- A Jumper - Code Two (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy get stuck in the home of a woman who will not let them go until they fix her television; Malloy tries to stop a man from committing suicide.
Adam-12 Log 73 -- I'm Still a Cop (TV-PG) Malloy goes back to college and receives prejudice from other students, and when a violent protest breaks out, he is forced to bring order to the riot.
Emergency! Inventions (TV-G) A contest encourages entrants to submit designs for new firefighting tools; a truck containing radioactive waste has an accident; a taxi rider becomes comatose.
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