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The Rifleman The Indian (TV-G) The townspeople are suspicious of U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart while he searches for a group of renegade Native American suspects since he is also an Indian.
The Rifleman The Boarding House (TV-G) Sid Fallon threatens to expose Julia Massini's card-shark past if she does not let him turn her respectable boarding house into a saloon and gambling hall.
Emergency! The Game (TV-G) Roy and John are assigned to work at a football stadium, but a series of emergencies and an announcer with a heart attack keep them from seeing the game.
C.H.i.P's Drive, Lady, Drive, Part 2 (TV-PG) A race driver works to remove a girl she saved from a burning house from her abusive foster home; Ponch and Jon track down car thieves.
Rawhide Incident of the Rawhiders (TV-G) Rowdy rehearses a philosophy about "one good turn deserves another" and utilizes it in a reasoning to spare Brock Quade's petty little life.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Barney's Bounty (TV-G) While they chase two fugitives on the run, Josh plays mediator for an old friend feuding with his son, but reconciling may be hard.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Martin Poster (TV-G) Learning Marshall Jeff Wilcox was murdered by the Martin Brothers, veteran-turned bounty hunter Josh Randall goes on a mission to serve justice.
The Rifleman The Second Witness (TV-G) Lucas agrees to testify in a murder case even thought the first witness that was supposed to speak before him was killed prior to revealing anything.
The Rifleman The Trade (TV-G) An outlaw asks Lucas to turn him in for the reward, so he can use the money to pay for the medical care of an ill young woman with whom he's in love with.
Happy Days Fonzie's Hero (TV-G) When Potsie saves Fonzie from a fire at the garage, Fonzie grants Potsie any one favor he'd like out of gratitude, Potsie chooses to hang out with Fonzie.
Laverne & Shirley The Beatnik Show (TV-G) The girls decide to check out a local beatnik coffee shop, and Laverne is not too impressed with it, while Shirley is in love with the culture.
I Love Lucy The Indian Show (TV-PG) Lucy desires to debut in the Indian sketch at the Tropicana, so she pays off a performer and appears carrying Little Ricky as an indian would on her back.
I Love Lucy Lucy's Last Birthday (TV-PG) Lucy, unaware of the surprise party Ricky has been planning to throw for her, is convinced that everybody has forgotten her birthday.
The Love Boat The Professor Has Class; When the Magic Disappears; We, The Jury (TV-G) A Nobel Prize winner meets a former student on the cruise; a talented magician is afraid that his enemy's next vanishing act will be with his daughter.
The Rifleman One Went to Denver (TV-G) Lucas welcomes his old friend Tom Birch, who once saved his life, not knowing that he is now a bank robber who is on the run with his gang.
The Rifleman The Deadly Wait (TV-G) The infamous Dan Nowry is released from prison and immediately heads to North Fork for the sole purpose of getting revenge on the man who had him imprisoned.
Emergency! The Steel Inferno, Part 1 (TV-G) After an explosive fire started by a careless worker engulfs a high-rise office building, several workmen and two women are trapped on the 16th floor.
C.H.i.P's The Watch Commander (TV-G) A new watch commander, Lt. Bates, takes charge of Ponch and Jon's unit with plans to shape up his men and run everything strictly by the book.
The Rifleman The Wrong Man (TV-G) Mark is eager to help lawman Jay Jefferson, who travels to North Fork intent on killing an outlaw, whether he is the right man or not.
The Rifleman The Challenge (TV-G) Lucas comes to the rescue when a group of escaped prison convicts hold up the general store in North Fork, where they manage to take Marshal Torrance hostage.
Emergency! The Steel Inferno, Part 2 (TV-G) A Coast Guard helicopter lifts people from a burning office building's rooftop; Dixie and Dr. Early deal with a crush of patients at Rampart's emergency room.
C.H.i.P's Destruction Derby (TV-PG) Ponch and Jon go undercover as stock-car racers to look for stolen cars and shift to the demolition derby after their race cars fall apart.
The Rifleman The Hawk (TV-G) Mark captures a hawk but finds danger with a rattlesnake, and when a stranger rescues him, Mark invites the man home unaware he is on the run from the law.
The Rifleman Three Legged Terror (TV-G) When a rowdy teenager destroys a schoolroom, North Fork school board member Lucas McCain asks the boy's reluctant uncle to pay for the damages.
Emergency! Survival on Charter #220, Part 1 (TV-G) Squad 51's C-shift team rescues a stuntman from a high tower; while Roy and Johnny treat a child a small plane collides with a chartered jet overhead.
C.H.i.P's Second Chance (TV-PG) Jon and Ponch try to hunt down a jewel thief who has hit several condos in Marina Del Rey; Ponch helps a girl who was injured by the thief during an escape.
The Rifleman The Angry Man (TV-G) The McCains try to tolerate bitter neighbor Abel MacDonald, but cannot stand it anymore when he won't allow his injured boy to get medical treatment.
The Rifleman The Woman (TV-G) A rumor that has no facts to back it up causes North Fork's outspoken feminist schoolteacher to be attacked by a mob of angry townspeople.
Emergency! Survival on Charter #220, Part 2 (TV-G) When two airplanes have a mid-air collision over a residential neighborhood, off-duty Squad 51 paramedics and a large contingent from Battalion 14 respond.
C.H.i.P's Wheeling (TV-PG) A wheelchair-bound man plays games in traffic; Ponch and Jon's search for a hit-and-run driver who struck a boy on a bicycle is complicated by the boy's father.
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The Rifleman The Money Gun (TV-G) When his boss begins to suspect him of embezzlement, bookkeeper Asa Manning hires a professional gunman to get rid of that problem.
The Rifleman A Matter of Faith (TV-G) The drought forces cowhands to work on a railroad construction project, but executives are afraid these workers will leave if they believe an old man's claim.
Emergency! The Unlikely Heirs (TV-G) A transient who was saved from a structure fire has $80,000 in his mattress, and he tries to give the squad $20,000 of it; a bride faints at her big moment.
C.H.i.P's Jailbirds (TV-PG) Jon and Ponch are jailed for contempt when they refuse to reveal the name of a confidential informant who told them about a gang of car strippers.
Rawhide Incident of the Prophecy (TV-G) The drovers have the entire Saturday off and they end up waking up the dead town when Roby and his friend Rabbit shoot at a schoolhouse bell.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Fatal Memory (TV-G) A veteran-turned bounty hunter seeks a U.S. Army deserter and discovers a shocking link between his target and the Army commander he served under.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Bounty (TV-G) After Josh finds evidence of a vicious bounty hunter executing an elderly fugitive, he goes on the search for the culprit, but his mission is dangerous.
The Rifleman Blood Brother (TV-G) Marshal Torrance acts strangely toward the dying man who Lucas gave blood to; three men come to North Fork seeking custody of a man.
The Rifleman Stranger at Night (TV-G) Lucas, his friends Artemus and Marshal Torrance search for a killer after Mark inadvertently stumbles upon the body of a murder victim.
Happy Days Fonzie's Old Lady (TV-G) Fonzie meets an older woman whose car he had worked on and agrees to meet her the next day for a tennis match at the country club.
Laverne & Shirley The Right to Light (TV-G) The girls are unhappy with some additional charges on their power bill, and they find the companys clerk to be an unpleasant person.
I Love Lucy The Ricardos Change Apartments (TV-PG) Lucy insists that more room is needed for their family due to the addition of a new baby and tries to convince Ricky to change apartments.
I Love Lucy Lucy Is Matchmaker (TV-PG) Lucy plays the role of matchmaker when she is introduced to a friend of the Mertzes who happens to be an eligible bachelor and a lingerie salesman
The Love Boat Bricker's Boy; Lotions of Love; The Hustlers (TV-G) A man claims to be Dr. Bricker's son; an advertising man works on an ad campaign for a cosmetics line with the owner's good-looking daughter.
The Rifleman The Raid (TV-G) Marshal Torrance works with U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart to create a rescue team after rebellious Apaches severely injure Lucas and take Mark hostage.
The Rifleman Outlaw's Inheritance (TV-G) After a train robber dies and leaves his stolen wealth to Lucas, he must clear his name and stop the recklessness of his replacement in the railroad commission.
Emergency! Most Deadly Passage, Part 1 (TV-G) Roy and Johnny go to Seattle to observe; a skydiver jumps off the Space Needle; a worker is stuck on top of the Kingdome; a fuel pumper makes a fiery mistake.
C.H.i.P's E.M.T. (TV-PG) Ponch and Jon ticket an off-duty fireman for crossing a double yellow line, and when they volunteer for EMT training, he turns out to be their instructor.
The Rifleman Boomerang (TV-G) A rancher's son puts the sole blame on a banker for his father's death after the bank foreclosed the mortgage on his land and other properties.
The Rifleman The Mind Reader (TV-G) After a wealthy rancher is found murdered, Mark suggests that they go to a mind reader for assistance in finding and apprehending the killer.
Emergency! Most Deadly Passage, Part 2 (TV-G) Roy and Johnny go to Seattle; a man is stuck at the top of the Kingdome; a fuel pumper's mistake causes a ferry to catch fire in the middle of the bay.
C.H.i.P's Kidnap (TV-PG) When two dimwitted criminals escape from prison and steal a Rolls Royce, they are shocked to find two clever children in the back seat.
The Rifleman The Patsy (TV-G) A group of outlaws are not happy with the order Lucas brings to North Fork, so they come up with a plan to get rid of him and take over the town.
The Rifleman Bloodlines (TV-G) The father of the man Lucas killed comes to North Fork to get revenge on Lucas and Marshal Torrance with help from other sons that he breaks out of jail.
Emergency! Greatest Rescues of Emergency!, Part 1 (TV-G) After being promoted to Captain, Johnny and Roy reminisce about the years they have worked together and look back on some of the more memorable rescues.
C.H.i.P's Off-Road (TV-PG) When Jon and Ponch enter a desert off-road race, they discover that a pair of thugs is using the race as a cover to retrieve a hoard of stolen coins.
The Rifleman The Blowout (TV-G) Outlaw Al Walker arrives in North Fork and throws a huge party at the saloon, keeping the acting Marshal Ben Waller busy until Lucas must step in.
The Rifleman Obituary (TV-G) Reporter Byron Claremont exclusively writes about well-known gunmen and his next subject is Lucas, but he has a story responsible for a former marshal's death.
Emergency! Greatest Rescues of Emergency!, Part 2 (TV-G) After being promoted to Captain, Johnny and Roy reminisce over the years they have worked together and remember some of the more memorable rescues.
C.H.i.P's Tow Truck Lady (TV-PG) When a tow truck driver is accused of stealing cars to help pay his bills and make ends meet, Jon and Ponch enlist the help of the driver's daughter.
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