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The Big Valley The Murdered Party (TV-PG) When a man from a reviled family is accused of murdering a respected member of the community, Jarrod agrees to defend him, even though Heath is a witness.
Adam-12 Log 26 -- LEMRAS (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed attempt to stop two armed robbers with hostages; the partners investigate a series of burglaries committed by motorcycle riders.
Adam-12 Log 155 -- I.A.D. (TV-PG) When a police officer is accused for blackmail, Malloy tries to help the officer and goes on a search for a woman who has information that can clear his name.
Emergency! Election (TV-G) Roy and Johnny become candidates; a man gets his arm stuck trying to clear a drain; a sculptress' plaster mold fails to release, leaving her model stuck inside.
Rawhide Incident of the Arana Sacar (TV-G) The drovers encounter a man who encourages them to visit a nearby trading post, but when they return to the herd, the cattle are no where to be found.
Wanted: Dead or Alive No Trail Back (TV-G) While Josh goes on the search to retrieve incompetent robbers, one of the thieves finds himself struggling after suffering from a severe dog bite.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Man on Horseback (TV-G) Josh is in harm's way when he goes on a mission through the territory of Native Americans to find and retrieve an Apache who is wanted by the authorities.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story, Part 1 (TV-G) Lucas works as a federal undercover agent to investigate rumors in Wyoming about weapons sales to rebellious American Indians, but his life gets put in danger.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story, Part 2 (TV-G) Mark travels to Wyoming to find Lucas, who is working as a federal undercover agent closely following a gang selling arms to rebellious American Indians.
Remington Steele Second Base Steele (TV-PG) When an adult baseball camp that's hosting a reunion for high-school athletes is plagued by a string of "accidents," the detectives investigate undercover.
Streets of San Francisco The Twenty-Four Karat Plague (TV-PG) The entire Bay area is at risk when a gold shipment mixed with uranium, is hijacked, and they only have 24 hours to find it before fatal contamination.
Cannon Night Flight to Murder (TV-PG) A former police officer turned worldly private investigator charges big fees from his wealthy clientele to support his lavish lifestyle and appetite.
The Big Valley The Way to Kill a Killer (TV-PG) An old friend of the family stops by the ranch on his way to sell a herd, but when the cattle begin dying of a contagious infection, he will not separate them.
Adam-12 Log 165 -- Once a Cop (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed attempt to stop a crooked Hollywood agent who is involved in a giant scam with a female movie star and a former police officer.
Adam-12 Log 76 -- Militants (TV-PG) Members of a gang set a trap on the police and end up murdering two cops, and the situation gets worse when Reed discovers that he knows one of the criminals.
Emergency! Equipment (TV-G) While John is working overtime at Station 8 a heart-attack victim dies because the squad doesn't have enough equipment; Chet gets hurt when a building explodes.
The Big Valley Night of the Wolf (TV-PG) When Nick is bitten by a wolf and believes he will die, he decides to leave town without telling his family in order to spare them the pain of seeing him die.
Adam-12 Log 164 -- The Poachers (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed attempt to catch a car thief; the detectives try to hunt down two women who forge checks; Reed is called to the hospital to deliver a baby.
Adam-12 Log 56 -- Vice Versa (TV-PG) Malloy forgets to renew his driver's license, so Reed is forced to drive the police car; the partners discover an infant abandoned in a dumpster.
Emergency! The Inspection (TV-G) Everyone at Station 51 tenses up as the date for the battalion chief's inspection draws near; an unlucky parachutist gets caught on a radio tower.
The Big Valley The Guilt of Matt Bentell (TV-PG) Heath lashes out at the Barkleys' new timber camp foreman when he recognizes him as the cruel warden of a prison camp where he was held captive during the war.
Adam-12 Log 106 -- Post Time (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed investigate the case of a printer whose press has been stolen; an old man refuses to leave his house; the partners pull over an odd motorist.
Adam-12 Log 88 -- Reason to Run (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed investigate a mysterious robbery; the partners make an important drug bust; the officers try to stop a burglar at a riding academy.
Emergency! The Indirect Method (TV-G) A female paramedic trainee with an attitude comes to learn from Roy and John; a man gets a surprise when he tries to commit suicide by gas and backs out.
The Big Valley The Brawlers (TV-PG) The Barkleys discover that a community of Irish immigrants has settled on their property, claiming that they purchased the land legally in San Francisco.
Adam-12 Log 125 -- Safe Job (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed attempt to discover how a safecracker sneaks in and out of buildings without getting caught; the officers track down a beautiful young woman.
Adam-12 Extortion (TV-PG) Police officers Malloy and Reed are put on case to try and stop members of an extortionist gang who take advantage of elderly Jewish businessmen.
Emergency! Pressure 165 (TV-G) A diver at Santa Catalina gets into trouble and has to be tended to in a hyperbaric chamber; a famous chef refuses to admit that a kitchen fire is his fault.
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The Big Valley The Invaders (TV-PG) While counting cattle on the range, Heath is injured by a gang of rawhiders who take him back to the ranch in hopes of receiving a ransom for finding him.
Adam-12 The Grandmother (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed try their best to stop a prominent gang of drug dealers; the police officers get in a dangerous vehicle pursuit after a criminal on the run.
Adam-12 The Radical (TV-PG) Malloy instantly falls in love with the voice of a new police dispatcher, but Reed gets frustrated because he cannot understand anything that she says.
Emergency! One of Those Days (TV-G) The family of an elderly woman with stomach trouble comes to blows while discussing her treatment; a drunk in a building with a broken elevator needs help.
Rawhide Incident of the Deserter (TV-G) Wishbone feels as the drivers do not respect his cooking, so he decides to leave everyone behind and pursue his dream of opening his own restaurant.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Most Beautiful Woman (TV-G) When a man arrives in town in search of a beautiful woman in particular, he discovers that there was a recent fire in the saloon, where she may have died.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Jason (TV-G) A deputy's request to join Josh's search for an elusive outlaw draws suspicion, but the desperado's capture could lead to another wanted criminal on the loose.
The Rifleman The Lonesome Bride (TV-G) Two pranksters take things a little too far when they decide to write a letter requesting a mail-order bride, using Lucas' name as the recipient.
The Rifleman Death Trap (TV-G) After seeing Dr. Simon Battle, Lucas knows he has seen him before and realizes that he is a former gunslinger who he fought some time ago.
Remington Steele Blue Blooded Steele (TV-PG) Remington's old mentor enters his life once again and convinces him to pose as the long-lost heir to a British dukedom to inherit the estate.
Streets of San Francisco Shield of Honor (TV-PG) The police Internal Affairs division must step in when a small-time pimp under police protection as a material witness is murdered and it's an inside job.
Cannon Coffin Corner (TV-PG) Cannon searches for a former football hero who is supposed to testify at a trial but is instead hiding out from two professional killers.
The Big Valley By Fires Unseen (TV-G) After being in San Francisco for only a few days, Nick returns to Stockton with a beautiful fiancé, but she seems less than pleased with life on the ranch.
Adam-12 Truant (TV-PG) After catching two young criminals in the middle of vandalizing a house, Malloy and Reed begin to get several calls involving truancies throughout the city.
Adam-12 Ambush (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are assigned to transport a dangerous criminal to jail, but while driving through a canyon, the police officers are ambushed by two killers.
Emergency! The Lighter-Than-Air Man (TV-G) Roy and John allegedly hit a crossing guard on their way to a call; a couple runs into a fire hydrant before their wedding; an insecticide truck turns over.
The Big Valley A Time to Kill (TV-PG) An old friend of Jarrod's from law school comes to Stockton and seems to have struck it rich, but he learns that his buddy is suspected of counterfeiting.
Adam-12 Anniversary (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are called to break up trouble at bar and forced to confront a violent man in a wheelchair; the police officers conduct a robbery investigation.
Adam-12 Day Watch (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy try to stop a female con artist who poses as a hitchhiker and steals money from men; the police officers confront a drunken man.
Emergency! Simple Adjustment (TV-G) John thinks he can cut the squad's paperwork with a simple change; a stroke patient's daughter has him taken to a hospital much farther away than Rampart.
The Big Valley Teacher of Outlaws (TV-PG) When the leader of a gang of outlaws orders his men to kidnap a teacher so that he can learn to read and write, they mistakenly abduct Victoria instead.
Adam-12 Assassination (TV-PG) While on an intense investigation to locate a sneaky criminal, Reed and Malloy are threatened by a dangerous sniper who has a grudge against Reed.
Adam-12 The Dinosaur (TV-PG) A veteran policeman who was released from duty after being injured in a heroic act returns to the Los Angeles Police Department after an eight-year absence.
Emergency! Tee Vee (TV-G) The paramedics save a man from a fire in a storm sewer; Dr. Brackett is bitten by a catfish as his new aquarium is installed; a man gets glue in his eyes.
The Big Valley Under a Dark Star (TV-PG) A man is pardoned after spending years in prison for a crime he did not commit, and as the attorney who put him away, Jarrod feels guilty and wants to help him.
Adam-12 Pick-Up Malloy and Reed try their best to help a runaway teenage drug dealer; the partners conduct a rape investigation and go on a search for the suspect.
Adam-12 Citizens All (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed run into a robbery in progress and try to stop the criminals; the police officers try their best to catch two counterfeiters.
Emergency! On Camera (TV-G) As a crew films the squad they treat a teenager for snakebite and rescue a man whose dream of being a stuntman has left him dangling from an I-beam.
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