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The Rifleman Nora (TV-G) When an attractive woman needs help and catches Lucas' eye, he goes to help her and be her hero, but that eventually lands him in the middle of a murder.
The Rifleman The Hangman (TV-G) When a brutal crime occurs in North Fork, everyone blames an ex-convict for it, even though he claims that he has changed for the better.
Emergency! Family Ties (TV-G) When Roy's mother-in-law visits, he spends more time at the station house; a model rocket causes a fire and an explosion in a residential neighborhood.
C.H.i.P's Crash Course (TV-PG) A band of thieves performs spectacular stunts with their getaway cars; Ponch's bank gives him varying estimates of how much is in his account.
The Rifleman Trail of Hate (TV-G) Mark is at the wrong place, at the wrong time when he is used as a pawn in a bank robbery plan, leading Lucas to take revenge on the wrongdoers.
The Rifleman The Woman from Hog Ridge (TV-G) A family from the hills learns of the death of their kin, which leads to them seeking out vengeance for their loss by killing the one responsible.
Emergency! Bottom Line (TV-G) Johnny and Roy tell Dr. Brackett that they think Dr. Morton is overly restrictive; the squad responds to a minor call and saves a drowning neighbor.
C.H.i.P's Forty Tons of Trouble (TV-PG) Jon and Ponch try to stop a group of criminals who have been stealing heavy equipment from an independent construction company owner.
The Rifleman Seven (TV-G) After seven inmates on death row for murder manage to escape from jail, they come to North Fork and use everyone's fear of them to take over the town.
The Rifleman The Pitchman (TV-G) A salesman, who is at the ranch trying to sell Lucas a new lightning rod, offers to buy the ranch's mineral rights after Mark finds gold on the property.
Emergency! Firehouse Quintet (TV-G) Station 51's basketball team makes it to the semi-finals, but their hopes are threatened when they receive a flurry of calls the night before the game.
C.H.i.P's 11-99: Officer Needs Help (TV-PG) The officers test out a new system that can send back-up faster to officers that are down and injured; Chips stop thieves from stealing delivery trucks.
The Rifleman Strange Town (TV-G) Lucas goes after an escaped convict and follows him to a town where the outlaw's brother, known for shooting people in the back, is in charge.
The Rifleman Baranca (TV-G) An outlaw tricks Marshal Torrance in to leaving town, so he can harm the local man who killed one of the members of the outlaw's gang.
Emergency! The Boat (TV-G) The station mechanic stores the boat he's selling at the station house, and the firemen decide to buy it; a basement fire means Rampart must be evacuated.
C.H.i.P's Home Fires Burning (TV-PG) Arsonists start burning down mobile homes as part as an insurance scam and cause chaos for Jon and Ponch; the duo prepares for a basketball game.
Rawhide Incident of the Geisha (TV-G) A wild stallion injures Rowdy's back; Hey Soos is knocked into a stream and awakens to find that a Japanese geisha has tended to him.
Wanted: Dead or Alive A Drop to Drink (TV-G) A pony express business turns to bounty hunter Josh Randall for his assistance in investigating the mysterious murder of their rider and a stolen ring.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Rope Law (TV-G) Due to circumstantial evidence on murdering his stepdaughter, the fugitive a bounty hunter seeks may be hanged if Josh turns him over to the authorities.
The Rifleman The Martinet (TV-G) Lucas found himself in a gunfight many years ago and shot a man to death, causing the dead man's father, a former army captain, to look for and kill Lucas.
The Rifleman Miss Milly (TV-G) The townspeople become angry and upset at a new store owner who demands that every single credit account must be paid in full immediately.
Happy Days Bye Bye Blackball (TV-G) Richie, Potsie and Ralph have high hopes of joining a well-known fraternity, but they must first endure "Hell Week" to become members.
Laverne & Shirley The Duke of Squigmann (TV-G) Squiggy takes on an alter ego, The Duke of Squigman, when he goes sleepwalking at night and it's up to Lenny to keep him from harms way.
I Love Lucy Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress (TV-PG) Lucy and Ethel realize they have purchased the same exact dress for the upcoming talent show at the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League.
I Love Lucy Equal Rights (TV-PG) Lucy and Ethel demand equal rights for women, so Ricky and Fred demand separate checks for the four of them when they go out to dinner.
The Love Boat The Misunderstanding; Love Below Decks; The End Is Near (TV-G) A former actress asks for help from her son-in-law in the hopes of reconciling with her daughter; a passenger starts a romance on the ship with an engineer.
The Rifleman Dead Cold Cash (TV-G) After Lucas killed an outlaw, his widow spends years plotting an extravagant and unpleasant revenge for her husband's death by harming Lucas.
The Rifleman The Schoolmaster (TV-G) While playing out and about, Mark and his friend find themselves trapped in an old mine without anywhere to go and frantically call out for help.
Emergency! Upward and Onward (TV-G) Captain Stanley is worried that past issues with the battalion chief could affect his chances of passing the chiefs' exam; a soap-opera doctor causes trouble.
Emergency! Hypochondri-Cap (TV-G) Captain Stanley thinks he's getting arthritis; a man gets his hand caught in a garage-door opener; a fire at an oil refinery quickly becomes a two-alarm event.
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The Rifleman The Promoter (TV-G) After crossing paths with an ex-convict, Lucas and Mark make it their mission to reform him into a law-abiding and productive citizen.
The Rifleman The Illustrator (TV-G) After a drunken artist is mistakenly charged with murder, Lucas encourages the man to use his artistic abilities to identify the actual killer.
Emergency! Limelight (TV-G) John is jealous when the unlikable Brice gets TV and newspaper coverage; a man whose daughter is trapped under a backhoe is revisited by heart trouble.
Emergency! All Night Long (TV-G) Roy tries to pursue his idea for a TV game show; a retired jazz singer has chest pains; a missed stop sign at night puts three people in the hospital.
The Rifleman The Silent Knife (TV-G) When a young mute who has been picked on in life becomes fed up, he resorts to crime and that is when Lucas and Mark try to convince him to return stolen money.
The Rifleman Miss Bertie (TV-G) An outgoing and lively old lady comes to North Fork to track down and capture an infamous outlaw to get the reward money for getting him.
Emergency! Botulism (TV-G) John is enraged by a round of practical jokes and devises a scheme to get back at the pranksters; a man fractures his back after a lengthy fall.
Emergency! Cook's Tour (TV-G) John delivers an infant with blue baby syndrome; Roy gets a bad time about his cooking; a boy's hand gets stuck in a vase; a man repairing a washer is shocked.
The Rifleman Six Years --- and a Day (TV-G) A doctor spends years plotting his revenge on the man he solely blames for ruining his practice, eventually causing it to close down.
The Rifleman Flowers by the Door (TV-G) A murder spree breaks out and eventually Lucas discovers the identity of the killer who has been posing as a door-to-door seed salesman.
Emergency! Brushfire (TV-G) When a wildfire erupts, Station 51 is called in; John and Roy rescue a pair of elderly sisters, treat an injured fireman, catch a thief and find a lost dog.
Emergency! Dealer's Wild (TV-G) Tired of losing, Johnny creates his own card game; Roy helps a boy land a plane after his father has a heart attack; paramedics respond to an attempted suicide.
The Rifleman The Long Trek (TV-G) Lucas and Marshal Torrance find themselves in a lot of trouble while transferring a captured and alleged killer back to town for his trial.
The Rifleman The Actress (TV-G) Lucas travels to a neighboring town to fulfill his old friend's deathbed request of finding his long-lost sweetheart and reuniting before he passes.
Emergency! Nurse's Wild (TV-G) A store owner feels remorse after shooting an armed robber; Johnny is attracted to a student nurse; Dr. Early treats a patient with delirium tremens.
Emergency! Publicity Hound (TV-G) Johnny is jealous of the coverage Wheeler is getting from a friend at the newspaper; Johnny gets seasick as he and Roy save a man tangled in his ship's rigging.
Rawhide Incident at Ten Trees (TV-G) Gil and Rowdy fight to keep a group of Cheyenne Native Americans from burning a mentally disturbed woman that the tribe suspects to be a witch.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Six-Up to Bannach (TV-G) Josh and his prisoner find their lives in jeopardy when they fall under attack while traveling back to the authorities, but unexpected help may save them.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Spur (TV-G) In spite of hearing of reports that the bank robber he is searching for has been murdered, Josh continues to follow clues to the man's whereabouts.
The Rifleman Face of Yesterday (TV-G) Lucas is spooked and thinks he sees a ghost when a young man, who looks just like a man he killed in the Civil War, demands a showdown.
The Rifleman Closer Than a Brother (TV-G) Lucas does not know what to do when Micah Torrance turns in his badge and goes back to his old alcoholic mannerisms by drinking heavily.
Happy Days Marion's Misgivings (TV-G) A friend of the Cunninghams unexpectedly leaves his wife for a younger woman and Marion begins to wonder if Howard might suddenly do the same thing to her.
Laverne & Shirley Antonio the Amazing (TV-G) Lavernes distant cousin from Italy comes to America to seek the American dream, but his lack of skills make it difficult for him to keep a job.
I Love Lucy Changing the Boys' Wardrobes (TV-PG) Lucy and Ethel are appalled by their husbands' old attire, so they covertly give it all away to charity, but the boys find out and buy it all back.
I Love Lucy Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined (TV-PG) Lucy finally gets her chance to be involved in show business, but it is short-lived because she gets eye drops put in that blur her vision.
The Love Boat How Do I Love Thee?; No More Alimony; Authoress! Authoress! (TV-G) Capt. Stubing's hometown friend and her hot-tempered husband come aboard; a man tries to get his ex-wife to marry her fiancé so he can stop paying alimony.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story, Part I (TV-G) Lucas works as a federal undercover agent to investigate rumors in Wyoming about weapons sales to rebellious American Indians, but his life gets put in danger.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story, Part II (TV-G) Mark travels to Wyoming to find Lucas, who is working as a federal undercover agent closely following a gang selling arms to rebellious American Indians.
Emergency! Dilemma (TV-G) A woman has a heart attack inside a stuck elevator; Johnny is pursued by a fireman groupie; a nursing student becomes flustered around Dr. Brackett.
Emergency! Hang-up (TV-G) John is irritated because a case interrupts the episode of Adam-12 he's watching; two beaten-up men come to the emergency ward and restart their fight.
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