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Programs for QVC on Wednesday, August 5, 2020
12:00 AM
Periea Storage
1:00 AM
Lug - Travel & Handbags Colorful Bags with Impressive Organization.
2:00 AM
Earth Brands Footwear A look is taken at Earth Brands Footwear, which offers a wide variety of styles since the 1970s, as viewers get the chance to purchase from the new collection.
3:00 AM
Periea Storage
4:00 AM
Periea Storage
5:00 AM
Periea Storage
6:00 AM
Periea Storage
7:00 AM
Mornings with Pat & Dan
9:00 AM
Joan Rivers Classics Collection® (TV-G) Program hosts present fabulous fashion jewelry, apparel and accessories inspired by icon.
10:00 AM
Barefoot Dreams - California Style
11:00 AM
Home and Storage Event
12:00 PM
Your Inspo Spot - Daily Deals
1:00 PM
Dyson Cleaning Instead of relying on bags and filters to entrap dust, these vacuums use patented cyclone technology to spin the dirt out of the atmosphere.
2:00 PM
Organized Options® The best, newest and most popular home organizing systems for all items, purposes and places are now available to buyers for a limited time.
3:00 PM
Lock n'lock
4:00 PM
Gourmet Holiday® (TV-G) Various hosts showcase a selection of holiday food ideas for interested buyers as he discusses the specifics of each product that can provide a satisfying meal.
7:00 PM
Periea Storage
8:00 PM
In the Kitchen with David® - PM Edition (TV-G) Host David Venable uses the latest appliances, cookware and bestselling cookbooks to show shoppers how easy it is to prepare delicious gourmet recipes. David Venable(Host)
10:00 PM
Authentic Living with Sandra
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