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Programs for WSJV-DT2 on Wednesday, February 21, 2018
12:00 AM
The FBI Files Deadly Influence (HD, TV-14) A marine salvager finds the bodies of three drug dealer floating in the Miami River.
1:00 AM
The FBI Files Terror in Disguise (HD, TV-14) The FBI forces their own luck as masked bandits become more violent over a four-year period, and end up face-to-face with a desperate fugitive.
2:00 AM
The FBI Files Killing Spree (HD, TV-14) South Florida police officers launch an investigation into a 1984 crime spree in which ten women were raped and murdered near Tampa.
3:00 AM
LAPD: Life on the Beat (TV-14) Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department respond to and investigate crimes throughout the city so that criminals can be brought to justice.
3:30 AM
LAPD: Life on the Beat (TV-14) Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department respond to and investigate crimes throughout the city so that criminals can be brought to justice.
4:00 AM
Stalkers (HD, TV-14, NR, **) In an effort to establish a police system that keeps track of potential stalkers, a district attorney comes up against the indifference of her own colleagues.
6:00 AM
Regarding Henry (PG-13, ***) Life starts from scratch for a high-powered attorney who, due to a brain injury, must learn to walk and talk again, ultimately hoping to return to his career.
8:00 AM
Scared Silent (TV-14, NR, *+) A group of women all victimized by the same police officer challenge the male-dominated legal system to bring their rapist to justice.
10:00 AM
Without a Trace Lost and Found (HD, TV-PG) When a woman adopted as a child discovers evidence that she may have been the victim of a kidnapping, she decides to turn to Malone's team for help.
11:00 AM
Without a Trace Bait (HD, TV-PG) When a young woman and her two children go missing aboard her estranged husband's yacht, Malone and his team discover that the boat is hiding a secret.
12:00 PM
Deep Undercover Operation Gambling Rings (Repeat, TV-14)
12:30 PM
Murderous Affairs Love Blind (Repeat, TV-14)
1:00 PM
Murderous Affairs Shattered Lives (Repeat, TV-14)
1:30 PM
Murderous Affairs Troubled Waters (Repeat, TV-14)
2:00 PM
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals The Playboy of Indiana (HD) In the Midwest, a buyer and seller of companies does business from his 12,000-square-foot home, but his arrest exposes a $216 million Ponzi scheme.
3:00 PM
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Hack Me if You Can; Goodfella Gone Bad (HD, TV-PG) A hacker steals millions from the IRS over a four-year period; a small-time mobster joins the witness protection program and then engages in mortgage fraud.
4:00 PM
Corrupt Crimes The Inmate Murderer (HD, TV-PG) A prisoner in Britain has attacked more than twenty prison guards and held eleven people hostage; website that sells illegal drugs and hitmen.
4:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes Anchorwoman Murder (HD, TV-PG) Television news anchor was discovered dead in her home in Arksana; radio and television personality was accused of committing fraud and larceny.
5:00 PM
Corrupt Crimes Murder by Teacup (HD, TV-PG) An exiled Russian spy was poisoned by federal agents from Russia; a man who ran a company that became the 5th largest cable provider was accused of fraud.
5:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes A Death on Staten Island (HD, TV-PG) An NYPD officer put a man from Staten Island into an illegal chokehold and killed him; Kevin Mitnick, a notorious computer hacker, was captured by the FBI.
6:00 PM
Corrupt Crimes The War Criminal (HD, TV-PG) A government official ordered the capture of 1,400 Jews and had them sent to Nazi concentration camps, where they were murdered.
6:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes Death on the High Seas (HD, TV-PG) A captain sailing a cruse ship ordered the ship off course, causing it to crash and sink; the leader of a Japanese cult orchestrated terror attacks.
7:00 PM
Forensic Files Family Ties (TV-14) A woman who was widowed after surviving the brutal attack that killed her husband withdraws her testimony after identifying the killer.
7:30 PM
Forensic Files Over and Out (TV-14) Law enforcement officials investigate when a pipe bomb explodes in a rural neighborhood, killing a young man and severely injuring his mother.
8:00 PM
Forensic Files Double Trouble (TV-14) Ritualistic similarities between two crimes that occurred hundreds of miles apart allow investigators to connect the events and identify the suspect.
8:30 PM
Forensic Files Yes, In Deed (TV-14) Law enforcement officials investigate when a fire in a trailer home takes a woman's life mere days after she sold her house and moved into it.
9:00 PM
Without a Trace The Little Things (HD, TV-PG) When a five-year-old boy is abducted in the middle of a carjacking, the team learns that the kidnapping may be the result of a secret known by the boy's father.
10:00 PM
Without a Trace Check Your Head (HD, TV-14) When an advice columnist unexpectedly vanishes from her apartment, the team believes that she may have been the victim of stalking.
11:00 PM
The FBI Files In Pursuit (HD, TV-14) A routine arrest turned into a statewide manhunt when Charles Moses fled from the authorities to avoid being arrested for outstanding warrants.
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