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Programs for WAFF-DT4 on Saturday, December 15, 2018
12:00 AM
That '70s Show That '70s Pilot (TV-14) In the 1970s, a high school teenager from a small town in Wisconsin hangs out with his close-knit group of friends in his parent's basement.
12:30 AM
That '70s Show Eric's Birthday (TV-14) Even though he doesn't want one, Eric's parents throw him a surprise birthday party; Kelso tries to get together with Laurie; Donna gets advice from Jackie.
1:00 AM
The Drew Carey Show The Curse of the Mummy (TV-14) Drew becomes manager of Winfred-Louder after an incompetent Mr. Wick becomes convinced that Drew slept with his mother and begins drinking again.
1:30 AM
The Drew Carey Show The Enabler (TV-14) Drew allows the booze-crazed Mr. Wick to feed his addiction in order to impress Winfred-Louder's potential investors; Oswald pursues an attractive nurse.
2:00 AM
Cybill Little Bo Peep (TV-14) Cybill, while promoting her new television series at a local zoo, is bitten by a lamb on live TV and reacts offensively, causing an animal rights outrage.
2:30 AM
Duets (TV-14, R, **+) Individuals from all across America head to Omaha to compete in a national karaoke competition as they deal with personal events over the course of their trip.
5:00 AM
Miami Rhapsody (TV-14, PG-13, **) A woman who is considering her long-term boyfriend's proposal is dismayed to learn that both her siblings and each of her parents are having affairs.
7:00 AM
Grounded for Life Eddie's Dead (TV-14) Claudia's friend seeks comfort after a difficult break-up; Sean claims that his father has always taken Eddie's side; Sean refuses to help Eddie date a woman.
7:30 AM
Grounded for Life Dream On (TV-14) Sean tries to rekindle Claudia's passion after she dreams about Eddie; Lily blows it with a new boy after she unknowingly gets drunk on Jimmy's spiked cider.
8:00 AM
Grounded for Life Mr. Roboto (TV-14) Sean goes overboard when he helps Jimmy create a winning robot for a science fair; Sean discovers that other parents helped their children too much as well.
8:30 AM
Grounded for Life Don't Fear the Reefer (TV-14) Sean tries to cut a tree down and causes a blackout during the Super Bowl; Sean spots Lily holding a bag of pot, which he later learns came from his own closet.
9:00 AM
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Manatee Move (TV-G) Jack accompanies four Florida manatees on a flight from Orlando, FL to Columbus, Ohio while Jack shares the story of Florida's endangered "gentle giants".
9:30 AM
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Vumbura Camp (TV-G) Jack's daughter, Kathaleen, joins him on safari in Botswana's Okavango Delta; Jack and Kathaleen explore an African village.
10:00 AM
Recipe Rehab Biscuits and Gravy (HD, TV-G) Chef Richard and Chef Vikki compete to see who can make a healthy version of a family's beloved recipe for biscuits and gravy.
10:30 AM
Recipe Rehab Cherry Cream Pie (HD, TV-G) Chefs Richard and Vikki prepare two diabetic-friendly alternatives for the Bartram family's Cherry Cream Pie recipe by reducing the amount of sugar.
11:00 AM
The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation Salmon Cannon (HD, TV-G) An invention that shoots out spawning salmon into upstream waters; an exploration of the Noah Webster House; a plug-in power soccer ball.
11:30 AM
The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation Jetman (HD, TV-G) A jetpack for backsides; an invention that seizes police pursuits; dirty water is filtered using the Drinkable Book; the science behind artifact restoration.
12:00 PM
Lucky Numbers (R, **) When a TV weatherman and a dim-witted lottery ball girl concoct a scheme to rig the state lottery, a variety of unsavory characters try to cut in on the action.
2:30 PM
Summer Rental (TV-MA, PG, **) A working class family rents a house on the beach as their vacation getaway, but an arrogant and selfish millionaire threatens to ruin their summer plans.
4:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show Pretty Baby (TV-14) Mimi insists that Drew stay away from Gus after the tot brandishes his middle finger at a baby beauty contest; Drew teaches Gus to say his first word.
5:00 PM
The Drew Carey Show A Shot in the Dark (TV-14) Drew mistakes Lewis for a jilted, and violent, ex-lover and accidentally shoots him in the leg; Marlo calls off her revenge on Drew after learning about Lewis.
5:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show It's a Dog Eat Drew World (TV-14) A pack of dogs sever the phone lines and infiltrate Drew's premises leaving the gang trapped in the basement where they pass time by reading Drew's journal.
6:00 PM
That '70s Show Streaking (TV-PG) Eric and the group plan to go streaking at President Ford's rally but everyone except Eric chickens out; Donna is forced to wear an American flag jumpsuit.
6:30 PM
That '70s Show Battle of the Sexists (TV-14) After losing a game of basketball to Donna, Eric stops feeling like a man; Red starts trying to fix everything that doesn't need fixing.
7:00 PM
That '70s Show Eric's Burger Job (TV-14) Donna's parents come home early and ruin what might have been a romantic evening between her and Eric; Eric gets a job at Fatso Burger.
7:30 PM
That '70s Show The Keg (TV-14) Eric finds a beer keg in the road and decides to throw a party and charge two dollars to get in, but Red finds out in advance and calls the cops.
8:00 PM
Home Improvement Say Goodnight, Gracie (TV-PG) Tim becomes interested in having more kids after watching the twins, but a discussion with Jill and advice from Wilson help him decide what's best.
8:30 PM
Home Improvement What a Drag (TV-G) After finding a bag of marijuana taped to the gazebo, Tim and Jill look for the culprit, and Jill decides to reveal her own past with the drug.
9:00 PM
Home Improvement Taking Jill for Granite (TV-G) The Taylor family decides to have their entire kitchen remodeled, but they are shocked by the identity of the contractor they hired to do the work for them.
9:30 PM
Home Improvement Futile Attraction (TV-G) Tim learns Heidi has left her husband, and he decides to investigation into her relationship with Al; a professional golfer guest stars on "Tool Time."
10:00 PM
That '70s Show That Disco Episode (TV-14) Mrs. Forman teaches Steven how to dance, but when Mr. Pinciotti walks in on them in a compromising position he comes to believe that they are having an affair.
10:30 PM
That '70s Show The Drive-In (TV-14) Eric and Donna go to the drive-in with Kelso and Jackie; Fez's parents think he's listening to devil's music when they see a copy of Kiss's "Destroyer" album.
11:00 PM
That '70s Show Thanksgiving (TV-14) Eric makes out with Laurie's friend and then tells Donna who ends up forgiving him; Kitty becomes annoyed by Red's mother who won't stop calling her.
11:30 PM
That '70s Show Sunday, Bloody Sunday (TV-14) Kitty struggles with her decision to quit smoking when Red's mother comes for a visit; Eric procrastinates on writing his 1,000-word paper and seeks help.
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