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Programs for WAFF-DT2 on Sunday, November 18, 2018
10:30 PM
Marked for Death (TV-14, R, **+) A newly retired Chicago DEA agent becomes the target of a feared drug kingpin after he is forced to take down some of the drug dealer's men in a gunfight.
12:30 AM
The Dynamite Brothers (TV-14, R) Chinese martial arts expert Larry Chin sneaks his way into the United States to search for his missing brother, but he finds himself in over his head.
2:30 AM
Traitor (TV-14, PG-13, ***) A former U.S. soldier and devout Muslim is imprisoned in Yemen for arms dealing and after escaping he becomes involved in ever-escalating terror plots.
5:00 AM
A Different World Faith, Hope and Charity, Part 2 (TV-PG) Whitley discovers that her mother's young fiancé was merely a ploy to break up her marriage to Dwayne; Whitley's parents get arrested.
5:30 AM
A Different World If You Like Pilgrim Coladas (TV-PG) Whitley and Kim use fake IDs to get into a club during Thanksgiving break but they are caught by Col. Taylor; Walter has plans for Jaleesa on their ride home.
6:00 AM
Half & Half The Big 'Who You Gonna Call' Episode (TV-14) Mona decides to date both Chase and Lorenzo until she comes to a final decision; Dee Dee starts seeing a health fanatic despite Brett's warnings about him.
6:30 AM
Half & Half The Big Hide & Sneek Episode (TV-14) Mona sees a therapist to cope with her recent breakup and makes a discovery about Chase; Dee Dee attempts to counsel Brett about staff relations at the office.
7:00 AM
WAFF 48 News Today (New) A comprehensive look at local, statewide and national news events is provided by the WAFF 48 News Team, along with updates on sports and the weather forecast.
9:00 AM
Game Changers with Kevin Frazier An Absolute Messi (HD, TV-G) Host Kevin Frazier takes a trip to Barcelona, Spain, to interview World Cup soccer star Lionel Messi while at an innovative photography shoot.
9:30 AM
Game Changers with Kevin Frazier Surf's Up! (HD, TV-G) Extreme surfing competition in Hawaii; NFL player Jared Allen helps the Wounded Warrior Project; quarterback Philip Rivers discusses raising seven children.
10:00 AM
Family Time It's About to Be Lit (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) After a couple gets lucky with a lottery scratch-off, they suddenly find themselves wife launched into middle-class society.
10:30 AM
Mann & Wife Dead Mann Walking (Repeat, TV-PG) A man and his new wife, who both have two kids from former marriages, move their families into his home, and work to adjust to their new lives together.
11:00 AM
Living Single Woman to Woman (TV-PG) Max is hurt when she learns that her old college roommate didn't disclose her sexual orientation because she is gay; Kyle refers Overton to his tailor.
11:30 AM
Driving Miss Daisy (TV-PG, PG, ***) A cantankerous old woman from the South begins to develop a meaningful relationship with her African-American chauffeur, who is just as stubborn as she is.
2:00 PM
Nothing to Lose (TV-14, R, ***) After finding his wife in bed with his boss, an advertising executive joins forces with the con artist who tries to carjack him and sets out to get revenge.
4:00 PM
Black Knight (TV-PG, PG-13, **) An employee at a shabby medieval theme park is mistaken for an envoy from Normandy after he is mysteriously transported back in time to 14th-century England.
6:00 PM
The Wood (TV-14, R, **+) On his wedding day, a nervous groom and his two best friends revisit their old stomping grounds in Inglewood, California, and he meets an old flame.
8:00 PM
How Stella Got Her Groove Back (TV-14, R, **+) A woman is convinced to take a luxury vacation to Jamaica where she falls for a sexy man half her age and is forced to take stock of her live.
10:00 PM
Diary of a Mad Black Woman (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) A rich lawyer throws his wife out of their house and moves his mistress in, but her gun-toting grandmother helps her regain her confidence and rebuild her life.
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