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Programs for WAFF-DT2 on Tuesday, April 24, 2018
11:00 PM
Setup (TV-14, R, **) Three friends plan a high-stakes heist, but one of them is forced to team up with a dangerous crime boss when a member of the group betrays the others.
1:00 AM
Virtuosity (TV-14, R, **+) A computer-generated bad guy 'sampled' from the world's worst serial killers is on the loose and an ex-cop and a convict are out to stop him.
3:00 AM
The Hughleys Clan of the Cave Bear (TV-PG) Darryl and Yvonne are faced with a tough decision after the hospital that hired Yvonne on a temporary basis offers to make her job a full-time position.
3:30 AM
The Hughleys Up on the Roof (TV-PG) A rift develops between Milsap and Darryl when Milsap believes he is not receiving the treatment he deserves on the job; the family holds fire drills.
4:00 AM
The Bernie Mac Show The Music Mac (HD, TV-PG) Isaac Hayes offers professional advice to Bernie on how to properly cultivate Vanessa's newly-discovered musical talent, which he is seeking to inspire.
4:30 AM
The Bernie Mac Show The Big Picture (TV-PG) Bernie's decision to hire a personal assistant rubs Wanda the wrong way; Jordan becomes hooked on making anonymous prank phone calls.
5:00 AM
The Wendy Williams Show (HD, New, TV-PG) Wendy discusses the latest "Hot Topics"; Melissa Garcia presents an edition of "Trendy @ Wendy"; Rob Shuter discusses the latest celebrity news.
6:00 AM
Judge Faith Roomie Regrets; Wavering Warranty (HD, TV-PG) When one roommate is accused of constantly being late on rent, tenants are forced to break their lease; a woman is seeking repayment after her car breaks.
6:30 AM
Judge Faith Fighting for Love (HD, TV-PG) A man says that his former lover moved out without paying bills and took some of his property.
7:00 AM
WAFF 48 News Today (New) A comprehensive look at local, statewide and national news events is provided by the WAFF 48 News Team, along with updates on sports and the weather forecast.
8:00 AM
The Cosby Show It's All in the Game (TV-G) Cliff and Clair return from a weekend away to find the house in a state of chaos; Theo asks to borrow many household items for his apartment.
8:30 AM
The Cosby Show Getting the Story (TV-G) Rudy and Kenny convince Cliff to let them into the hospital waiting room to make a film about a day in the life of a doctor for school.
9:00 AM
Half & Half The Big Frozen Assets Episode (TV-14) Mona throws a party honoring Dee Dee and her, but the event is spoiled when Phyllis reveals her gift; Dee Dee gets a potential life-changing job offer.
9:30 AM
Half & Half The Big Training Day Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee conflicts with a co-worker at her new job, but their boss forces them to work together; Adam tells Mona and Spencer to join an online dating service.
10:00 AM
The Bernie Mac Show Spinning Wheels (TV-PG) Wanda becomes worried that her birthday party will become all about her sister; Bernie gets advice on dealing with sisters from tennis champion Serena Williams.
10:30 AM
The Bernie Mac Show Growing Pains (TV-PG) While Vanessa finds that her job at the coffee shop makes college unnecessary, Jordan discovers that his height advantage gives him more power around the house.
11:00 AM
The Cosby Show Olivia Comes Out of the Closet (TV-G) Miriam Makeba finds Olivia upset and hiding in the front closet when the famed singer comes over to the Huxtables house for dinner.
11:30 AM
A Different World Risky Business (TV-PG) Clair has a presentation at Hillman for a business fair and Vanessa comes with her to look at the college; Clair agrees to help Dwayne get an internship.
12:00 PM
Alex Haley's Queen (TV-14) The young daughter of a slave master and one of his slaves struggles to come to terms with her own identity in post Civil War America.
2:00 PM
Why Do Fools Fall in Love? (TV-14, R, **+) After the death of 1950s singing sensation Frankie Lymon, three women step forward, each claiming to be his widow and demanding royalties from his songs.
4:00 PM
Half & Half The Big Young & Restless Episode (TV-14) Phyllis attempts to set Mona up with an attractive fireman, but he ends up falling for Phyllis; Adam gets sad over the successes his friends are having.
4:30 PM
Half & Half The Big Off Pitch Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee and Brett have issues when their client doesn't sign his new contract to focus on his music dreams; Big Dee must deliver some bad news to Phyllis.
5:00 PM
Living Single Misleading Lady (TV-PG) When Synclaire is denied a spot in a comic troupe after her audition because the female spots have been filled, she decides to disguise herself as a man.
5:30 PM
Living Single In Your Dreams (TV-PG) Khadijah's dream of kissing Scooter in a hot tub begins to become true when she joins Max on a retreat and the hot tub at the facility is the one in her dream.
6:00 PM
Living Single To Catch a Thief (TV-PG) Synclaire is irritated that her colleague would steal her act for their show, but she learns that he needs the money to pay for his supposed child support.
6:30 PM
WAFF 48 News at 6 with Liz Hurley (New) The WAFF 48 Evening News Team presents a comprehensive look at the news events of the day and updates on local weather conditions and rush-hour traffic.
7:00 PM
Grown Folks Junk in the Trunk (Repeat, TV-14) When Jillian purchases an old trunk at a yard sale, she soon finds an item at the bottom of it, and Gary is convinced that she has found a treasure map.
7:30 PM
Family Time Head of House (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) After a couple gets lucky with a lottery scratch-off, they suddenly find themselves wife launched into middle-class society.
8:00 PM
Brown Sugar (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) An executive at a successful hip-hop label rethinks her feelings for her childhood friend when he proposes marriage to his girlfriend.
10:00 PM
The Secret Life of Bees (TV-14, PG-13, ***) A 14-year-old girl runs away from home with her caregiver friend, and soon a trio of sisters befriends them at their beekeeping home.
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