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Programs for JustNet on Monday, July 13, 2020
12:00 AM
Cold Case Files Mark of Cain; Death on the Freeway (TV-14) A missing Florida man's disappearance is attributed to his roommate; a police officer's death appears to be accidental, but bullets are found in his skull.
1:00 AM
The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science Deadly Target (HD, TV-14) Ballistics tests are used to reveal the truth in a case that has been deemed a suicide after a victim is discovered with a fatal gunshot to the head.
2:00 AM
Fred Dinenage Murder Casebook Archibald Hall: Monster Butler Details are shared about Archibald Hall, a Scottish conman who posed as a butler to gain access to rich individuals as he became a notorious serial killer.
3:00 AM
City Confidential Los Angeles: Silenced Partner (TV-G) When detectives investigate the murder of a former California police officer, they begin to suspect the culprit may be the officer's business partner.
4:00 AM
Bizarre Murders Emoji Overkill (Repeat) A close look is taken at a murder case involving a daughter who plotted with her boyfriend to kill her father while on a vacation.
4:30 AM
Bizarre Murders Ice Queen (Repeat) A murder case is examined to reveal how a murderer stored the bodies of her ex-husband and her lover in a freezer after they refused to let her have a baby.
5:00 AM
Deadly Motives I Escaped My Killer Episode 3 (Repeat)
6:00 AM
Crime Stories The Roaming Rapist (TV-PG) Serial killer and rapist Gary Alan Walker was responsible for six deaths in Oklahoma in 1994 before he was convicted of these crimes.
7:00 AM
Crime Stories The Elderly Executioners (TV-PG) A look at a case in which an elderly couple was found responsible for a series of murders in a rural community in Missouri in the late 1980s.
8:00 AM
The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science Shreds of Evidence (HD, TV-14) Minor items such as eyelashes and carpet can sometimes lead to convictions, such as a hair strand that led to the end of a 1980 serial killer's spree.
9:00 AM
The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science Seeds of Destruction (HD, TV-14) Plants may contain clues to help to reveal information about the details of a murder, such as the time the incident occurred, as well as the place.
10:00 AM
Cold Case Files Killer on the Strip; The Doll Murder (TV-14) A police officer solves the 5-year-old murder of a Palm Beach prostitute; DNA samples help solve the 1989 rape and murder of a Colorado socialite.
11:00 AM
Cold Case Files The Burning Secret and Justice Delayed (TV-14) A woman discovers unwelcome information about the statute of limitations on rape after finding her rapist; a detective proves that a woman killed her husband.
12:01 PM
Cruise Ship Killers Deanna (Repeat) A young woman involved with a youth ministry disappears while on a ship, which leaves authorities wondering if anyone in her group knows what happened.
1:00 PM
Dominick Dunne's Power, Privilege and Justice Brothers in Arms (TV-14) Two Beverly Hills brothers shot their parents and went on a spending spree until one confessed to his psychiatrist and the other threatened the doctor.
2:00 PM
FBI: Criminal Pursuit The Hunted (HD, TV-14) When a group of teenagers accidentally unearths concealed arsenals scattered across a rural area, an investigator links the findings to an unsolved crime.
3:00 PM
Dr. G: Medical Examiner Broken Lives (HD, TV-PG) The medical examiner attempts to unravel the mystery of a missing woman when a murdered "Jane Doe" is brought to her; a halfway house resident dies.
4:00 PM
Secrets of the Morgue Ashes to Ashes (HD, TV-14) The cremated remains of a grandmother and her daughter are discovered in the basement of their Ohio home and an experienced pathologist tries to solve the case.
5:00 PM
Murder She Solved Not Forgotten (TV-14) Detectives try to solve a murder 15 years after a young surfer is killed, and the authorities rely on drops of blood to name a suspect in the case.
6:00 PM
The Last 24 Unforgivable Sin (HD, TV-14) Detectives uncover a document that was overlooked in the original investigation into the deaths of newlyweds Rick and Gail Brink, which led them to the killer.
7:01 PM
Cruise Ship Killers Nadia (Repeat) Authorities question the potential motives of former classmates after a woman is killed during her high school reunion aboard a cruise ship.
8:00 PM
FBI: Criminal Pursuit I've Been Watching You (HD, TV-14) A string of assaults committed by a crafty criminal frustrates police in an Illinois town until an FBI profile names the culprit and cracks the case.
9:00 PM
Bizarre Murders Psychic Sleuth (Repeat) Details are shared about how a murderer confessed to killing his aunt because he became paranoid that a psychic's visions would reveal his crime.
9:30 PM
Bizarre Murders Sweet Transvestite (Repeat) A close look is taken at a murder case involving a husband who killed his wife after the woman attempted to blackmail her husband.
10:00 PM
Killer Kids Out of Control (HD, TV-14) Three teens hatch a sketchy plan to rip off an auto parts store in Pensacola, but these juvenile delinquents get more than they bargained for.
11:00 PM
I Survived ... Verna, Theo, Debra (HD, TV-14) A single mother is assaulted after rebuffing her former classmate's advances; an individual mining for gold becomes stranded in the Australian Outback.
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