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Programs for YouToo on Tuesday, January 21, 2020
12:00 AM
Country Music Today
1:00 AM
Third Shift
3:00 AM
Third Shift
5:00 AM
Third Shift
6:00 AM
Country Music Today
7:00 AM
Coffee, Country and Cody A country music DJ and his co-host jumpstart the day with a variety of music, entertainment news and lively discussions, as well as welcome special guests.
11:00 AM
From The Vault Country Standard Time
12:00 PM
Southern Fried Fitness (TV-G) The host blends her passion for delicious Southern food with her commitment to a healthy lifestyle as she shares cooking lessons for viewers.
12:30 PM
Lorianne Crook's Celebrity Kitchen (TV-G) Some of country music's biggest stars prepare favorite family recipes with host Lorianne Crook of TV's "Crook and Chase."
1:00 PM
Crook & Chase (TV-G) The hosts sit and interview countless inspiring and famous country artists, groups and bands before a live studio audience every week from Opryhouse Studio A.
2:00 PM
Country Music Today
3:00 PM
The Music City Show (TV-G) In a celebration of Southern and country gospel music, featuring special guest hosts, a live house band, heartfelt interviews and comedic entertainment.
3:30 PM
Country Music Rewind
4:00 PM
Branson Jubilee (TV-G) Musical performances filmed in Branson, Missouri and hosted by Jimmy Osmond with a star-studded cast and celebrity guest stars.
4:30 PM
Gilley's Place Country music star Mickey Gilley invites celebrity guests over for a chat, as they discuss a wide range of fun topics such as their love for music and more.
5:00 PM
Reflections Hall of Fame DJ Keith Bilbrey interviews some of the most iconic artists in country music history, using a one-on-one format and his own unique insight.
5:30 PM
Texas Music Scene (TV-PG) Viewers are provided with a music showcase that focuses on Texas artists, including both the new up-and-comers as well as the legends that shaped the genre.
6:00 PM
From The Vault Country Standard Time (Repeat)
7:00 PM
Funny Business (TV-PG) An behind-the-scenes look at cartoonists at work in their studios, including artists that draw for the New York Magazine, George Booth and Roz Chast.
7:30 PM
The Red Green Show (TV-PG) Red Green and his colorful pals at Possum Lodge offer tips for home repairs and building projects while sharing comedic and personal discussions about life.
8:00 PM
More than the Music with Stacy Newman (HD) Host Stacy Newman takes viewers from the studio in Chattanooga, Tenn., to recording studios in Nashville, to a variety of popular venues and music festivals.
8:30 PM
Just Renting A team renovates single-family homes in Flint, Mich., so that they can be turned into rental properties, and stories are shared about Flint residents.
9:00 PM
Music City Tonight A look back in time at county music during the 1990s, featuring a roster of guests as they spotlight past performances and interviews with music legends.
10:30 PM
Country Music Rewind
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