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Programs for NewsMax on Thursday, August 13, 2020
12:00 AM
Greg Kelly Reports (Repeat)
1:00 AM
The Chris Salcedo Show (Repeat)
2:00 AM
The Howie Carr Show (Repeat)
3:00 AM
JFK's Women: Scandals Revealed (TV-PG) A look back is taken at John F. Kennedy's alleged sexual obsession, including the extra-marital affairs that he had with five women such as Marilyn Monroe.
4:00 AM
Greg Kelly Reports (Repeat)
5:00 AM
The Chris Salcedo Show (New)
6:00 AM
National Report (New)
9:00 AM
John Bachman Now (New) Correspondent John Bachman breaks down the biggest news stories of the day and delivers clear and concise information to provide a reliable news source.
11:00 AM
American Agenda (New)
1:00 PM
The Howie Carr Show (New)
2:00 PM
The Chris Salcedo Show (New)
3:00 PM
Spicer & Co. (New)
4:00 PM
Greg Kelly Reports (New)
5:00 PM
The Chris Salcedo Show (Repeat)
6:00 PM
Spicer & Co. (Repeat)
7:00 PM
Greg Kelly Reports (Repeat)
8:00 PM
War Room: Pandemic (New)
9:00 PM
Remember Pearl Harbor (HD, TV-PG) Hollywood actor Tom Selleck narrates the story of individuals, who witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor as photos and footage depict the horrors of battle.
11:00 PM
Vietnam in HD Search & Destroy (1966-1967) (HD, TV-14) As U.S. troops follow orders to kill rather than seize territory, an Army sergeant and his men struggle on Hill 875, and in America, citizens question leaders.
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