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Programs for KGMC-DT8 on Monday, January 27, 2020
12:00 AM
Frasier You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover (TV-PG) Frasier is challenged to pick the criminal out of Martin's poker buddies, but when they learn who it is, they discover Daphne is going on a date with him.
12:30 AM
Frasier The Show Where Lilith Comes Back (TV-PG) Frasier's feelings for his ex-wife resurface when she surprises him in Seattle, claiming to attend a convention, but her true motives are soon revealed.
1:00 AM
Murdoch Mysteries (HD, TV-PG) A detective in 19th-century Toronto solves crimes using unorthodox methods, such as fingerprinting and blood testing, with help from his close associates.
2:00 AM
Cordless Iron The Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Steam Iron offers cordless ironing and powerful steaming with the convenience of quick recharging!
2:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
3:00 AM
Make Room for Daddy Rusty, the Ward-Heeler (TV-G) Kathy believes that Danny is miscommunicating with Rusty during his running for Class President, as Danny suggests Rusty 'buy' his votes.
3:30 AM
Make Room for Daddy First Anniversary (TV-G) When Danny and Kathy get into a disagreement about who was the one to propose between the two, Mr. Daly advises Danny not to say sorry to Kathy.
4:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote The Dying Game (TV-PG) An old established store has closed for good and its already its accountant won't have to worry about finding another job when he is found murdered.
5:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote The Trouble with Seth (TV-PG) Seth suddenly vanishes, and those close to him are positive there is some fowl play involved as there are also some fresh blood stains found in the office.
6:00 AM
Charlie's Angels Dancing in the Dark (TV-PG) The Angels become a dance instructor, a dance student, and a photographer to discover who is blackmailing a lonely Baseball Hall of Fame player's widow.
7:00 AM
The Bionic Woman Kill Oscar, Part III (TV-PG) Doctor Franklin uses the weather control device to surround his remote island with a raging hurricane; Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers come to the rescue.
8:00 AM
The Six Million Dollar Man Danny's Inferno (TV-PG) A young science enthusiast's experiments with chemicals results in him accidentally creating a thermonuclear reaction and he creates a dangerous power source.
9:00 AM
Emergency! Alley Cat (TV-PG) A stray cat chooses to have her litter in Johnny's bed at the station; an elderly man steps in a bear trap; a family is trapped after their airplane crashes.
10:00 AM
Emergency! An English Visitor (TV-PG) A visitor from the U.K. observes as Roy and John deal with a policeman pinned in a burning building and a man trapped in an industrial machine.
11:00 AM
Highway to Heaven The Last Assignment (TV-PG) Jonathan and Mark come together to help an angel named Harold who has been on a continuous heavenly probation for the past 200 years.
12:00 PM
Highway to Heaven To Bind the Wounds (TV-PG) Jonathan and Mark help a man as he tries to convince the rest of his town to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice his son had made in the war.
1:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie His Father's Son (TV-PG) As outdoorsman Isaiah Edwards attempts to bond with his newly adopted son he tries to transform him from a book lover into a hunter and a fisherman.
2:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie The Talking Machine (TV-PG) Nellie uses her family's new phonograph to record Laura sharing her feelings about the new boy at school and then tries to blackmail her with the recording.
3:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie The Pride of Walnut Grove (TV-PG) Mary qualifies for the state championship in mathematics, and when the town council hears her family can't afford to send her to the contest, they offer to pay.
4:00 PM
The Munsters Herman's Driving Test (TV-G) Herman tries to get a promotion at work and he tries to get a commercial drivers license so he can drive the hearse at the parlor.
4:30 PM
The Munsters Will Success Spoil Herman Munster? (TV-G) Herman records his own version of "Dry Bones" on a tape recorder that belongs to one of Eddies friends, and the song becomes popular.
5:00 PM
Frasier Tales from the Crypt (TV-PG) Frasier seeks help to pull off the perfect prank on Bulldog; Mrs. Moon tries to get back at a trick-or-treater who egged Niles' door.
5:30 PM
Frasier Star Mitzvah (TV-PG) To prepare for Frederick's bar mitzvah, Frasier needs to learn his speech in Hebrew but picks someone who teaches him Klingon instead.
6:00 PM
Roseanne This Old House (TV-PG) Roseanne and Jackie take one last trip to see their childhood home and reminisce about their memories, reminding her to give Darlene a stricter punishment.
6:30 PM
Roseanne The Commercial Show (TV-PG) The Conners are elated when they are filmed in a television advertisement for Rodbell's Luncheonette, but when the commercial airs, the family is excluded.
7:00 PM
Roseanne Therapy (TV-PG) Roseanne agrees to accompany Jackie when she visits her therapist, where Roseanne says that dull Art is the perfect man for Jackie to be with.
7:30 PM
Roseanne Lies (TV-PG) Rodbell's new regulations require employees to take a lie detector test to see if they are stealing from the restaurant, infuriating Roseanne over the idea.
8:00 PM
The Office Lotto (HD, TV-14) The warehouse guys win the lotto and quit; Andy and Darryl search for new warehouse employees while Jim, Erin, Dwight and Kevin get a taste of warehouse life.
8:30 PM
The Office Garden Party (HD, TV-14) Andy throws a garden party to impress Robert California, which Dwight thinks he's made a classy event, but Andy's family attends and makes him feel self-doubt.
9:00 PM
The Nanny Fran Gets Shushed (TV-PG) Fran believes Maxwell agree to tone down their personalities; problems arise when Fran and Maxwell get locked in a bathroom together during a dinner meeting.
9:30 PM
The Nanny Once a Secretary, Always a Secretary (TV-PG) Maxwell hurts Fran's feelings by calling her a nanny in the middle of a heated argument, and even repeats the offense on national television.
10:00 PM
The Nanny Sara's Parents (TV-PG) The Sheffield children's maternal grandparents arrive for a visit and grow very angry upon discovering Fran's intentions to legally adopt the children.
10:30 PM
The Nanny Maggie's Boyfriend (TV-PG) Maggie brings her Jewish boyfriend home to meet Fran and Maxwell, but Maxwell becomes upset after Maggie reveals that she is moving in with her new beau.
11:00 PM
Will & Grace Boo! Humbug (HD, TV-PG) After planning on a quiet Halloween at home, Will and Grace are stuck watching Harlin's hyperactive kids when he has to go out of town.
11:30 PM
Will & Grace William, Tell (HD, TV-14) Grace learns that Will had an affair with a client and wonders what other secrets he's keeping; a secret meeting with Karen feeds her paranoia.
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