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Programs for KGMC-DT7 on Wednesday, June 26, 2019
12:00 AM
Easy Solutions (TV-G) The host offers consumers new and bright ideas for products that can be used for a person's home or office that will make their lives a whole lot simpler.
1:00 AM
Honora Jewelry Collection Clearance
3:00 AM
Clever Kitchen Solutions
4:00 AM
Get It Done with Dan & Mary
6:00 AM
Carole Hochman Heavenly Soft Sleepwear Heavenly Soft Sleepwear and loungewear from notorious lingerie designer, Carole Hochman, is available on QVC.
7:00 AM
Quacker Factory® by Jeanne Bice (TV-G) Designer Jeanne Bice offers her collection of fun-loving styles which feature her signature motifs from cuddly cats to adorable angels and more.
8:00 AM
In the Kitchen with Mary®
10:00 AM
Denim & Co.® (TV-G) An extensive showcase featuring the latest developments in Denim, this QVC exclusive focuses on providing a stylish new approach to a classically casual fabric.
12:00 PM
Gourmet Holiday® (TV-G) Various hosts showcase a selection of holiday food ideas for interested buyers as he discusses the specifics of each product that can provide a satisfying meal.
3:00 PM
Vionic® - Footwear Program hosts and QVC's designated shoe and handbag fanatics feature the perfect combination of style, function and comfort with Vionic footwear.
4:00 PM
Cleaning the Kitchen with David
5:00 PM
In the Kitchen with David® - PM Edition (TV-G) Host David Venable uses the latest appliances, cookware and bestselling cookbooks to show shoppers how easy it is to prepare delicious gourmet recipes.
7:00 PM
Now That's Cool with Jane (TV-G) Host Jane Treacy is just the person to present everything from those mind-boggling innovations to tried-and-true customer preferences.
9:00 PM
AnyBody® Loungewear Contemporary loungewear designed especially for QVC.
10:00 PM
Laura Geller Makeup Studio Host Laura Geller shares her makeup style tips with interested viewers, discussing the proper cosmetic application techniques and which makeup she prefers.
11:00 PM
Stephen Dweck Designer Jewelry Clearance
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