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Programs for KCBT-D11 on Friday, December 13, 2019
12:00 AM
Will & Grace Grace in the Hole (HD, TV-14) Grace rediscovers an old friend while visiting Karen's husband in prison; Rosario advises her liquored-up boss to stand by her man.
12:30 AM
Will & Grace Dyeing is Easy, Comedy is Hard (HD, TV-PG) Elliot's mother, Bonnie, gets irate when Jack lets him bleach his hair; Grace attends her ex-fiancé's wedding with Will, who poses as a tennis pro.
1:00 AM
My Favorite Martian Stop or I'll Steam (TV-G) Martin needs some cold air therapy hastily to normalize his system, otherwise he will turn into, in his own words, "a cracker"; Martin fixes up a contraption.
1:30 AM
My Favorite Martian The Magnetic Personality and Who Needs It (TV-G) Mrs. Brown's new handyman, a rehabilitated pickpocket, really wants to make in on the outside, but his new magnetized hands are creating some problems.
2:00 AM
5 Makeup Tips 4 Older Women! Airbrushed makeup made easy!
2:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
3:00 AM
The Lone Ranger The Twisted Track (TV-PG) Two brothers who fought together in the Civil War as Southern renegades continue their feud against a Yankee major who has settled in Miller's Junction.
3:30 AM
The Lone Ranger Decision for Chris McKeever (TV-PG) A stagecoach transporting a large shipment of gold is attacked and its passengers are injured during a violent robbery hundreds of miles from town.
4:00 AM
The Lone Ranger Trouble at Tylerville (TV-PG) An ex-convict returns to Tylerville to live a normal life and receives help from a woman against her brother's wishes.
4:30 AM
The Lone Ranger Christmas Story (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger and Tonto help a boy cut down a tree for his family's Christmas and begin a search of the mining camps for his missing father.
5:00 AM
The A-Team The Spy Who Mugged Me (TV-PG) In order to stop a terrorist based in Monte Carlo, Murdock poses as a special agent in order to get closer to him by turning on the charm with his companion.
6:00 AM
The A-Team The Grey Team (TV-PG) A girl runs away from home with her father's briefcase containing top secret government documents which she believes he intends to sell to the Russians.
7:00 AM
The Six Million Dollar Man One of Our Running Backs Is Missing (TV-PG) When a popular running back is kidnapped just before he is to play an important game, Steve pushes his bionic powers to the brink in order to find him.
8:00 AM
Emergency! The Boat (TV-PG) The station mechanic stores the boat he's selling at the station house, and the firemen decide to buy it; a basement fire means Rampart must be evacuated.
9:00 AM
Adam-12 Christmas (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy are forced to spend the Christmas holiday patrolling; Reed decides that he wants to deliver a Christmas tree to a Senior Citizen's home.
9:30 AM
Adam-12 Pot Shot (TV-PG) On his day off, officer Malloy decides to take his dirty clothes to the laundry mat where he notices a young man acting extremely suspiciously.
10:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote The Szechuan Dragon (TV-PG) Jessica's nephew and his wife housesit for her while she is away and they find a peg-legged murder victim on her living room floor.
11:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote The Sicilian Encounter (TV-PG) A member of British intelligence must contend with a widow's in-laws who are also mobsters while he is in Italy dealing with an adventurer.
12:00 PM
Highway to Heaven A Dolphin Song For Lee, Part 2 (TV-PG) Her cancer in remission, Jonathan and Mark persuade teenage Lee to lobby in the state senate for broader environmental protection.
1:00 PM
Highway to Heaven Heaven Nose, Mister Smith (TV-PG) Jonathan is forced to do anything he can in order to prevent an angel from carrying out his own mission to break up his son's marriage.
2:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Sylvia, Part 1 (TV-PG) Albert falls in love with a 15-year-old girl before he learns that she is carrying the child of her rapist as Harriet tells everyone the child is Albert's.
3:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Sylvia, Part 2 (TV-PG) Sylvia's father learns the truth about her baby's father and then he looks for her with Charles and Albert, catching up to her at the same time as her rapist.
4:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Blind Justice (TV-PG) Newly licensed lawyer Adam defends a man accused of using fraudulent promises of railroad involvement to sell worthless land to the town of Walnut Grove.
5:00 PM
Frasier First Date (TV-PG) Niles' nerves get the best of him as he's preparing to ask Daphne out, but she overhears him discussing the love of his life and asks who the mystery woman is.
5:30 PM
Frasier Roz and the Schnoz (TV-PG) Roz learns that huge noses run in her baby's father's family and is horrified; Frasier can't tell Daphne that he bought her fake sapphires.
6:00 PM
Frasier The Life of the Party (TV-PG) Frasier and Niles are tired of the singles scene so they decide to host a singles party, but their plans run into trouble when Roz goes into labor.
6:30 PM
Frasier Party, Party (TV-PG) Frasier is being stretched in different directions as he is supposed to attend a surprise party, a Safari Club meeting, and have a date all in one evening.
7:00 PM
Will & Grace Ben? Her? Part 2 (HD, TV-14) A forced betrayal of his friends drives Will to quit his job and flee to a tropical island, where Ben eventually finds him; Rosario and Jack's divorce.
7:30 PM
Will & Grace New Will City (HD, TV-14) Upon returning home from three months in the Caribbean, Will is frustrated to see that Jack took his place with Grace; Rosario takes the fall for Karen.
8:00 PM
The Office Dwight Christmas (HD, TV-14) When the party planning committee drops the ball, Dwight gets everyone to celebrate with a traditional Schrute German Christmas.
8:30 PM
The Office Christmas Party (HD, TV-14) Michael tries to lift the employees' spirits at the office Christmas party after the secret Santa gifts get them down, so he introduces vodka shots.
9:00 PM
The Nanny The Yummy Mummy (TV-PG) Brighton refuses to allow Fran to accompany him on visits to prospective colleges but refuses to tell her the reason why; Fran receives lessons in elegance.
9:30 PM
The Nanny California, Here We Come (TV-PG) Maxwell receives an offer to turn one of his plays into a television show, and he and the rest of his family prepares to move to California.
10:00 PM
The Nanny Ma' ternal Affairs (TV-PG) Sylvia admits to Fran that she is having an affair with another man, which prompts Fran to convince her father to sweep Sylvia off her feet.
10:30 PM
The Nanny The Producers (TV-PG) Fran agrees to help Niles impress the woman he is attracted to by co-producing a play with him, but their venture leads to a lawsuit.
11:00 PM
The Office Money, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Michael swallows his pride and begins pressuring his employees for a loan when his growing debt sky rockets; Jan renovates the condo; night at the farm.
11:30 PM
The Office Local Ad (HD, TV-14) Michael seizes the opportunity to display his creative prowess when the Scranton branch is asked to participate in a Dunder Mifflin ad.
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