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Programs for KCBT-D11 on Thursday, August 13, 2020
12:00 AM
The Nanny Personal Business (TV-PG) Maxwell wants a popular soap-opera star to take the lead role in his play, but the actor will only agree if Maxwell sets him up on a date with Fran.
12:30 AM
The Nanny The Nanny-in-Law (TV-PG) Maxwell's former nanny arrives for a visit and makes changes to the children's behavior, forcing them to all dress alike and putting them on strict schedules.
1:00 AM
Here's Lucy Lucy, the Sheriff (TV-G) Lucy receives a phone call from a small town in Montana, where her great grandmother was once the sheriff; her relative will be honored at a festival.
1:30 AM
Here's Lucy Milton Berle is the Life of the Party (TV-G) Lucy is tired of being chastised for holding boring parties and wants to liven them up; she has the luck of winning in a celebrity auction and enlists a guest.
2:00 AM
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2:30 AM
Best Bra Ever
3:00 AM
Make Room for Daddy Terry Comes Home (TV-G) When Terry returns home after attending school in Europe, Danny is expecting his littler girl only to encounter a bookish young woman who makes him uneasy.
3:30 AM
Make Room for Daddy Rusty's Day In Court (TV-G) Danny puts Rusty in a compromising position after the driver he recently got into a car accident with takes their case to court to prove he was at fault.
4:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote Death Takes a Dive (TV-PG) Jessica inherits the contract of a boxer who happens to be an old friend of hers, but Harry is the prime suspect in the old owner's murder.
5:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote Simon Says, Color Me Dead (TV-PG) Not only does Jessica have to solve the murder of a local artist, but she must also find out who stole his most prized and private painting.
6:00 AM
Charlie's Angels Antique Angels (TV-PG) Bosley and the girls don the disguises of Keystone Cops to catch the thief who stole radioactive gas and plan to use antique cars to take it out of the country.
7:00 AM
The Bionic Woman All for One (TV-PG) Jaime poses as a college student so she may find a computer hacker that has been raiding several bank accounts, including that of the OSI, stealing thousands.
8:00 AM
The Six Million Dollar Man Operation Firefly (TV-PG) While in the midst of developing a wireless laser utilizing firefly technology, Dr. Samuel Abbott is kidnapped by a group he believes are government agents.
9:00 AM
Emergency! How Green Was My Thumb? (TV-PG) John lets Roy take care of a victim's plants because he doesn't know she's young and cute; the paramedics help Dr. Brackett remove a grenade from a man's belly.
10:00 AM
Emergency! The Hard Hours (TV-PG) Dr. Early undergoes a bypass after being diagnosed with a heart condition; a pro football player's son tackles him too hard; a woman's toe is stuck in a faucet.
11:00 AM
Highway to Heaven Return of the Masked Rider (TV-PG) Jonathan and Mark get jobs working in a local area boxing ring and the owner's grandson has a good opportunity at winning the local championship fight.
12:00 PM
Highway to Heaven Song of the Wild West (TV-PG) The guys' newest task is to reunite a broken family after Evelyn Higgins left her husband Tim and baby daughter Sarah to explore a career in music.
1:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Meet Me at the Fair (TV-PG) The Ingalls and the Olesons travel to a fair; Mary attracts the attention of a handsome balloonist while Carrie gets away from Laura and takes a wild ride.
2:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Here Come the Brides (TV-PG) The son of a pig farmer and Nellie Oleson fall in what they believe to be love and decide to elope, but Nels and Harriet come to rescue Nellie.
3:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Freedom Flight (TV-PG) A young Indian boy travels to Walnut Grove to get help for his sick father and the Ingalls family winds up protecting them when the townspeople threaten them.
4:00 PM
The Munsters Come Back, Little Googie (TV-G) Grandpa is under the impression that he turned Eddies friend into a monkey when one of his magic tricks backfires during his friends visit.
4:30 PM
The Munsters Far Out Munsters (TV-G) A rock band comes to town from Los Angeles and needs to find a place to hide away from their screaming teenage fans; they pay the Munsters to let them stay.
5:00 PM
Frasier Beloved Infidel (TV-PG) Martin has a mysterious rendezvous with an old friend which makes Niles and Frasier suspect that he cheated on their mother in the past.
5:30 PM
Frasier Selling Out (TV-PG) Frasier finds himself in a moral predicament as he is forced to do on-air endorsements for products that he does not support personally.
6:00 PM
Roseanne Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker (TV-PG) Jackie is horrified when she wakes up after a night on the town drinking to find that she has slept with Arnie, while D.J. gets a dog for comic books.
6:30 PM
Roseanne Darlene Fades to Black (TV-PG) Roseanne and Dan are left wondering about Darlene after she becomes depressed, wanting to wear only black clothing and be left alone from everyone.
7:00 PM
Roseanne Tolerate Thy Neighbor (TV-PG) New neighbors the Bowmans go out of town and a moving truck pulls up to their house while Roseanne watches, unaware they are actually getting robbed.
7:30 PM
Roseanne Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down (TV-PG) Roseanne gets nervous that Kathy will seek vengeance on her for a Halloween prank; Jackie flirts at a costume party only to learn it was with her ex-boyfriend.
8:00 PM
The Nanny The Playwright (TV-PG) Fran attempts to convince Brighton to take his science partner to the school dance; a playwright threatens to jump out a window unless Maxwell reads his play.
8:30 PM
The Nanny Everybody Needs a Bubby Sometimes (TV-PG) Fran's grandmother is invited to stay at the Sheffield's house while her retirement home is being fumigated, but Maxwell worries about the woman's bad advice.
9:00 PM
The Nanny Material Fran (TV-PG) A friend sets Fran up with a wealthy older man who enjoys spending his money on her; Maxwell and Fran chaperone Maggie at a concert.
9:30 PM
The Nanny Curse of the Grandmas (TV-PG) Grace begins to think that she is very bad luck when every elderly person that she volunteers to spend time with suddenly dies on her.
10:00 PM
Will & Grace What Ever Happened to Baby Gin? (HD, TV-14) Will is forced to choose between a commitment to Grace to raise the baby together and his relationship with Vince; Karen announces that she has a sister.
10:30 PM
Will & Grace The Finale (HD, TV-14) As Will decides whether or not to stay with Grace and help raise her child, Karen seeks happiness in the wake of Stan's departure.
11:00 PM
Will & Grace Pilot (HD, TV-14) Will's not supportive of the marriage proposal Grace received; Grace's assistant Karen and Will's friend Jack complicate things further.
11:30 PM
Will & Grace A New Lease on Life (HD, TV-PG) Will wants Grace to move in with him, but his current roommates, Jack and his parrot, are ruining his chances; Jack and Karen meet for the first time.
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