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Programs for KGMC-DT8 on Wednesday, January 23, 2019
12:00 AM
Will & Grace The Hospital Show (HD, TV-14) Karen's husband Stan has a massive heart attack; the gang wonders whose shoulder Karen will lean on when she eventually breaks down.
12:30 AM
Will & Grace Sweet and Sour Charity (HD, TV-PG) Grace wins concert tickets, which spurs her to volunteer herself and Will at the community center, but a problem arises when it conflicts with the concert.
1:00 AM
The Dick Van Dyke Show Bank Book 6565696 (TV-G) Laura has a bank account which Rob thinks the money is going towards his birthday present that he really wants.
1:30 AM
The Dick Van Dyke Show The Attempted Marriage (TV-G) Rob and Laura tell Ritchie about how their first attempt at a wedding ended with disastrous results, and then the ceremony that was much more successful.
2:00 AM
Stop Hiding your Aging Neck Dr. Perricone's Cold Plasma advanced product targets 10 visible signs of aging, including areas under the chin and neck.
2:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
3:00 AM
The Lone Ranger Word of Honor (TV-PG) When a prison inmate is told his wife has acquired a terminal illness and does not have long to live, he pleads with the authorities to allow him to visit her.
3:30 AM
The Lone Ranger Treason at Dry Creek (TV-PG) An agent, who is working for the Pony Express Relay Station, has been secretly giving a tribe of Indians confidential U.S. military information.
4:00 AM
The Lone Ranger The Condemned Man (TV-PG) As a war with the Indians is about to erupt due to a murder, the Lone Ranger seeks the person responsible for the heinous crime to divert the battle.
4:30 AM
The Lone Ranger The New Neighbor (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger seeks the true identity of a mysterious stranger, who has arrived in the region to settle his ranch and argue over the water sources.
5:00 AM
Magnum, P.I. Deja Vu, Part 2 (TV-PG) Magnum becomes close to his late friend's widow as they continue to investigate the mystery of his friend's death; Higgins is reluctant to see his father.
6:00 AM
The Rockford Files Backlash of the Hunter, Part 2 (TV-PG) An ex-con turned private investigator accepts the cases the police cannot solve, such as the case of a woman who wants an inquiry into her father's death.
7:00 AM
Columbo Dagger of the Mind (TV-PG) Lt. Columbo visits Scotland Yard and becomes involved in the investigation of a theatrical producer's murder that was staged to look like an accident.
9:00 AM
Hart to Hart Night Horrors (TV-PG) The Harts are invited by their eccentric friends to a bizarre treasure hunt party in a haunted mansion, but a guest is a mysteriously murdered.
10:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote Bloodlines (TV-PG) Racehorse trainer is killed while on his way to expose racing fraud, though there is also concern over whether or not his daughter had permission to ride.
11:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote A Killing in Cork (TV-PG) Jessica visits a recently widowed friend in Ireland. Rumor has it that her husband's death may not have been an accident.
12:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote Love and Hate in Cabot Cove (TV-PG) When a deputy with a shady background is murdered, three suspects emerge: a CPA, a casino owner and his daughter ex-lover.
1:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie May We Make Them Proud, Part 2 (TV-PG) After two people die in the fire at the school, Albert is consumed with guilt while Mary goes into shock and Jonathan Garvey's alcoholism comes to the fore.
2:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Wilder and Wilder (TV-PG) When the Wilders' brother comes to town, they soon remember why they don't keep him close, but Charles thinks he might be a good match for Laura at first.
3:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Second Spring (TV-PG) Nels Oleson hits the road with the intention of starting a traveling business, and he is faced with a painful choice when he falls for a boarding-house owner.
4:00 PM
Frasier Morning Becomes Entertainment (TV-PG) After being a guest host on television's A.M. Seattle, Frasier battles the desire to forsake his radio show for a job on television.
4:30 PM
Frasier To Thine Old Self Be True (TV-PG) Frasier makes an admirable attempt to throw Donny a bachelor party while keeping it a secret from Daphne; Regan catches Frasier in two awkward situations.
5:00 PM
Frasier Three Faces of Frasier (TV-PG) An upscale restaurant honors Frasier by putting a caricature of him on their wall of fame, but the drawing is not to Frasier's liking.
5:30 PM
Frasier Dark Side of the Moon (TV-PG) Daphne's brother visits for the upcoming wedding and causes her to go on a rage at his mooching ways, and she finally realizes Niles is more than a friend.
6:00 PM
Frasier Something Borrowed, Someone Blue, Part 1 (TV-PG) Daphne struggles with her feelings for Niles the week before her wedding; Niles is devastated about the wedding and elopes with Mel.
6:30 PM
Frasier Something Borrowed, Someone Blue, Part 2 (TV-PG) Niles finally talks to Daphne, but she thinks it is too late to undo their commitments, so Niles hides out in the Winnebago during the wedding.
7:00 PM
The Office Employee Transfer (HD, TV-14) Pam is embarrassed that she's the only one in costume at corporate for Halloween; Holly and Michael get shocking news from corporate; Dwight torments Andy.
7:30 PM
The Office Customer Survey (HD, TV-14) Dwight and Jim get the results of the annual customer survey report; Pam and Jim use their Bluetooth phones; Angela and Andy's wedding location.
8:00 PM
The Office Business Trip (HD, TV-14) Andy and Oscar form an unlikely friendship when Michael brings them on his trip to Canada; Jim counts the days until Pam's return.
8:30 PM
The Office Frame Toby (HD, TV-14) An unknown culprit makes a huge mess in the microwave and refuses to come forward; Michael realizes personnel changes have been made without his knowledge.
9:00 PM
The Nanny Danny's Dead and Who's Got the Will? (TV-PG) Fran attends her ex-fiancé's funeral and begins to feel she has no real value to the Sheffield family; Maxwell's critical grandmother pays him a visit.
9:30 PM
The Nanny Kissing Cousins (TV-PG) When Fran finds the perfect new boyfriend only to find out that he's her cousin, Maxwell suggests she overcome her distress by meeting with a therapist.
10:00 PM
The Nanny The Fifth Wheel (TV-PG) As part of a therapeutic experiment, Fran vows to rid her life of men but loneliness sets in when she decides to join C.C., Val and their dates.
10:30 PM
The Nanny The Nose Knows (TV-PG) Fran is not impressed with her therapist's behavior after she witnesses him in a personal setting; C.C. needs a date for an awards show.
11:00 PM
Will & Grace An Affair to Forget (HD, TV-PG) Will and Grace are asked to be in a friend's wedding, but at the bachelorette party, the bride finds out Grace slept with the groom in the past.
11:30 PM
Will & Grace Girls, Interrupted (HD, TV-PG) Will suspects Grace of stealing after she, surprisingly, has a fun evening with Val; Jack pretends to be straight to charm a man who was once gay.
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