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Programs for KGMC-DT7 on Saturday, January 18, 2020
12:00 AM
FITNATION Slimline Treadmill
1:00 AM
FITNATION Slimline Treadmill
2:00 AM
FITNATION Slimline Treadmill
3:00 AM
FITNATION Slimline Treadmill
4:00 AM
AM Style® with Leah Williams Isaac Mizrahi Live! 10th Anniversary (TV-G) Host Leah Williams presents the newest looks from loved brands and advice from style experts; it's the only way to shop for a weekend in style.
7:00 AM
Saturday Morning Q® 5 Hour Special (TV-G) Saturday Morning Q presents items like jewelry, beauty, fashion, and accessories as well as items for decorating, cleaning, repairing, and cooking.
12:00 PM
FITNATION Slimline Treadmill
1:00 PM
LOGO by Lori Goldstein® (TV-G) Influential fashion stylist Lori Goldstein showcases her collection from LOGO, which displays eclectic styles, contemporary separates and more.
3:00 PM
FITNATION Slimline Treadmill
4:00 PM
Denim & Co.® (TV-G) An extensive showcase featuring the latest developments in Denim, this QVC exclusive focuses on providing a stylish new approach to a classically casual fabric.
5:00 PM
FITNATION Slimline Treadmill
6:00 PM
#DaretoShareStyle with Courtney
8:00 PM
FITNATION Slimline Treadmill
9:00 PM
Le Creuset - French Cookware Program hosts present Le Creuset's ceramic cookware designed to be as fun to use as they are versatile, featuring a colorful and durable enamel exterior.
10:00 PM
Lock & Lock Storage Money is saved by storing food and keeping it fresh for a longer time; space is saved by using the unique stackable designs; keep food air and watertight.
11:00 PM
Temp-tations® Presentable Kitchen Specially designed selections of kitchen accessories and culinary tools are brought forth in the name of transforming kitchen spaces.
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