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Programs for getTV on Tuesday, June 18, 2019
12:00 AM
Married ... with Children The Bald and the Beautiful (TV-14) Steve convinces Al that he is also losing his hair, but he is really just upset that he might be losing his own hair and wants to drag Al down with him.
12:30 AM
Married ... with Children The Gypsy Cried (TV-14) Marcy becomes worried when a psychic tells her she is going to die after the psychic's predictions for Al, Peggy and Steve all actually happen.
1:00 AM
Designing Women Old Spouses Never Die, Part 1 Charlene is upset by her doctor's nonchalant attitude toward the lump in her breast; Mary Jo resents her ex-husband's interference in her life.
1:30 AM
Designing Women Old Spouses Never Die, Part 2 (TV-PG) Julia begins to question the credibility of Charlene's doctor, following the diagnosis he gave her; Anthony hides from an aggressive gangster.
2:00 AM
Good Times My Son the Lover (TV-PG) A popular girl wants J.J. to paint her portrait and J.J. wrongly assumes that they will become more serious when he makes plans to ask her out.
2:30 AM
Good Times Florida Flips (TV-PG) Florida's uncharacteristically aggressive behavior has the family wondering what's wrong with her; Willona and Florida attend a women's group meeting.
3:00 AM
Amen Into The Night (TV-PG) Reverend Gregory's aunt ends up in jail after spending an evening on a date with Frye, leaving the deacon with some explaining to do.
3:30 AM
Amen The Divorce Lawyer (TV-PG) Deacon Frye incorrectly informs a client that her husband has been cheating on her after he gets some bad information; the church selects a new chairman.
4:00 AM
Amen The Rival (TV-PG) Thelma is upset when she sees that Reuben is falling for the attractive new Sunday school teacher that Deacon Frye recently hired for the church.
4:30 AM
Amen The Magician (TV-PG) Deacon Frye brings out all of his old tricks after he excitedly decides to go on an audition as a magician for a children's birthday party.
5:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Knit Picking (TV-PG) Steve gets confused about Regina when she gives him mixed signals by saying to keep the relationship slow but then throwing a private and romantic anniversary.
5:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Principal's Pet (TV-PG) Steve is supposed to proctor a test but when there's a disturbance he misses the appointment, allowing Romeo and Bullethead to cheat on the exam.
6:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Dual Intentions (TV-PG) Regina goes to a singles weekend but trouble occurs due to misplaced cell phones that lead to Steve and Regina thinking they are not being faithful.
6:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Dissin' Cousins (TV-PG) Regina's cousin stays at her place and irks all her friends, especially Steve, whose weekend plans are being jeopardized by the surprise visit.
7:00 AM
The Unit M.P.s (HD, TV-14) A pop princess is smuggled into an area by the team to help entertain a crowd of troops, while Bob and an escort return a prisoner to his homeland.
8:00 AM
The Unit Five Brothers (HD, TV-14) Grey requires emergency battlefield surgery, and the members of the Unit face a life-or-death situation when they become responsible for saving him.
9:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger Mayday (TV-14) While escorting a witness, Ranger Walker and several other passengers survive a plane explosion before being hunted down by the culprit.
10:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger Last Hope (TV-14) Walker, Alex, C.D. and Trivette take underprivileged teens to Ranger camp, but one of the boys runs afoul of a drug dealer along the way.
11:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger Full Contact (TV-14) A dirty fighter is caught in the act and kills a rival trainer before framing his fighting rival, who is also arrested for drug possession.
12:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger 99th Ranger (TV-14) When a Ranger is killed, two officers apply for the position but one withdraws when her life and her daughter's is threatened by an ex-husband.
1:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Devil's Turf (TV-14) Ranger Walker investigates the persons responsible for a popular new drug mixture by going undercover as a substitute teacher at a local school.
2:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Days Past (TV-14) Ranger Walker does everything within his power to bring to justice the criminal that murdered his fiancé after learning that he has been released early.
3:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Trial of LaRue (TV-14) Victor LaRue makes a scene at his own trial by snatching the bailiff's gun and using it to demand that Walker come to see him at the courthouse.
4:00 PM
All in the Family A Night at the PTA (TV-PG) Stephanie is excited to perform a singing duet with Edith at the PTA's talent show, but when Edith develops a case of laryngitis.
4:30 PM
All in the Family A Girl Like Edith (TV-PG) After happening to meet the neighborhood butcher that once had a crush on her, Edith decides to invite him and his Russian bride over for dinner.
5:00 PM
All in the Family The Appendectomy (TV-PG) Edith and Archie are busy preparing a surprise 10th birthday party for Stephanie, but the birthday girl begins experiencing pains just before the event.
5:30 PM
All in the Family Stephanie and the Crime Wave (TV-PG) When items begin to disappear from the Bunkers' house and the classroom of Stephanie's favorite teacher, Stephanie reluctantly admits that she is the culprit.
6:00 PM
All in the Family Barney, the Gold Digger (TV-PG) Barney Hefner struggles with depression after his estranged wife finally decides to leave him, so Archie tries to cheer up his friend by arranging a date.
6:30 PM
All in the Family The Return of Archie's Brother (TV-PG) When Archie's brother visits the Bunkers on a business trip, Archie, Edith and Stephanie are shocked to discover he is married to an 18-year-old woman.
7:00 PM
Sanford and Son A Visit from Lena Horne (TV-PG) Fred and Lamont will take a tour of the NBC studios, and Fred takes the opportunity to sneak into actress Lena Horne's dressing room.
7:30 PM
Sanford and Son Lamont Goes African (TV-PG) Lamont begins to embrace African culture by wearing the traditional garments, but Fred thinks that Lamont's new lifestyle is ridiculous.
8:00 PM
Sanford and Son Watts Side Story (TV-PG) Fred cringes at the thought of Julio's family moving to California and becomes even more disgusted when Lamont asks Julio's sister out on a date.
8:30 PM
Sanford and Son The Infernal Triangle (TV-PG) When a new woman enters Fred's life and becomes his fiancée, Lamont is surprised to discover that she is a woman with whom he had a relationship 10 years ago.
9:00 PM
Good Times Florida's Homecoming, Part 3: The Wedding (TV-PG) J.J. borrows money from the neighborhood hustler in order to finance Thelma's wedding, which goes well until an accident at the end of the ceremony.
9:30 PM
Good Times Florida's Homecoming, Part 4: United We Stand (TV-PG) Keith arrives home after being treated for a broken leg and immediately lashes out at J.J. who reluctantly anticipates the trouble that awaits him.
10:00 PM
Married ... with Children Requiem for a Dead Barber (TV-14) Al frets over losing his masculinity when he is faced with going to a salon to have his hair styled after his long-time, beloved barber Tony suddenly dies.
10:30 PM
Married ... with Children I'll See You in Court (TV-14) The Rhoades and Bundys file a lawsuit against a motel after Al and Peg stumble upon a tape of Steve and Marcy's intimate interlude.
11:00 PM
Married ... with Children Eatin' Out (TV-14) Al forgets his wallet when he takes the family out for a nice dinner and asks Kelly and Bud to retrieve it, but they ditch their parents instead.
11:30 PM
Married ... with Children My Mom, The Mom (TV-14) Peg attends career day for mothers at Kelly's school and ends up teaching everyone a lesson or two, while Bud learns to appreciate the value of money.
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